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on April 13, 2014
This review is not based on the series, but on the new packaging of the DVD sets. I had all the original releases of seasons 1-12 on DVD. The original packaging was pretty bad, the internal DVD holders were cheap plastic ones, only held into place by glue, which, eventually, they would come loose. The new ones are made of a stronger plastic. It's still held in with glue, but it seems like a stronger glue as well, but that's just the base of the internal holder, the rest snap into place and turn like the pages of a book.
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on January 9, 2014
The Simpsons season 3 is claimed by some to be the most successful Simpsons season. This season won 6 Emmy Awards, an Annie Award for Best Animated Television Production, an Enviormental Media Award for Best Televison Episodic Comedy, and the People's Choice Award for Favorite Series Among Young People. Pretty impressive for a 24 episode season! This season also had quite a bit of special guest celebrities, musicians, and pro athletes ranging from Michael Jackson (used a alias which is kind of weird), Neil Patrick Harris, Jon Lovitz, Magic Johnson, Kelsey Grammer, Aerosmith, Sting, Danny DeVito and much more!

Some memorable episodes in this season include "Radio Bart" Bart tricks the town that there is a boy stuck down a well with his new radio and when he tries to retrieve the radio so he wouldn't get caught, he himself ends up falling down the well. "I Married Marge" Another flashback episode when Marge thinks she might be pregnant again, leading to Marge and Homer to talk about their past pregnancies. "Stark Raving Dad" when Homer is thrown in the looney bin after wearing a pink shirt to work. He meets a man who claims to be Michael Jackson. "Black Widower" The first return of Many for Sideshow Bob (voiced by the amazing Kelsey Grammer) when Bob marries Bart's Aunt Selma and Bart is the only one that sees that he is trying to kill her. That is just 4 out of the many great episodes in this great season!

The special features of course have the great commentary tracks + 4 hidden Easter egg commentaries! Also included is a jukebox feature with 11 songs, storyboards, more commercials with the Simpsons as spokepersons. Unseen promo and trivia tracks for "Colonel Homer" episode, and a clip of the 1991 Macy's Thanksgiving parade that features a balloon blimp of Bart. The Simpsons season 3 is a great season! Definitely a must own for any Simpsons fans!
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on May 12, 2014
The first 10 seasons of "The Simpsons" may well be the funniest and most creative TV show in history. Season 3 has my favorite episode, the "ringer" softball team (I have watched it 50 times and i still laugh all the way thru it), and the entire season is one winner after another. But my main point is to address the issue of spending BIG BUCKS to upgrade to BD: frankly, I'm agin it. The image quality of these old dvd season packages is outstanding. I have a Sony BD player and watch on a very nice Asus monitor and the sharpness and color quality is excellent. Yes, they are "full screen" in the widescreen format, so there is some cropping (mostly on the bottom thankfully), and there is a bit of the "squat" effect particularly on the close-ups, but it's all marginal frankly, they obviously took care transferring to digital. So I highly recommend buying these early season packages even if you are a generally committed BD buyer. Some of these early seasons are PRICELESS in terms of entertainment value, and for real-world prices of $15-$20 worth every penny AND they will look great on your snappy widescreen too.
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on February 18, 2014
If you're looking to concentrate on the period of The Simpsons where it was the funniest, this is the season where you would start. The second season did have some great moments as well, but this is year is really where the show hit its stride. Whereas the early episodes/seasons focused most of the attention on Bart, this season is when Homer and his legendary stupidity come to the forefront.
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on June 17, 2016
I really bought this because I wanted Homer at the Bat, but I love this whole season. It was a great one. The Ramones episode, Colonel Homer, and really good stuff here. There are 4 discs with 6 episodes each. This is when the Simpsons really started hitting it's stride.

Disc 1: Stark Raving Dad - Homer put into a mental institution because of his pink shirt when Bart put his red hat into the laundry.
Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington - Lisa wins an essay contest and the Simpsons go to DC
When Flanders Failed - Flanders opens the store for left-handed items
Bart the Murderer - Bart starts working for the mob when Principal Skinner goes missing
Homer Defined - Homer saves the nuclear plant from meltdown
Like Father, Like Clown - Krusty reunites with his father

Disc 2 Treehouse of Horror II - Monkey Paw, Bart the Omen,
Lisa's Pony - Homer buys a pony for Lisa
Saturday's of Thunder - Homer and Bart do a soap box derby
Flaming Moe's - Homer gives Moe the idea for a new drink, the Flaming Moe
Burns Verkaufen Derk Kraftwerk - Mr. Burns sells the nuclear plant to Germans
I Married Marge - The flashback of Homer and Marge courtship

Disc 3 Radio Bart - Bart gets a microphone for his birthday and put it in the well pretending to have fallen in
Lisa the Greek - Homer discovers Lisa has a knack for picking winners of football games
Homer Alone - Marge has a breakdown, Homer is alone with the kids
Bart the Lover - Bart pretends to be Mrs. Krabbaple by posing as her on a personal ad.
Homer at the Bat - Homer rules the company softball team
Separate Vocations - Bart and Lisa take tests at school to show their future potential - Lisa fails at Sax, Bart the Cop

Disc 4 Dog of Death - Santa's Little helper needs surgery
Colonel Homer - Homer manages a country singers career
Black Widower - Side Show Bob tries to marry Selma
The Otto Show - Bus Driver Otto loses his license
Bart's Friend Falls in Love - Milhouse falls in love
Brother, can you spare two dimes - Homer finds his long lost inventor brother Herb
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on May 7, 2016
This is the best of what the Simpsons used to be about. Focused narratives that show character growth and genuine emotion. References that are clever and not trite. Gags that don't get run into the ground.
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on March 4, 2016
Such a great season. Classic episodes. Comes on four discs with bonus content. Amazon sent me a new copy missing the insert booklet. I contacted them and they sent me a second copy. This one had the insert. I like the clear disc holders that Fox has gone to more recently. These both hold the discs better and are easier to see which disc has been removed.
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on August 10, 2015
The Simpsons is absolutely hilarious! These are some of the best, funniest shows ever made by mankind! I laughed so hard I literally cry! I can't even imagine how they come up with such funny stuff! If you're not a Simpsons fan, there is something wrong with you! LOL!
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on December 17, 2015
Although usually pleased with dvds I have recieved simpsons volume 3 was missing one of most vital parts the episode booklet not there when opened found that very disappointing as my grandson who is autistic is able to read them and holds them while watching the episodes. Hate to disappoint him.
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on April 6, 2015
You know a lot of things you once thought were funny won't live up to how you remember it when you rewatch. This is not the case here. still funny and still out does most shows on TV today. absolutely hilarious. I highly encourage a viewing of "homer at the bat."
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