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on November 13, 2014
I had high expectations for this book based on Juli's blog and the positive reviews, but I was disappointed by the amount of filler recipes and the lack of anecdotes/tips to go with the recipes. I find it almost insulting that the authors would waste paying readers' money and time with recipes like a banana berry smoothie, which literally involves dumping frozen berries, almond milk, and a banana in a blender (and takes up a double page spread), the ubiquitous cauliflower rice (another double page spread), coconut butter, and macadamia nut butter (both of these simply require putting one ingredient in a food processor- and surprise- both get two whole pages!). I'm glad they take nice pictures, but they could have done a condensed page of 1-step blender/food processor recipes. Maybe I'm just spoiled by the Well Fed books and getting 10 meatball recipes in a 2 page spread...

This book definitely has a few saving graces, including beautiful photography, a kickass and simple BBQ sauce recipe, and some nice looking dessert recipes. If you're starting out on Paleo or trying to decide where to spend your money, however, I would spring for the Well Fed/Against All Grain/Nom Nom books and use the free recipes on these authors' blogs instead.
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on June 10, 2014
So here's the deal... I LOVE working out. Love it! I love sweating out my bad moods and pumping up my energy... but I hate, absolutely HATE, dieting. Forget dieting, I hate eating healthy. Let's be honest here... Pizza and beer tastes GREAT! Personally, I'd rather work 10x harder at the gym so I can binge eat on Friday nights. But if I'm continuing the honesty, it makes me feel gross afterward and all the hard work I completed at the gym, I destroyed in a matter of minutes. With this book, you have TONS of delicious options to satisfy your palate! It really puts joy back into healthy eating, and more importantly, all that hard work at the gym doesn't get erased! Binge on this book and you won't regret it!
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on June 12, 2014
First of all, the book is beautifully laid-out. With stark, simple design and stunning photography on virtually every page, not to mention George and Juli’s trademark charisma, the book is a page-turner. Introductory material like “What is Paleo and is it right for you?”, simple Paleo shopping lists, tips for getting started (my favorite: making your kitchen a fun place to be in), kitchen tools worth checking out, and notes on food storage, batch cooking, curbing cravings, and eating out will give you the insight and inspiration to get going if you’re just getting started with Paleo–or to fine-tune your approach to get the most out of your time in the kitchen if you’re already a Paleo pro. Many of these are featured as tear-outs in the back of the book, so you can keep your Paleo shopping lists or other useful guides on the fridge or wherever else is convenient for you.

I’ve already hinted at the wide variety of unique recipes The Paleo Kitchen has to offer. George and Juli’s creativity shines. They have a real talent for using ingredients in unexpected ways, bringing new flavors and textures to otherwise classic dishes. Their Baked Banana Chip Crusted French Toast is a two-part recipe: Before you make the French toast itself, you’ll need to make some Paleo banana bread. I made the Cinnamon Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread also featured in the book and was tempted not to make the French toast. Cinnamon chocolate swirl? In banana bread? Why mess with a good thing? I used a slightly larger loaf pan than called for and still wound up with a ridiculously delicious bread. But I couldn’t stop there. The idea of battering it with banana chips sounded too ingenious not to try. And I am so, so glad I followed through. Even though this two-part recipe was a little lengthy, the directions were easy to follow, the ingredients easy to source, and the flavor worth every second spent in the kitchen (drooling in front of the oven). It is a crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-in-the-middle, not-too-sweet spin on the French toast we all remember from our days before Paleo. It is wholly unique, perfect for an indulgent Sunday brunch (or brinner).

For something a little more savory, I made their Mongolian Beef over Cauliflower Rice. Oh. My. Goodness. This may be the first Paleo Asian-inspired dish I’ve had that actually hits the spot. A sweet and spicy sauce thickened with arrowroot powder pairs excellently with the thin-sliced steak and mild cauliflower rice. It’s even autoimmune protocol-friendly if you make a few simple substitutions.

Speaking of which, not many of the recipes are autoimmune protocol-friendly, but most of the savory ones could be adapted with a little creativity by substituting certain spices and omitting or replacing ingredients like tomatoes and sesame seeds. If you are more interested in autoimmune protocol recipes, you might consider some of the resources on this page instead.

The only criticism I have is that some of the instructions are a little strange. For example, one recipe directs you to preheat the oven to 400F and then marinade your ingredients for 1-4 hours before baking them. I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to leave my oven on 400F for 1-4 hours (not this time of year, anyway)! Many of the recipes have similarly quirky instructions, but a little common sense goes a long way. I know that George and Juli did not intend for anyone to broil their kitchen while waiting for the marinade. And I know that if it looks like there’s an easier or more practical way to make the recipe, their food will still turn out great.

At the end of the day, George and Juli love food (and if you read their bios in the beginning of the book, you’ll know that wasn’t always the case). They want to help you love food, your body, and feeling well too. The Paleo Kitchen is fun to read, has delicious recipes, and is an excellent starting place for anyone new to Paleo or for anyone looking for something a little different.
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on June 10, 2014
Paleomg and Civilized Caveman were the first two blogs I started following when I discovered Paleo, and I have loved their passion, their awesome sense of humor, and of course all their recipes ever since. I’ve been waiting for The Paleo Kitchen for a VERY long time, and I have to say it was exactly what I was expecting… and so much more!!
I own a LOT of Paleo cookbooks but I have to say that Juli and George have created a real BEAUTY - full of original, mouth-watering recipes that I have started testing literally as soon as I got the book! Once The Paleo Kitchen was in my hands, I started flipping through the pages and honestly there wasn't even ONE recipe that I didn't want to try straight away! The photography is beautiful, all the recipes are amazingly easy to follow and just DELICIOUS. My favorite so far - Candied Bacon Chocolate Brownies (I know, right???), Sweet Potato Quiche, Cinnamon Rolls, Shredded Pork Meatloaf, Lemon Raspberry Swirl Muffins... but something tells me there will soon be many, many more!
In addition to more than 100 incredible recipes, there are also lots of useful tips, both for beginners and Paleo experts!
I have loved EVERY SINGLE RECIPE I have tried so far and can't wait to make more of them!
I highly recommend everyone to buy this amazing book - I'm sure you won't regret it!
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I was so excited about this cookbook and the recipes I just had to share my excitement in this video. Now I'm definitely not a cook so the fact that I love a cookbook is CRAZY! But, these recipes are so easy, and fun and YUMMY! Give a watch...The Paleo Kitchen: Finding Primal Joy in Modern Cooking
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on June 25, 2014
First let me say that I'm a Paleo Cookbook Collector!!! I have more than I could ever use but I'm hooked on them so this isn't my first paleo cookbook.

Here's what I LOVED about the book:
**The SINGLE BEST THING about this cookbook was that whenever they called for a vegetable like squash, zucchini, sweet potatos, etc. they don't just say "2 sweet potatos", 1 Acorn Squash. They give you an ACTUAL WEIGHT!!! That is a major pet peeve of mine with soooo many recipes. Veggies vary greatly in size and giving an amount by weight answers the question of "how big".

Here's what I liked about the book:
**Lots of good info in the beginning of the book
**Nice graphics work and great layout of the book
**Love the photographs and the photo index of all the recipes at the back of the book
**Some very good recipes that don't use a lot of hard to find ingredients like some cookbooks
**The authors obviously enjoyed creating the book and it shows

Here's what I didn't care for too much:
**Some "meh" recipes. You couldn't really call all of them recipes. Sometimes it was more like a tip or technique. I know that a lot of cookbooks have things like this, but I'm not a big fan. I can google things like that. I don't need to pay money for it.
**I think I've gotten spoiled with a lot of cookbooks lately where they give additional info with each recipe: The author's personal experiences in creating/eating the recipe, quick notes on the flavor profile of the recipe, preparation time, difficulty level, etc. I just missed that personal touch that was at the front of the book once I got to the recipes. I was expecting it to continue and when it didn't it was pretty disappointing.

Overall the cookbook is very good and I'd recommend it. The recipes are pretty straight forward and not too complicated. I just wish they had written the recipes in a way that was as fun and interesting as the first part of the book.
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on September 3, 2015
I was initially impressed by the introductory portions of this cookbook. The authors discussed stocking the paleo pantry and emphasized which foods to focus on (vegetables, "particularly leafy greens and other low-starch vegetables," grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, etc.), and which to omit or eat rarely ("Try to eat nonstarchy vegetables more often than not. We enjoy sweet potatoes, winter squash, and root vegetables on occasion."). The first recipe out of the gate: Sweet Potato Hash, followed by Banana Bread Waffles, Pumpkin Waffles, Baked Banana Chip Crusted French Toast, and so on, all doused in syrup. The rest of the recipes are filled with more high-sugar and/or high-carb fruits and vegetables, many with added sweeteners (natural, yes, but all sugars, nonetheless). I would like to see the carb and sugar counts listed for all of these recipes. I expect most of them are not low on the glycemic index. Where are the leafy greens touted in the introduction? I found just two recipes out of over 100 that contain "leafy greens": one using spinach, and the other, brussels sprouts. The authors encourage the reader to experiment with new/unusual vegetables, yet their recipes rarely call for them. Disappointing.

Bottom line, if you're coming to paleo from subsisting on McDonald's, Snickers Bars, and Red Vines, eating from this cookbook will be a healthful change. However, if you're already used to eating healthfully and are careful about limiting excess sugar and carbs (a true paleo/primal diet), this is not the book for you.
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on June 10, 2014
As someone who's been actively involved in this community for years and has attended several seminars by the gurus themselves, I felt a new spark of inspiration after reading The Paleo Kitchen: Finding Primal Joy in Modern Cooking. There are so many great quick and simple delicious recipes to choose from. With a busy schedule between working 60+ hrs/wk, school part-time, and training 5x week, I have absolutely no time to worry about food consumption. The Paleo Kitchen really helped provide me a new variety of meals to my hectic schedule without adding too much additional time to my busy days since they are simple, easy to follow, and very clear. Even my colleagues have been asking for recipes and taste-test my food, because my meals look and smell (and taste) so good. Definitely recommended.
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on June 10, 2014
After owning Juli's other book and watching George in action locally, I am super excited to own this masterpiece! Two of the greatest paleo brains in the industry!

This book is chock full of helpful "tools" to assist anyone - from beginner to expert - to change their eating habits and become more healthy. I've found that the layout of the book allows for easy navigation and quick references. The shopping lists are a perfect "tool" to keep you on track. From personal experience (as a chef and as a paleo-enthusiast), it is recommended that your strategically plan your meals. This book will help you!

I definitely recommend this *gem* for anyone who is serious about incorporating paleo recipes into his or her life. Remember, it's not necessarily a "diet" - but a way of life! And Juli and George GET IT!
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on November 25, 2014
This book has a lot of good and useful information about eating well and eating "paleo," and its recipes are clear and easy to follow.

What the recipes are NOT are particularly low-carb. Almost every single one advocates the use of sugars, fruit, or starchy vegetables—always relatively "good" starches and sugars, but still starches and sugars. I was really disappointed to see so much starch, so much fructose, so many sugars ADDED to otherwise healthy-looking recipes.

If you are trying to maintain a low-carb, ketogenic, or sugar-free diet, then this cookbook may not be for you.
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