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on March 22, 2008
This is a chronicle of how the Clintons and their twelve years in the governor's mansion of Arkansas and two terms in the office of the Presidency have left our democratic institutions in shambles. From a perch at the pinnacle of the Dixie Mafia, Hot Springs Arkansas, they have taken the nation on a descent down into "anti-democratic" hell, from which the Republic may never recover. This book is a virtual catalogue of how they did it: an unimaginable tale of corruption and abuses of power that, in comparison, will make the Monica Lewinsky scandal seem like a Sunday school picnic.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard a reporter for London's Sunday Telegraph uses his considerable investigative skills and his diplomatic immunity from the Clinton terror tactics to weave a series of tales that will literally make the reader's hair stand on end. Everything here has the ring of truth. But even if it did not, and a tenth of it is correct, then we are already living deep inside a "well-regulated" police state.

One word of caution to the reader: A great deal of this is circumstantial and hearsay evidence, however, as will become obvious to any astute reader: in a "soft police state," after witnesses have been intimidated, cajoled and murdered; documents have been tampered with, lost or shredded; drug money has been laundered and reinvested; subpoenas have been ignored or squashed; secrecy and plausible deniability have been invoked to shield everything from the public; we have a sycophantic incurious press, and public officials have been muted, silenced, bribed or coached into lying -- all up and down the line -- there isn't much else left but hearsay and circumstantial evidence. Plus, there is so much of this kind of evidence that its preponderance and very cross-confirmation alone takes on a life of its own, that is to say, it lends to these stories a kind of credibility and credence of its own.

In each of the scandals included -- from the Okalahoma City bombing cover up, to the reasons for Vince Foster's and Jerry Parks murders, to Dan Lasater, Don Tyson, and the Stephen's brothers cocaine empire -- run by the Clintons out of the Arkansas Development Finance Administration (ADFA) -- to complicity in a contract to murder Colonel Terry Reed -- this is in every respect a blue print for how to turn our democracy into the world's largest "soft police state."

In short, this book is nothing if not the anatomy of a "soft police state" in the making, with the State of Arkansas taking the lead in the descent into irretrievable corruption. How does it happen? The subtext of this book gives us a step-by-step manual for how its done: When unchecked power, secrecy, a complacent public, weak kneed and corrupt political authorities and ruling elites, a press that will not face the reality before it, and large illicit sums of drug money, collide; and then collude: morality and civility are the first to go out the window. And then our democracy is in grave if not mortal danger.

Like a snake lying coiled waiting ready to spring on its prey from the grass, unwary citizens were enticed, lured, seduced or co-opted inside the circle of the Clinton corruption. Once inside, the noose is tightened and the trap door slammed shut. There are no exits except to "go on the lam" as Colonel Terry Reed, L. D. Brown, Patty-Ann Smith and Dennis Patrick did; or to play ball and pretend to love it, as Patsy Thomasson and Bob Nash, and so many others did; or be committed to jail or suicide as was done to Sarah McClendon; or be banished to purgatory as Paula Jones and Monica Lewinski were, or indeed give up your life as Vince Foster, Barry Seal and Jerry Parks did.

The author's thoughts are best summarized on page 316 when he is discussing the issue of Mena, Arkansas:

"What makes [the Iran Contra affair] so fascinating today is evidence that the CIA's base of operation was actively involved. The idea that an outwardly liberal and progressive Democrat like Bill Clinton was secretly assisting Oliver North's crusade against the Revolucion Sandinista is so shocking that the American press has dismissed it out of hand. But it is precisely because Mena turns the world upside down that it matters so much. If true, it validates the inchoate suspicion felt by many Americans that things are not what they seem. It suggests that the political rhetoric of the two parties in Washington is mere window dressing, while the real decisions are made in secret collusion without democratic accountability. To examine Mena is to examine the institutional condition of the United States. As for the president, it exposes him as a remarkable counterfeit, willing to betray his liberal principles for self-advancement."

This is truly scary stuff. Five stars
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on January 30, 2012
If you are a Clinton biographer, journalist or political junkie then read this book. It is excellent.

It makes you wonder - do sociopaths *always* climb to the top of the heap in politics and business? I personally don't think so, but after reading this it is a question worth asking.

Bill Clinton was not just being entertained by prostitutes with his brother Roger ... he, Roger and Dan Lasater were partying with HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS when Clinton was a married governor in his early 30's. I don't know what the age of consent is in Arkansas, but Clinton and Co. were getting pretty damn close.

Then there is the more important issue of wild Bill's involvement with CIA drug smuggling. Yes, Bill was involved in the coke trade in Mena, but he was doing it with the CIA, Bushes and Oliver North! That last part is not in this book but it needs to be.

Then there is the very suspicious murder of Jerry Parks. This is someone who the Clintons *really* may have murdered because Parks was in the drug trade with the Clintons. Parks was murdered on 9/26/93, a little over one year after Gennifer Flowers neighbor was beaten to a pulp, no doubt by Bill Clinton's state troopers.

Excellent book. Buy it!

Bill has very bad sinuses (a possible result of coke abuse), no doubt caused by his life as an out-of-control 1980's cokehead. Sharlene Wilson said that she once saw Bill so high on cocaine that he fell against the wall and SLID INTO A GARBAGE CAN!

Sharlene says:
"I watched Bill Clinton lean up against a brick wall. He must have had an adenoid problem because he casually stuck my tooter up his nose ... He was so messed up that night, he slid down the wall into a garbage can and just sat there like a complete idiot."
[p.262, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton]

Sharlene says:
"I was, you know, the hostess with the mostess, the lady with the snow ... I'd serve drinks and lines of cocaine on a glass mirror." [p.262, The Secret Life]

Sharlene, who was once sexually intimate with drug dealers Roger Clinton and Dan Harmon, says she and her friends would go back to the Arkansas Governor's mansion and party until the early morning hours. Sharlene says:

"I thought it was the coolest thing in the world THAT WE HAD A GOVERNOR WHO GOT HIGH." [p.262, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton]

Jane Parks claims that in 1984, when she was the resident manager at the Vantage Point Apartments, she could hear parties in the unit next door where Bill, his brother Roger and druggie friend Dan Lasater held parties, did drugs and chased women, some as young as a 16 year old high school girl. Parks says she could hear all this through the walls. They were giving cocaine to high school girls! Witnesses report the ashtrays were filled with cocaine, supplied by Lasater. Patricia Anne Smith says "I was introduced to cocaine by Dan Lasater when I was 16 or 17 years old and a student at North Little Rock Old Main High School ... I was a virgin until two months after I met Dan Lasater. Lasater plied me with cocaine and gifts for sexual favors." [Insight on the News, 11-6-95]. Cokehead Gov. Bill was partying with other cokeheads and high school girls. Teenager Patty-Anne (back in the 80's) says that on several occasions she saw Gov. Bill use cocaine and Bill sure wasn't acting like a governor; she says "[Bill] was doing a line. It was just there on the table." [p.290, Secret Life of Bill Clinton].
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on August 9, 2010
It's time to take off the rose colored glasses and finally come to the realization that America is not the same country she was even 30 years ago. Corruption is running rampant in gov't circles. The worst part is that not only is the executive, and legislative branch corrupt, but the final check and balance; the judicial branch, is there as well. This book covers the bombing, the Vince Foster murder; the Jerry Parks murder, the Mena,Ak scandal, and a small segment on Paula Jones. The author uses excellent metaphors as he describes the people and situations he ventures into. I find it interesting that some people would only talk to him because of his British accent. They felt he wasn't part of the "establishment". You will come to admire this author because he talks to people that have had their lives threatened, and visits places that are very dangerous.

The most fascinating aspect to me was the Oliver North contra operation was being run through Arkansas, where Clinton was governor. The author states," It suggests that the political rhetoric of the two parties in Washington is mere window dressing, while the real decisions are made in secret collusion without democratic accountability." This book has excellent information on Iran/Contra and will prove how much of a sham it was!

The epilogue in the book is only 2 pages, but what the author writes is profound. The final check and balance to good government is the average citizen. If he or she lives morally, and demands honest gov't; it can be achieved. If we as citizens of this country have become corrupt ourselves, then indeed there is no hope.
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on December 26, 1999
This book was published several years ago. I finally picked it up and started reading it a few days ago. I already suspected this was the most corrupt administration in my lifetime, but seeing it all in print, fact after fact after fact, using the FBI's own documents, witness interviews in which the author showed each witness the FBI written reports on their comments and the witnesses were stunned that their comments were so baldly misrepresented, misspelled names, I'm left with the only conclusion possible: The people running this country are hopelessly compromised.
The book, even these many years are the initial publication, is "unputdownable." Even if you've been following the corruption in this administration since its inception, this book will still blow your mind. Highly recommended!
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on August 30, 2012
The Secret Life of Bill Clinton explains much about the criminal enterprise that was the Government of Arkansas.
Since reading it in the 90's, I have heard many stories, from people who witnessed amazing things, that lend credibility to the book.
I was flattered when the Arkansas tourist board sent me advertisements.
Was I making enough of a difference in the world, that they would like me to stay in an Arkansas hotel room?
After reading about the investigators who "committed suicide", in Arkansas hotel rooms, by such unbelievable means as: multiple rifle shots to the back of the head, I decided against vacationing there.
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on November 27, 1999
This book stands the test of time. It also stands as an indictment of American Journalism. The mendacity and outright propagandizing of the major media in America should alarm even the most fervent liberal/democrat/socialist. Christopher Hitchens, a most liberal of liberal authors, decries the loss of the once lofty liberal mission-to speak truth to power. For his pains he was excoriated and thrown into the outer darkness by his so-called colleagues. His crime? Like Ambrose, he spoke truth to power.
I would like to issue a challenge to the left wing in America. Find among you even one penitent in your pantheon of liberal commentators. One honest man or women who would retract their unabashed support of the nightmare of Stalins USSR-recall Lincoln Steffens rhapsodizing upon returning from the slave labor camps along the White Sea canal? I have been to the future and it works... Well, perhaps not?
The left will never quite get it. Clinton is a totalitarian thug. His nature is to be despotic. His natural desire is to rule-not to govern justly with the consent of the governed.
His temper, his horrible, cold, vengeful fulminations against his enemies (as well as "friends") far surpasse any excesses of Richard Nixon. Yet the press continues to meekly lick his hands. Stalin once plucked a live chicken bare of it's feathers in front of his inner circle to demonstrate how people will fawn to a dictator no matter how they are ill-treated. The chicken huddled at Stalins feet and shivered, begging for food.
Clinton is a monstrously evil, unbridled, unfeeling, and uncaring charlatan. As is his wife. All the sex scandals ever really exposed was the low baseness and contempt in which Clinton holds his friends, family and each of us.
Will he ever leave? Will the rot he has caused ever heal? I think not. The future holds the fruit of his labours. "Transfer-the end of the beginning", by Jerry Furland, gives us a hard edged look into what the modern politician and the emerging statist, utopian, society-married with technology will produce. It is a vision Clinton would love to see come to pass-as long as he gets to live at the top of pile.
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on September 8, 2008
The author, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, a British newspaperman, came to the States without preconceived judgment of the Clintons, an attitude which changed as time passed. He observed the difference between public utterances and private behavior too often screened from view by a fawning press which persists even unto today. Barnum said you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time, but the Clintons et al made a pretty good stab at it --. No one should go to the polls to vote without having read Pritchard.
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on April 29, 2012
During the Clinton era, I thought that the political life of the USA was about as bad it could get. But the Bush family proved me wrong. But that does not mean that this book about the Clinton years is not exceedingly important. It is vital because it is about the only source that I know of where you can read details about the OKC bombing that Americans very badly need to know. One name: Andreas Strassmier. If you do not know a lot about this guy, then you need to buy and read this book. The Strassmier story will give you the clues you need to see the OKC events as not likely explicable as a McVeigh-Nichols only narrative. Strassmier was connected to great big pieces of national-security-state-infrastructure and once one appreciates that from the details in this book, one will never be able to forget all the voices which prove that numerous highly connected people had advanced foreknowledge of the imepending OKC bombing and did nothing to prevent it. For a fully-developed treatise on false-flag terrorism, buy and read Webster Tarpley's book: Synthetic Terror. And don't miss Robert Steele's amazing review of Tarpley's book here on Amazon. In fact, if you don't have time or money to buy all the books we need to read, a darned good substitute is to read the book reviews by Robert Steele.
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on January 24, 1999
This could be one of the most important books you ever read. The Secret Life of Bill Clinton is essential to understanding the serious corruption that has infested our government under Bill Clinton. Most significantly, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's exposure of the existence and workings of the murderous Arkansas mafia from which Bill Clinton hatched is something every American should understand - particularly that Clinton brought elements of it with him right into the White House. Drug-trafficker Dan Lasater's chief lieutenant Patsy Thomasson, for example, is Clinton's Director of the White House Office of Administration. In no other book are the ugly facts and sinister associations laid with such stark clarity.
Evans-Pritchard writes with a clear and graceful style, laced with doses of dry English wit. Reviewing the fishy crime scene evidence relating to the gun found in Vincent Foster's hand, for example, he observes: "The revolver...had not found its final resting place. The crime scene photos show it hopping about in a most animated way in Foster's hand."
As a result of Evans-Pritchard being one of the small handful of journalists who actually investigated the death of Vincent Foster and certain other Clinton-related matters, he developed contacts and relationships with key witnesses and others that provide his his book with devestating factual revelations that cannot be found elsewhere.
For example, the first person known to have seen Vincent Foster's body in Fort Marcy Park, officially known as the "Confidential Witness" is absolutely certain that at the time he saw the body there was no gun. He tells Evans-Pritchard: "The whole thing stinks, he clearly didn't shoot himself there. You can't shoot yourself without a gun. The man had no gun. End of story."
Another example: Jerry Parks was a Little Rock private investigator with long-standing ties to Vincent Foster, as well as having been head of security for the 1992 Clinton-Gore headquarters in Little Rock. He had a file on Clinton extra-marital affairs that Foster had hired him to compile several years earlier. He was murdered gangland-style two months after the Foster death and the files were stolen. Evans-Pritchard, over a several-year period, was able to get Parks' widow and son to open up to him and provide extraordinary revelations tying his murder to the White House.
Evans-Pritchard, an Englishman, has an obvious affection for this country and an admiration for the finer qualities of the American character. His protagonists are the ordinary people who fight the abuses of power and corruption from their little corner. "It makes me feel almost proud to witness such defiance," he says. I was moved by his seeing the virtue in our country and its people while in the midst of exposing the putrid evil and corruption that few seem to realize even exists.
I wonder what motivated the man, a Brit on temporary assignment in the U.S., to perform the tremendous service to this country that I believe he has. I don't know, but I suspect it is a highly developed sense of justice and a properly aroused moral indignation. He came to the U.S. at the end of 1992 as an admirer of Bill and Hillary Clinton, but over time came to realize they were very different from their packaging. He explains "Sending people to prison on false charges - or trying to do so - is his [Clinton's] specialty, which is the chief reason I have come to revile the man." Of course, if you only get your information from the mainstream media, you wouldn't have any idea of what he is talking about - which is all the more reason to read this book.
Evans-Pritchard wrote a farewell article when he left America to return to England, the subtitle of which was "Rouse and Guard Your Liberties." The warning is apt, but you will have to read the book to understand why.
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on November 16, 1997
By Cathy Leahy Two hundred years ago Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville came to America to analyze a fledgling democracy and he left celebrating her by writing "Democracy in America." Four years ago, Englishman Ambrose Evans-Pritchard came with that same hope and instead has written America's eulogy in "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton". After reading this well written and well documented book, one might wish to rename it, "The Death of American Democracy At The Hands of Bill Clinton." And if one didn't know the book is about an American president, one would think it describes Hitler, Stalin or better yet, the (now executed for their crimes) Ceaucescus of Romania. In fact, Evans-Pritchard warns that under the corruption of Bill Clinton, "you can sniff the pungent odors of decay in the American body politic" that was in evidence in continental Europe in the 1920s. This is a chilling account of an emerging Clinton pattern of lawlessness with the witting and unwitting complicity of a complacent establishment that should know better. And although Evans-Pritchard doesn't say it, he paints a startling parallel for anyone who has studied history and the rise of Adolf Hitler. Like Hitler, Clinton used established rules to legally establish himself and quickly went about subverting those same rules. Like Hitler, once in office Clinton set about politicizing every government agency under his control, replacing established law enforcement with his own loyalists that would silence his critics. Like Hitler, he then took control of the press to further silence dissent, although Clinton has done it with seduction and lies. Then, unencumbered by law, he went about exterminating his inconvenient associates, two of whom were Vince Foster and Jerry Parks. That done, he must now create a reason for people to give up their liberty in favor of safety with the Oklahoma City bombing. Hitler used his henchman to provoke and help an already irate dissident, Marinus van der Lubbe, to burn the German Reichstag in 1933. Clinton used Oklahoma City to expand his power. If not stopped - and soon, what will he do next? Evans-Pritchard tells us of the Dixie Mafia and about Clinton's rampant corruption in Arkansas. He tells us that the Dixie Mafia is far more dangerous than the Cosa Nostra. Thirty murders in a ten year period is nothing to Clinton's Dixie Mafia with its one hundred and fifty. This book is a portrait, with documentation, of American despotism that we never thought could happen. Left to his own devices, Clinton will put the final nail in the coffin of American democracy. The author does offer some hope, though, but it will have to come from ordinary citizens who still believe in the rule of law. But if Clinton is tried and convicted for his crimes, will he be punished properly? Will he be locked away along with his accomplices never to be heard from again or will he simply be set out to pasture, free to live out his goal of a "one world order" with himself at the helm? It's a frightening account but it is a "must read" by we, the "ordinary citizens." And although America's government controlled schools will never allow it, this book should be required reading in every classroom - to save the country. Published in the Nov. 17, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly Reposting permitted with this message intact
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