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on June 19, 2011
"How is my Spirit today?" Is there a way to make the transition from ego to Spirit? Sonia Choquette's "The Power of Your Spirit, A Guide to Joyful Living," takes you through the transition from an ego driven life where we focus on getting more, striving after and living by limiting beliefs to a life filled with peace, joy and purpose in four clear steps. The first step is what Choquette calls, the "Awakening."" Like Humpty Dumpty, once you enter the awakening phase of your spiritual transformation, the world as you know it shatters - never to be reassembled again. And yet you discover that it was merely a shell that hid from you a much greater and more expansive reality that promises rewards, fulfillment, challenges, and peace like you've never known." This quote describes the first pivotal moments of "unaware awakening" in my life over 15 years ago when I desperately wanted a child and at the same time realized there had to be more to life than shopping for new outfits, binge drinking and making my life look perfect on the outside. I did not know that once I started looking within, my life would never be the same. But, rather than running from myself any longer, I was ready to change the channel and begin to unearth the spontaneous, authentic me who loves to teach and wants more than anything else to serve Life.

Choquette illustrates her work with stories from her own experiences, family and clients throughout her years of teaching and sharing. One of the tools she teaches is to check in with your most authentic self by asking the question, "How is my Spirit today?" It's in this reconnection every day that keeps us from spiraling endlessly backwards. She even recommends you give the Spirit part of you a special name, so you can identify and relate more easily. I call mine "Sparkles" and try to remember to ask each day, "What would Sparkles like to do today?" Once you ask the question, breathe and connect to the authentic part of you and answers come. For me it's letting go of the fear of travel so I can teach yoga across the continent, giving myself permission to go for it and add new venues so I can reach more people, yoga with my feet in the grass or pausing in the midst of chores so I can play in the mud with my son! It takes practice, but eventually we can all become more masterful at leading our lives connected to Spirit and even become the kind of person we want to be around!

As a yoga instructor I especially like the reminder she offers of "Keeping Your Fire Burning." "Tend to the fire of your spirit everyday. Every morning gently stretch, move, bend or walk for at least ten minutes shortly after awakening. Whether expressed in a few yoga postures, a trip to the gym, or a simple walk around the block, physical movement keeps your Spirit burning strong and channels its power toward your highest creative expression. Being stagnant or spending too much time in your head causes the fire to die out." Choquette's teachings have definitely impacted my life as I've learned to introduce Spirit into all of my life; not only when it's safe on the yoga mat. It's when we have the courage to put the rubber to the road in our daily lives, accessing the Spirit at the workplace, waiting in the airport or stuck in traffic that we can keep expanding into the joyful power of our Spirit! I am honored to review this free book from Hay House!
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on May 4, 2011
"The Power of Your Spirit" is an important book on making a connection with your higher self (spirit). As Sonia mentions, this connection helps and nourishes regardless of outside circumstances. "The Power of Your Spirit" is written with the essence of an abundance of love, and is an empowering guide that helps increase the ability to be graceful, creative, and inspired even when events turn out differently than expected. I also enjoyed reading this book because it serves as a gentle reminder on why it is essential and healing for the soul to make a connection with the higher self (spirit daily). I am glad to have a book like this to remind me of the importance of connecting with your own spirit. I have noticed in my own life that my own intuition and creativity have been increasing more and more each day as a result of my conscious intent to connect with my spirit (higher self, soul). The following is some of the helpful details that Sonia Choquette includes in "The Power of Your Spirit"

1) An innovative "Asking the Questions" journal idea that is on page 131.
2) There are tips for keeping your spirit burning strong (such as physical movement and meditation)(pg. 144)
3) There are certain questions to ask to assist in making the shift of increasing a personal connection with the spirit energy (higher self, soul) that is on page 89.

This book is a definite guide to add to a personal library for anyone who is aware and/or open to connecting their higher self (spirit, soul) and would like to have a guide to read and appy the ideas contained within for increasing a connection to the spirit (higher self, soul).
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on October 15, 2011
"While we want to transform into spiritual beings, we fear the effort may be too complicated and the rewards not guaranteed. So we learn enough to talk about it, but stop short of experiencing it in the most direct way -- through a committed daily practice, because this is where "the rubber hits the road."

This, to me, is the foundation of this book - to get off our duffs and do the work. The book divides into four sections - awakening, discovering, surrendering, and flowing, Each section contains multiple stories with corresponding exercises and questions that are timeless.

Can you really create an authentic, Spirit-led life with daily practice? Sonia says it will take "attention, discipline, and practice." Lifestyle changes bring about real and lasting changes, not just isolated moments of the Divine. She encourages us to center our daily lives with meditation, breathing, and looking within with journaling. As a result, we can surrender to Spirit "even when your truth makes you or those around you uncomfortable, unhappy, angry, or afraid?" Yeah - not easy if you aren't use it to it right? Sonia does break it down in steps through this book.

I particularly appreciate the journal questions and breathing exercises. These are questions you could go back and use every few months to reconnect to your Spiritual vital signs. I kept wondering why she kept coming back to breathing and she did explain it! "As simplistic as it sounds, breathing is the only action that can interrupt and actually end the ego's game of fear and control. You can reset your personal vibration to a more creative, empowered, and joyful level."

Sonia explains that Spirit is "best felt in silence." This is an underscore of the important of moving from our head which wants to think and talk about spiritual things and moving into a much deeper place. She gives ideas on how to connect to our Spirit during the day as well as reminders to be open to intuitive thoughts and ideas. This really is such a wonderful how-to book that is great for beginners. I think the stories will help beginners because they will see themselves in her client stories. The journal and breathing exercises are wonderful for all because we can either forget the breathing techniques or it is time to ask the questions anew as we are move through stages of life.

Get out your tools! We are building an altar! To Sonia, the altar isn't about the exterior as it is about the interior. I loved the description that it's similar to walking into a holy place - your energy and Spirit just respond! What a beautiful space to create in your own home but "...if there's no holy inner work going on, though, the vibration of Spirit won't be present; and the portal won't open." I wanted to give Sonia a big HIGH FIVE when she mentioned "becoming disconnected when our altars were moved out of our homes and into the churches." I can't quote this entire chapter, but I would if I could. It's my favorite! It even includes things to do while at your altar to connect with your Spirit.

The ego urges us "to stay a step ahead of your fears." I've been so many decisions based on fear, trying to maintain the status quo, please others, or simply from fear of failure and having lack. That's a powerful sentence in this book. The daily practice and journaling sections in this book are so rich and plentiful I feel I've had a workshop with Sonia herself. This is absolutely a wonderful reference book that can be used at any time in one's life. The questions and ideas presented her for immediate use will never become outdated, in my opinion. The further I go in this book, the more I reap from it. She recommends making these habits for 40 days. This would be a *wonderful* book for a group study during Lent or any other time of year. It would be wonderful to have a place for encouragement in our new practices as our egos flare up and say we are too busy. I also think the questions could really trigger some emotional stuff for you. I would suggest using this book in a group, with a counselor, or a dear friend. I was surprised it wasn't suggested in the book - hence my 4 stars.

I appreciate how Sonia makes it clear through different stories that it is either ego or Spirit running every aspect of our life. As she simply states, "Unless we surrender, however, we cut ourselves off from our Divine power and burn out. Then we're left to rise from the ashes and find our way back to Source once again. In the end, there is no other place to go."

The final section of the book is Flowing with Your Spirit as opposed to "bullying" our way though life. "The greatest challenge to staying in flow comes when you encounter "the ebb, which is any change, expected or unexpected, that leaves you threatened and insecure because you aren't sure what coming next." Sonia says that ebbs are a "signal from our spirit to grow." This section lovingly reminds that it is our purpose to move through these ebbs to reach higher places in our Spirit. I hold to the thought Sonia shares, "To flow is to believe that the Universe is always conspiring for our success as spiritual beings,..." When in an ebb, it is okay to tell the Universe what we want, just leave it open how it will arrive! As we deal with our own ebb and flow, we are reminded to be compassionate and loving toward others. What a wonderful reminder as this book comes to a close.

This book prompted me to sit on my porch and watch the leaves fall and hear the birds sing, paint my garden steps purple, and weed my garden. All things that nurture me and calm me during my busy moments of the day. When my toddler was acting out, I felt this beautiful inner calm and didn't get rattled. This book will be referred back by me for years to come.
*Hay House sent me this book for my honest review*
review image review image
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on July 21, 2011
This paragraph, from the afterward of the book, best summarizes what the author wishes the reader to take away:

"Moving through the four stages of transformation as we come to embrace the authentic power of our Spirit is a dynamic and challenging process. Each phase demands our full attention, evokes our worst fears, challenges our limited beliefs, and demands relentless courage, as we're asked to grow in ways that aren't always comfortable or easy."

This instructional guide is separated into four stages:
Awakening your Spirit
Discovering your Spirit
Surrendering to your Spirit
Flowing with your Spirit

I've found this to be some of the easiest to understand and implement instruction on Intention that I've read. Each chapter has short stories representing experiences of others who have taken this journey to help make it easier to relate to the content. Other categories in each chapter include "Making the Shift" which explains the process one would need to go through; "Asking the Questions" which is a list of questions for the traveler to contemplate and a section "Daily Practice" to begin learning the discipline of Intention. This is a good guide for the novice, but I also think that those who have been studying Intention for sometime will find this an interesting read that will churn up new inspiration.

In accordance with FTC guidelines I must disclose that I have received this book, for free, from Hay House, in exchange for writing reviews for Hay House's new book releases.
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on July 7, 2011
In my own life, when I am not connected to spirit - and ego holds the reins of anything I do - life is lonely, hard, and nothing seems to work. If I can just wrangle myself back to letting spirit be in charge, everything shifts - and life is effortless, full of grace, and filled with the synchronicity that always means to me that God is in charge.

"Wrangling myself back" to spirit - Aye, there's the rub. Ego does not give up its hold easily.

So, when I received my copy of Sonia Choquette's new book, "The Power of Your Spirit: A Guide to Joyful Living," I thought, "I am open and willing to hear whatever you have to say, Sonia!" I was in one of my particularly strong ego, fear, loss periods - and anything that would help me to get back in spirit's saddle and let the Divine take over the reins - well, that is always something I want to hear!

Ego really did not want to give up control. It took me until page 68, when I read the following: "We all eventually reach a moment in life when we must come face-to-face with a force greater than our ego, or intellect; and, at that point, we're invited to recognize the holy force, the Spirit. People struggle against this because it feels as if we're being asked to hand over our power. On the contrary, it's actually an invitation to get to know and accept the most powerful, brilliant, authentic essence of ourselves."

Yes, I know that moment.

There's an expression, "My best thinking got me here" and I can tell you that "here," for me, at that moment, was a place of sadness, loss, defeat, and what I saw as failure. I felt as if I had nothing more to lose and, Sonia's book notwithstanding, I was feeling that the divine was nowhere near and certainly not listening - and I was even angry about that.

I came on that passage and it landed for me as just what I needed to read. That's when I started to pay attention. I went back to the beginning and started over again.

"The Power of Your Spirit" takes the reader on a journey through the four stages of awakening to spirit and allowing the divine - our own spirit - to guide us daily to the greater good for all. The ego wants us to win - "Me, me, me!" is the ego's cry. The spirit wants life to be great for us and for all. We cannot "win" if someone else has to lose in the process. There is no grace in that.

The four stages are: "Awakening to Your Spirit," when we go from being spiritually unconscious to realizing that there is another dimension - a spiritual one; "Discovering Your Spirit," when we read everything spiritual we can get our hands on, take spiritual courses, and listen to spiritual teachers (my particular balliwick); "Surrendering to Your Spirit," which means "moving beyond the parameters and perceived safety of your ego and turning your well-being over to the mysterious, unlimited realm of intuition"; and "Flowing with Your Spirit." In this last stage, "your ego steps aside and allows your Spirit to completely take over."

Since I wasn't doing such a good job of handling my life on my own, those last couple of stages really called to me. It was time to stop reading, taking courses, and just talking the talk. "Letting go", whenever it happened for me, always worked - and perhaps this book, arriving when it did, was the proof that divine guidance was stepping in to remind me that it was time, once again, to "walk" the talk and let spirit take over.

I was especially intrigued with the last stage, about "being in the flow." I've experienced that before and it has been magical. I've often wished that I could make that happen more often. Ah, ah...? "Make that happen?" There's the catch. "Making it happen" is the ego's game. Being in the flow is "life experienced with ease, grace, peace, healing, and connection." When that's not happening, you're not in flow. When life occurs as peaceful, magical, graceful, and you find yourself in mystical situations that you cannot explain and they work effortlessly - that's being in the flow. It's not something to force. It's something to fall into.

As Sonia Choquette says so eloquently, "Flow is faith in action: the synthesis of your true Divine nature merging with your faith in God, the Universe, and life."

It gives new meaning to the expression, "Go with the flow...."

Deliciously yours in the Mystical Transformation of it All, Linda
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on June 27, 2011
Sonia Choquette's latest is an uplifting book about finding inspiration and connection to the "Divine spark" in your life. Choquette insightfully explores the stages we pass through along our spiritual journey. I also appreciate her emphasis on the importance of daily spiritual practice to anchor Spirit in what you are doing everyday. Recommended.
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on June 26, 2011
There is much teaching these days about the "Ego", a part of each of us that often can get in the way of our personal growth. One of the best books I have read to distinguish between the unhealthy aspects of the Ego and the empowering thoughts of the Spirit is Sonia Choquette's "The Power of Your Spirit - A Guide to Joyful Living".

"To quit the ego game of power, struggle, duality, `me against you', or whatever you want to call it ... that is the most crucial decision you can make," Choquette writes. "It can only come about if you do something profoundly different in your life, starting today, and continuing every day until it becomes the only way you want to live."

Choquette gives plenty of tips in the book for doing something "profoundly different" to quiet the ego. I was encouraged to continue my daily meditation practice, for example, from these words, "Connecting with your Spirit through breath work and meditation is absolutely critical to empowering yourself. You cannot get around this truth; until you invest in your Spirit, it cannot invest in you."

With all this talk about the Ego and its disruptive way of running my life, I sometimes throw up my hands and think "why did God give me an Ego, anyway?! It sure causes me lots of problems!!" While the Power of the Spirit discusses the unhealthy patterns of the Ego, one feature I liked is that the book stops short of calling the Ego "bad". In fact the Ego, as an integral part of one's personality, can be a powerful ally. "To embrace the power of your Spirit, it's up to you to contain, restrain, and then train your intellectual self to support rather than attack your Spirit," Choquette says. "To humble yourself to Spirit is to humble your mind to its true master - your Divine nature. In doing so, both mind and Spirit enter into the sacred marriage of mind and heart, and profound personal peace begins."

Another feature of the book I liked was a series of probing journal exercises. I recently started keeping a daily journal, and "The Power of Your Spirit" gave me more questions to ponder in my daily writing. One section in particular was about Death. "How do you presently feel about death and dying? Do you ever think about it? Do you ignore it, fear it, or perhaps accept it?" this journal exercise asks. "If you knew you were dying, what would you do differently?"

"I'd rather not think about that, thank you, next page!" was my initial reaction. Upon further reflection, though, I realized I am not fully comfortable with the thought of my own death, and it is an area I am working on. I found solace in these words from Choquette, "Accepting death is the ultimate surrender and the highest form of transformation to Spirit. We have no choice. But when we accept death to the best of our ability, we are given the most powerful gift of life - the freedom to fully live as our authentic selves."

What I liked best is that The Power of Your Spirit gives many suggestions for actually deepening my experience of Spirit, and not just getting an intellectual understanding of it. The book is a valuable aid for anyone looking to start or enhance a daily spiritual practice.

This is another book review in my partnership with Hay House. I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.
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on August 15, 2014
Another great book by Sonia Choquette that really gets you thinking most of her books do.I would recommed not just with this book,but her other books as well to keep a journal nearby because there is alot of journal exercises in the book.This is why I don't keep many of her books.Actually I do have some at home set aside and have and will keep her Heart's Desire book. for sure.This book talks about the power of the spirit awakening the power within trusting your intuition and it good to have the reminder here and there on that.I really like books that have helpful information as,well as personal stories here and there.Sonia's personal stories as well as other peoples.She includes her family alot in alot of the books I have read that she has written and I love that.I find however Sonia Choquette books to be kind of repetitious and pretty much talk about the same thing over and over,so I found that it didn't matter if I bought this book or not it had information that I remember from her other books,but there was some different information to.So if you like Sonia Choquette and you want to learn how to awaken your Spirit more then get this book.Sonia can really help you do that.
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on June 20, 2011
Last year I attended Sonia Choquette's workshop at the Hay House "I Can Do It" conference in San Diego. What an incredible two hours - insightful, informational, and most of all, fun. I was excited to hear that Sonia had a new book coming out, and requested a copy from Hay House as part of their blogger program.

Reverend Kathianne Lewis from the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle likes to joke that many people in the New Thought movement are "over-read and underdone." If this might be you, this book will immediately get you moving in the right direction. It is filled with thoughtful and manageable exercises at the end of each chapter. Sonia politely, but firmly, calls out a litany of excuses we've all made and heard from friends and family. No time to connect? Traditional meditation doesn't work for you? Don't like to journal? Stuck in a spiritual rut? You will find concrete actions to take for each of these experiences to reconnect with your Spirit in an authentic and passionate way.

My favorite parts of the book were the personal anecdotes Sonia shared. Early on, she writes about a powerful urge to follow Divine Guidance, and its unexpected and painful consequences with her boyfriend at the time. Anyone who has ever undertaken a similar leap of faith will relate to her decision, and also celebrate its long-reaching effects.

Since I am fond of Sonia's work, "Trust Your Vibes at Work", I enjoyed how she built on its themes in her new book by discussing the effect of Ego trying to overrule Spirit. On page 121 she states, "Ego wants things to be quick, predictable and easy." That certainly explained a few interactions I had at work last week!

I highly recommend this short and impactful guide for your Summer book bag. Also, if you're starting on some vision boards or tuning up ideas that are already percolating, add a few of Sonia's "Trust Your Vibes" cards. They are a colorful way to anchor the "Power of Your Spirit" ideas. As Sonia encourages, "Whatever it is...begin the process."
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on September 23, 2011
Explore Beyond the Usual
The Power of Your Spirit - Book Review
By R. Ann Rousseau

"Losing connection to Spirit may be the biggest problem we suffer from today." -Sonia Choquette The Power of Your Spirit

There's something about a Hay House book which always seems to land in your hands exactly when you need it. Hay House sent me The Power of Your Spirit - A Guide to Joyful Living by Sonia Choquette to take a look at during a week when the power of my spirit was being crushed!

Many things conspired last week-- all at the same time, to knock the wind...or spirit...right out of me. I was tearing my hair out setting up my first email newsletter and dealing with tech support people who didn't know any more about the software than I did. After working for 5 hours on one newsletter, it didn't Save--even though I pressed SAVE. I had to start again. It got erased again. Oh My God! Be glad you were not in the room, because I let out a scream heard round the...neighborhood ...a few spontaneously chosen words that would make your hair curl. Not very spiritual I'm afraid. Luckily, on one side of me, I have retired neighbors who don't hear very well. On the other side, I have the Seven Day Adventist Church. They only go to church on Saturdays and it wasn't Saturday.

On top of my newsletter woes, an organization that I'm the President of was hosting someone from out of town for a seminar and she was being a complete Prima Dona.

The guy I've been in love with for seventeen years told me he was in love with another woman. Maybe I should have started with this one and worked my way down the list. Quite frankly, it's something I would prefer to bury in the background of my life.

If that wasn't bad enough, my blog software wasn't working. Blogger was having technical difficulties but failed to inform anyone, so I spent numerous hours on Help Forums trying to fix the issue only to find out I couldn't. Isn't that true about everything in life?

Hmmm, let me think...did I leave anything out? Even people who write about spiritual metaphysical topics have weeks where they go off the rails. The good news is, we know when it's time to put out an SOS to Spirit and call in the A team. Any one of Sonia's books is great for reminding us to do that.

I carried Sonia's book, The Power of Your Spirit with me everywhere I went during the week, hoping I would have time to stop and read. Every time I went to read a section, I was interrupted. Finally I said out loud, "I need help! Send help! LIKE NOW!"

Life's a Beach

I decided I reeeeally needed to read Sonia's book now more than ever, but I couldn't catch a moment of peace to do it. So I went to the beach. I thought, It's September. No one will be on the beach right now, right? I lugged my chair and The Power of Your (MY) Spirit with me, squatted in my beach chair and dug into Sonia's book. Within 2 minutes, a group of women showed up and started chitter chattering away next to me. There was literally no one on the beach except for me and them...and now I couldn't read because they were all catching up on gossip right next to my chair!

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I decided to move my chair a few yards down the beach to get away from them. I wanted to read Sonia's book and needed to find the Power of My Spirit--Fast! I know what being in a low vibration for an extended period of time does to one's life...and it was manifesting faster with each passing minute. I needed to stop the leak!

I read the following passage, "Spirit can be best felt in silence. If you pay close attention, you can actually distinguish the feeling of intuition and Spirit from that of ego-based intelligence. Spirit leaves you expanded, peaceful, surprised, and inspired; you're left with an open heart and mind. Ego, on the other hand, leaves you feeling tense and contracted; you're left with a closed or defensive heart and mind."

I wrote in the margin, I'm in my ego right now. Extremely tense.

I read on, "The more you practice sitting in silence for a few short moments, the more quickly you can intercept these often highly subtle outreaches from your Spirit."

My Donald Shimoda Makes an Appearance

I closed my eyes to try to get silent but...I was interrupted, "Hey Robin! How are you!"

It was Ace - the Fisherman.

Ace is the sweetest guy you could ever meet. He's near retirement at a paper mill company up north where he oversees the boiler system--a job he's had for 38 years. I only see him on the beach once or twice a year in August/September when he comes to fish on my beach. It's strange, but he only seems to appear when I'm alone--always unannounced. One time, he even appeared through the fog while I was walking alone on the beach--like something out of a novel!

Ace and I can talk for hours. We usually talk about wood burning stoves, his kids, grand children, He shows me pictures of his big catches. There's wisdom in focusing on the simple things in life. I think of him as my Donald Shimoda if you've ever read Richard Bach's classic book Illusion. It's not that he imparts any higher spiritual truths to me as we walk on the beach. It's just that his kind heart always makes me feel better than I did before I talked to him. He's a spiritual master dressed in a plaid shirt who shows up exactly at the right time!

After he left, I looked down at my book that I hadn't gotten any farther in since I left home. It occurred to me in that moment, I felt exactly as Sonia described--expanded, peaceful, surprised and inspired--with an open heart and mind. I didn't feel tense or in emotional pain anymore. I felt lighter. Since my Spirit couldn't get through to me in the clutter of the events of my life, it got through to me by sending Ace. I asked for help and received it in the form I needed in that moment which put me back in the flow. Ace--what an appropriate name for someone sent to help me get out of my own way.

Later that day after reading a few more chapters in the book, I learned that Angels not only show up as fishermen, they work at email marketing companies too! I decided to try one last time to try to get my email newsletter issues resolved. I called tech support at Constant Contact and got a wonderful man named Aquiles on the phone. He was a Cracker Jack tech support person who fixed every one of my issues. It was smooth sailing from then on.

As I worked my way through Sonia's new book, I was back in the Spirit saddle again and the A-Team showed up just like I had asked...ironically their names were Ace and Aquiles. When Spirit answers the call, sometimes they follow instructions...exactly!

The Book! The Book!

Sonia Choquette's book The Power of Your Spirit - A Guide to Joyful Living is about finding your spirit...your mojo...whatever you want to call it, and the value of having a daily spiritual practice to keep it flowing. Her book is structured in four stages of reconnecting:

Stage One: Awakening Your Spirit
Stage Two: Discovering Your Spirit
Stage Three: Surrendering Your Spirit
Stage Four: Flowing with Your Spirit

Each section includes an inspiring lesson from Sonia. She includes personal examples of how she and others have temporarily disconnected from Spirit and how they found their way back. There are thought provoking questions for you to ponder which will help you uncover the truth as to why contact was lost. At the end of each chapter, Sonia includes some suggested daily spiritual practices to re-establish connection with your spirit and the positive flow of energy it brings.

Now...for my personal opinion...since someone asked.

I'm Getting Up on My Quote Box

I'll first start with what I liked least about the book--the quotes! I read lots of spiritual metaphysical books and every darn one of them is packed with quotes on every page which I now call Filler. They interrupt my train of thought by bringing me out of the contents of the book. I'm looking for a book to give me some original thinking not the thoughts of other people. I see quotes everywhere now. Every time I open my Facebook News page...there they are...dozens of them, one post after another...average people turning guru with all their quotes!

There were 20 quotes in this book. Not needed. Enough said.

What I Loved About This Book

This is great book to curl up with on a quiet Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea. I wish that's how I could have read it. What I loved the most were the personal stories--Sonia's and those of her clients. Sonia's book allows us to learn about ourselves through the personal journeys of others. All the stories in The Power of Your Spirit are unique and inspiring. I've read every one of Sonia Choquette's books, and I love them for their originality...and the actual results I get from taking her advice.

Last week, I was moving too fast with my Blog and I didn't have the energy to do my daily spiritual practice. As a result, my life went off the rails. I'm back in balance now thanks to Sonia's book and a few friends. As for my love life...I cried a lot but I'm A-OK now. I trust that everything will work out exactly as it supposed to. It always does.

Copyright © R. Ann Rousseau. All Rights Reserved. R. Ann Rousseau writes about and reviews spiritual metaphysical books on her Explore Beyond the Usual blog and website [...] She is currently completing her first novel Portsmouth - A Love Story.

Disclosure: I am a Hay House Book Reviewer. I am an affiliate of Hay House Publishing and Amazon. This means I receive a commission if you purchase Hay House or Amazon books from my website or blog. My credibility is extremely important to me. This site is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own. Sometimes that's very obvious
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