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on April 3, 2007
To begin --- this book is only for Bible believers. If you believe the Bible to be fable, there is nothing here for you. This book is targeted for and of use to Christians, whatever their ethnicity.

This topic, the Sabbath, has been debated ad nauseum and there are few that ever change their position, or for that matter, who will even explore why their position is what it is. This book is an excellent vehicle for that exploration.

Now, there are countless books on the matter of The Sabbath but I find this one to be unique. It is singularly readable, yet very carefully researched and constructed to mine out what the Bible says about the issue . . . wherever that leads. The author explores history and pagan influences in Christianity. His familiarity with and frequent inclusion of Hebrew words, terminology, and Hebrew customs/traditions adds greatly to this work.

I have read two of the other books in Bennett's outstanding Walk in the Light series (Kosher, and Names) and can sincerely say that I've never read anything quite like this. Very readable, very convincing, very important. A must read for every genuine Christian.
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on April 10, 2008
This book is proving to be a great eye-opener; a small yet awesome piece of a greater puzzle. Having been raised in a Christian congregation I've spent the greater part of my life just taking what was told to me with a grain of salt. Up until recently I always assumed being Christian was "right" and that was that.

However, in the past few years, I found myself drifting from my christian church and beliefs. Only recently have I made the conscious decision to confront my "drifting" and hopefully this journey steers me in the right direction.

So far this book has helped me in that journey. For as long as I can remember my Christian church recognized the Old Testament but mostly utilized the New Testament, as though there was a clear distinction between the two, or as if the NT only applied to us and the OT was associated more with Judaism. Therefore things associated with the OT seemed to take to the backseat more than things with the NT. This book, using the Sabbath as an example, has helped me to realize that this should not be the case.

Upon reading it (and re-reading it) I have come to many conclusions which are helping me get closer to personal answers. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to get back to the basics, regarding proper worship, and anyone who just might be questioning your faith.
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on October 29, 2007
The first book I read of Todd Bennett's was "The Law and Grace," which I would highly recommend. Todd's Book on the Sabbath is the very best book I've read on this extremely important Scriptural subject. Todd's books are well written, easy to understand, and "loaded" with valuable Scriptural insight.

Todd's spiritual journey has been very similar to mine. He has been in Evangelical Christianity, the Charismatic Movement, and now desires to live a Torah observant lifestyle, which is also true for me. He definitely doesn't agree with the hedge the Jews have placed around the Torah to keep people from breaking it and neither do I. The hedge (wall) around the Torah obstructs your view of God (Elohim in the Hebrew) and hinders your desire to develop a relationship with Him.

The word Shabbat in the Hebrew means "Sabbath." While the Scriptures don't give us a lot of rules as to how it should kept, it is to be "set apart" to Elohim. The main things are to make sure you get your rest and that you keep you focus on Elohim.

According to Todd, "It is a good time avoid things which are common in order to remember that it is a special day. It is set apart and we need to treat it as set apart." The Hebrew word for set apart is "qadosh" and is often translated in Scripture as "holy." The Sabbath is the very first thing Elohim set apart in Genesis 2:1-3 and the very first Sabbath was celebrated on the seventh day of creation. Every seven days thereafter was the set apart day of the Sabbath.

In Isaiah 66:22-23 we are told that the Sabbath will be kept for all of eternity. The Sabbath is also the heart of the "Ten Commandments," which creates a bridge between the first three commandments about loving Elohim and the last six about loving your fellow man. Obviously it is a very important subject to the Lord (YHWH in the Hebrew).

In Ezekiel 20:12, Elohim tells us to keep his Sabbath holy (set apart) that it might be a sign between us. The obaervance of Sabbath makes it a sign (distinquishing mark) that Believers (His Bride) are set apart to the YHWH. The Hebrew word for "sign" is owt, whcih means "a mark or a proof."

Todd rightly says, "One of the lessons we are to larn from the Sabbath and all the appointed times (Feasts) is preparation. If we can't prepare for one day, how can we prepare for the Tribulation or eternity for that matter."

Todd discusses what it means to live lawlessly or in disobedience of Elohim's commandments. Living lawlessly is serious business in Scripture. Jesus (Yahshua in the Hebrew) will reject such people from entering into his kindgom. The Messiah defines such people by their actions, which he states is the reason for their rejejction by HIm.
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on January 10, 2009
One of the stated purposes of the book is to examine what the Scriptures say about the Sabbath. Mr. Bennett explains that observing the Sabbath does not require membership or conversion to any religious group.
He explains that the Sabbath and appointed times belong to YHWH. "YHWH calls them His. They belong to Him and calling them "Jewish" is incorrect."

The Sabbath is a "sign" or a "proof". There is one assembly, one bride.

Mr. Bennett restates some fundamental Scriptural facts about the Sabbath. It's an everlasting covenant. The material on the Messiah and the Sabbath was both clear and compelling.

He also discusses some mistranslations in the English translations of the Bible. These can easily change the meaning of a passage. Careful comparison of various English translations prove the author's point.

The book has footnotes documenting sources. One that I found prticularly interesting was footnote #60 from Priest F.G.Lentz,the Question Box,1900,p.98.
"If you follow the Bible alone there can be no question that you are obliged to keep Saturday holy, since that is the day especially prescribed by Almighty God to be kept holy to the Lord."

The fundamental point on the Sabbath can be found in one sentence on page 64. "No man, system or institution has the authority to change the commandments of YHWH."

THE SABBATH- Scriptural Truth is an excellent book on the subject based on Scripture while exposing the errant traditions of man. I recommend all of Todd Bennett's books as easily understandable tools for finding the truth.
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on May 21, 2014
While this is an excellent teaching, I am in the middle of reading it to my family and I made the mistake of not reading it myself first. I disagree with a couple of things he throws in along with the teaching that the Sabbath was not done away with. The thing about new moons and he believes that EHYEHshua/ Jesus did not die on Friday or rise on Sunday. He declares it was on Shabbat. Now, it might have been, we have no way to prove it, except to say that it is not in keeping with YHWH's patterns. The 8th day IS the 1st day and the Glorified body will be given to Israel on the 8th day and it all ties in nice and neat with the how the Appointed Times of Pentecost work out and the Feast of Tabernacles (the 8th day, of the Great Feast at the end of FOT). The 7th day Sabbath being a day of rest, EHYEHshua/Jesus RESTED in the grave or sheol. That would be the understanding as it relates to YHWH"s Appointed Times and His REPEATING PATTERNS of rehearsal given to us.
But---aside from those two points (I am not going to go into why the new moon appears to be incorrect, but scripture actually supports that it is wrong). The book is still good at teaching and giving understanding about the importance and the blessings when we keep YHWH's SET APART and sanctified Day of Rest.
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on March 23, 2015
The whole 12 book "Walk in the Light" series by Todd D. Bennett is a very valuable tool to help disciple people into the Hebrew Roots of their Christian Faith. There are many lopsided teachers out there but this guy is pretty safe. I start people out with the following book titles in the following order 1) Names 2) The Sabbath 3) The Law and Grace 4) Kosher 5) Pagan Holidays 6) Appointed Times. With this set of books on hand in a library that people can check out and return, they can learn at their own pace.
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on November 20, 2015
This is a great book that really opens your eyes to the truth. The Sabbath was changed to the the 1st day of the week by man but the Almighty Creator never changed it. A lot of great information in this book.
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on February 21, 2015
As an ordained minister in a huge denomination spanning all over the world, I was re-studying the fourth Commandment in the summer of 2011 when all of a sudden God spoke loud and clear to my spirit two sentences. "You have been transgressing My commandment. You are transgressing My Commandment," and repeating it again after the excuses made in my mind to Him. That set off a series of events, one being encouraged to study this book, as well as others in Todd Bennett's 12 books series, with each of the books standing on its own for reading and studying individually. The teachings in this the Shabbath book as in the others, are based on the original Hebrew lanquage and was at first verbally given by YHWH to Adam and Eve in the garden, and later twice written on stone tablets by YHWH's finger, and codefied by Moses. Todd Bennett in his deep and thoroughly researched studies into this 4th Shabbath Commandment which was to be kept holy as unto YHWH into perpetuity shows how this Commandment was done away with and became officially forbidden to be kept under threat of death.Todd with history showing the why, when, and by whom all this took place, and why it simply never has been over turned by all the Shepard's and teachers of our Christian faith, myself once included and returned to. Research has been showing that YHWH starting in 2008 has been calling out Christian believers from all over the world and as prophesied in the OT, and into Sabbath keeping again. It is for them mainly and for all Christian believers who are hungry and thirsty for a more deeper relationship with YHWH that I strongly encourage the study of this Shabbath book.
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on July 14, 2010
This is the first book I read in the "Walk in the Light" Series and I loved reading it and appreciated all the wonderful truths it brings out from the scriptures. I was shocked at how much power the Catholic church had in changing YHWH's Holy Word and His Holy order and how so many christians follow their teaching. I already observe the Sabbath and the scriptural information in this book gave me more confident that I am on the right track in search of the true faith. I loved this book. I also loved "Kosher" and now I am reading "The Law and Grace". These are awesome books and I plan to read the entire "Walk in the Light" series.
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on November 16, 2009
Great book! I highly recommend this book for anyone truly wanting to love the Father YaHuWaH with obedience to His Word. Todd D. Bennett is an excellent writer! He writes with proven facts and no personal agenda. So far I have read Sabbath and Names by Mr. Bennett, and I have two more of his books on the way which I can hardly wait to read. You will not be disappointed as you read his books.
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