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VINE VOICEon September 24, 2010
I'm fairly new to eReading. My wife just recently upgraded from a Kindle to a Nook (so she could download library books). I got her hand-me-down Kindle 2.

We've been Oregonian free for a couple of months (the price had gone up and we wanted a break for the summer). I missed reading the Newspaper so I decided to give the Kindle version of Oregonian a chance. The first thing to say is that boy is this convenient. I grab my Kindle as I head out to work and the Oregonian is ready to read.

The digital download does seem fairly close to the actual paper version (minus the advertising). It's easy to navigate and has the photos you'd expect. So if you are interested in reading just the news then you should appreciate the electronic version.

However, what is glaring to me is what's absent. You won't find the following:
* Comics
* Weather
* Individual Stock Information
* Movie listings
* Classifieds
* Ads/Coupons

The absence of comics and weather might be a deal killer for me (that's what I went to first when reading the paper version). I'll give it another week or two before I decide.

* Convenience
* It's never late, wet or lost.
* No papers to recycle (which I guess makes this a greener solution)

* It's Abridged
* It's harder to share than a newspaper
* It contains a surprising number of formatting errors and typos (mostly missing spaces or unexpected line breaks).

The price is less than advertised home delivery subscription. However, this is the first time I've paid full price for any Oregonian subscription. I always paid the "intro price" because I always cancel the paper when the cost went up (they always call after cancelation to offer the "intro price" again). Also since the Kindle version has no advertising (which means no coupons) it's hard to take advantage of the cost savings that provides (it doesn't take too many $10 off Safeway coupons to pay for a paper). Because of this, I find it hard to justify the Kindle version as being alot less expensive.

Is the Kindle version a good value? Maybe. It just depends on what convenience is worth to you and whether you can live without the missing sections.

Sept 30, 2010 version has a glitch were all of the articles are truncated - meaning they stop mid sentence long before the article is over. Hopefully this is a one time glitch. So, I'd add to the cons list, that the Oregonian appears to be still working through the technical details of ePublishing.

Update: Jan 2011
I've read the Kindle version of the Oregonian for about 4 months and have decided to cancel my subscription (at least for awhile). It turns out that with the current Oregonian promotions it's cheaper to have the Oregonian delivered. We also found ourselves buying the Sunday paper because of coupons which takes the Kindle version out of the running for being cheaper. But the final straw was that I couldn't put the subscription onto the iPad that is jointly used at our house. I can move books around to different devices (including the iPad), but it appears that newspaper subscriptions can only be sent to a Kindle device.

When the current promotion runs out I may start up the subscription again, but I think the Oregonian should consider allowing the subscription to work on the Kindle software on an iPad and consider a electronic plus Sunday physical delievery subscription option.

Update: Jan 2012
I bought myself a Kindle Fire in November, so I tried the Oregonian again (because Amazon allowed me another 14-day free trial). I definitely like reading the Oregonian much better on the Kindle Fire than the older Kindle. But the Oregonian still has most of the drawbacks that caused me to discontinue it before. It seems like every day there is a garbled article or two. I find that very disappointing since they've had a year or more to work out these funky formatting issues. I also leave for work about 5:30AM and the Oregonian is delivered electronically after that. I don't have Wi-Fi access for my Kindle Fire at work(my Fire refuses to work on Wi-Fi w/a proxy that requires you to login) which means I can't read the Oregonian on my Fire until I get home. My older Kindle had 3G so this wasn't an issue. Granted this isn't an Oregonian issue, but it does mean that I can't read the Oregonian in the morning. Given all of that, I've discontinued the Oregonian again. Personally, I think other local web sites (like KATU) offer similar quality local news free. That makes it hard for me to justify an electronic subscription to the Oregonian.
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on November 25, 2010
it is often late AND as reported here by another reviewer each issue contains an unacceptably large amount of formatting errors...whole articles that are unreadable. Let me add that during the 30+ years that I lived in Portland I was a huge fan of the Oregonian and wanted to keep up now that I live two states away. Hopefully whoever is in charge of translating the print to ebook material will step up.
2/11/11 update.: problems persist, non- arrivals continue along with garbled articles.
I'm hoping that someone will address these problems.
4/16/11 update: The same problems; non-arrival, late arrival, unreadable text, large amount of missing content (whole sections missing).
Typically on Fridays the arrival is late.
6/26/11 Update: The same problems continue, garbled articles, sections missing.
Update 1/27/13: I have had many criticisms about the paper all during the time I've subscribed. I'm happy to say to almost all of the errors have been taken care of and that I've added a star to my review.
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on December 28, 2010
As someone who has never paid for news, I thought it might be nice to support the local paper and get the news in a friendly format, free from the occassional late or missing paper. Boy was I wrong! I don't know how they managed to mess up a digital edition sourced from their own digital files but they do, EVERY day. The articles are not always complete, some are but the pages are not in order. That is worse than a dog chewing up the paper, at least in that case you can sort it out by the shape of the torn pages. Every single page has at least one spelling error, usually three to six. If not a spelling error there will be jumbled words or sentences. A monkey could do better. Three days ago the paper didn't arrive until after 3 p.m.; don't tell me the paperboy was sick! I despirately want to pay for a good paper, but unless they get their ducks in a row they will go the way of the dinosaur. I'm off to find another local paper to support.
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on June 30, 2011
I really wanted this to work. I gave it weeks, putting up with the formatting errors and typos. I read through the glitches where it appears someone did a "search and replace" for letter combinations, so every appearance of, say, "fil" was replaced with a period (I can't remember now what the exact letter combo was, but this happened for over a week!). Imagine reading "the dentist's .es indicated that he .led her teeth..."

Now this week, twice I have turned on the Kindle in the morning to retrieve today's edition and it wasn't there. The only reason I have subscribed is so I can read the paper in the morning while I eat breakfast and when the day's news doesn't arrive until 5 pm (the case on Monday), it is useless to me. Reading through other reviews, I see this is a common and long-standing issue.

Come on, Oregonian, you've had months of these problems and haven't solved one of them, from all appearances. I'll be cancelling my subscription today and looking for a new source of daily news. I had previously cancelled the hard copy subscription to the Oregonian when I picked up the Kindle one, but won't be renewing it.

For Kindle users contemplating a subscription, go ahead and give the Oregonian a try for the free period and see how it goes. Maybe they'll finally get a clue and fix the problems. But if your trial shows the same formatting and typos and delivery issues, know that it won't get better and don't bother paying for an extended subscription.
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on December 20, 2010
I so want to like the Kindle version of the Oregonian but I just can't. I love that I can wake up and while making coffee, download my paper without getting my feet wet or cold outside. I love that I don't get my fingers dirty with ink and I love that my husband can't mess the "paper" up so I can't find what I want to read. I love that I can see the article titles and pick what I want from there!

But, and it's an annoying but, I really don't like that the articles don't flow well as there is the headline of an article but it has nothing to do with the article. I wish there were more photos, I miss the comics and where is the food section???? I am not sure who is responsible for this formatting (is it the Oregonian or Kindle????) but I cancelled my subscription and will continue to deal with cold wet feet ink and dirty fingers until the formating gets better. I would love to subscribe but at $8.99 a month????I can't justify the negatives with the positives.

Keep working at it Kids- it has SOOOOO much potential!! BTW - LOVE my kindle!!
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on August 14, 2011
I love a newspaper. I look forward to reading it and sipping the morning coffee. After I purchased a Kindle, I stopped delivery of the Oregonian and started the Electronic version. Of course I expected a little more than the readers digest version of the news. But, the typo's and the formating errors are unbelievable. I thought, perhaps, it was something with the transmission. Perhaps the zero's and the one's got scrambled in the modum. No, this was'nt a fluke. It's everyday and nearly every other article. I switched to the San Francisco Chronicle. Of course you can't get the local news.

It's odd that special care is not focused on the electronic edition. This is really almost all gravy for the Oregonian. The cost of production is minuscule in comparison to the printed page. This is the wave of the future. The answer to the financially failing newspapers around the country. Newspapers can concentrate on their core talents:investigational journalism, hard hitting editorals and not marketing,logistics, and ink.

But staying to form, like many other declining American businesses in this time of economic turmoil, refuse to correct their errors and slowly slide into oblivion.
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on June 2, 2011
Just like others have said, I am experiencing horrible formatting/spelling/missing paragraphs etc. I have been a subscriber for at least 6 months and have seen lots of problems this entire time but over the past few weeks it is getting even worse. I notified Amazon and they are supposedly checking into it.
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on February 29, 2012
Hi, This is Therese Bottomly, managing editor at The Oregonian. We've recently worked with our vendor to make significant improvements to The Oregonian on Kindle. We hope you like the changes, which eliminate some of the formatting problems. E-mail me if you see any issues so we can promptly address them: Thanks for reading The Oregonian on Kindle.
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on June 30, 2011
I've only subscribed for a week and so far the content availibility (delivery) has been extremely late 2 out of the 6 days. Wasn't available until 10:30am PDT one morning. Still waiting for it this morning/afternoon. Forgive me for expecting my morning paper actually IN the morning but Amazon advertises it as being downloadable before the paper even hits news stands.

Other complaints about the online version of The Oregonian would be minor. Continued late delivery, however, is totally unacceptable. Amazon support (so far) has been of little help. They seem to think this is "rare" but forum shows this has been an ongoing problem for quite awhile now.

REVIEW UPDATE: Dropped The Oregonian Kindle edition after 7-8 months of subscribing. The formatting issues never got any better (i.e. Missing articles, garbled and unreadable translations, stories that drop off and appear to end in mid-sentence, etc.) and the inconsistent delivery got even worse. Last Saturday delivery was well after noon (and even then only after I complained to Amazon), Sunday never got delivered correctly at all. But that was good compared to this following weekend, no paper at all on Saturday OR Sunday. Even worse, Amazon is clueless on resolving the issue and lots of lip service directly from The Oregonian but no followup or resolution to the problems.

SUMMARY: If you like the first experience you have every morning to be a missing paper, corrupted articles, and indifferent support -- then this is the product for you!! (<-- For those unable to understand satire, avoid the Kindle version of The Oregonian.) I may try for the Seattle Times or NY Times for awhile but right now the taste of the problems with this product is too bitter in my mouth.

PLUS SIDE: I'll get more books read now that I don't spend an hour everyday on the paper.
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on January 9, 2014
What you want a daily paper? You can have it on kindle. I still like a real paper newspaper but.... Pros: No newsprint on hands. Easy to pack in kindle. Read article in one sitting. No flipping and searching to another page to finish article. No wet or missing paper.

Cons: No ads or coupons. (Could also be a pro to some.) No puzzle or comics.
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