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The Sims 3 Island Paradise is an incredible expansion pack, filled with a so many new things for your Sims to do and explore. The new town, Isla Paradiso is actually a group of islands in the ocean, each one with different buildings and homes on it. Instead of traveling everywhere by car, now you hop on a speed boat to get from island to island. The whole ocean is there for you to explore, and there's stuff everywhere!

Homes can now be built right on the water. Instead of driveways and garages, you now have docks and slots to park your boats (speed boats, row boats, sail boats, and more). Homes sit right on the beautiful blue ocean water, with fish and huge sharks swimming right around them. Your sim can fish and skip stones right off the dock, or jump in and do a bit of swimming or snorkeling for seashells and gems.

When your ready to venture out even farther, head out to one of the marked scuba diving locations for an adventure under the waters surface. Your sim needs to have spent some time working on their snorkeling skills first, before they will be allowed to take an underwater trip. When they're ready, they will switch into their scuba gear and dive down quite a ways, checking out all the fish and plant life that dwells on the ocean floor. Each dive location is completely different from the others, some having more things to explore than other. While under water you can catch fish, open treasure chests, explore caves (in the same way your sim can explore the catacombs in the graveyards) and even meet and socialize with other sims underwater. You never know who you will run into while swimming or scuba diving. Regular people, ghosts and even mermaids all are around and exploring the dive locations.

You'll find everything from money to pieces of maps in the treasure chests. Gems, shells and other items can also be found while your searching underwater. But you'll need to be wary of sitting in one spot too long. Linger around, floating in the same location for a while, and one of the large sharks swimming by may try and make a meal of you. Even if they don't attack, you may find just the sight of one of them makes your sim have an accident in their wetsuit!

When you're ready to spend some time on land, there's resorts you can kick back and relax at. Make sand castles on the beach, take in the view from one of the new balconies in the build menu, or for a shark-free swim, play on some of the new slides and waterfalls at the resort pools. Lifeguards patrol the beaches, and you can even take a job as one, with it being a new sim career choice.

For those wanting to build their own homes and resorts, there lots of new things in the build and buy menus. Tables and chairs, new lighting options, bright tropical decor, fountains, new plants, trees, flower and rocks, hot tubs, fire pits, a few walk for your sims to walk across, and so much more. There's a new All-In-One-Bathroom that is about the size of a shower for your sims to use on their houseboats, where space in minimal. They go in and all "bathroom needs" are filled at the same time. Your sim can even buy a wind-surf board or a "Aqua Sled" jet-ski to play around on out in the water.

There are a several new pieces of clothing added for sims to wear, including some new swimsuit options (finally!) and lots of warm weather clothing, like shorts, dresses and tank tops. There are also a few new hair styles added. New sim traits and lifetime wishes have also been added to the game.

But the focus in this expansion pack is definitely the water fun, both on the surface and under water. Everything is about life on or in the ocean. Much like the Sims 3 World Adventures pack focused a lot on exploring hidden tombs and such, this pack is all about exploring the sea. It's almost like an Island Paradise version of World Adventures. There is so much in this pack to do and explore, it's definitely one of the best Sims expansion packs made to date!
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on June 25, 2013
This game is amazing. You can cruise over the ocean, discover hidden islands, live on a houseboat, run a resort, become a mermaid, and so much more.

There are 2 wonderful new traits:
Sailor -
"Your Sim loves being on boats. Cruising around the ocean gives them a mood boost!
Your Sim has better luck fishing from a boat!
Your Sim's stomach doesn't have much of a problem with the rocking of a boat!" -
Loves to Swim -
"Your Sim loves to swim. Being in the water gives them a mood boost!
Your Sim builds Scuba Diving Skill at a faster rate!
Your Sim can swim for a longer period of time before getting tired!" -

Houseboats in sizes of 10x8, 15x10, 20x15, 14x6, curved bow 14x6, and curved bow 12x8

Scuba diving and the underwater

3 new WooHoo locations (underwater caves, all-in-one bathroom, and resort tower)

Mermaids who can stay underwater without running out of air and must keep wet to live

Lifeguard profession

Building over the water

Resorts to run and visit

Several related lifetime rewards and wishes

Island Life and Beach Party radio

TONS and I mean TONS of new objects and Create-A-Sim options

For a full list of add-ons, go here:

As with most expansions, there are several minor glitches and bugs but they will soon probably be fixed. I would say what bugs there are but different people get different bugs.

This games is absolutely amazing in all possible ways. Now, STOP READING MY REVIEW AND BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!
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on June 25, 2013
Pre-ordered the game because I wanted the survival pack! I was pretty excited about downloading it. Some of the Sims Game allow you to directly download from Amazon, while others refer to you download from Origin (like with Island Paradise). I am hoping they will soon be consistent about the downloading process.

The download was quick and easy, and within twenty minutes I was loading it. First thing I wanted to do was to try the snorkeling. That's where I noticed my first glitch. My sim kept switching in and out of her snorkeling gear. Then I decided to have her go scuba diving, and while talking to a mermaid, the game glitched again and everyone who was swimming near me, including the mermaid, was transferred to shore. Pretty weird, don't know why that happened.

Other than the minor swimming glitches which I'm sure will be fixed at a later date, the game is awesome! I am loving all the new hair styles and clothes for my female sims. I tend to only make girls, not really sure why. Probably cause they're more attractive to look at, heyyyyy. I also like that you can run your own resort. Reminds me of when you got to make your own restaurant in Sims 2! That was so much fun, I hope they bring that back.

There are also new foods and new entertainment for your sims. All the new content truly makes this game worth while.
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18 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on June 29, 2013
I absolutely love this expansion pack. I have missed owning a business like in the Sims 2 "Open for Business" expansion pack so this is a good substitute. I stayed up all night when I received it. My Sim took over the beach hotel in foreclosure renamed it and turned it into a "5 Star Resort". After reaching the 5 star level I received a deed to one of the undiscovered islands to do with as I please. I can build a house and live on it or open another resort. Running the resort is fun and hard work. I have not figured out how to get rid of the roaches even though I have hired the maximum number of high quality maintenance crew members working around the clock.

I used the blue print option to make updates to the property and added a lounge, dining area, pool with pool bar of course, a gym and an activity area consisting of Food stand and fire walk pits. I also added gambling at my hotel with the poker and roulette wheel. My Sim works sometimes as a bar tender or manning the front desk. It helps if your manager Sim is handy then you can make repairs easily. Of course Witch Sims can magically upgrade and repair items much faster. You can tell how well you are doing (or how bad) from the reviews from other Sims staying at your hotel. They critique everything food, landscaping, cleanliness, staff etc.

You decide the quality of food, whether or not to chlorinate the pool water, what shifts staff they will work.

As you can tell I have been busy running my hotel and have not played around with a lot of the other features. The island is beautiful and I love that you can scuba dive, windsurf, sail. There are a lot of new items: hair styles, clothes furniture. And of course mermaids and mermen have checked into my hotel. I could not wait for this EP to come out and I have not been disappointed.
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** NOTE: This is an expansion pack (EP). You must have the Sims 3 base game in order to use this expansion pack. **

EA's struck gold again with this expansion to its mega-popular Sims franchise. In this one, the theme is "fun in the sun," with beach- and resort-themed play and objects to enjoy. With Maxis at the helm, what could go wrong? Indeed, this is just one solid hit after another, with gorgeously thematic objects and Create-a-Sim (CAS) stuff and added gameplay that reinforces the theme.

EA's well aware that one of The Sims 2's strengths was the ability to own and run a business, and here, they give players the ability to develop and run a resort. Resorts are one of the most obvious new features to the game, and they're addictive to create. They can be themed a variety of ways, though the ones EA's favored are a traditional beach theme which is a bit Bohemian, "Spanish," which looks like Southern California to me, and something modernistic. The blueprint system they introduced a while ago gets a major update here with a variety of new rooms including pools, which have been majorly updated too and aren't just pretty landscaping anymore; you can install pool bars, slides, and waterfalls as well as the old-school diving boards. Every day, guests visit the resort and rate it, and their activities and ratings influence how much money the resort owner gets. Resorts can be placed in any gameworld just like any other lot type. Along with resorts, players also now have the ability to have any number of home lots in a world--and can move between lots (as well as gameworlds) almost effortlessly.

As to home lots, players can build as many homes or resorts in one town as they like, or chuck it all and just go live on a houseboat. Yep, houseboat. They're easy to build and handle, and their biggest strength is that they can sail--and dock--just about anywhere! I love houseboats.

Beaches have also been updated. Now players can direct their Sims to "play in the ocean" or even play with toddlers in the ocean, holding their little hands so the tykes can safely kick and laugh in the water. Sims can lay out in the sun (they get their own bright-colored towels to lay on). Any age of Sim can now make sand castles. And with a lifeguard chair on the lot, a Sim can now be a lifeguard, one of the new professions.

One of the other major updates to the game involves dive lots. A Sim can now go snorkeling or SCUBA diving and find treasure and meet mermaids. These underwater dive jaunts are so incredibly beautiful and evocative. I can't say enough how gorgeous these lots are. Some have treasure chests that can be opened like mummy sarcophagi in World Adventures; many have secret caves that can be explored (but watch out for the tentacled beasts!) as rabbitholes. And with careful planning, players can create their own dive lots.

The expansion's town, Isla Paradiso, is incredibly thematic. Each rabbithole and house looks perfectly in place for a Caribbean sort of theme, with colorful yellows, blues, pinks, and oranges predominating. The plants and building supplies are colorful and gorgeously wrought. The pre-made Sims are also perfect--I liked the back stories and appreciated the diverse cast of characters. The islands are time-consuming to travel, but there are some new methods of transportation--windsurfing boards, swan boats, speedboats, or just water taxis if you're poor. Or your houseboat, of course. The island chain also features secret islands discovered via gameplay.

I didn't see much here that was too sexually suggestive beyond the stuff that the Sims 3 already features; there are some new WooHoo locations, but as always, sexual activity is adult-only and carefully censored. There is obviously no cursing, and aside from the pool bars that serve juices of various kinds, no suggestion of alcohol or drugs that I've seen. Some of the new outfits for men and women alike get a little skimpy, which didn't bother me but might be of concern to others. If so, make sure to check out the online fansites' writeups about them before picking this up.

The Limited Edition version of this game includes a bunch of "stranded castaway" objects and CAS stuff. I LOVED that stuff; it's well-made all the way around and definitely looks spot-on for what it is. Anybody wanting to build "poverty" lots or needs more ragged clothing for a werewolf will like this stuff. I recommend getting the LE if you can.

Overall, I hugely recommend this expansion to anybody even vaguely interested in this particular theme.

As noted, this is an expansion, so it requires the base game in order to be played. It doesn't require an internet connection or Sims 3 forum account to use. I use the disk on both my Mac and PC, and will mention that on the PC it runs like a charm, but on the Mac, I get a lot of memory errors due to my machine not being top-of-the-line anymore. It doesn't run at all if I use all of my expansion packs, stuff packs, and Store downloadable content, but with the game totally crippled (I use about 20% of my total TS3 purchases on the Mac), it runs fairly tolerably. I'd be very cautious about getting this expansion if your Mac is already throwing Error 12s or crashing-to-desktop and you don't want to uninstall oodles of stuff; as you might be able to tell from my description, this EP is very memory-intensive and will definitely wreak havoc on a delicate ecosystem. I'm reluctantly docking this EP a star because I just can't play it on my Mac without seriously gimping my Sims 3 build. I wish EA would make a more Mac-friendly experience with this franchise.
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43 of 58 people found the following review helpful
on July 4, 2013
Do not waste your money if you intend to play Island Paradise on a MAC. EA has been aware of problems with many of the Sims expansion packs that they claim work on a MAC for quite some time now and they never bother to address and or fix the problems. Once this game is installed you would be lucky if you have 2 minutes to create a Sim. If your lucky enough to eventually get into the game itself, it's just a matter of minutes before it crashes to the desktop due to routing issues and cider issues.

EA does not specifically make this game for MAC. They rely on a wrapper called Cider to run Sims on a MAC. Cider is a wrapper that is used to run PC games or applications on a MAC. Until they fix Cider issues to run the game properly on a MAC, you'll have continuous crashes.

Before you purchase this for MAC playing, do a little homework and search the internet and/or check out EA's Mac forums. Searching for Cider issues/Mac issues with Sims3 will give you plenty to read.

I loved playing Sims 3 when it first came out but all the latest expansions have turned this game into a chore trying to get it to play instead of being enjoyable. You'll spend more time uninstalling, reinstalling and looking for ways to make it work on your MAC than playing.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on July 8, 2013
Finally EA has made an expansion pack, that i truly love (since Generations and Pets) and will never get bored with, this EP has so much to do in it and it is so much fun. My rich Sims can truly live the "Life Styles Of The Rich and Famous", You can own more than one home (I waited so long for this) and your Sims can live on house boats, swim, snorkel, become a life guard (new Job added) meet mermaids, live on your own island, own/run a resort, travel Island by Island on houseboat, speedboat, paddle boat, water cycle mobile, wind surf, you can still drive cars on land, deep sea diving, treasure hunt while under water, get attacked by sharks, it is also possible to be attacked by a Kracken/octapuss and more stuff to do. It is a series of Islands spread out in the tropics (of course) and yes you can change the weather to be always "summertime", you can buy house boats already build (1 to 3 bedroom) or build your own on a blank barge, it`s up to you. There are also hidden Islands that you can find (hidden by Fog) and other Islands you can explore/discover. There is also an "Island Survival" downloadable you can get and pretend you are "Tom Hanks" stranded on an Island. (smile) This EP is truly a dream come true and you will fall in love with The Sims3, all over again and become even more addicted than ever. I really and truly recommend this add-on to "The Sims3" Thanks
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on January 6, 2014
I bought this expansion pack through Origin during their after Christmas sale. I won't go into the unpleasantness that is Origin (I'll be buying all my packs through Amazon now) but the game itself is too unstable to be playable.

I moved an existing family to the island and the cave diving caused my game to go into a permanent death spiral with lags and freezes that would last in excess of 30 seconds. In addition, the 22k boat I bought vanished and wasted the money and other boats would be unusable. And my game is fully patched, no cheats, no mods. Straight from the factory.

I did my research online and made sure it was finding my graphics card - no issue there but no solution either.

After I moved my family off the island, the game stabilized in a different town.

Isla is an ok town but I had to go a lot of research to figure out how this expansion pack works. If you want to use this expansion, be advised that you will get minimal improvements and experiences unless you uproot your family and move to the new town. If that sounds unpleasant, recommend not buying this expansion. Additionally, running a resort essentially means spending more and more money on it and buying what guests want in the comments. There's not a lot of challenge there.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on December 24, 2013
I will agree that this expansion is the most entertaining one EA has ever produced. Sadly, it is unplayable due to constant huge lag spikes that can last for a minute or longer. Also, even in the short intervals between lag spikes this game has more bugs than a tenement, too numerous to list in one review. The ONLY way to play this game and actually enjoy it is to download and install a third-party mod called Overwatch from NRass. This will take care of 95% of the horrendous lag. But you have to wonder about a game that requires installation of third-party software just so that you can enjoy it.

EA is not known for their quality control, but this absence of quality staggers the imagination. My theory is that they wanted to get it on the shelves in time for Christmas, quality be damned.

But, as I said, once Overwatch is installed the game is fantastic. I just hope I don't have to wait too long for an update that renders the game playable on its own.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on January 23, 2014
Can't play it until EA patches this better. Last patch was 1.66 and still :/ Don't buy EA products they sell broken games and then you have to wait until they fix/patch it to play. STOP SELLING BROKEN GAMES EA!!
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