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on May 2, 2008
The Revolution: A Manifesto is arguably the greatest political book written in the 21st Century. It is not penned by a politician, but by a statesmen. Congressmen Ron Paul eloquently states his positions and the emphatic reasons behind them. The arguments are concise and to the point. Facts are valued and baseless rhetoric, ever so present in the current day political discourse, is no where to be found.

In this vitally important book, the real causes of America's problems are outlined - from problems of war, terrorism & empire, to the loss of civil liberties, the ever expanding welfare state and the destruction of the American economy at the hands of the Federal Reserve system. However, this short summary really does not do the topics covered justice. All the issues that are prevalent in the media and those that aren't are covered here in detail, in this wonderful book.

The Manifesto is an enlightening read that the dedicated Ron Paul supporter will love and whom the non-supporter will come to realise is the book they've been missing their whole lives.

Now, if you're reading this, yet consider yourself already knowledgeable on why America is failing, and if you subscribe to the notion that it is Capitalism that is the United States problem - then above all else, this book is for you. For years the Communist Manifesto has been read by Libertarians, Republicans and those whom you would consider enemies of the 'left'. Above all else, they read the 'Communist Manifesto' as a means of "know thy enemy" for future arguments sake. Well, this is the reply - the Revolution: A Manifesto. If you would like to know the arguments that will no doubt be used against you, then this book is for you.

The above video is a clip of Ron Paul on CNN, discussing the book with John Roberts. This classic will end up in every worthy school, library, campus and bookshelf across the country. It is the Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" of today. Paine's pamphlet sparked the first American Revolution and Ron Paul's will no doubt further contribute extensively to the Second American rEVOLution!

"Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it."
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on April 21, 2008
I have followed Dr. Paul for many years. Sadly, he is a voice in the wilderness. We seem to be under a spell of mass insanity perpetuated by the mass media and our leaders where anything and everything is out in the open except the truth. And anyone who dares to speak the truth is ridiculed and marginalized. I have seen Dr. Paul insulted and belittled by people not fit to breath the same air and it makes me ashamed of my country and the people in it. I can only pray that enough uninformed but well meaning people manage to find and read and understand this book - and it ain't hard stuff - but Americans seemed to have their ears stuffed with cotton - or Ipods. As long as we have our American Idol and our Burger King and our other distractions, who cares that this Titanic of a country is headed for an iceberg? After this primary season and seeing the way Ron Paul's campaign was undermined by the media and trivialized by talking heads, I fear for my country. For the first time in my life time we were given a chance to make a choice that mattered and for the first time we were given a chance to vote for a person who remembers what it meant to be an American. For the first time we were given a chance to restore this country - and we pissed on it. God knows what the future will hold, but unless the people of this country miraculously wake up, we are doomed.
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VINE VOICEon July 30, 2008
Ron Paul presents the most logical and non-politically driven viewpoint on all facets of government that exists among the political elite. In The Revolution: a Manifesto, Paul briefly covers many facets of his objectives including views on foreign policy, monetary policy, abortion, free trade, and an assortment of laissez-faire convictions.

This book will immediately resonate with anyone already open to Paul's views or familiar with the Austrian school of economic thought. However, in anticipation of a book intended to cause a revolution, as its title would suggest, I was disappointed that Paul's work was not written in a more convincing manner. Having read Paul's book "A Foreign Policy of Freedom" and discovering one of the most convincing compositions on the topic I have ever read, my expectations were exceedingly high for the Revolution. While Paul presents a strong case in many areas of the book, he rarely dealt with common objections that skeptics reading this book typically would put forth. Thus I do not believe this rates high enough that I could put this in the hands of a skeptic and feel confident that Paul's positions would be adequately defined in a compelling enough manner.

Areas of this book that I felt Paul could have added far more focus:

- Government's Role: Paul asserts that one of this nation's problems is people's perception that government should be "providing from cradle to grave", an outstanding point. However, Paul would have been much better served explaining why a reliance on government is not only a detriment to oneself, but also to the population as a whole, but instead chose to stand meekly on the hopes that this point would be obvious to all with no further explanation. If that were true, this nation would already look vastly different.

- Federal Reserve: Paul states the importance of the issue of not being able to audit the Federal Reserve but makes little mention of the absolutely frightening realty of having a private entity printing our money with no clear auditing process. Paul was called a "kook" and seen as "crazy" by the public on a massive scale because people did not understand his views on removing the Federal Reserve; thus more attention to this topic should have been essential to the book. The bulk of the population is unfamiliar with economics beyond basic college entry courses and does not understand how the US would avoid future depressions without having a Federal Reserve managing its money supply. These are concerns Paul should have addressed if the true intent is really to sway public opinion. Had Paul provided as convincing a case against the Fed as he did regarding the explanation of inflation, this section would have been a giant success.

- Gold Standard: Although Paul has an entire book on his views of the Gold Standard, as a topic that is widely misunderstood, Paul missed a chance to provide a much more convincing case in this particular chapter. Paul unfortunately chose not to address some of the most common objections to the Gold Standard such as gold supply and limiting aspects relative to a growing economy and population, instead choosing only to suggest it is the answer to inflation.

- US Policing the World: Paul's position of reducing US military intervention and eventual reductions of US bases and forces around the world may be logical to those with a full understanding of his views prior to reading this book; however, to the average Republican, Democrat, or even Independent reaching for this book to gauge what Paul is all about, they will still be left with questions regarding how safe we are without policing the world and what in fact the troops would be doing upon returning to the US. Paul is more than equipped to aptly address these concerns, but regrettably does not in this book.

- The Constitution: The core of all of Paul's beliefs is centered on the fact that the constitution was created to protect the people from government, not the other way around. I was astonished to find so little explanation of the critical importance of understanding this principle considering this is so central to his views and perhaps is the most prominent issue that differentiates Paul from nearly all other politicians.

One of the most attractive aspects of Ron Paul's political agenda is that he has chosen to discuss the actual validity of policies while other candidates seem stuck on discussing how to implement policies already in place. If this book accomplishes nothing else but gathering support for a discussion on the soundness of US policies, than it is indubitably a success; however, considering the strength and soundness of Paul's positions, the lack of convincing arguments in this book leaves me wondering if he missed a golden opportunity to truly affect public opinion.
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on June 2, 2008
This quick read by Ron Paul really challenged my socially liberal point of view. The important concepts of freedom, liberty and the proper scope of the federal government are framed with simple and compelling logic. Non-interventionism as a foreign policy does not mean isolationism or pacifism. Reducing the scope of government does not mean turning our backs on the poor and underprivileged. If America is going to lead the world into a brighter future we must have a sound fiscal policy. It is a shame that Paul's characterization in the main stream of American media and politics is as a fringe candidate with outrageous ideas. If only people could get past the sound bites and educate themselves on the issues, Ron Paul and his policy positions would be recognized as a clear and viable blueprint for restoring America's greatness and financial stability.
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on May 19, 2008
First off, I find it amusing that the same folks who think Paul admirers are made up of nuts and conspiracy theorists are now saying that the Paulists are somehow deleting all but the five-star reviews. Who is wearing the tin-foil hats now?

Now the book. Excellent on all counts, and what's not to like? Dr. Paul is a Constitutionalist, anti-interventionist, America-first, free marketeer with a firm dedication to personal liberty. The book shows how these concepts are in direct contradiction to what the liberal-infested Democrats AND the neo-con-infested Republicans have been offering the voters for the past twenty years.

I only took away a star because the book is too short - considering the wide-ranging subject matter, 150-plus pages was simply insufficient. Many times, I thought points needed to be further expounded on and they were not.

That being said, The Revolution should be required reading, especially at the university level. Hopefully, it will inspire the next generation of political thinkers.
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on April 22, 2008
No one is quite able to articulate the truth like Congressman Ron Paul. His ideas have sparked not only a movement, but a revolution unlike any seen in recent decades. The odd thing is, the cure Dr. Paul has "found" is actually as old as humankind itslef. It is the basic principal of FREEDOM that drives the Ron Paul Revolution. Liberty is the alternative fuel we've been looking for, and, in this incredible manifesto, Congressman Paul perfectly outlines the very essence of what a free society entails. In short, this is the most important political novel written since The Conscience of a Conservative. The Neoconservatives may own the Republican Party, but they do not own Ron Paul, or his fervent supporters. "Ron Paul Republicans" are now sprouting up all over country running for various offices, and hopefully this is only the beginning. This is a Revolution that involves taking back the Republican party... and then the country.
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on April 20, 2008
Just wow, this book pulls no punches. Well written and concise enough for even casual readers. I will be picking up multiple copies for the "conservatives" in my family, who really dont know what being a conservative means nowadays.

"truth is treason in the empire of lies" - strong words that ring true. This book might well be the most important writings concerning the farce that passes for politics today. Ron Paul is an amazing man, and its a shame that more politicians arent of his caliber.
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on April 18, 2008
This well-written and convincingly argued book sums up what Dr. Paul has been talking about for over a year on the campaign trail. Veteran Ron Paul Republicans will be familiar with most everything within, but the issues, arguments, and replies to critics have been weaved together especially well, and as a result the book is a joy to read. The book is just the right length and can easily be finished in 2-3 sittings. Clearly crafted to be timeless, the focus is on principle and philosophy; the references to specific legislation and technical policy is limited.

An especially helpful part of the book is the section on economic freedom. I attended a speech and question-and-answer session Dr. Paul gave at Goucher College and the left-leaning student body was clearly not convinced about his economic views. If he had had the time to elucidate all of the thoughtful and persuasive points he makes in this section I honestly think he would have inspired dozens of those leftist students to reconsider their views on economics.

This book is worth buying, reading, and passing out to interested friends and family.
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on April 29, 2008
Thank God for Ron Paul. I am a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy and, in two years time, I will be 23 years old and a 2nd lieutenant in the Marine Corps charged with the lives of roughly 40 Marines. I will willingly put myself in harms way to protect the oath I made to this country's constitution. Sadly, the powers that be in this country are all too willing to sacrifice the lives of people like myself and the men we'll be leading for costly wars of agression. Despite the common misconception, a majority of military members are not trigger-happy jingoists looking to rape and pillage other countries for personal gain. Those individuals happen to be the politicians in control of us. We are fighting for our families and our freedoms and our liberties granted to us by God and reaffirmed by our Constitution. We are not allowed to speak out politically for obvious reasons, and I speak for myself when I say this, but Libertarians are a strong force at my school and we will soon go on to fill important roles in both the military and government. The Second American Revolution has started and I have a group of hard-chargers just waiting to run for congress and take back our country the way Ron Paul has instructed: peacefully. This book is a powerfull primer. Everyone must read, especially those of us that are younger and will be in a position to effect the changes Dr. Paul encourages us to persue.

Support the Constitution. Support the Right to Bear Arms. Support an end to the Federal Reserve and to the oppressive 16th ammendment. Support an end to the prohibition on drugs. Support an end to the prohibition on ANYTHING. Support an end to government waste. Support an end to needless wars of agression. Support an end to one-party "Republicrat" rule. Support the Free State Project. Support the message of freedom and prosperity. Most of all, support Ron Paul and the new manifesto for the Second American Revolution. What a great time to be alive!

Spread the word
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The Revolution: A Manifesto, by Ron Paul
{"According to the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, all powers not delegated to the federal government by the states (in Article 1, Section 8) and not prohibited to the states in the Constitution (in Article 1, Section 10) are reserved to the states or to the people. Thomas Jefferson held that this principle formed the very foundation of our Constitution. It was a guarantee that the experience Americans endured under the British would not be repeated and that political decisions would be made by their own government rather than a distant central government that would be much more difficult, if not impossible, for them to control."}

The above statement is from Ron Paul's book and is for all intensive purposes why they don't want you reading the constitution in public school any more. Most of the power the feds have ceased shouldn't have been there's to begin with. Most of the power belongs to the state which we the people have more say in. It is sad in our day and time that this is a revolutionary idea when it was in fact the original intent of our founding fathers. The biggest federalist from yesteryear would have been appauled at the size and abuse of our current government...

{ In 2002, as war with Iraq loomed, I proposed that Congress officially declare war against Iraq, making clear that I intended to oppose my own measure. The point was to underscore our constitutional responsibility to declare war before commencing major military operations, rather than leaving the decision to the president or passing resolutions that delegate to the president the decision making power over war. The chairman of he International Relations Committee responded by saying, "There are things in the Constitution that have been overtaken by events, by time. Declaration of war is one of them. There are things no longer relevant to a modern society. We are saying to the president, use your judgment. What you have proposed is inappropriate, anachonistic; it isn't done any more."}

When I read that it blew me away.... The chairman of the International Relations Committee just told Ron Paul that the Constitutional provision that congress declares war is no longer used. Congratulations everyone you now live in a very dangerous time. Were becoming a police state. It's time for us all to wake up before we lose our country forever....

In this book Ron Paul tackles the major issues of our country and our freedom. Everything from healthcare, social security, and the loss of our freedom piece by piece... The section that unvails the federal reserve might be the most chilling part of this book, and you need to read it. Our money is quickly becoming worthless and historical evidence backs this up (Ron Paul uses Germany as an example). Germany prior to world war 2 kept printing money to the point people spent it as quickly as they could due to its rapid devaluing property's. This eventually collapsed Germany and made way for Hitler. An argument can be made that were doing the same thing with our dollar.

If you want a real look at the federal government and some real solutions to our current impending financial collapse you should read this book NOW... Seriously, please don't walk RUN to obtain a copy. Our nation depends on all of us being educated on these principles.

"When all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated." Thomas Jefferson
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