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on February 4, 2011
After the huge sales of "The Bionic Woman-Season 1" on DVD last October now comes word from Universal Studios that "The Bionic Woman-Season 2" arrives in stores on May 17th, 2011. This is the series' first complete season because season one only contained 13 episodes as "The Bionic Woman" was a mid-season replacement on ABC. Season 2 started on network television on September 22, 1976 and contains 22 episodes. The great thing about this boxset (besides the fact that "The Bionic Woman" is available on DVD for fututre generations to enjoy) is that there are two crossover episodes included from "The Six Million Dollar Man" so the viewer can watch the complete full story arch on "The Bionic Woman" box set.

There are a slew of bonuses including a new featurette with Lindsay Wagner, Kenneth Johnson, and crew members entitled "Bionic Blast" where they discuss the merchandising of the series, how the stunts were performed, and who their favorite villins were. There are new audio commentaries on select episodes by Lindsay and series creator Johnson. Actress Janice Whitby (who played fembot Katy in the episode "Kill Oscar") has stated she has done some voice over work that will be included as commentary on this set. Finally, there is also a gag reel and photo gallery included.

"The Bionic Woman" continued to enthrall audiences young and old upon its first network broadcast with season 2 finishing a respectful #14 in the national Nielsen Ratings. This would, however, be the series' final year on ABC as the network canned it citing "The Bionic Woman" was not attracting the kind of young demographic it desired. Season 3 was picked up by rival network NBC in the fall of 1977.

Guest-stars in season 2 include Stephanie Powers, Sandy Duncan, John Saxon, Vincent Price, and Julie Newmar. This is a 5 disc set with english subtitles and english mono sound.

This was the season Lindsay won her much deserved Emmy as Oustanding Actress in a Drama Series for the two-part episode "Deady Ringer". Her competition that year was Angie Dickinson for "Police Woman", "Michael leaned ("The Waltons"), Sada Thompson for "Family", and Kate Jackson ("Charlie's Angels").

UPDATE, July, 28, 2011..."The Bionic Woman-Season 3, The Final Season" comes to DVD on October 4, 2011!!!!

The following is a list of episodes included in "The Bionic Woman-Season 2" box set, all 22 shows along with the 1 crossover episode from "The Six Million Dollar Man". Also listed are the airdates.

1. "The Return of Bigfoot-Part 1" from "Six Million Dollar Man", Sept. 19, 1976
2. "The Return of Bigfoot-Part 2, Sept. 22, 1976
3. "In This Corner, Jamie Summers", Sept. 29, 1976
4. "Assault on the Princess", Oct. 6, 1976
5. "Road To Nashville, Oct. 20, 1976
6. "Kill Oscar-Part 1", Oct. 27, 1976
7. "Kill Oscar-Part 2" from "Six Million Dollar Man", but released in syndication as a "Bionic Woman" episode, Oct. 31, 1976
8. "Kill Oscar-Part 3, Nov. 3, 1976
9. "Black Magic", Nov. 10, 1976
10. "Sister Jamie", Nov. 24, 1976
11, "The Vega Influence", Dec. 1, 1976
12. "Jamie's Shield-Part 1", Dec. 15, 1976
13. "Jamie's Shield-Part 2", Dec. 22, 1976
14. "Biofeedback", Jan. 12, 1977
15. "Doomsday is Tomorrow-Part 1", Jan. 19, 1976
15. "Doomsday is Tomorrow-Part 2", Jan. 26, 1976
16. "Deadly Ringer-Part 1", Feb. 2, 1977
17. "Deadly Ringer-Part 2", Feb. 9, 1977
18. "Jamie and the King", Feb. 23, 1977
19. "Beyond the Call", March 9, 1977
20. "The DeJohn Caper", March 16, 1977
21. "The Night Demon", March 23, 1977
22. "Iron Ships and Dead Men", March 30, 1977
23. "Once a Thief", May 4, 1977

UPDATE: JULY 1, 2011: Fans have been complaining (and rightly so) that the episode "Deadly Ringer" has poor audio quality. This was due to the fact that Universal couldn't find a proper master tape for that particular show (remember these episodes are over 30 years old). Now, fans can rejoice in knowing the studio has found another master tape and has corrected the problem. For fans not satisfied with disc 4 that contains "Deadly Ringer" they can contact Universal for a replacement disc by emailing them at or by phoning 888-882-5779.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 5, 2011
I was around six or seven years old during the mid-1970s, and I still recall being struck with an epiphany. Thanks to Lindsay Wagner and Lynda Carter, I realized that girls weren't totally icky. I am so very glad to own entire seasons of WONDER WOMAN and THE BIONIC WOMAN. Me, I consider THE BIONIC WOMAN Season 2 to be the best of that franchise. I think this was the season that won her an Emmy for 1977's Best Actress in a Dramatic Role. And while WONDER WOMAN limited Lynda Carter to portraying a fairly one-dimensional character, THE BIONIC WOMAN presented Lindsay Wagner with plenty of chances to bust out her acting chops. And Lindsay had range, and that certain graceful way about her. Even as a six year old boy, I was smitten.

Some of my favorite episodes take place in Season 2. We get the classic crossover episodes with THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN: "The Return of Bigfoot" and the absolutely awesome "Kill Oscar." In "In This Corner, Jaime Sommer," we eyeball Jaime in her Pocahantas-type costume as she infiltrates a shady lady wrestler club. We even hear her talk wrestling smack during a television interview. "Road to Nashville" showcases Lindsay's singing a country song ("Good To Be Alive in the Country") as she tries to locate a vanished OSI agent. "Black Magic" guest-stars Vincent Price as Jaime is deployed to a remote island and gets caught up in a treasure hunt. The fabulous two-part "Deadly Ringer" features the return of Jamie's doppelganger, Lisa Galloway, who has broken out of prison. Jaime, drugged and mistaken for Lisa, gets thrown in the hoosegow. Lindsay Wagner's riveting performance in this two-parter is said to be what won her the Best Actress Emmy that year.

Ultimately, "Kill Oscar" is what propels this season over the top for me, even though "The Return of Bigfoot" with its big space alien sci-fi themes is also up there. Anyway, K.I.T.T. had K.A.R.R. The shipwrecked crew had Gilligan. Jamie Sommers had the Fembots. I remember watching the three-part "Kill Oscar" as a kid and being scared silly by the creepy, creepy robot women, and that fear was stoked higher when even Jaime's vaunted bionic strength barely had her holding her own. And then how could you not love her teaming up with Colonel Steve Austin? Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner together ignited some serious sparks. And damn Jaime's amnesia anyway.

Bonus features: "Bionic Blast" - cast & crew reflect about the show's popularity and impact on pop culture and reminisce about stuff like the Fembots and the action figures; audio commentaries on 4 episodes: "Road to Nashville" and "Biofeedback" (with Lindsay Wagner), "Doomsday is Tomorrow, Parts 1 & 2" (with show creator Kenneth Johnson); and a photo gallery.
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on October 26, 2007
The transfers are beautiful and immaculately crisp. You will enjoy watching the episodes repeatedly. Each episode is in it's original broadcast form and Lindsay Wagner has never looked better.
You will need a region 2 dvd player to view this and "Bionic Woman"-Season 2. There is one extra which is a brief montage of other available tv series through Universal Playback. I must warn you before hand though, as there is a creepy anti-piracy advertisement at the end of the last episode of each disc. You'll know what I mean when you see it. I turn it off immediately so I don't have to see it. Other than that, enjoy!
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on May 21, 2011
Yes, I know: "not fit for purchase" or some such would be better English. Still, it's important that anyone reading this review understand that while Universal is to be commended for (finally!) releasing this best season of the timeless classic for which Lindsay Wagner justifiably won an Emmy award, THE CURRENT PRESSING IS UNFIT FOR SALE due to an extended section of barely audible audio at the beginning of the (first part) of the very episode for which she won it: "Deadly Ringer" on Disc Four.

This is not an issue with a small batch of discs, but instead something which originated with the studio -- a problem being discussed like crazy on every bionic internet group, and by now something the studio -- whose consumer relations department has issued a statement about it -- is aware of as well. What Uni Consumer Relations told my fellow fan listserv participant is that they can't do anything about it because these are old shows with less-than-perfect masters! TVShowsOnDVD is also covering this issue, and it's worth noting that all three seasons are available in English with PERFECT audio tracks in non-US releases which can be imported and enjoyed with the right equipment and know-how, though obviously without the much-anticipated special features of this release, which are very good, and will be most welcome once a new pressing is done with all the audio intact.

A few quick words about the program & this season: This is the classic counterpart program to The Six Million Dollar Man, the groundbreaking action/SF series of the '70s based on Martin Caidan's 1972 novel, Cyborg. For those who don't already know, Six Mil creator Kenneth Johnson decided to create a "Bride of Frankenstein" for Col. Austin at the end of his second season, and a two-part episode introduced fans to Jaime Sommers, former tennis pro-turned middle school teacher, Steve's first heartthrob. Lindsay Wagner proved so popular in the role that ANOTHER two-part story was hastily written and aired, even though execs at "The Black Tower" (a.k.a. ABC, the program's original network) had insisted that Jaime not live through her first appearance.

The huge groundswell these Six Mil episodes created carried Lindsay to the top of the A-list, and ultimately (as I just said above) to an Emmy Award for (I think the wording was) Best Actress in an Action/SF series -- a true cultural benchmark, for a woman had never been the star of a US TV action series before. In this, The Bionic Woman's second season, the creative team reached what I feel to have been the series' high-water mark as Ms. Wagner worked closely with Johnson and the other writers and directors to bring a truly feminine tenderness to a character which could have been -- as she told me personally a couple years ago -- "The Six Million Dollar Man in a skirt." In addition to the aforementioned Emmy-winning story arch, this season is also when John Houseman appears in the role of misogonystic former O.S.I. scientist Dr. Franklin, who unleashes his "Fembots -- as beautiful or as deadly as I wish to make them" on Jaime and her loyal viewers! Other notable guest stars included Vincent Price, Norman Fell, Lew Ayres, Lloyd Bochner and Country star Hoyt Axton.

So you see: When Universal re-presses Disc Four, this will be a must-own set for anyone nostalgic for the halcyon childhood some of us were lucky enough to have, in which science, coupled with humanity could still produce everyday heroes -- ones we pretended were our big brother and sister, and still love to this day. Until then, however, DO NOT BUY THIS SET!! It's just not worth getting all psyched up for, only to turn on your TV, and...not hear anything at all for nearly ten minutes.

Better luck next time, Universal. thanks for trying, anyway.
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on July 6, 2011
Universal is offering replacement for the defective disc 4 call 1-888-882-5779. Other than the 10 minutes of muted sound on Deadly Ringer part 1 the rest of the discs are fine. Enjoy each & every episode so far looking forward to season 3 (last) sigh!
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on August 6, 2013
This one season is, in my opinion, the best ever! My DVD set is obviously the fixed version. I remember consumers were complaining about the episode "Deadly Ringer Part 1" with the muffled audio in the first 9:33 minutes. I noticed no such problem with my copy. As I write this, I am watching that particular episode. No problems at all. I enjoyed the Bigfoot episodes and the three part "Kill Oscar" episodes as well. I remember these from when they first aired back in the 70s. Brings back memories!! I did notice that the intro on one episode did have a muffled sound. I think it was the second part of the Bigfoot episodes. It wasn't that distracting because as soon as the actual show began, the sound was perfect! I can't complain. The episode "Black Magic" was awesome because I have always been a Vincent Price fan. Mr. Price and Lindsey Wagner showed great chemistry in that episode. To put it plain, if you love this show, get this DVD!! You won't regret it!
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on May 20, 2011
OK, so finally after 30 something years of waiting for the US release of this collection (remember there was never even a VHS release), Universal finally delivers the American version! And of course BW Season 2 is AMAZING. But how is it possible Universal technicians couldn't have done a quality control check to make sure the audio was corrected on Deadly Ringer-pt 1? It's blasphemous. But can I rate this collection less than 5 stars? Of course not, because I am rating the actual shows and extras. If I was rating the quality of the transfer I would give a 2 star overall even if only Deadly Ringer suffered. Universal issued a statement saying the master is like that OR it is due to the passage of time. That's because they don't know--no one probably went back to confirm either excuse!!!!!!!! It's absolutely ridiculous. In 2011 they can't have a technician fix this probably very simple issue? They are allowing everyone to mail back the product for a refund...but then we are left with no Season 2, because at this point it doesn't sound like they are going to do ANYTHING to correct the problem. I give Universal zero stars, but Lindsay Wagner as Bionic Woman will always get 5 stars.

UPDATE: July 30, 2011 Just got the updated Disc 4 from Universal so all is right with the world! I would like to know if Universal is only selling boxed sets with the corrected version (and Amazon for that matter!)
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on December 20, 2011
THE BIONIC WOMAN SEASON 2 DVD SET was marred with production problems and so it's hard for me to give it any higher than 4-stars. Although Universal did offer buyers a replacement disc (after fans created an uproar on the internet and pointed out that there were in fact clean audio tapes in existence for the particular episode) if you sent in the old one, there are still some slight audio issues on other episodes. The audio problems aren't really bad enough to interfere with viewing pleasure, but they are noticeable. Thankfully, they only exist on a few episodes and only in a couple of spots, never running for the entire length of the show.

On episode #3 on DVD 5, "The Night Demon," the audio was muffled for about 8-minutes, not so bad that you couldn't hear what was being said, but it's noticeable. Other reviewers pointed out that there's some muffled audio on "Doomsday Is Tomorrow," I couldn't tell, but maybe on repeat viewings.

The episode in question where the audio was really bad was on "Deadly Ringer," but I sent in for the replacement before I watched it, thanks to the heads up I got from other Amazon reviewers, so I don't know how bad the audio was and won't comment on it here. Universal's first response was to claim that this was the only version that it had and therefore could not be helped, but after many fans of the show pointed out that this was not the case, the studio went in and corrected the audio, repressed the DVD, and offered buyers a replacement. I'm sure fans wouldn't have been so upset if there hadn't been a clean audio version in existence, such as the UK PAL DVDs or the episodes that were available on HULU, but there you have it. Also, there was never any indication that this was a less than stellar release when buying the set, so buyers had no idea of what they were getting. At least Universal stepped up to try and fix it. Picture quality is fine, however.

Anyway, because of those issues I gave this DVD set a very generous 4-stars.

***** EXTRAS ******
* Commentaries creator/director/writer Kenneth Johnson and actress Lindsay Wagner on some episodes

* "Six Million Dollar Man" crossover episodes

* Photo gallery

* "Bionic Blast" -- 11:30-minute featurette
This is a fun featurette that shows many present day interviews with directors Kenneth Johnson, Alan J. Levi, stunt woman Rita Egleston, Wagner stunt double Inge Rosenberg, stunt coordinator Vince Deadrick, Jr., actors Richard Anderson "Oscar Goldman," Martin E. Brooks "Rudy Wells," and Robbie Rist "Andrew" (student from season 1). This featurette also shows the toys and merchandise that went along with the series like dolls and lunch boxes.

Anyway, despite the shoddy DVD production of the BIONIC WOMAN SEASON 2, the series itself is still fun to watch and I am constantly amazed at the show's high quality production value.

I don't know if Universal has pulled the original run of the DVD set with the bad audio on DVD #4, so I can't comment on that, but if you do have audio issues on "Deadly Ringer," episode #3 on DVD 4, look at the forum below to get a replacement DVD.
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on May 21, 2011
I came here to write exactly what Mr. Bangs conveyed so perfectly in his review. This is the best season of "The Bionic Woman," but Universal has made it unwatchable (and inaudible). Never before have I seen a release so poorly put-together. Mr. Bangs gave this one star, and I whole-heartedly agree. We're not dissatisfied with Lindsay Wagner or the series itself, but Universal for releasing such a horrible transfer. Fix it, Universal! Seriously.
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on May 20, 2011
It's seems to be a common theme with the bad disc/episode transfer. I don't believe Universal's response; I have this season 2 set from overseas and it's PERFECT. Very disappointing for a true fan!!!!!

UPDATE: On July 2, 2011, I received an email from UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOME ENTERTAINMENT, Consumer Relations, stating the following:

To: Owners of "The Bionic Woman," Season 2:

"The initial release of "The Bionic Woman Season 2" was issued with the best audio elements that the studio had available at the time, which included noticeably imperfect audio from the episode "Deadly Ringer." Constructive feedback and suggestions since provided from fans has led to the uncovering of additional source material to improve the audio on this specific episode.

If you would like a replacement for Disc #4, please let us know your U.S. or Canadian mailing address and we will send a postage paid envelope for the return of your oridinal disc. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks from the time you send the original disc to receive the replacement.

Thank you."

I will be sending mine back! I'm glad they are making it right!!!!! Good job to all of those who sent them emails!!! THANKS!!!
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