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on October 26, 2010
This EP is pretty cool. Got it today and played it all afternoon and late into the evening. It offers quite a bit of interesting stuff. There are a couple of new career paths (i.e. Mixologist, Celebrity Actor, and Movie Director). LOTS of new objects, hair styles, young adult clothes. Hot tubs are back in this one. Indoor swimming pools. The ability for Sims to skinny dip. CAS has some new stuff too, including tattoos, and the ability to give more muscle definition as well as make women's chests bigger...not quite Dolly Pardon size but pretty big There is also sexy nightwear for the ladies, sexy shoes, and sexy casual and formal outfits for nights out in the city. The new world included in the EP is a city full of skyscrapers with condos, apartments, and penthouse style suites to buy. There are also houses on the outskirts of town and plenty of space to place lots. The venues are combined in the high rises with plenty of places for Sims to find dancing and dining out. Vampires are in this EP also. Celebrity Sims are everywhere, too, but to get noticed by them beyond an autograph takes some effort. Your own Sims can gain celebrity status as well by pursuing the actor career. Celebrity status gives them stars over their name and makes other Sims oooh and ahhh over them wherever they go. There are also new additional traits to give Sims in CAS, new skills for them to learn and master, and new lifetime goals for them to achieve.

No crashes whatsoever this time...woohoo! Game play has been smooth, fluid, with many corrections of EA's past mistakes. Very pleased regarding that.

Overall I think this EP was worth it. More so than Ambitions. This one has a lot of neat stuff in it, new interactions, living environments, lifestyles....and it even includes the ability to hire an Executive Butler to wait on your Sim hand and foot :) I love the butler! The nightclubs are fun with lots of special effects type objects to add interest, as well as Sims dancing on top of the bar..I thought that was a cute feature. Some nightclubs are difficult to get into unless your Sim either 'knows someone' or has celebrity status or has certain traits. The bouncer that guards the door won't let just anybody in. Some don't have bouncers at the door, but might have a dress code, be it formal, casual, or beachwear. Sims will also get invites to parties hosted by other, computer controlled Sims. Invites can either be accepted or rejected but accepting them and attending has benefits. There are also more musical instruments to learn and master, and Sims can jam together...piano, bass, cello.

I'm really liking this one and glad I got it.
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on November 14, 2010
So I decided that if this game wasn't good enough for my tastes that I would just give up on the 3rd franchise and stick to what I was used to. The Sims 2.

After a few hours of playing the game I was absolutely hooked! New everything! I find it very, very fun how you can be a celebrity and how there are vampires again. It was just an upgraded version of Nightlife all in all. I loved this one. I think if there's another expansion pack after this that i might just buy that one too!

Some good Pros are

- You finally have the hot tub back ;]
- Sims can be celebrities
- Vampires
- New clothes and hair selections
- New Sliders (such as breast size adjuster, muscle enhancer)
- New Jobs (Film/Part-Time Film [ You can be an actor or a movie director basically ]
- New Fruit and things portraying to blood (For the lovely Vamps)
- New Places to woohoo!
- New Premade Houses
- New Town
- New things in the town, such as *Studios. Lofts. Apartments etc.
- Butlers are back

Those are just the main things that I noticed while playing :]

A couple of Cons are

- Of course, its buggy :/
- Its useless to go to places with people in your house. Its hard to work with everyone.
- When you go to the bars and stuff if you have a weak computer the graphics are going to be slower to load
- And of course if you have mods you might have to take out some and replace then with the Late Night Version!

Overall this game is worth the money. I love it so far and I'll be sure to keep up with the franchise if it gets better like this~ Fantastic game. Only problem now is the price haha.

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VINE VOICEon October 27, 2010
I waited with baited breath for this expansion to come out for the past 2 months and it's finally here. Anyone who regularly plays the Sims will want this expansions pack as it gives your Sims something different to do. My first impressions from playing the game last night is that overall this is a good expansion pack and things I like and don't like:

What I like:

1. Bridgeport is a beautiful small city with a lot to see and experience.

2. Nice new music.

3. A new selection of hair, beards, and outfits to choose from and some new architectural elements.

4. Hot tubs are back and there are new pool options.

What I don't like:

1. Unlike the Sim and Sim 2 you can't send your suburban Sims out for a night in the city. They
either need to move to Bridgeport (which is essentially starting your household from scratch)or
start a new game. Why this is so I have no idea as I don't think it would be different than
sending them on vacation--but it does ruin the seamless continuity of the Sim's world they live

2. Not into the vampire thing. I think that they should create a Halloween Town expansion for those
who want more monsters to play with, which could also have witches, werewolves and other creepy
settings. Those not into such things could then opt out.

3. Apparently one can add some social venues to exiting towns via the edit town screen, but I rarely do this.
It would, however, be necessary to take up jobs like mixology, etc. I'd have perferred the option of just
sending my Sims to Bridgeport instead. If I want my Sims to do these things I'll just start new games in
Bridgeport instead, I don't like to edit the towns too much.

A must have for Sim enthusiasts.
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VINE VOICEon November 14, 2010
I don't know what it is - maybe that we're on the third series, and the third incarnation of the general theme of 'night out' with The Sims, but it seems like there's a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the game as a whole that is only exacerbated by each new expansion. That's not to say there still aren't hours of gameplay to be had with each expansion, but I'll be the first to admit I'm a little tired of the 'Hot Date' / 'Nightlife' / 'Late Night' theme that this pack is touting.

Of course there are some variations on the theme. For one, downtown is no longer a separate destination from the rest of your base city. The new town that comes with the game, Bridgeport, is jam-packed with high-rise apartments, dance clubs, dive bars, and cocktail lounges, plus many of the other venues have been combined to make for a more condensed, urban experience. If you're not ready to move onto a new town, you can also just snap up some pre-built buildings and place them in your existing town. In general Bridgeport is a cool place and all of the bars are pretty neat, each with their own vibe, although in general I think the dives and the dance clubs are the most fun. The high rises are different than what existed in TS2: Apartment Life in that your sim basically lives in a predefined space within an otherwise 'empty' apartment building. There are no longer multiple apartments on a single lot to manage, just your sim's place and their neighbours, who they can attempt to meet and befriend. In short, it's basically like living in a home in the sky.

'Late Night' also incorporates the 'celebrity' aspect of TS1 'Superstar' expansion pack. Your sim can work their way up the celebrity food chain mostly by befriending or dating celebs, which earns them discounts and freebies, public notoriety, and lurking paparazzo and scandals around every corner. Truthfully being a celebrity gets to be a bit tiresome, and the way you work your way up isn't nearly as fun as it was with 'Superstar', but the freebies and discounts are nice, as is the ability to breeze into any bar you want instead of having to waste an evening trying to get into one when your celeb level isn't high enough.

The non-Sim creature introduced this time around is the return of Vampires, which are by far the best 'creature' of the TS3 series and superior to the vampires of TS2. There are quite a few vampires lurking through Bridgeport and getting turned into one isn't much of a challenge at all. Once you're a vamp, they take on a Twilight-esque pale, phosphorescent appearance complete with shimmery eyes. Unlike being a mummy as in World Adventures, being a vampire and carrying on a normal life is pretty easy. Your sim can't really spend much time outdoors during the day, and they drink blood (either from the fridge or from a willing human friend), but other than that they can have jobs and babies, gain skills super fast, have some mind control abilities, and have the ability to run like the wind through town.

Beyond that, there is one new semi-traditional career, similar to the expanded doctor career that came about with Ambitions - acting. Your sim can also form a band and play gigs around town, learn the fine art of bartending and moonlight as a mixologist, or simply live off the spoils of being a celebrity through the various opportunities that come their way. There are tons of nice new clothing items for young adult and adult men and women, mostly themed around party clothing (including formal wear, as some bars require your bar to change into their formal gear). The new furniture is generally pretty modern to suit placement in the various bars around town, and the best new items are probably the professional bars (for learning mixology) or the various new instruments - bass, drums, and piano. It's tons of fun to have a jam session with four seasoned musicians, for the record. Hot tubs and custom-shaped pools are also welcome new additions in the build / buy modes.

Overall Late Night adds just enough that I can say I've been content to spend countless hours with the game since its release. It's nice that in comparison to the first two expansions, this is an expansion you can just sort of play and not have to shake up your current sims' entire life and career choices. Fans will be happy that not all venues are rabbit holes as they were previously, and there are enough new career options to explore that if you're stuck on playing with one family, you could easily spend a few generations getting to know the full expanse of the game. I feel like the game sort of offered up portions of past games - both from TS1, TS2, and TS3 - for a mix of different things that will appeal to various players - new skills, new career paths, new adventures, new design objects, and a new look and feel for towns. The result is a game that isn't particularly strong in any one area (as World Adventures was with the introduction of questing and Ambitions with 'professions'), but a decent expansion for your day to day gameplay.
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on November 11, 2010
Lots of new things added, more fish, more gardening, a little bit of everything.

Also a new downtown area where you can become a vampire or become famous or both.

Playing the new instruments and being in a band is fun, it's like a Sims Rockband.

I think it's as fun as the other expansions, glad I purchased it... and the new items such as the hot tub are awesome to.

Only complaint is you didn't get any sim points like the other games, that would have been nice.
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on March 20, 2011
As I am writing this it is March 20th 2011. The Sims 3 games were great and I have the Ambitions, World Adventures, Apartment Life and Late Night expansion packs along with one or 2 of the "stuff" packs and they were working great and were very entertaining until the last patch. Now, like many, many other owners, I can't save my games. Even when it seems to work I never know what to expect or how much game play I will lose. Last night my saves seemed to work and this afternoon I went back in to find I had lost about my last 50 saves! I tried calling customer support and tried everything they suggested to no avail. I am not alone in this. There are tons of customers with this same problem. Nothing seems to work. Right after the patch I lost my entire Sims 3 family I was playing! Now I realize that it could easily happen again. It isn't much fun playing a simulation game when you have to start from scratch every time you want to play.
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on October 26, 2010
I just got this expansion today and so far, I'm loving it. I have played The Sims since 2000 and have been a fan since I discovered it way back then. I have been a little let down with this installment of the sims series though. The Sims 3 base game and all EP's and SP's to date have been lackluster and it felt like something big was missing. Well, it seems to be back. I love the new downtown area. It is absolutely beautiful. I like trying to make my sim a star and I hated all the role playing aspects of the sims 3 so far but this is actually fun! The hangouts are fun. I love seeing the sims dance on the tables and the group functions are nice to have back. The vampires are pretty cool too. So far, my sim has met a few and they stalk him but they haven't tried to drain his blood or anything. The blur when they run is pretty neat. I really think that I will love this expansin and that it will actually keep my interest unlike the previous two for The Sims 3. If you are a Sims fan, I say give this a try, I'm so glad I got it! Oh yeah, the new stuff with this expansion is good too. I really like the new furnishings and clothing. The hair is still kind of blah but everything else looks really good. I also like the muscle slider. It gives the buff sims a better look. I haven't tried the breast slider because I only made a guy so far. A few of the females in the town have had augmentations though and they look odd to me. Almost like a couple of balloons have been shoved up their blouses. :)

EDIT: I have been playing a Sims game ever since I discovered the original back in 2000. I have never had as many problems with any of the games, EP's or SP's as I do with The Sims 3. I really didn't have any MAJOR issues until I installed Late Night and now Outdoor Living Stuff. With Late Night, I started getting the error message about how the launcher had stopped working and then I started getting the beautiful blue screen of death and an occassional reboot of my entire system. With Outdoor Living Stuff, my computer just shuts itself off completely. No blue screen, no restart, the computer just shuts completely down. So, I searched the forums and I found this thread about Data Execution Prevention thing in Windows Vista so I tried that and my computer still shuts down. Therefore, I have completely uninstalled EVERYTHING that has to do with not only The Sims but EA too from my computer. I am so through with this, it just gets more and more irritating.

I am only posting here because I hope more people will do this so that EA will maybe then understand that they need to fix their games instead of just throwing more and more of them out. Hit them in their pockets and we might start seeing some change.
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on October 29, 2010
This expansion pack brings some new things to do to the Sims 3, but still falls way short of being a really great expansion pack. As other reviewers have noted, you can't integrate Late Night with your old suburban sim families. Unlike the Sims 2, suburban sims can't go out for a night on the town, and as far as I can tell other than the new hair/outfit styles, have nothing at all to do with night life. This drastically limits my interest in this, as I have a largely developed town with multiple generations which I would've liked to play with in Late Night, at least somewhat. Also, you can't have more than one family in an apartment. After you've gone to the bars, and reached max celebrity status (which takes about an hour), there's not much left if you aren't interested in vampires (I always wished they would keep the magic stuff as a separate expansion, as they did with the first Sims, so us Sims realists could keep it normal). The band thing is kind of cool, but again, not enough to keep my interest for more than one gaming session. Also I've had about 3 crashes with about 5 hours of playtime, which actually for new Sims 3 expansion packs isn't that bad. Overall, it's cool and the new city is really well laid out, but the new activities just aren't exciting enough. Ambitions is still the best expansion pack so far. Now, if they would just get around to doing the important expansions like pets and seasons, I'd be stoked!
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on November 23, 2010
I really have no complaints about this game. I actually don't experience any of the bugs that others have complained about which makes it even better. I did release-day shipping from amazon and it came promptly and installed just fine. The one qualm that I have about it is the penthouses; you are only allowed to see a single one at once and you can't visit anyone else's penthouse in your building. Also, the ones that are available to you are only one bedrooms for some reason, if you want a bigger one you have to move an existing family out. Needless to say I've actually returned to the single-family homes and just expanded them...speaking of the single family homes the ones that they've provided for the celebrities are absolutely amazing. So all in all this game is great, probably the best EP the sims producers have come out with thus far for The Sims 3.
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on January 1, 2011
I have loved the sims for years and have purchased every game and all the expansion packs that have come along over the years. Once I installed late night it was the end of a game I loved. It freezes, crashes and I have lost everything I built over the past year and a half. EA does not respond to our needs nor have they fixed these severe issues. But they push the "store" on you which is useless because after a few hours the game is unplayable. Don't waste your time and money on a game that doesn't work. Buyer beware!!!
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