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on February 9, 2007
I don't understand why there are so many slams against this movie posted here...this is a very exciting, action-packed film! Maybe these critics aren't Charlie Sheen fans or sumpin'...but this film kept me riveted all the way thru it!

Clint's character, cop Nick Pulovski, has hints and traces of Dirty Harry Callahan, so fans of that series should enjoy this film; Charlie Sheen is the rookie detective who Clint gets stuck with as his new partner - Clint's old partner, played by Hal Williams ("Smitty" the cop on the old SANFORD & SON tv show) gets offed by Raul Julia (who plays an exceptionally evil criminal) and Raul's girlfriend/female alter ego, played by Sonia Braga (who looks INCREDIBLE!!!). These two and their goons run an auto theft ring (and perform a few murders along the way), all the while being stalked and staked out by Clint and Charlie. The film begins with an outstanding chase sequence on the freeway, with lots of crashes, blood and bullets.

Sheen has a wonderful scene where he gets his revenge against the patrons of a seedy bar...he loses control, beats the snot out of all of 'em, shouts curses thoughout, sets the place on fire and shows these chumps a thing or three! The ending in the airport terminal is a film climax I always look forward's very satisfying for the viewer (sorry! can't reveal it!). Raul Julia is great throughout the film but here he shines, especially right up to the last second (you'll see what I mean when you watch it). There are so many cool scenes in this film but I can't reveal 'em all! By the way, guys...the scene where Sonia Braga seduces a shackled Clint borders on S&M, fer's hot stuff!

Also, Tom Skerritt portrays Sheen's millionaire father, in a role that's considered small, but he's great as always...he shoulda had more to do here.

So, in closing, don't pay attention to the negative criticism...if you are a Clint Eastwood fan or a fan of cop/crime films, I think you'll like this outing. Try it for yourself just to satisfy your curiosity!
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on September 15, 2003
When two policemen move in on car thieves, one of them gets killed. And the fallen officer isn't just a partner, he's a friend. Now it's PERSONAL!!! Clint Eastwood plays Nick Pulovski the surviving partner, who makes it a point to try and find the hoodlums. Of course Clint plays a rough and tumble policeman like in his Dirty Harry roles, but in this movie, he does show a more down to earth side, lighter side. There's a terrific car chase involving Clint and when it's over, it's rather comical.
Nick gets a new partner David Ackerman (played by Charlie Sheen) who looks more like an insurance salesman than a policeman, mainly because he's from the side of town where you learn early in life where to put your fork and knife on the table.
With this new partner, the two head out to try and find the thieves. The head goon is played by none other than Raul Julia. I must admit, when I first spotted Raul playing that of a villain, I didn't think he'd fit the role, but after seeing the entire movie, I'd say he done a terrific job at it!
The big question is Will Nick and David get their man? Well, of course I'm not going to say, but I will say that if you like movies with just the right amount of action, plus an equal helping of suspense, intrique, drama, and a light seasoning of comedy, you'll be sure to love this entertaining film.
It's the perfect movie meal.
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on April 17, 2004
The rookie is a hardcore action ride.Sheen @ eastwood are very good together.The shoot outs are hard,the fights are bloody,the language is brutal.A hard movie along the lines of The last boy scout.
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on September 7, 2013
This review is primarily for the blu-ray transfer--the picture quality, sound quality, etc.--not for how good the story or acting is, or not. This has a beautiful picture, with very accurate colors (as with the flesh tones, for example), vivid colors, and it's quite sharp. And this is a 1990 film. The audio is excellent as well. I'm very pleased with this purchase, which is an upgrade to the DVD I already owned.

On my 55" HD TV, this is far superior to the DVD.

The movie is compelling throughout, if thin a little in the plot at times, and weak, too, in the poor German accent from the fine actor, Raul Julia (read: "laughable"-- saying "ziss" and "zat" were his only attempts at sounding German). With no attempt even made at a German accent from Sonia Braga! And incompetent, not-believable acting by the guy playing Clint and Charlie's police boss-- he was truly pitiful, and over-acting. He was not helped by his having tired, cookie-cutter lines.

But, a film with Clint and Charlie has to be good, at least, if not great, plus entertaining, fun, and funny, too-- and this one doesn't disappoint on any of these elements. A fun ride.

There are no extras with this blu-ray, but, yes, it does have a menu!

GREAT job on this film's transfer via excellent Blu Ray remastering. One of the best blu rays, technically, for a 1990 film.
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on August 23, 2010
This is surely of one the minor Clint Eastwood efforts, but still very pleasing to watch, and containing the same film structure and style of his better movies. Taking aside the violence, it's entertaining and with good humour. The Blu-Ray edition looks and sounds quite decent, well worth the purchase.
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on January 23, 2016
5 Stars all the Way ! And Not to mention that Clint Eastwood has been one of my Favorites Actors for a Long Time, I Just Love This Movie It has a lot of Action, A Lot of Bad Words and a Little Comedy, Perfect for see It In The Weekend , and I Have to Add that to Me This was The Best Movie of Charlie Sheen Too, Great Movie !
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Last night I saw on TV what was for me a rarity, a Clint Eastwood picture I'd never encountered before.
It's one Clint directed, THE ROOKIE (1990) with co-stars Charlie Sheen and Raul Julia.

"Rookie" is much better than a current 5.8 IMDb rating, in fact I hung with it through a dozen commercial breaks, flipping over at pause times to see the Miami Hurricanes ultimately lose to the Florida State Seminoles....yet again (insert Seminoles war chant and Tomahawk Chop gimmick here).

If this buddy cop actioner has any flaws it's in Julia's ludicrous semi-Teutonic accent as the bad guy, also in Braga's performance as Julia's ass-kicking bodyguard/girlfriend. This curvy Brazilian's martial arts moves are decent and Sonia, even at age 40, is "muito quente" in figure hugging leather, but her acting chops are negligible. (To be fair, "Rookie" was also Braga's first action film.)

The well-worn plotline:
Eastwood, doing a thinly veiled riff on Dirty Harry, is a cop assigned to an unglamorous job, the auto theft division. When his longtime partner (Hal Williams) is shot dead by one of Julia's henchman, Clint vows he'll get the Germanic chop shop crime boss, but there's a couple of problems.

First, this case has been handed to homicide, so he's officially off it, and second Eastwood is now saddled with a new, overeager, wet-behind-the-ears partner, Sheen. We soon learn that Charlie's dad (Tom Skerritt) is fabulously wealthy, so the kid's desire to be an LAPD detective is very much in question. There's also another complication, Sheen acts rather cowardly when faced with pulling the trigger to save himself or his highy skeptical partner. (Of course we find out later what motivates Charlie and what's holding him back.)

Eastwood continues stalking Julia, hitting him where it really hurts, in the pocket, by taking down some of Julia's stolen car shops, but on his own time he works on busting his nemesis in revenge for that first partner's murder. Stiff-necked, suit-wearing Sheen tags along on the latter, not exactly sure why Clint defies a stand-down order from their boss (Pepe Serna).

Lara Flynn Boyle's minimal eye-candy role as Sheen's wife is too cliché.
She hates her husband's current job and will only be a hindrance when things start to boil.

THE ROOKIE is famous for some explosive pyrotechnics, all done without CGI sweetening.
The story's well-paced, if familiar and predictable.
Definitely for Eastwood or Sheen fans, also crime action movie buffs.
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on February 16, 2013
If you like watching movies with Clint Eastwood and Charlie Sheen, you'll enjoy watch this movie. Because of some of the content and language, I wouldn't recommend it for young teens. Movie delivered on time and in great condition. Would deal with seller again.
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on February 10, 2014
Before I purchased this blu ray I noticed one of the reviewers asking why people hate on this movie (I am paraphrasing). I missed this movie in the theaters and due to some weird twist of fate I did not own it on vhs or dvd. I own a lot of Eastwood movies but I guess with each new format I tend to start over with the ones I remember best. I happened to be at a Barnes and Noble and thought of this movie, and they didn't have it. Luckily amazon had it at a great price. Regardless of reviews I would have purchased this movie anyway based on the track records of the players involved.

So when the reviewer asked their question, it caused me to read it all, as that was a definite wtf moment. So let me reiterate what they said this IS a great movie. Anyone who is a fan of Eastwood or Sheen or of Old school action movies and Cop Movies will love this. It has everything. And Eastwood as a director tends to make his characters flawed which make them relatable even though the circumstances are ones we'd never find ourselves in. But you understand the motivations and the evolutions of the characters as the plot moves on. I won't give any specific details because if you are someone like me who has never seen it you'll want to watch it without spoilers. Everything works in this movie, even in spots where it might be a little off-kilter or over the top. The characters blend well, they work well off each other and Eastwood knows how to make moments tense when then need to be and a bit more humorous to take the edge off when it needs to be. Eastwood is classic Eastwood. I have only seen Charlie Sheen in movies like Hot Shots or movies where he plays more towards comedy so it was nice to see him work with a more dramatic role.

the action is great and well staged. not gimmicky and not like today's movies where they show a lot of fighting but you don't see fists actually hitting, you see the action but not the follow through. This one shows every punch, and the results of those punches. That's why I like the Expendables franchise, some might see it as a bit cheesy, but it's that good kind of cheese. but at least when you look at the action sequences you see real action not camera trickery or gimmickry. I want good solid movies. The newer movies try to look slick and they do train a lot, but what's the point if on screen you see a bunch of choppy edited shots where it looks like there might be action but you really don't see any action, that causes me to fade out and get bored. I don't mind a bit over the top action as long as it keeps me glued to the screen. There is a scene where they do something a bit over the top but really in that situation it was the only real way to do it.

Bottom line, this is a riveting action movie that even after all these years can hold my attention and make me excited when the action starts. not saying that because of it's age it might seem a bit dull compared to todays movies, just saying that even though it was made back in the day the quality values are high, so seeing it now reminds you of what a good movie should be.

so if you love real action, if you love Eastwood and his demeanor and quips and you love a good cop story this is something you need to see in one form or another. And I know Charlie Sheen has scared a lot of people away in the past few years but this was when he was doing the job he was paid to do. to stand toe to toe with Eastwood and still look good is saying something.
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on January 20, 2015
Excellent entertainment with none other than the great Clint Eastwood and a young Charlie Sheen before his mind was warped by coke. If you like a battle between the good guys and the bad guys - where the good guys eventually win out - then this is great for you.
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