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on April 28, 2012
I recently bought this set. I have great respect for Christopher Walken's talent, but I wasn't too sure about this concept. I love books in this area of fantasy, but movies have been disappointing. I don't go to the movies very often, so I had not seen any of these in the theatre. I'm sorry now. Walken's interpretation of the archangel Gabriel is fabulous. The development of the character throughout the three movies in which he appears is subtle and fascinating. By the third movie he has changed dramatically and your interest in seeing how things will play out grows. This is not a series where the quality of the films deteriorates in script, character or creativity.

The last two movies, without Walken, are not at quite the same level of intensity, but they are interesting in their own right. They continue to explore the very Old Testament version of the concepts of angels and their relationships to god and man. Our modern, sentimental view of angels dates from those romantic paintings of the Renaissance. Angels were not seen as being benign or necessarily sympathetic to humans in earlier times. They did the bidding of their ruler, which was often brutal and destructive. You may find your "Roma Downey-Della Reese" concepts challenged if you consider the underpinnings of these movies seriously. The inspiration comes straight out of the Bible.

Leaving comparative religion aside, the movies contain excellent performances, clever plot angles and plenty of action. Chris Walken towers over the original trilogy like a colossus. His Gabriel is furious, funny, arrogant, brutal, and painfully childlike in his portrayal of the spoiled favorite son who has been supplanted in his father's favor (as he sees it) by smaller, imperfect, mortal creatures he can barely tolerate. His hatred and jealousy make him more like them (us, actually) every day.

This set is a real bargain for the five movies included with all the entertainment they provide and thought they provoke.
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on December 19, 2011
Here's the review that I kept waiting for before I saw this for $7.50 at Walmart and took the plunge:

Disc 1 (flipper): THE PROPHECY & THE PROPHECY II (Side B) -- (The disc states that these are on Side A, but they're actually on Side B)

THE PROPHECY is presented in 2:35 anamorphic widescreen. The transfer looks dated, and is probably the same as the original DVD. It's watchable but definitely in need of an upgrade. Specks and lines abound, though not at all grindhouse quality. Echo Bridge also has an individual Blu-ray out there, but more than likely it's a high-def transfer with the same flaws. I can't vouch for this.

THE PROPHECY II is a non-anamorphic 1:85 transfer, which would explain why EB hasn't given it a Blu-ray release with the other films in the series. Aside from this disappointment, it's a watchable print. I used a zoom on my TV to fill the frame.

... is presented in 1:85 anamorphic widescreen, and it's a clean DVD quality transfer.

... are presented in 1:85 anamorphic widescreen, again looking a decent DVD quality.

So until the definitive THX-certified remastered Blu-ray box set hits the shelves in Neverland, I urge fans of this series to keep the cringes to a minimum when exchanging $7.50 at their nearest Walmart, no matter how painful it might be to give Echo Bridge the sale.
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on August 2, 2013
The first movie was interesting enough, the story about the fallen angels etc. and Christopher Walken always plays intriguing characters. However, by the time the end of the first film came, I felt there were no surprises, no plot twists, no characters I really cared for. The film was very formulaic (though, we might look at the mid-90s to explain that). For its day, I suppose the film would have been a smash hit at the box office. I found it a little too preachy, though.

The second film tried to be different, I thought, but ended up being almost the same; the fight for humanity, the jaded protagonist etc. In a strange way, the second film was reminiscent of Terminator, where the main character was pregnant with the saviour of humanity. Obviously the context was different, however I did find several similarities, which was a let-down for me.

The third film tried to be really different again, where Christopher Walken is now the good guy. We see some familiar faces, but again it is quite preachy, and also highly formulaic, and to be honest it was not the most exciting movie. The storyline was not bad, I feel as though the films creators felt they needed to stay true to the original two (after all, it was intended to be a trilogy), which can be quite limiting.

The fourth and fifth films lead me to question why they were even made. The trilogy is over, let it be. Instead, someone decided we needed another 2 instalments of a franchise already dead by the time the third film began production. The 4th film is very ordinary and the fifth is basically a remake of the fourth. I got the distinct sense that these films were only made for profit, rather than to add anything interesting or exciting to the franchise.

Overall, if you enjoy movies about God and angels, then you may enjoy these a lot. However if you are seeking films with excellent characters, plot development, twists and turns and a conclusion worth watching, then perhaps consider something else. I would not watch these movies twice.
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on June 24, 2015
I have enjoyed the first two Prophecy movies as they are trotted out each year at Halloween. I've always known there were more than the three I'd seen & was utterly delighted to see all 5 in one collection. Upon receiving the package I sat down & watched all 5 back to back! So impressed with Christopher Walken's portrayal of Gabriel & think his pleasure at the often tongue-in-cheek lines is awesome!
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on February 25, 2013
Dvd flawless, and the first two Prophecy movies were quite watchable...the first one is a must see, as Walken's performance shouldn't be missed; funny in a way that makes one wince.

The second one is very watchable as well, but that trails off quickly. I made my way through the third, then bogged down in the fourth as it seemed located in Budapest or somewhere and I believe the plot was left there as well. I used imdb to get an idea of what the heck was going on, then used imdb to check out the fifth movie, and the plots seemed the same, which was not a good thing...

For the price it is worth it for the first movie, consider the second a bonus, and the third if you ever get really bored.
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on July 12, 2014
A good storyline 5 disc set, basically this movie set is set around Angelic war's oh in the first one keep your eyes open for Viggo mortensen as the devil. & for me Christopher Walken, is a great Actor
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on October 26, 2013
The first three movies are what I remember with Christopher Walken. I loved all three and would give them a four or five. They mesh well as a set....a continuation of the original story. The fourth and fifth movie are very dark and morose. No Christopher Walken. Not even remotely connected to the original, totally different story. I didn't like them at all and I love this genre. Doesn't mean you won't like them. I cut the difference and give the set a three.
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on February 7, 2015
I watch and buy videos due to the acting in them. This collection almost never plays on cable, too. The DVDs are awful, no features, and the primary three movies in the series are put on a DVD with no title. But again the collection is very hard to find, you can't just wait for it to show up on Comcast. At most, they only play the first two videos occasionally. Prophecy, which is first, is the wittiest, though great performances are in all five movies.

But of course forget any semblance to Bible. Just like all the Bible debunkers and frankly most 'scholars', the actual Bible is never consulted. Instead, people just make up whatever they want to pass off as if true, and then slap God's name on it, claiming it's in the Bible. Flash a page or two of Revelation, as if the content in the movie, was in that book. Flash Genesis 6, as if the movie was a faithful representation of that Chapter. Guess again.

Example of this lying in 'Prophecy' comes early; just after the wonderful Elias Koteas screams, he makes up a fake Bible verse, attributed in a 'Gospel' of 'Paul' about angels having 'savage weapons'. Paul never wrote a Gospel, and there's no verse anywhere about angels having savage weapons. They wouldn't NEED weapons, duh. They just ORDER a thing and it happens, even as God SPEAKS 'Light, BE!' and it is. Oh well.

And OF COURSE angels would wear long black trench coats and walk in fog. Gotta love it. My fav campy version in this brilliant collection is the fourth with Sean Pertwee (son of my fav Dr Who), called 'Uprising'. But you gotta see the first three (which are together a story of their own), prior. The last two, concern the book, which is common throughout. Clever script. Seriously. Way underrated.

The only true thing about these films is that YES there is a war in heaven, but the Bible's depiction is never taught, fuzzily imagined, so the significance of YOUR life, goes unknown. Ironically, the Bible's own story is far better than any movie ever made; if you sought to make money on a movie, you'd do better to actually READ Scripture and tell its own story. Sex, money, violence, politics -- it's all there. Biggest political battle of all, is God versus Satan. Bible says a lot about it, because the purpose of Scripture is Due Diligence Disclosure so you can pick sides. Yet we remain fuzzy in our explanations in pulpits, and only have series like Prophecy, which frankly are childish (and maybe purposely campy). But hey: they are fun.

So, I've tried to correct that fuzziness by summarizing what Bible says (so you can check it) beginning at LordvSatan1 (search on that term on the web), and am constantly refining/correcting the data in vimeo (Satan's Strategy series). But all that, is not excitingly told, like these movies.

So enjoy the great acting and the fake story line AS fake. Scripts are usually great, even campy.
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on July 25, 2013
As long as Christopher Walken was in the film series, it was enjoyable even if it was far-fetched. Walken's humorous delivery offset a lot foolishness, He's in the first 3 films. His absence in the last two films results in a total collapse of enjoyment. Oh, well, the cost of this package is negligible and you may very well be satisfied with the 3 films with Walken as star.
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on March 24, 2013
What more can you want? I'm a big fan of Mr. Walken and enjoyed the first two Prophecy films so when I came across the collection at a great price, I had to snap it up. The story line is interesting, though not perfect and at times the series goes over the edge a bit, if you know what I mean. Having said all that, I still love the series, because Mr. Walken knows how to go to a dark place and bring back a character that can grab you.
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