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on May 2, 2000
Somewhere in the far-off land of our very own U.S.A. lies Townsville, an imaginary megapolis that just bristles with innocence and good will. This is where the smaller, younger, and cuter versions of the notorious anime superheroines were tenderly brought into the world by a fatherly chemistry wizard, the square-jawed Professor Utonium and brought up at a local nursery school headed by the ever-cheery Ms. Keane. Now meet our very young crimefighting trio, Blossom the bossy redhead, Bubbles the overoptimistic little blonde who's always sprouting sunshine and smiling daisies, and Buttercup, the brunette sourpuss who happens to be my most favorite! Their biggest purpose in their whole lives is to stop the baddies like Mojo Jojo the deranged ape with a very twisted mind (and an overgrown brain to hold it!), Fuzzy Bumpkins, the people-hating, bug-faced country hermit, and ... (*shudder*) ... "him" from disrupting the peace of the world's most perfect city and all its happy, fun-loving inhabitants!
Here in this video, our innocent little Bubbles tries very hard to prove herself and her sisters that she can, too fight towering Japanese-style monsters just like them instead of just being a giggly featherbrain that needs to be left behind. And then the infamous Mojo Jojo steps in, unwittingly giving her one big whopper of a boost! Aw, come on and share such wonderful, magic-filled adventures with the tiniest princesses with the biggest and the most soulful orbs in the whole cartoon kingdom!
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on November 17, 2000
Finally, my requests for a Powerpuff Girls DVD compilation have been answered! "Powerpuff Bluff" is a compilation of the first two Powerpuff Girls videos to appear on the market: "Bubblevicious" and "Monkey See, Doggie Do". When I purchased these videos I had no idea that Warner Home Video was planning to release both video collections on a future DVD compilation. Well, know I'm both surprised and elated.
"Powerpuff Bluff" includes some of the show's first episodes when it premiered on the Cartoon Network in the fall of 1998. The quality of the video when compared to the VHS editions is superb and the sound is incredible. The ability to select chapters on the DVD sure beats fast forwarding or rewinding to episodes you want to see, and the extra features, which include a preview for a new Cartoon Network series is an added bonus.
"Powerpuff Bluff" is one of the best DVD releases of 2000. If you are a fan of the series, this DVD is a must have to truly enjoy the visual and audio quality of one of today's best cartoon series. If you don't have a DVD, run out and get one, as the days of the VCR are numbered.
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on April 26, 2000
What is it about the Cartoon Network that appeals so fully to both kids *and* adults? It's not only the nostalgic old cartoons but also the brilliant new ones, top among them the Powerpuff Girls! Never seen them (or don't have the Cartoon Network)? You owe it to yourself to get this video with some of the best episodes of the series. Parents with very young children should be warned that the action (or "fantasy violence," as the TV warning says) can sometimes be strong, but the good guys (er, girls) always win and there's enough that works on both levels to amuse and entertain both the old and young kids. The standout episode of this tape is "Bubblevicious," where sweet, innocent Bubbles laments not being 'hardcore' enough to take on the meanest villains her sisters Blossom and Buttercup can. Visual jokes and pop-culture references (including a very funny brief visual homage to 'Spinal Tap') make this the smartest cartoon show since 'The Simpsons'--full of fun and irreverance but without the gross-out humor of some of its 'Cartoon Cartoon' companions on the TV network. There's enough cute Powerpuff Girls merchandise out in the stores to challenge Pokémon, but the first and best thing you need is this tape! As the Talking Dog would say: "It's good! It's good! It's good! It's good!"
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on July 6, 2002
I love the Powerpuff Girls! They're cute and funny! This set of cartoons was also great. The tape consists of 5 episodes-all really funny. Watch them fight Mojo, save Townswille, and save a cat? Well yeah! Sending morals and thoughts about hope to make the right decisions to your head as you are entertained, the Powerpuff Girls is a series is one that would be enjoyable to anyone no matter what your age is!

The highlight episode of this video was obviously "Bubblevicious". Bubbles and Buttercup are my favourite characters. In this episode they seems to switch roles. A strategy testing program is set up in their home by the Professor as a practice game featuring lots of levels. Buttercup and Blossom are given the harder levels while Bubbles is given the easier ones since the professor thinks that she isn't capable of completing the harder ones. As the other two sisters have a few laughs at Bubbles, Bubbles is tired of being the lovable cutesy pie. She then tries to complete the hardest levels and manages to succeed. But soon she turns into an angry not so cutesy pie Powerpuff! Even Buttercup wasn't shocked!

This series was great and make sure you also check out the other videos. If you're looking for all entertainment and not-so much depressing stuff in the episodes, make sure you don't check out "The twisted sister"!
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HALL OF FAMEon January 8, 2003
This is the last of three in a series of detailed reviews from the videos comprising the Powerpuff 3-Pack. Video: Bubblevicious.
In the title story, Bubbles, frustrated of being seen as the baby of the crime-fighting trio, takes it upon herself to be just as hardcore as her sisters. The scene where she gets a real workout in the simulation room ends with her in an adrenalized frenzy, crying: "Who else wants some?" It's a good action-packed scene. However, she newfound determination also carries with it some pent-up rage, which alienates her sisters. Buttercup's fight against a slug-like monster also demonstrates why she is the toughest fighter. (Rating: 5).
"Uh Oh...Dynamo" shows that not even weekends are sacred. The Girls have to deal with a giant, multiocular fish monster who seems to have been a reject from a Godzilla movie. The Dynamo referred to in this story is a titanic robotic Powerpuff Girl that the Professor builds to protect the girls. After watching this story I put Townsville down on my list of cities most frequently destroyed, probably even beating the number of times Godzilla has destroyed Tokyo. (Rating: 4).
"Mr. Mojo's Rising" is a condensed version of how and why Mojo Jojo left Professor Utonium. It does not contradict the opening sequence of the PPG movie. Basically, Mojo feels that the professor's attention to the girls was what forced him out and he wants to be included. The Professor thinks maybe this will stop him from being an evil genius bent on destroying mankind. And no, Jim Morrison does not make a guest appearance despite the title. (Rating: 4).
In "Cat Man Do", a scientist who has created a ray gun and is about to unleash its power on Townsville is stopped by the Powerpuffs. As the laboratory turns into an inferno, a plaintive meow is heard. Bubbles, ever the animal-lover, rescues a long-haired white Persian and brings it home. This story turns the concept of Blofeld, the head of SPECTRE in the James Bond movies, and his pet, on its head. (Rating: 5).
As for "Powerpuff Bluff", oh dear! A trio of burglars foiled time and again by the Girls get the bright idea of continuing their crime wave by impersonating the girls. Oooookay. I know this is for kids, but it does show that sometimes, the people of Townsville aren't exactly the smartest olives in the salad. (Rating: 2).
Overall rating: (5+4+4+5+2)/5=4.
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on March 24, 2004
I like the Powerpuff Girls: they're cute, fun, and wholesome without being overly saccharine-sweet. There's a lot of irony and jokes to keep the parents entertained, with cuteness and action for the kids. And the parody-of-anime elements are good too.
The DVD itself could use a lot of work, though. First, the episodes seem to have no unifying element--they're just sort of randomly lumped together. This makes it difficult to choose which PPG DVD to buy. Unles you're going to collect them all, you just have to pick one and hope for the best.
Second, the features are really disappointing, as in almost nonexistent. There aren't even any subtitle or language choices--strangely, there is a language feature, but if you click on it, you find that the only choice is 2-channel English! What about Spanish, at least? And it's nice to be able to turn on English subtitles. My kids have English as a second language, and being able to read while listening helps them. (Heck, even native speakers could use subtitles to help them understand Bubbles when she's really angry.) And what about people with hearing trouble?
It's funny that, on the back of the box, one of the "Super Special Features Inside!" is "WATCH...your favorite Powerpuff Girls episodes!" Hey, since when is watching the episodes a *special* feature?
There are no scenes marked within an episode. Granted, PPG episodes are quite short, but why can't we at least skip past the titles? Instead, we have to fast forward.
The PC features--well, maybe they are fun, but I couldn't get them to work. I guess it might be my machine, but I kind of doubt it.
I'm not dissing the Powerpuff Girls--they're great. But the people who made the DVD have a lot to learn, and we shouldn't hesitate to call them on that.
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on July 15, 2000
The Cartoon Network has always been a pioneer for modern cartoons that reflect that hipness of today's youth. With such trendsetting cartoon series such as "Dexter's Laboratory," and "Cow and Chicken," the network has seen a large following of new fans, both young and old in recent years.
With the debut of the Powerpuff Girls, the network has solidify their status as the home to the hippest cartoons on the planet. Created by Genndy Tartakovsky, Craig McCracken (the creators of 'Dexter's Laboratory") the series involves the superhero fighting adventures of three adorable girls who attend Pokey Oats Kindegarten in the City of Townsville. The girls, who were created by accident in a laboratory explosion by Professor Utonium, have powers the average little girl doesn't have. Blossom (the mature red-head), Buttercup (the tough Brunette), and Bubble (the childish Blonde) are the hippest crime-fighting trio the cartoon world has ever seen. Battling such nemesis such as Mojo Jojo, Him, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Princess, and the Gangrene Gang, the girls come to the rescue whenever Townsville is in danger. The great thing about the series is that it incorporates many pop-culture items from past superheroes such as the campy Batman series of the 1960's (instead of the Batphone, the girls have a Fisher Price telephone with a happy face that lights up whenever the Mayor of Townsville need help). Another twist probably in homage to Charlie's Angels is that you never get to see the face of the Mayor's Secretary, Miss Bellum, in the same way you never get to see Charlie's face.
Although one might think this is a cartoon meant for children, don't be fooled. Truly if you are looking for something to watch, then the Powerpuff Girls will fit the bill. Along with the "Simpsons," "Animaniacs," "Pinky & the Brain," "Dexter's Laboratory" and "Cow and Chicken," the "Powerpuff Girls" rank as one of the hippest cartoons.
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on September 27, 2013
They sent it to me in Spanish instead of English ... but other than that the video worked fine. Too bad I didn't realize it was in the wrong language until after I opened it (most of the text on the front/back of the packaging was in English, so that's why I didn't notice right away). Oh, well. :(
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on September 4, 2003
I have to say that I purchased this DVD by chance ... because my 3-year old is infatuated with the PPG's! Great buy for what I paid for it. I can't begin to tell you the countless times she's watched it ...
There is plenty of action and the Cat-Man-Do episode is adorable. You will read other reviews from people who don't take into account what audience this series generally speaks to. I am an adult and I enjoy watching it, but I don't expect it to challenge my intellect or mesmerize me with super plot-twists. It's supposed to be colorful, endearing, funny and generally just a cartoon.
If you're looking for a DVD with more "guts", stick to those written for your age audience. If you're a PPG fan and looking for a good fix, PowerPuff Bluff is great, as long as you don't expect a ton of doesn't have them.
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on January 2, 2001
The girls themselves may be in kindergarten, but that doesn't limit their audience one bit. Kids will love the show because of its art design, action, and general sense of fun. But the media savvy will recognize scores of in-jokes, parodies of other shows, and subtleties that blow right by the young'uns. I bought this DVD with some trepidation, but now all doubt has been erased. I might have liked a few more special options, maybe some of their special spots from Cartoon Network, but overall it is an excellent compilation. I just have to say that the 'we can keep kitty' sequence in Cat Man Do is one of the most hilarious bits of media I have ever seen. In conclusion, there is really something for everyone on this dvd. And check out the newer one, too, I'm sure it's just as good.
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