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on August 27, 2015
The character in the first chapter was hard to build sympathy for, so I wasn't sure I would like the rest of the book. But, I kept reading and found that I liked it more and more as the story unfolded.
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on August 3, 2015
I fantasized that this was written by a female author of cozies, sick of that genre and wanting to play at a Manly style. Guess that's not the case. With luck maybe the writer got a lot of stuff out of his system on this first try and exercised some restraint in later books in the series. l'm not going to check it out, though, because the Comic Cop became very very tedious in short order and maybe his fictional partner can stand him but I can't. Additionally, our protagonist has the saddest standard poodle in fiction, surely broken in spirit and exploded in bladder. Send out the animal cruelty cops.
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on January 15, 2009
I don't read as much mystery as I should. But even with my relative inexperience in the genre, I found some very striking flaws with the Rabbit Factory. For starters, it doesn't read so much like a novel as it does a script for a pilot episode for some cheesy 1980s action series that Stephen J. Cannell would snub his nose at. I really couldn't understand what all the fuss is about regarding this book. It is just not that good.

These are a few reasons why the book didn't set right with me:

1. Too much information - Do we really need to know every detail of the hero's life? Do we need to know about his father's romantic life? Do we need to know every thing about his little brother's gambling habit?

2. Biggs' jokes - Biggs claims to be a comedian who is working as a cop until his comedy career takes off. I guess that means he'll die a cop. He even has to tell an obligatory "I saved money by switching to Geico" joke. Even when Lomax infers that Biggs' jokes are not funny, Karp presents the jokes as if HE thinks they are - or else he wouldn't tell them in the first place.

3. The ending - The last few pages when everything is "revealed" are pointless if you read everything up until then. You already know what happened, the rest is just busywork.

4. Failure to understand simple economics - One character in the novel is a minimum wage amusement park mascot who can somehow afford an apartment (possibly with utilities), groceries, a computer with internet access, the latest videogames, CDs as gifts for his acquaintances, and some identity changing service that set him back several thousand dollars. No other income stream is revealed, nor any hint of any savings. How?

I have read far worse books than The Rabbit Factory, but I find the praise for it troubling. If a book like this is regarded as great by the critics, then how many books do they actually read - and what quality are they in?
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on July 28, 2015
From the first paragraph, I was hooked! Mike Lomax's emotions poured from the pages. I love Marshall Karl's witty writing style and his ability to make my personal feelings resonate.
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First Line: Eddie Elkins ambled down Fantasy Avenue.

Rambunctious Rabbit, known as Rambo to his millions of fans, is an American icon and a theme park's biggest draw. When Eddie Elkins (the actor inside the rabbit suit) and two other theme park employees are murdered, Los Angeles Police Department detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs must catch the killer before he can ruin an entertainment giant.

Karp's writing is hilarious as he introduces Lomax and Biggs. Lomax is the narrator, which is fitting since he claims that generations of his family suffer from diarrhea of the mouth. Karp gives him a conversational style that made Lomax feel as though he were my new best friend. See how he describes his mother:

"She was one of the top stuntwomen of her day and worked in over two hundred movies, five of them with John Wayne. Every now and then, Joanie and I would be watching an old video, and some woman would fall down a flight of stairs, jump off a bridge, or get hit by a truck, and I'd smile and proudly say, 'That's my Mom.'"

At first-- courtesy of Lomax's snappy wisecracks-- it would be easy to assume the two detectives are a modern-day version of the Keystone Cops, but you know what happens when you assume, don't you? Lomax's sense of humor hides a lot of pain. His wife died six months ago, and each month he reads one of the letters she left for him. His father is trying to get him dating again, and Lomax's brother is in deep trouble.

Once the first murder victim's background is revealed, the police waste precious time believing that it was a revenge crime, and it certainly doesn't help that Lamaar Studios' public relations people are trying to lock down all information about what's going on so the company shares won't take a hit on Wall Street. Events are fast-moving, however, and it doesn't take Lomax and Biggs long before they realize there's much more to this murder than first met the eye.

The satiric humor continues throughout the book, but Karp never lets it overshadow the investigation, which has plenty of twists, turns, and surprises. Well before I was finished, I stopped to see how many books there are in this series. I love Karp's humor, his cast of characters, and his devious plots. I want Lomax and Biggs to continue investigating crime for a good long time.
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on February 1, 2014
the story is really good and the chemistry between the detectives is fantastic. They really make you laugh out loud. Great book for long winter evenings beside the fire place with a cup of hot coco in your hand :)
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on October 18, 2012
Murderous Fun!

When was the last time you laughed your way through a murder mystery? Oh I know there are several hours of fun and laughter while solving the weekly murder on TV, but never before, that I can remember,(and I would remember!) have I come across an author that could keep me glued to over 500 pages of fun and mayhem. Mayhem yes, there are several, but add fun.........not any until now.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I've wondered about the writers that James Patterson collaborates with, but never before 'NYPD Red' have I ever bothered to do more than give any of them that passing thought. Something about this book made me look further into his writing partner, Marshall Karp. His bio sent me back to the Internet to look for his first book 'The Rabbit Factory'. The $2.99 price tag made downloading it to my e-reader a no brainer. The first page made me a fan! After a marathon read, I went looking for the hard covers of all four of his 'Lomax & Biggs' books. I was only able to find the last two, but was able to download all four. Now I just have to try to contain myself until he releases #5.

As mystery readers, I know that you all know the thrill of finding a new writer...well, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy he is... [...]
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on July 17, 2015
Well written with nicely developed characters and carefully planned plot.
Tries to be a little too funny at times. Somewhat of an oversimplified resolution of the crime.
Overall a very good read.
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on December 1, 2015
The story starts interestingly and the pace is good. The body count is too high and the incidents are not very believable sometimes. But the book keeps you hooked . The ending is ok. Worth a read for simple strait forward narration.
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on October 28, 2015
Eh. I mean it was fine. Entertaining. It was hard to determine the timeline except for whent he autho reminded you how long it has been. It moved slowly at times. Not a great book, not terrible. I wish i could give it 2.5 stars.
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