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on February 17, 2005
These are the episodes for this DVD:

1. Dog Of Death (Season 3)

2. Marge Be Not Proud (Season 7)

3. The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson (Season 8)

4. Mayored To The Mob (Season 10)

Update for Season 6's DVD: Some reviewers said that Season 6 would come out sometime in June 2005. The acutal release month is August of 2005.
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on May 4, 2005
the episodes are not all that amazing, but the worst part is how they hype it as being star wars related episodes, when in fact none of them are, the last episode has a cameo by mark hamil as luke, that's only a few minutes long, other than that, there is no reason why these episodes were picked, or why you would play up the star wars angle other than trying to feed off the hype for episode III.

unlike the christmas and halloween themed seta that were very nice and contained episodes related to those seasons, and was a great idea, this has no theme to it, and i hate False advertising.
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VINE VOICEon May 13, 2005
Again, Fox is releasing a 4-episode DVD of shows you'll be able to get eventually on the full season compilations being released at a snail's pace each year (one of these episodes is already available on a full season set). The episodes are Dog of Death, Marge Be Not Proud, The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson, and Mayored To The Mob. For those who can't wait for all those sets or who just like the convenience of these theme compilations, this may be worth the modest price of roughly $10 to $11. However, even for that money you'd think there would be a few more episodes on these discs. After all, without commercials each show only runs about 22 to 23 minutes. Then there is the cheesy marketing ploy of using the current Star Wars Episode III fever sweeping the nation to market this collection, which has only one episode in it with any real connection to or parody of Star Wars. Note that The Simpsons is a Fox show and Star Wars is a Fox film release; this DVD's title is just a blatant attempt to cross-market two products owned by the same company. Notice that the DVD's release date is just two days before Star Wars Episode III opens in movie theaters.

There are fun episodes on this DVD, but these 4-episode releases are of dubious value given their short running time, lack of extra features and the fact that the episodes are being released on the full season sets. My 3-star rating of this disc is not a comment on the quality of the episodes, but rather a comment on the quality and value of the DVD. If you only want modestly priced "best of" collections then this disc is a good way to own some Simpsons episodes without spending a lot of money on the full season sets, otherwise, you may want to think twice before you plunk down your cash.
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on August 10, 2005
There's a sticker on the cover that says: "3 new to DVD episodes." As President Clinton once said, "It depends on what the definition of 'is' is." Apparently, this doesn't mean, episodes that are New and only on DVD, it means, episodes that were never on DVD before. As already discussed, there are no epsidodes in this package that includes the artwork depicted on the cover (and back) of the package.

Oddly enough, there is also no phone number for Fox Home Video anywhere on the package. Go to their website, and you will also not find a phone number. So after over an hour of research, I finally called the main Fox "News Corp" number, and left a message... four times. Finally, someone called back today and woke me at at 8:15 in the morning... and again at 8:35...

So, the least I can do from this experience, it to share with you the super secret number for Fox Home Video TV Products Customer Relations, which is in the subject of this message.

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on June 4, 2005
As others have noted, the tie-in is really misleading. You get only one episode that has anything to do with Star Wars, and that only half-way in. The other episodes are decent ones, but at least know you are not really getting anything that has much to do with Star Wars.

A much nicer idea would have been a montage made with bits from other episodes that were Star-Wars related, along with the Mark Hamil episode.
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on May 25, 2005
Just the last dvd on this disc has Mark Hamil on it and is a hilarious episode. Homer becomes a bodyguard for the Mayor after he saves Mark and the Mayor from nerds at a Sci-fi convention. There's other episodes that also have StarWars jokes that could've been added on the disc. Instead there's just 3 other episodes that have nothing to do with it at all. The cover shows Bart with a lightsaber fighting Homer dressed up like Darth Vader. That's false advertising because there's not even an episode like that on this dvd.

There's one episode that could've and should've been added. That's an episode where Lenny and Carl are fighting with Lightsabers. They're arguing saying "Episode 1 sucks more..., No episode 2 sucks more!". Still though since the show is always funny. The episodes on the disc that have nothing to do with StarWars are still funny. Ok this isn't worth 15 dollars but the Mark Hamil episode will still make any StarWars fan laugh. Plus I love the part on one non-StarWars episode where Homer and Marge get Bart to go to Military school by lieing saying they're going to Disney World lol.
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on July 18, 2008
When i bought this video i thought i was getting something i had never seen before.Something in reference to the picture in the front cover. But instead i got 4 episodes of the old simpsons series where bart was the main character;
Mayored to the Mob
Dog of Death
The Secret War of Lisa Simpson
Marge Be Not Proud

In other words dont judge a book by its cover or in this case the dvd by is cover.
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on May 17, 2005
virtually no thought or care went into this dvd collection. it just seems to be playing up the Star Wars angle with no real connection to it. here's why you should skip it:

1. only 4 episodes(and one's already on dvd)

2. no extras to make up for the fact there's only 4.

3. no theme to this set(a cameo by mark hamill doesn't justify a star wars theme)

do yourself a favor and either get one of their 5 episodes + a featurette set(like the christmas one). or better yet, save your ten bucks, add to it slowly, and then bust it open and buy those complete season sets as soon as they come out. at least those are well thought out and packed with extras. if you need a quick fix, watch a few episodes from your current seasonal sets. this bart wars disc just screams "rip-off" too much for me to cut it any slack.
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on July 1, 2005
*SO* cheesed off at Fox. The episodes they included have nothing to do with Star Wars. The box is misleading. I would have been happier if they would have at least included episodes about Kang and Kodos, at least they have a spaceship.
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on October 2, 2010
Read the outline carefully.
This has nothing to do with Star Wars.
Rather than putting effort into a special dvd as Family Guy did (and no I don't even like Family Guy), Fox just slapped on a deceptive cover and tossed together some loosely associated old episodes. Save your money.
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