Customer Reviews: The Perfect Game
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on October 16, 2012
I'd been itching to read this book since I heard it was about the fabulous Jack Carter, all round American badboy. A baseball player with a magic arm that wows everyone in his vicinity and looks that have girls dropping their panties without a second thought.

I put it off. I wanted to savor it. I kept waiting for a quiet moment to read them, in my own time. Finally, I couldn't wait any moment and started reading it on the train. Was it good? Let's put it this way. I'm glad I caught the early train to work because I was so caught up in Jack and Cassie's story, that I missed my train stop.

The Perfect Games tells the story of Cassie, one of the few girls who aren't ready to fall over themselves over the fabulous Jack Carter. Jack's intrigued. He's never had a girl who hasn't fawned over him. It's different. He's intrigued. So, he chases her.

Cassie likes Jack, but she hates everything he represents. She doesn't trust his smooth lines, his good looks or the way he treats girls. She doesn't want to fall for him. She swears she won't, so what what does she do? She falls for him and falls hard.
And it seems he falls back.

Cassie only asks one thing of Jack - stick to her four rules. If he slips one of them, up he's gone.

I really loved this novel on so many levels. Firstly, it's beautifully written. The flippant language between the characters made me laugh, grin and smile. It made it so real. And the hot guy didn't hurt either.

I really loved the inside joke with the coins. It was just such a cute thing to do. I've got to admit there were times I wanted to bitchslap Cassie but seeing the damage her father did to her, and the way she distrusts guys because of it made me realise she really was just human. She loved a guy, saw him for what he used to be but still fell for him and it terrified him.

Jack. Wow, words can't describe how much I love the arrogant hot pig that is Jack. He's no perfect. He's got issues that are destructive, but he's working to be better. And he's willing to risk his heart for her.

There are people who won't like their relationship. They're hate Cassie because she didn't trust Jack. They'll hate Jack for the things he does, but that's what a relationship is about. It's learning from your mistakes and growing from them. And if you're strong enough, you will survive it.

I can't wait to see with J Sterling does next. She's easily becoming one of my favorite new authors. I highly recommend her other novels to everyone.
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on December 16, 2012
I hate leaving bad reviews, but honestly, I bought this book because of the RAVE reviews and feel people should know the hero makes a BIG mistake in this book, big, which to me, was unforgivable. Even in the end after all that suffering, I just didn't believe their "happily ever after". It seems more like a "happily until I screw up again".

From the beginning the hero promise not to fail the heroine, and he DOES. Why are we to believe his second promises? It really angered me that he'd hurt her like this. He was just NOT my hero to die for. I wouldn't have given him a second chance, no matter how much of a hot shot he is in baseball. I know this is personal and I'm very happy a lot of people have enjoyed this book, but I feel the slew of five star reviews definitely need some balancing out, so if you're sensitive to CHEATING, especially on the hero's part, please consider another story. Otherwise, enjoy! It was an enjoyable read to me until I got to that part and got me all frustrated. :(
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on October 29, 2012
I have really mixed feelings about this book. The first half is almost a clone of Beautiful Disaster with Jack acting like a huge player who "never sleeps with the same girl twice" and gets in fights a lot (aka Travis). Cassie acts exactly like Abby as the girl who can resist him, but not really, and he instantly falls for her. They start dating quickly and he becomes possessively obsessed with Cassie. He even gives her an arbitrary nick name the first time they meet - Kitten (which makes as much sense as Pigeon, but at least is something cute instead of the cockroach of birds). Jack also beats people up, treats every other girl (EXCEPT Cassie and her best friend) like a slut.

Speaking of the best friend, Cassie's best friend is a clone of the BFF in Beautiful Disaster too. She fluctuates between warning Cassie off of Jack and telling Cassie to forgive Jack's constant bad behavior.

Despite the similarities to Beautiful Disaster, I still enjoyed the story for the most part.

The book starts deviating in plotline towards the middle when Jack gets drafted (for baseball).

****Major spoilers after this point!****

Jack cheats on Cassie, which I don't understand at all. I know he was drunk, but he was completely uninterested in this girl who won't leave him alone yet he KEEPS drinking until he's so drunk he goes home with her.

Of course, the girl ends up pregnant. Then Jack, who is the biggest moron ever, decides he has to marry the girl. He can't stand her, is in love with Cassie (who is willing to forgive him despite him cheating AND getting a girl pregnant), but he insists on torturing everyone by marrying the girl.

AND HE DOES IT. Despite Cassie coming down the day before to beg him not to. That conversation broke my heart and the way he treated Cassie during that conversation, especially when the other girl shows up, was unforgivable. Completely unforgivable.

But then, of course, the girl was faking the pregnancy (and Jack, the biggest moron ever, can't wait to see a pregnancy test or a PATERNITY TEST... this girl is a huge slut and he doesn't wait for a paternity test??).

So Jack dumps her and waits six months to beg for Cassie back. I admit he did it in a cute way, but I didn't care at that point. He was not redeemable at that point. He just wasn't. So I couldn't feel like it was a happy ending, despite it being a happy ending.

I was impressed by the author's writing style though. The book was well edited, has a nice cover, and was formatted well. Though I had some issues with the story itself, the book flowed really well and was a quick and easy read. I will be checking out additional books by this author.
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on November 6, 2012
I finished the book. That was pretty tough for me in itself. I didn't really believe it. It was cliche all over the place. Typical bad boy sleeps with every one and then one girl walks into a party and gives him the eye roll and hes in love? Cut it out. That does not happen. The way they spoke, no cursing, please. If I had to read "freakin" one more time, I was gonna break my Kindle!

Some weird plot turns, I wasn't sure where the author was going, and ended up not really going much of anywhere (don't want to spoil anything).

As I have gotten out of my teens and in my mid 20's I find I am more emotional, even while reading books, all I felt this book was actual annoyance. It was kind of just silly.

For 3.99 I would look elsewhere. There are other .99 cent books that are better, and t least you can buy 4 of them!

(I don't like trashing peoples work, but I would hate to see people waste money even more, sorry).
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on October 16, 2012
I loved this book, and I'm actually surprised I did. I know that sounds bad, but I normally wouldn't like the *incident* that happens in this one, but for some reason it totally worked. Well not for 'some' reason, the reason was that I absolutely fell in love with Jack... and Cassie for that matter! J. Sterling did an AMAZING job of introducing these characters, giving a great back story, using witty (and realistic) dialogue and letting the characters showcase their personalities. I kept wondering where is this going? Then saying "Oh, NOOOO!" then saying "Oh, YESSS!" It kept me guessing and I was HOOKED the entire time! I also loved Dean and Melissa and would have loved even more of their stories here, spin off perhaps? :) The ending was satisfying and I would totally recommend this book to others! <3
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on June 30, 2013
I hated the girl in this book. The fact that she would be out there begging for a cheater to take her back, no matter that the guy is doing everything for the girl he cheated with and nothing for the one he supposedly loves was just frustrating. I wanted to shake this girl like a rag doll !!!! Unfortunately, this is probably not something that doesn't happen, but we want to read about strong self reliant girls, not mealy mouthed beggars. Yuck.
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on December 1, 2012
When I started this book I thought it was going to be a good story, I started to really enjoy the characters and the "bad boy" but then I really didn't enjoy it at all. I do not like cheating at all. So this book was not for me, it really just broke my heart. And once that happened everything, everything else that happened afterwards was just dumb to me.
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on October 27, 2012
Ugh! The handful of reviews I quickly read did not mention cheating, otherwise I would never had read this book. Wish I spent more time reading more reviews. The hero bore similar characteristics to Travis of BD which was what lured me to buy the book. I wondered what "angsty" thing would happen, based on a reviewer who said she totally believed these events happening to a junior in college (since I never got that far in college). I could not believe when I read the hero gave in to his drunken physical desires & cheated, even if there was no emotions attached! I buy books to amuse myself because my life sucks as it is, and to read this kind of traumatic thing just depressed me; so much for getting away from my depressing reality.

First half was good until this happened, then I completely hated this story. Too bad.
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on February 26, 2014
I have never given a 1 star review before today, but I couldn't give this book any more than that. I ABSOLUTELY hated it.

There are just too many things in this one that made me not like it at all. First, insta love...come on, seriously. This guy is a serious man-whore, sleeping with any and every girl he wants to. He gets one eye roll from Cassie and all of a sudden he has to be with her. He gives everything up and wants her after one date that wasn't all that amazing? Just totally unbelievable. I actually groaned internally while this was all happening, but after they were together I actually liked this book quite a bit until the middle when everything went to crap.

There will be MAJOR spoilers in the following paragraphs so be forewarned, but if you want to know why I hated this book so much, it is necessary to tell you why and the only way to do that is with spoilers.

So Jack gets recruited to play for the Diamondbacks, pretty awesome. He swears he will be faithful and Cassie trusts him. He lasts, what, a couple of months until his perfect game. He is so excited about winning the game he calls Cassie immediately to let her know and then proceeds to go out and get wasted with his friends.

This is where this book just shattered for me. Not only does he end up going home with some skank, but after years of sleeping with probably thousands of girls never once forgetting to use protection (and also most likely being drunk in MANY of those situations too and still managing to put it on) he just happens to not use it with her. Come ON. So not only does he totally ruin his relationship, but then proceeds to call Cassie and let her know that not only has he cheated on her, but also that the girl is pregnant. Then, this is where it gets really fun. Not only does he not even bother to ask her for proof of her pregnancy, OR a paternity test, he just automatically jumps to asking her to marry him. WTF.

This is where I lost all respect for Cassie as well, because not only is she shattered, but instead of just letting him go and ruin his life all on his own (which was HIS OWN FAULT btw), she hops on a plane and proceeds to beg him not to marry the girl and be with her. From that point on, everything became extremely predictable to me and I just could not get over what happened. Even the end is totally unsatisfying. She tells Jack to prove himself to her when she moves to NY for a job. So instead of at least calling/ texting her she doesn't hear from him for over SIX months. Then when he does finally show up (after she called him and he didn't answer or call her back I might mention) several weeks after she saw him at a game, it was in my opinion too little too late.

I have to also add that the cheating probably wasn't even the deal breaker to me. Even though it seriously made me sick to my stomach to read, I feel like things could have totally been redeemed for me if they would have been handled a different way. I kept waiting for Jack to fall to his knees and beg Cassie for forgiveness and then I wanted him to proceed to do a million things to show her she could trust him again and that he was worthy of her love, slowly earning her back over time. Not only does this not happen, but I felt like she was the one chasing him and making any kind of contact after it happened. Besides him coming to her apartment right before New York, it was more her chasing him. I just didn't like it, at all.

The whole thing was just a train wreck to me. After the cheating happened I just couldn't get over it, and nothing in this story redeemed anything for me. I just kept wishing Cassie would date the guy from her work and forget all about Jack. That would have been a happy ending for me, because he honestly did not deserve anything else from her. There is no way I would ever read another one of these books. I just can't take any more angst from these two, and honestly, with how ridiculously they BOTH act, I guess they do deserve each other. I'm just not going to waste any more of my time with either of them.
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on January 9, 2014
Jenn did us very good in this book!! I was so happy that she gave us all the missing time from when Cassie and Jack split until they got back together!! It was amazing to read everything that Jack felt and all that he went through!! 5 amazing stars ont his book!! Read this series if you haven't yet, trust me, you won't be disappointed!!!
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