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on June 25, 2013
I have been various levels of disappointed in every Sims 3 expansion and stuff pack that has come out. They all have bugs, and there is never enough content to feel like you really got your money's worth.

The only bug I have gotten after playing almost a full day is my sim occasionally popping out of a cave onto the nearest island for no apparent reason.

Now for the good stuff:
There's more *stuff* in this EP than EA usually gives us. The stuff looks nice, and I had fun designing my home and resort. I have not spent much time looking in depth at clothing or hair, but the ones I have seen on townies have looked pretty decent.

The snorkeling is okay, but the scuba diving is awesome! You meet other sims down there, and a mermaid or two. Sharks are not as scary as you think. I have gotten away fairly quickly, but none have tried to bite me yet. I even "watched" one for a few minutes.

The uncharted islands are fun to discover. You can swim up to a couple of them, but most seem to require maps assembled from messages in bottles. There are rare chests with map fragments and gems, too. When you discover one, it is yours. You can move there or build a resort, and you can have more than one home in your town.

At first glance, the town looks like a mess. You have to take taxi boats from one part to the next, and there are trails just like World Adventures. Once you spend a little time going from place to place, it's not so bad.

If it is possible to create a dive location yourself, I have not figured it out. I would like to be able to add scuba spots to other towns, or to have more land available for things like nightclubs and venues. One thing this game seems to be sorely lacking is an all-in-one town. They've done a good job of incorporating most of the EP venues into Sunset Valley, but I can't see any evidence of that this time around. I think they just expect you to move your families to the island, have a little fun, and then move back home.

Overall, MUCH better than the other EPs have been.
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The Sims 3 Island Paradise is an incredible expansion pack, filled with a so many new things for your Sims to do and explore. The new town, Isla Paradiso is actually a group of islands in the ocean, each one with different buildings and homes on it. Instead of traveling everywhere by car, now you hop on a speed boat to get from island to island. The whole ocean is there for you to explore, and there's stuff everywhere!

Homes can now be built right on the water. Instead of driveways and garages, you now have docks and slots to park your boats (speed boats, row boats, sail boats, and more). Homes sit right on the beautiful blue ocean water, with fish and huge sharks swimming right around them. Your sim can fish and skip stones right off the dock, or jump in and do a bit of swimming or snorkeling for seashells and gems.

When your ready to venture out even farther, head out to one of the marked scuba diving locations for an adventure under the waters surface. Your sim needs to have spent some time working on their snorkeling skills first, before they will be allowed to take an underwater trip. When they're ready, they will switch into their scuba gear and dive down quite a ways, checking out all the fish and plant life that dwells on the ocean floor. Each dive location is completely different from the others, some having more things to explore than other. While under water you can catch fish, open treasure chests, explore caves (in the same way your sim can explore the catacombs in the graveyards) and even meet and socialize with other sims underwater. You never know who you will run into while swimming or scuba diving. Regular people, ghosts and even mermaids all are around and exploring the dive locations.

You'll find everything from money to pieces of maps in the treasure chests. Gems, shells and other items can also be found while your searching underwater. But you'll need to be wary of sitting in one spot too long. Linger around, floating in the same location for a while, and one of the large sharks swimming by may try and make a meal of you. Even if they don't attack, you may find just the sight of one of them makes your sim have an accident in their wetsuit!

When you're ready to spend some time on land, there's resorts you can kick back and relax at. Make sand castles on the beach, take in the view from one of the new balconies in the build menu, or for a shark-free swim, play on some of the new slides and waterfalls at the resort pools. Lifeguards patrol the beaches, and you can even take a job as one, with it being a new sim career choice.

For those wanting to build their own homes and resorts, there lots of new things in the build and buy menus. Tables and chairs, new lighting options, bright tropical decor, fountains, new plants, trees, flower and rocks, hot tubs, fire pits, a few walk for your sims to walk across, and so much more. There's a new All-In-One-Bathroom that is about the size of a shower for your sims to use on their houseboats, where space in minimal. They go in and all "bathroom needs" are filled at the same time. Your sim can even buy a wind-surf board or a "Aqua Sled" jet-ski to play around on out in the water.

There are a several new pieces of clothing added for sims to wear, including some new swimsuit options (finally!) and lots of warm weather clothing, like shorts, dresses and tank tops. There are also a few new hair styles added. New sim traits and lifetime wishes have also been added to the game.

But the focus in this expansion pack is definitely the water fun, both on the surface and under water. Everything is about life on or in the ocean. Much like the Sims 3 World Adventures pack focused a lot on exploring hidden tombs and such, this pack is all about exploring the sea. It's almost like an Island Paradise version of World Adventures. There is so much in this pack to do and explore, it's definitely one of the best Sims expansion packs made to date!
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on April 10, 2014
Island Paradise is a great expansion over all, but there is one big bug in the expansion that may or may not be patched now that the Sims 4 is in the making. With the expansion, you get every thing that has to go with a tropical theme. This means you get boats, houseboats, palm trees, jet skis and so on. This is also the second to last expansion pack that was released, with Into the Future being the last expansion pack. But now for the bugs:

1) Constant freezing and stuttering
This bug seems to only appear when playing in Islo Paridoso. The game clock and your sim will stop moving, but the water will move and the trees will move and the sound will play. The game will freeze for about 10-15 sec, and then resume only to freeze agian.

This bug is not removable, but its affects can be lessened in a variety of ways.

1) Turn off reflections. Islo Paridiso is full of water, and having a high reflection setting can slow the game down and cause it to freeze.

2) Delete the "Scott" family. This is a family of three that live in a houseboat with obstructing objects. By deleting this family, the game takes longer to freeze as it does not have to try to find a path for them.

3) Find a Horse. One of the families in game has a horse on a houseboat. Find this horse and delete it as there is not enough room. NOTE: This is for people who have Pets installed.

4) Use the cheat resetsim *
This cheat resets all sims and cancels all actions and puts all sims in the place where they started at the beginning of the game. This should be done every 45 min. to an hour.
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on February 26, 2014
I'm conflicted on how to review this. When Island Paradise came out I downloaded a bootlegged version. This version was missing features but despite that I LOVED this expansion. It had some much additional game play and was really beautiful. It is finally an expansion that added black textured hair to the game. Running a resort is a great mini game and exploring underwater was really addicting. So I happily bought this expansion when winter sales hit. The official version is an unplayable nightmare! It lags my game so hard to make it completely usable. I did a lot of optimization and troubleshooting thinking it was my computer or Sims installer. In the end I uninstalled only this expansion and my Sims 3 game ran fine again.The difference was the bootlegged version didn't have all the uncharted island fog, underwater fish, and other spawners. I want to say this was the best expansion for the Sims 3 and is deserving of 5 stars but I can't. The official version is a optimization nightmare. My sims regularly clipped through floors and huge lag spikes made it unplayable.
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on May 6, 2014
I'd like it more if my computer didn't minimize every 10 minutes with it on. "not enough memory" even though I barely use the memory on my computer. (external drives, duh). Other than that...

This is a great expansion pack. From houseboats to uncharted islands to mermaids to owning a resort, this pack is neat. I am a little bummed that there isn't much in the way of clothing. Some cool swimsuits and accessories but all in all maybe 25 new CAS items. I really like the Buy Mode items though. Seashell light fixtures and a new tropical column as well as some new wallpapers. I wish there was more options for flooring but I guess that would make the memory issue worse. This game is pretty large. Like 600 MB! I think its worth it though. You can snorkel and go underwater with the new Scuba Dive skill. I love this aspect! I recommend getting Ambitions and World Adventures as well. They really go together best. I'm getting Into the Future and Outdoor Living next month!
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on November 21, 2013
My daughter purchased this on my account and has been spending a lot of time creating characters and doing things in the Sims world. If only I could get her to rake some leaves in the real world.
She does seem to be enjoying the game tho.
Note: you do need the original game, since this is an add on to the original one.
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on December 6, 2013
I love the new content, unfortunately I have found that many of these added Sims products lock up on my computer. If your only running the Sims 3 a graphics chip is fine, when you add anything it locks up and sometimes kicks you off. I love the Sims but it sucks that I won't be able to play it until I upgrade my PC.
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on April 4, 2014
Pretty much the only reason why I got this one (besides the fact that I have to own every single Sims game) are for the mermaids. I love playing a mermaid. The biggest problem is that my computer (which is only a year old, mind you) has a tough time rendering the ocean waves and other ocean effects, so it has the tendency to glitch up badly. I can't even play the island world because it just gets super slow and glitchy.
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on November 22, 2013
I visited the town that came with Island Paradise and I did enjoy it. I hated the extremely long travel time from one Island to another, but it was a fun game. I don't play it much though. I spend more time in Hidden Springs.
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on January 16, 2016
This is such a beautiful world, it is by far my favorite Sims 3 world. The sun, the sand, the boats, the resorts! Awesome! But unfortunately what makes it awesome, is what makes it aggravating as well. And by that I mean I could not even play it without it freezing every few is SOOOO laggy because it is so huge and so much is going on. I did so much reading to try to help that lag. I tried deleting unnecessary files, adjusting the frame rate, adjusting my computer, deleting buildings and houses I knew I couldn't use, deleting content I wasn't going to use....I tried everything!! I knew it was the world because my other game in a different world worked fine. Finally I read about an old mod called Overwatch that basically cleans up the game and gets rid of a lot of buggy items and things that can slow the game down. Because it's Sims 3 most of these old Mods are not being updated anymore so I was taking a chance trying it, but it worked! It got rid of lots of things like stuck sims or abandoned cars and boats that make the game slower. I am so happy I found a solution because I love this expansion! Too bad it wasn't EA that came up with their own solution!
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