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on June 26, 2004
I have just watched this film and I thought that it was the best Vietnam War film I have evey seen. After watching Full Metal Jacket, Platoon and Hamburger Hill I find 'Siege of Fire Base Gloria' refreshing and hard hitting. War at the best of times is harrowing and usless but this film brought home the comradeship and closeness one finds in the services and during times of conflict. It was well directed and very well acted and showed a true representation of war you would not find other wise by actually being there. Its a shame you only have five stars because this film and its actors deservse 10+
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on March 20, 2001
This film will not likely win the hearts and minds of the average film-goer. But it ranks right up there with "Platoon" and "Go Tell the Spartans" as among the very best of the Vietnam war films.
It pulls few punches in its depiction of that war's brutality. It is totally stripped of all sentimentality. Importantly, it sympathetically portrays both Vietcong and American humanity, feelings and attitudes at the infantry level.
A plus to this film is R. Lee Ermey's (also see "Full Metal Jacket" and "The Boys in Company C.") portrail of Marine Sgt Major Bill Haffner who, at the beginning of the film, is in command of a small recon squad. Later, upon "relieving" an inept dope-smoking Army captain of command, is ultimately in charge of shaping up an entire company of near misfit GI's at Firebase Gloria. He job is to fortify the base and defend it from an impending Vietcong attack. The ensuing battle sequences are as harrowingly realistic as any you'll see anywhere. Real life ex-marine Ermey is completely convincing, funny and entertaining even though, at times, he appears slightly uncomfortable in the lead role.
Some viewers may take exception to Sgt Haffner's unprovoked beratement of Nurse Capt. Flanagan. Under the circumstances, one would think her and her nurses presence would be greatly appreciated. It's my only gripe with the film.
Australian director, Brian Trenchard-Smith has stuck his neck out and made a remarkable, sleeper of a war film. Any war film fan who hasn't seen this film is in for a pleasant (or unpleasant, depending on your viewpoint) surprise. Others should view it for a reality check. At the current price, it is an unbelievable bargain. Don't miss it!
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on February 8, 2001
It's a story of a small firebase in the middle of nowhere being overrun during the Vietnam War, but it goes much deeper than that. The movie brings to life the feeling of desparate terror in the hearts of soldiers facing an enemy ten times their size and having no hope of reinforcment. Running along the lines of Hamburger Hill, The Seige of Firebase Gloria is a classic in it's own right, and an integral part of this genre of movies. The cast includes a line-up familiar to war movies doing some of their best work. I would highly recommend seeing this movie to anyone who wants a glimpse of real life in time of war, there are no unstoppable superman type heroes in this flick, only a group of men trying to survive in any way they can.
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on January 27, 2006
I'm a ten year Vet with half of that time in Nam. I stumbled across this movie on late night TV and it brought back many memories. Never have I seen a better portrail of what Nam was like. This may be an underrated B movie; but it's a First Class Production in my book. I wish this were on DVD so that I could add it to my collection.
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on June 16, 2006
My father, a Vietnam Vet, loves this movie, and asked me to get him the DVD for father's day. I am shocked that no such DVD exists.

I watched the movie myself, and though war movies are not my primary favorite, I loved the Siege of Firebase Gloria as well. This is a great movie that needs to be on DVD.
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on May 1, 2006
durning the movie i wandered into my own mind to rembember the friends lost, the youth waisted,but most of all the sheer terror

of knowing i was going to die ..the reason we fight isn't for god or country or for John Wayne, but for the guys next to you- your team ... you cant go out(die) without taking as many of the little people (vc) with shoot till its over...Seige of Firebase Gloria was on the money--

no flash backs to mom or the wife---just 30 days in hell with no holds bared...frag an officer that was the heads of sentries that slept REAL SHOCK THERAPY ... rock& roll on full auto till the barrel is white hot...shoot the wounded enemy in the field...snipe the officers and noncoms...tell your oun men

the enemy is as good & sometimes better than our own troops...

BEEN THERE & DONE THAT >>>>>>THIS MOVIE IS RIGHT ON>>> WATCH IT>> DO A TOUR... if only for an hour or so & BELIVE..the real protesters to war should be the vets ... as i said been there 1967-1968
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on September 28, 2004
FIREBASE GLORIA stands in kind with John Carpenter's great ASSAULT ON PCT. 13: It is was mislabeled and passed off as B-movie fluff. While some of the dialogue is hokey, there's enough good to compensate: R. Lee Ermey with yet another showcase performance, the under rated Wings Hauser, and a solid story of impending doom told without gloss. Sidney J. Furie should have jumped at the chance to make this one his final piece of a Vietnam Trilogy.
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on April 15, 2005
Though I didn't serve in Vietnam, I did serve during the Nam era (59-75 1St Cav). I have many friends, however, who DID serve there, and they, to a person (yes, a couple of nurses) agree that this is the best movie of Nam they have seen. Unfortunately, one friend stated that it comes closest to what he experienced over there. Scary stuff. To all my Brothers and Sisters who served, any time, any where, thank you, and welcome home!
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on October 20, 2002
As is the case with this move Siege of Firebase Gloria. As I sat down to watch this movie, my father, who is a Vietnam Vet having served 2 tours, also sat down to watch it with me. What amazed me about this was that he rarely sat down to watch movies about the Vietnam War. When he did he was usually disappointed and never saw them through. After the movie he told me that it was a GREAT movie and about time someone got it [...] near right. Aside from the fact that I truly enjoyed this movie. His comment was all the critique I needed to rush out and purchase this movie for my private collection. I only wish they would release this on DVD. My advice to those who wish to purchase or rent it, ensure you get a version with subtitles, without the subtitles you only get half the story.
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I am a Vietnam veteran who was transfixed by this movie. It does not glorify war or combat, and also portrays leadership, both good and bad that was the norm during that era.

The setting was the beginning of the 1968 Tet Offensive, but the setting is in an Army firebase into which the small Marine patrol had gone through when the offensive started. The way the defense was handled, including some ultimate sacrifices, was, again, realistic and contains lessons in leadership and the importance of preparation and managing changing battlefield dynamics.

This would actually make a good training film if integrated with a lesson and facilitation plan because every time I watch this (more than a dozen times) I spot something new that illustrates the realities and challenges of combat situations.

There is a back story that provides some background on Wings Hauser's character, Di Nardo, but it is not as important as the way he and R. Lee Ermey's character, Hafner, organize, made decisions and work as an experienced team to save the firebase that otherwise had a leadership vacuum and low morale and discipline.

I have to say that this and We Were Soldiers are probably the two most realistic portrayals of Vietnam, but this one peels back an additional layer and exposes leadership and morale issues that I the other one does not.
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