Customer Reviews: The Pound a Day Diet: Lose Up to 5 Pounds in 5 Days by Eating the Foods You Love
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on January 10, 2014
I was more than ready to embrace this book. I had just seen a segment on THE VIEW and was impressed with the weight loss of Sherri Shepard and her husband. The meals looked great, especially the smoothies. I do remember that Sherri made sure to add that Rocco supplied and prepared all the food. After reading the book, I now know why. I bought the book and started reading it immediately. My first shock was the incredible laundry list of food needed the first week. I looked up some of the ingredients and check on Amazon to get some idea of what some of the more exotic items like Monk Fruit in the Raw cost. In addition, I was trying to figure out how I was going to have enough room in my pantry and refrigerator for all the ingredients on his list for the week! It might be a wonderful program, but just to prepare to set it all up and to follow it is overwhelming as well as expensive. I was looking forward to making some of the smoothies, but was stopped in my tracks when I found the they all had sugar-free instant puddings in them (I don't use artificial sweetners). As someone said in another review, I am the only one that would be on this program and everything is for 2 to 4 people.

This may be a great program for someone whose whole family would be on it, has the capacity to get all the ingredients and has the money to pay for it all. Some of the recipes are great and I will certainly make use of adding them to a program that fits my life better. Unfortunately, I will have to continue my search.
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on January 12, 2014
Such a disappointment. I bought the book the first day it came out on Kindle and read it that morning. I saw the titles of the recipes at the beginning and got really excited. I forced myself to actually READ the book instead of skipping to the meals and then going back to figure out how to work the plan (I'm guilty of doing this a lot so I can hurry to the "good stuff"). I was impressed with Rocco's thoughts on how we need to change our thoughts on meal preparation and do things more Mediterranean style. I was totally into this book and getting excited to get to the actual food section until I got there. Ugh. What a let down.

A lot of the meals include really random ingredients that I would need to google before knowing what I am looking for. The recipes that were "normal" included things like egg beaters, fat free cheese (gag), and light whole wheat bread. I would rather buy the book in print and eat the pages with hot sauce than fake eggs, fat free cheese and dry bread. Ok maybe not, but I would rather not see recipes of typical foods being turned into low fat versions by using tasteless products. I could have figured that out myself. I bought Rocco's book expecting the meals to be professional chef inspired, not something I could have figured out on my own by trying low fat versions of typical foods. The chapters leading up had me thinking I would see amazing Mediterranean recipes, not fatty American foods revamped with low fat options.

There are some recipes that sound good and I will probably try them, but I will definitely be making my own shopping list because the one in this book gives me a headache just thinking about it.

Also, on a more random note, did anyone read this: "...and of losing so much flab I can actually fit into the ridiculously small sizes my spouse or significant other fantasizes about?" on page 19 and have to read it a second time to make sure you actually read it correctly? Total "WTHeck" moment for sure. Thanks Rocco. Maybe I should have taken the $11 I spent on your book and bought myself a chocolate cake to drown my sorrows in since my significant other must be fantasizing about someone smaller -_-

PS Does anyone else who gave a 1 star review notice how many "people" are telling you that your review isn't helpful? ;)
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on January 18, 2014
What the heck. The layout of this book is awful. You cannot even read the ebook version it's such a mess. I returned it and ordered the hardback to give it a fair shot.

First of all every day lists a meal plan, supposed to be "metabolic" based. Without even telling you the page number to find the "recipe". Like "The Green Monkey". Oh wait. Let me schlep through these 300 pages and find something about a Green Monkey.

The shopping list is OUTRAGEOUS - extremely extensive and expensive. Yes you can order it all on Amazon, so what? It's going to take me a whole DAY to map this out. Not to mention it's for MULTIPLE SERVINGS and the "recipes" are for FOUR PEOPLE. Oh wait. It's really FUN to do the math cutting a recipe DOWN to quarters, Duh, dude how about you give it for ONE and I can easily increase it IF I WANT.

Lastly the ingredients are very processed and I eat clean. ALL THAT PROTEIN POWDER, psyllium husks, INSTANT PUDDING, STEVIA, "sugar free" vanilla ice cream (meaning more fake chemicals for sweetness) and other crap. I can just feel the impending stomach cramps now.

I will make the sacrifice of following MY version of the meal plans, ie using the shirataki and other low cal replacements for the quick weight loss benefit.

And Rocco? Don't brag you can add a bunch of veggies/fruits on TV - then give us a "dinner" of ONE cup of ICEBURG LETTUCE.

If Rocco REALLY wanted to give a clean eating low calorie book, he would have used actual CREATIVITY like sorbets instead of chemical laden "ice cream".

I strongly recommend the One One One Diet. A lifelong eating plan. With REAL FOOD and measurements that translate to "one palm" protein or "two cupped hands" carb or 1 salad spoon fat..that you don't need a calculator to execute. That all you have to do is allocate each food item to either "protein, fat, carb" so you can eat ANYTHING you want as long as you do one serving of each every time.
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on March 9, 2014
5 stars because this book works.

I never thought I'd be able to regularly eat less than 1000 calories a day and not go crazy. My wife and I tried this diet out as soon as the book arrived. You just can't argue with the results ... I lost 10 pounds (and a waist size) within the first 2 weeks. This book completely adjusted my attitude and way I view my diet.

Granted, the diet as written in the book is not easy (at least initially):
* The shopping is hard (and expensive) as some of the items are very difficult to find or are only available at ridiculously expensive stores (like Whole Foods) ... additionally, there are mistakes in some of the shopping lists (which I hope they fix for the second printing)

* The cooking is (initially) hard as there are ALOT of new recipes to learn ... especially for the first week. However, since most recipes only involve 4-5 ingredients, they are actually very simple and quick once you get used to it. By the end of the first month, I had cooked everything and preparing meals was a lot simpler/quicker than my diet before this book.

* I still had cravings. But since that's part of any diet, I don't hold that against Rocco ... it's my own fault for getting used to eating large quantities of bad food. However, the cravings I've had on this diet were a lot less than any other diet I've been on. Also, since my target weight of 250 lb is much larger than the average person, Rocco does state that the diet isn't optimized for someone my size. However, if you read the diet portion carefully, you'll note that Rocco recommends supplementing with an extra, healthy snack. For me, I added the broccoli+humus snack every night and that kept my cravings at a manageable level.

* After about a week, I started feeling really, really good. I'm not sure if it was the weight dropping off, or the nutritional balance of the diet (or a combination of both), but I just feel a lot healthier and more alert.

Once my wife and I started the second month, we wrote our own meal plan based on his. The major changes we made were:
1.) Swapped recipes we hated for recipes we really enjoyed. Goodbye rutabaga (*yeck*) ... hello Salisbury Steak at least once a week.

2.) Swapped recipes that we found difficult or time-consuming for simpler recipes we didn't mind regularly eating. Example: while the Green Monkey is delicious, the prep and clean-up time are astronomically higher than cheese & apples, or broccoli & humus.

3.) Swapped recipes with expensive or hard-to-find ingredients with recipes with common/inexpensive ingredients. I can't think of a specific example at this second, but this really made shopping a lot faster and cheaper. Our weekly grocery bill was cut in half and our total shopping trip time was down to less than an hour (plus we could get away with going to only one store).

4.) Swapped expensive ingredients with cheaper ingredients. Sliced turkey from the deli case is roughly $12/lb where we shop, but a roast chicken @ Costco is $5 and yields roughly 30oz of meat. And frankly, I think the roast chicken tastes much better. Another example was swapping the mango (in the "rice pudding" for whatever fruit was in-season / on-sale).

5.) Swapped in recipes that could be doubled. We couldn't find a small enough bok choy for a half portion of the Turkey Stir-fry recipe, and we hate wasting food. So every other week, we make a normal portion (which counts as double if only 2 people are eating), and save the other 2 servings for a night of the week that we both work. The tea is another great example (since I find zesting half a lemon annoying). My wife also does this with several of the lunch soups and salads as she feels that a double portion is about as easy to make as a normal portion.

6.) Pencil in the right amounts on each page. My wife took a few minutes after we got the book and penciled in the correct ingredient amounts for 2 people. It took her less than an hour (converting from fractions of a Tablespoon to Teaspoon is not always clear), but we don't screw the recipes up anymore.

... granted, we are now eating less variety, but identifying our favorite, easy dishes and having them once a week (or twice a week in case of left-overs from the double-up trick) makes this diet a lot less time- and $$$-intensive. In order to keep the calorie count accurate, we ranked our favorite meals and then matched them with compatible snacks and desserts that fit within the daily calorie targets. We wrote the ingredients on the back and use them to quickly create the shopping list for the week.

So yes, this isn't a magic cure or a perfect, effortless solution. But no diet is, and anything worth doing will take some effort. Also, can you really put a price tag on getting your health/figure back?

If you are serious about weight loss and enjoy cooking, you really need to at least give this a try for 2 weeks.
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on January 9, 2014
The shopping lists are "designed for two people" and EVERY recipe is FOUR servings! So it's either divide the ingredients in fourths, which is a pain in the butt for a lot of the recipes (what is a 1/4 of 1/2 tsp or a 1/4 of 3/4 tsp? ) or make more than you need and eat the same meals four days in a row, although, who wants to drink a smoothie made yesterday let alone three days later? Also, plan on having to find xanthan gum, Harissa powder, monk fruit extract, shirataki noodles, adobo powder, liquid smoke, agave nectar, coconut nectar, etc as I'm sure most people don't have these in their kitchen cabinets.
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on January 30, 2014
I bought this after seeing Rocco talk about it on The View- all the food he presented looked tasty, and I was curious about the science behind it. Of course, the Amazon previews did not get to the parts that I really wanted to know about, so I bought the kindle version, excited to dig in and learn more.

Boo. I love Rocco, but this is like a whole new low for him. The science and the method behind the diet sounds okay. It concerns me that it revolves around extreme calorie restriction- 850 calories a day is not enough for any normal human being! Calorie restriction can cause organ failure and other major health problems. He does say to check in with your doctor, but really...

But the worst part are the recipes. Blech. They rely HEAVILY on processed substitutes. Monk Fruit In The Raw is featured heavily, and the breakfast "shakes" are nasty sounding conglomerations of protein powders, fiber additives and sugar free pudding mixes. Fake eggs and fat free dairy products are common... it's just a recipe for disaster and full of unhealthy options. Fake sugars, fake fats, and all kinds of chemicals (xanthan gum, anyone?) This is not a chef-inspired diet in the least, and I wish I could have my money back. I wonder how much Monk Fruit In The Raw paid him to feature it in almost all of the recipes in this book...
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on January 19, 2014
Here. I'll save you $20 on the book. To summarize, eat 5 small meals a day, 175 calories each and work out for 90 minutes a day. Avoid processed foods. Alleged result: You will lose 1 pound a day. That explains all the text.

The rest is recipes. The problem with the recipes are 1.) no pictures. Since that is the focus of the book, there really ought to be pictures. 2.) it says only eat 1 serving which is always 1 cup or less. However, all the recipes are for 4 servings, and yet in the diet, foods rarely if ever repeat. If I was eating the same thing 4 days in a row, then making 4 servings would at least make some sense. Here, I guess you are expected to throw out the extra. 3.) the ingredient list is absurd. For the first week, which equates to 35 'meals/snacks', the ingredient shopping list is 4 pages - probably 120 items. Rocco should have considered practicality - each small meal really does not need 5 - 10 ingredients. There should have been more repetition, maybe slight variations on the meals day to day, to avoid the high number of items the diet calls for.

Essentially, I doubt there is anyway anyone could follow this diet. However, it is good as a guideline. For example, use the meal/snack ideas to riff off of, knowing you need to keep your daily total to 850 calories or less. For example, breakfast can be half a grapefruit. You don't need to add cinnamon, ginger and monkfruit in the raw to it. Instead of making a 10 ingredient smoothie, just buy some Odwalla, or other variant, etc.

I don't want to say it is a bad book. It frankly feels like a first draft, and a good editor could have fixed it and added pictures, etc. But as it stands, I would probably just get one of his 'eat this' cookbooks instead. Please note I have never purchased one of those so I don't know if they have pictures. But if they did, I think you can get the same gist.
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on January 16, 2014
I have many of Rocco's books and I have met him at cooking demos a few times. He has done triathlons and I got involved with the sport not too long ago so I thought his diet book would make sense for the regular person as well for the recreational athlete.
His premise is flavorful food based on the Mediterranean diet but the evidence is quite the contrary. His recipes are full of processed and bland food such as sugar-free Jello pudding mix, bread, protein powder and fat-free Kraft slices (which can't even be called cheese), not to mention the 850 cal a day plan seems a bit excessive and restrictive. Low calorie, low fat and grains have been the culprit for the obesity epidemic in the US and this book is just more of that.
I'm half Sicilian and I can't picture my slender cousins in Palermo having fake cheese, fat free yogurt or Jello pudding anytime soon. Definitely this is NOT based on the Mediterranean Diet.

Very disappointing...
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on January 9, 2014
Does anyone else find it strange that out of 19 5-star reviews, 10 purchasers reviewed nothing else except this one book? This certainly leads me to believe that these people are "planted" to submit a 5-star review in order to get the book sold. When I look at the 5-star reviews on items I want to buy, I always check to see if they've reviewed other items. I do this to make certain random people don't just write positive reviews in order to jack up the ratings for sales purposes.
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on January 10, 2014
I've been in the fitness industry for 15 years. I know a rat when I smell one. Here are the problems I have with this book:

- It's only been out a few days, and there are already tons of 5 star reviews from people claiming to have "gotten past their plateau" and "lost 60 pounds". Cough, cough, fake reviews.
- You can NOT lose 1 pound per day, Rocco. Please remember something folks, weight loss isn't always healthy. The title and entire premise of this book is a fallacy, but even if someone did lose 1 pound per day (which would stop very quickly), they would lose a considerable amount of muscle, strength, and would have other health issues.
- The recipes in this book are made for 4 servings. It's safe to say there is a decent percentage of readers of a weight loss book that are single. Making 4 servings is only going to entice them to eat more.

In all fairness, Rocco's previous books were good. He just needs to cool it with the title (which I wish someone would sue over, so we stop seeing this stuff pop up all over ), and the fake book reviews.
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