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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 4, 2012
The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion pack is filled with a ton of new fun content. No longer do you simply chose between being a male or female, young or old. Now your Sims 3 world gets rocked by the introduction of witches, vampires, werewolves, fairies and random attacking zombies. Be sure to follow the phases of the moon, because when the full moon comes out, so do all the "supernaturals".

*** Please Note, that this is an expansion pack for the main game. You will need to have the The Sims 3 game installed on your computer first to play this, since this is an add-on for the main game. ***

Creating your sims:
Your Create a Sim page now has new added options. A limitless color pallet has been added for skin tone options. Now your sims can be bright pink, pale blue, vivid green or even spray-on-tan orange. What ever skin color you want, now your sims can have it. But that's just the beginning. For those looking forward to the sim fairies, you can customize the wings as well. There is an array of wing types for you to choose from, and even more color options. The fairies wing colors also have an addition feature of how they sparkle depending on their color. Lighter colors glitter like a sparkler, with a memorizing brilliance which far exceeded my expectations. Darker color wings sparkle with black accents, giving your sim fairy a darker, more "evil" appearance. When creating a werewolf, there is a new button where you can see what it looks like both as a human and transformed.

Once you've chosen your sims "supernatural" type, then it's on to the new cloths, hair and makeup. The new content in these areas is really nice. There are some great hair styles for both genders and they've finally added some really neat, unique clothing in bright colors. It's not just clothing for your supernaturals, but for your human sims as well. There are makeup styles added to make your witches ugly and your vampires pale and gaunt. Lots of new content to brows through and customize your sims in a whole new way.

After finishing with your sims looks, you'll find new selections available in the traits and lifetime wishes. Now your sims will be working towards new life goals like "Magic Makeover" and "Leader of the Pack", while sporting new traits like Gatherer and Supernatural Fan. You'll find in every area of customizing your sims, there's something new to try out.

Playing the game:
The first time you play, the game will give you an option to place the new lots that came with this pack, if you're playing a previously made town. There is a new town included in this pack called Moonlight Falls, which already has the new lots. These lots are the Elixir Consignment Store, a shop where you can buy elixirs and brand new items that you can also collect, and the Supernatural Hangout, a lounge with new games for your sims that supernaturals tend to flock to. After placing the new lots or beginning in the new town, you'll then find that next to your sims photo and their needs bars, there is also now the status of the current phase of the moon. You can change how often the moon is full in your Sims 3 options menu. When the moon is full, all the lights everywhere glow green, and the supernaturals come out. Zombie sims will sneak up on you and try and chew on you for a bit. Fortunately, they are fairly easy to outrun. Kids can now check under their beds for monsters....and sometimes they find them!

While you're out at community lots like the Supernatural Hangout, you'll find new items like the Moondia Horoscope which can tell your future, and the Magic Mirror, that you can have a chat with, or even ask it to give you a brand new kind of makeover. Spooky pictures hang on the walls and the new fun games like Smack a Gnome are there to play. The skeleton maid Bonehilda is back, and ready to emerge from her coffin to clean your sims home. You can travel between locations with a teleporting phone booth looking object called the LLAMA, or buy yourself a flying broom to travel on. There are even new kinds of music to play from radios, like the Dark Wave station and you'll find a huge array of new interactions available for your sims to socialize with. There's even a bee hive to collect honey from and a jelly bean bush to eat candies off of.

Vampires can't stay outside in the sun for too long without problems. They can spend a few sim hours outside, but will eventually begin to smolder a bit from the sunlight burning them, then eventually they pass out. If they stay exposed to the light, they eventually die. They have a thirst bar instead of a hunger bar, and have to spend a decent amount of time trying to track down dinner. Fortunately, the refrigerators now come equipped with food to satisfy the supernaturals needs. Vampires can also offer to turn other sims into vampires, as well as using them as a snack. Fairies fly long distances instead of walking. They have a fairy dust bar in their needs section that tells how much fairy dust they have on hand. They can give their dust to other sims who ask for it and they can play tricks on sims and turn into tiny little flying balls of light, looking like large fireflies. There are fairy houses, about the size of kids toy doll houses that they can rest and entertain in. You can turn your sim into a werewolf on command, and work on getting other werewolves into your pack. Witches can pull out their magic wand and play with magic, learning new spells and upgrading to new wands with better spell accuracy. Your witches magic powder and your fairies dust can deplete as you use them, but with each full moon, they refill.

There are so many new things to explore and new items to try out, it could take months to discover and complete everything. This expansion pack is definitely worth getting. One of the best expansion packs in the past was the old Makin' Magic pack from the original Sims, and the Sims 3 Supernatural pack has certainly done its predecessor justice.
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on September 9, 2012
I absolutely LOVE this expansion pack. I was practically stalking the mailman waiting for my Saturday delivery. I purchased the Sims3 and most of the expansion packs/stuff packs on sale, but I wanted this one as soon as I saw it advertised. I created a vampire sim and went to the graveyard at night. The zombies, werewolves, vampires and fairies showed up. Haven't seen a witch yet. Cannot wait to explore all of the lots and venues. I love the new content added such as the additional vampire slumber altar, jelly bean tree, Bonehilda (the live in skeletal maid) and the magic mirror.

Vampires can become immortal, which is a great feature. Ghosts are much improved. How the sims "dies" affects the appearance of their ghost: drowning victims appear as cool blue spirits, starvation victims return as little purple spirits, electrocution victims have coursing currents and of course sims dying of old age return as ghostly white phantoms. These are just a few.

The zombies and wolves are more realistic than in the Sims2 as they climb out of the ground. I've seen several sims flying around town on brooms, which is really cool. Sims can travel around town via the LLAMA system free of charge, which is similar to subway system.

I am excited for the Seasons expansion pack. But until then I have a lot to keep me busy!! I've also purchased the Official Game Guide, but I have not had a chance to browse through it. Looks very helpful.
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VINE VOICEon September 5, 2012
I really love this EP. If you love playing Sims 3, you will love this EP. If you love supernatural things, then you'll love the sims 3 and this EP. The witches, werewolves, and fairies are all really cool and really well done. Unlike in Sims 2, you have a lot more control over how your supernatural creature will look, traits, and interactions. Harry Potter fans will be happy to see that the witches are VERY much like Harry Potter witches and wizards. The fairies are a bit link Tinkerbell, but there are a lot of new interactions for them. The werewolves seem very realistic, and you can customize their wolf form. I wish you could make them an actual wolf, but alas not. Even if you have late night, there are additions to vampires. I thought the improvements might be lame and not worth it, but I'm excited about the new vampire interactions. All in all, the supernatural content of this game is really great.

What I really wanted to say, though, is that even if you aren't a huge supernatural creature fan, this is still a good EP to get. There are lots of new objects that aren't supernatural related. For instances, there's a rocking chair you can finally rock your baby or toddler in! There are games like whack-a-gnome and a claw arcade style game. There's a miniature train set! There's finally a collection case for insects. There's a new collections system that makes it really easy to see what you're missing. There are tons of new harvestables for gardeners and new cooking recipies. This EP just adds a lot to overall gameplay.

The new world, Moonlight Falls, is 'okay' in my books. The mountains backdrop and small town feel are nice. They did a good job of making sure that all of your other EP content is also installed in this world. A few changes to the bars, and they're just like nightlife bars. The Ambitions lots install in good places. There are tons of cute references to pop culture like "La Shove Beach" or 3 witch sisters living in a Victorian house together. I'm a bit disappointed in the appearance of the sims, though. Some world have better premades than this one, but it's still pretty good overall. I still prefer Sunset Valley and Hidden Springs, but this world is a decent one.

All in all, this is a great EP to purchase. Sims fans should get tons of play time out of this.
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on September 15, 2012
I have been playing this expansion pack since it has been released and have played a Vampire, Fairy, Witch and Ghost. As far as the actual game having glitches- I am running mine on a Mac and I had no install issues and have only needed to rest a sim one time in two weeks, not bad for EA and their Mac issues.

The pros. There are lots of new hair styles and clothing options. The create a sim has a ton of new options to control your sims looks from skin, to eyes, to ears. The list of customizing your sims physical looks goes on and on. The style of the town is beautiful old victorian with several new lots types (new consignment store, fairy park, and fortunetellers wagon.) There is also a bunch of new fun furniture and rabbit-holes providing three new whoo spots. The portable fairy houses are awesome. You can put one in your inventory and use it any where in the game to fill your sleep and eating needs- you can also throw fairy parties in them and fulfill your fun meter. There are several new plants for those who love gardening and you can also keep bees and harvest honey and bees wax. EA has also added frogs, and shining salamanders for those fishers. This expansion offers alchemy as a profession and it puts all those harvestable to use. You can also buy a gem cutter and cut your own gems now, or you can cut them at the consignment store. One of my favorite additions this expansion pack offers is the LLAMA transit booths. They look like British phone booths and they form a network that allows you to travel all over town. You can add them to your house or to any location in the wold editor, and they are much faster than driving in your car. I have a teleporter and when my sims needs are met I usually opt to travel via LLAMA because they are so fast. Boohilda is back and I personally think she is hilarious- she watches my hot fairy husband shower and kicks my garden gnome every chance she gets. However, she is kind of creepy once you have a baby- If you have a sim that needs to develop their handiness skill you may want to dismiss her because she fixes all your broken appliances in addition to cleaning your lot.

The Cons....Zombies!!! They are so annoying and the town is teaming with them. I thought that it would be a full-moon type of thing, ohhh no all the time at night which is basically all the time because its starts to get dark at 5:30 pm-ish. Even during the day time it is rarely sunny out- kind of depressing. I have a screen shot that has seventeen-not joking or exaggerating locked out side my front yard gate. If you don't have fenced yard and lock your gate they come in your yard kill your garden and won't get off your lot. In the town they pop up all over every time you exit a building prompting zombie attacks. EA has population settings to control the supernatural population in your town for all types of supernaturals except zombies. It is soo stupid and annoying- they are the cockroaches of the sims 3. I am considering uninstalling this expansion pack just because of how annoying the zombies are. Another issue I have is that venues still close after hours making it hard for vampires who can't be out in the sun without burning. The game touts stay up all night but the business and some venues are closed during the night...whats the point? The next feature I don't really love is that EA lumped many of the community lots into one building. City Hall, Military, and the Science Lab are all one building. The movie theater is now also the bad guy hang out. The diner and grocery store share a building on the same lot with the spa and the bookstore in one building. It's like they just started lumping stuff together so they had to come up with fewer buildings.The ghosts are nothing new, most people who have been playing sims for a while already had a playable ghost. To me the werwolfs look silly and tear up your house. I wish they would have added more insects to collect and animals to interact with the whole fairies and where-wolf concepts.

Conclusions- buy it if you are really into the whole vampire urban fantasy thing. In past expansion packs gamers have felt EA was to light with adding new content. I feel like supernatural has tons of new content and some new different game play options. The zombies really are so annoying and I hate how its dark and dreary it is all the time. I have moved all the new community lots that I liked from Moonlight Falls to Hidden Springs and put a bunch of LLAMA booths up all over town and that has made play somewhat better. I wish I could take all the new items- furniture, plants, LLAMA transit system, and leave all the supernatural behind- its more annoying than interesting. Maybe Seasons will be a better fit for my game play.
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on September 22, 2012
I've played every Sims game and every Sims expansion since the original released about twelve years ago. Before Supernatural, my favorite expansion pack was The Sims 2 Makin' Magic. It was just so much fun to have that supernatural aspect added to the game! While I LOVED the Sims 3 Pets expansion (OMG HORSES!), Supernatural just blows it out of the water.

**Note: Requires The Sims 3 to play!**

At the character creation screen you now have the option to be human, vampire, werewolf, fairy, or witch. You also get to customize your characters more than ever before - including their 'alternate' forms. Werewolves have a hairy toothy form that you can customize, and fairies get colorful wispy wings. There are also tons of new traits and new life goals that go along with the supernatural theme.

I still hate almost all of the Sims designed hairstyles and almost always use custom content for this. But outside of the hair, the customization is really fun and they keep raising the bar with what you can do with your character.

I LOVE the new houses and the new neighborhood - Midnight Falls (kind of a cute Vampire Diaries meets Twilight reference there!). I am really bad at designing homes, so I love to use the ones designed by the Sims crew and these houses are awesome! I'm glad they didn't make them all over the top creepy - they just have this feel to them that screams supernatural without being all black and gothic and gargoyles and stuff.

The nightclubs and places to visit in the new neighborhood are also awesome! There's tons of new objects for your sims to play around with and fun supernatural places to visit (where you can get your fortune told, buy magical elixirs, play silly games, etc.

Each 'race' has its own unique abilities and I've been playing a werewolf family that is very very fun! I've been having a great time creating my pack by having my sim befriend people and then turn them into werewolves (against their will, I'm so mean!). You can then 'hunt as a pack' which is a great way to find collectibles! And it's funny to see a whole group of sims running around on all fours.

I haven't played with all of the supernatural races yet, but I think I'm trying fairy next. The wings are just so cute! My Sim has unfortunately run in to a few other supernatural characters with unexpected results. A witch showed up at the house and cast a spell on him, making him fall in love with her. Unfortunately his wife was inside the house and well, she didn't like that too much!

The unexpected surprises just keep coming! I can't wait to play again and I have a feeling I'll be playing this expac for much longer than the previous ones. I liked the Showtime pack, but it got boring after awhile. I've already played Supernatural for about 12 hours and I'm itching to get back in to it!

Overall, great game! I highly recommend picking this one up!
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With "Supernatural," the Sims 3 franchise hits a stunning high point in its development. I can't say enough good things about it. Not only does it add a variety of supernatural races to the Sims mix (fairies, vampires, witches, zombies, werewolves), but it develops and adds plenty of supernatural and fairy-tale stuff for those races to do. Humans won't feel left out either, though--they can pursue a couple of new occult careers like Fortune Teller and Alchemist (which is a bit like nectar brewing).

Fairies have wings and can fly, make plants bloom, cast cute spells, rig a variety of objects for pranks, and generate auras that make other Sims happy or learn skills faster. They can be either normal-sized or teeny-tiny firefly sized so they can ride model trains (amid much adorable squealing and cackling with glee) and creep into little tiny fairy houses to throw little tiny house parties for other fairies. Witches can cast spells, obviously. Werewolves get really hairy and howl and run around doing werewolf stuff. We already had vampires with Late Night, but they get a much-expanded repertoire of abilities (including an XP buff that lets them go out during the day). There are a couple new ghost colors (which means of course that there are even more ways for your Sims to meet their ends). Zombies, of course, spawn and lurch around, especially during full moons.

Did I mention that the Sims now has a lunar cycle? The closer your town is to the full moon, the weirder things are going to get. You can't turn it off entirely if it drives you crazy, but you can set the game to always be a particular phase to keep the weirdness level where you like. And that's not all.


Create-A-Sim: CAS is greatly expanded--you can pick any color in the rainbow for skin color and you can set an occult type in CAS. The hairstyles and clothes are just astounding--very thematic, with good color channels. There are hairs and clothes for each race plus humans; the sheer number of options here is staggering. 5/5.

Town: SHOCKINGLY gorgeous. Thematic, well-realized, and easy to get around in. There's not a lot of spare room for venues and other stuff, but considering how much stuff there is to do here, I didn't really care. The new specialty lots are simply beautiful--an elixir consignment shop, a few new hangouts, a broomstick riding course, an arboretum with a beautiful white domed greenhouse, and more. The homes are knockouts--some are mansions, some are shacks, some are fairy bungalows. The rabbitholes are amazing--hands down some of EA's most beautiful work. 5/5.

Objects: WOW. Just WOW. EA presents several "sets"--a woodsy Faire set, a steampunk/gothic set, and a really Old World feeling set. Recolors are awesome here. Oh, and they give you the full set of stencils, so one painting might have several variations with entirely different pictures. The special objects, like the alchemist table and the gem-cutting station, are so steampunk they bleed bronze. 5/5.

New gameplay options: Confess to your dream girl/guy that you secretly watch them sleep. Play rock-paper-scissors with your friends. Rig a sink to explode in someone's face. "Get drawn in" to a lamp as a fairy and get electrocuted. Kiss under a full moon. Tell fortunes for money at the new gypsy caravan wagon. Throw elixirs you've made at people and watch them get blissed out (or maybe something way less pleasant). Eat a Death Jelly Bean by accident from the "Every Flavor" jelly-bean bush. Enjoy a synchronized group dance like from "Thriller." Make porcini mushroom risotto. Go for a stunt ride on your broomstick. Teleport somewhere with the LLAMA transporter. Seriously, it's amazing. 5/5.

LE content: Lacking. A pea-shooter and a few zombie outfits. The pea shooter is neat and you can play catch with it or "attack" it, but even as a zombie deterrent it's got some very serious limitations. If you're not passionately into zombie outfits or the pea shooter, I don't know that you have to spend extra money on this. 1/5.

If you're the type who thinks the occult is evil or who doesn't want to play a game with fanciful or supernatural elements, then you probably won't like this game at all. Otherwise, if you like that kind of play, you'll probably like this a lot.

If I could only get one expansion for the Sims, it'd be this one. It's absolutely everything I want out of a Sims 3 game: it's hilarious, it's awesomely fun, it's got surprises around every corner, it's got a lot to do, it's gorgeous to look at, and it gives me the tools to make my game look like what I want to play. I hear EA brought Maxis back for this title, and it completely shows.

(Note: This is an EXPANSION, which means you have to have the Sims 3 base game already.)
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on April 8, 2016
Sims 3 disc doesn't work since Original is the new login gateway and Sims 3 hasn't put out ANY updates since 2014 and clearly state there won't be anymore. Basically you have to buy discs and register all your codes on Next file digital help request on Tour can get help EITHER help live chat or have A REAL HUMANcall you. You get a callback within 1 minute..YAY! Explain you have sims 3 disc, unless you were smart and bought it digitally from [...], thus avoiding this problem. Ten ask if you can be granted permission to download all of your disc content, because disc content is way older than any updates. Download install run have fun! I found out the hard way, buying sims 3 disk and 5 expansion discs and two weeks on the phone with tech service trying to debug until I got a content specialist..then bam! It all worked. Over 56 hours with tech support, installing each disc, uninstalling, deleting discs and even registry cleaning. You'll pay a bit more, but buying ANYTHING Sims 3 online is hassle free. Would you rathere wastell MORE THAN ONE WEEK OF WORK TIME getting frustrated or cough up a few more bucks for a smooth ride to gameplay. Rather than rewrite all the steps problems and best way to get anything Sims3, I'm cross posting to my other purchased Sims 3 items. Happy Gaming!
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on September 17, 2012
This is a great add-on. I get to play fairies, and run with the wolves. There's a hidden door that is a bookcase. The first time there was a full moon, I headed to the graveyard. It was actually spooky, and I loved the added gameplay. There are lots of extra plants for the gardener types. This is a great expansion, and I'm really glad I got it. I was expecting lots of bugs, because this is EA after all. I have had no issues at all.

Yes, any mods you use will need to be updated, but that's normal. I haven't had any spawning issues, or any other bad outcomes. Some people have complained about too many zombies, but I haven't seen that either. The zombies do attack your garden, but they stop and smustle if you turn on an outdoor radio. I think that anyone who loved the extras in sims 2 will love this add-on as well.
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on September 27, 2012
When Supernatural first came out, I was convinced I wasn't going to buy it since I enjoy playing the typical suburban family. But...since it's always fun to have some new game play with The Sims 3, I bought the game and have been more pleased than I could have imagined. Of course, there is plenty to do for those wanting to tell a supernatural story, but even realist players will get so much from this game. The witches look just like human sims, but have all these great powers that can help out a sim family, such as being able to upgrade objects and light fires. Witch toddlers can make their toys disappear and reappear, and there are a few nice objects for sim children, such as a rocking horse, rocking chair, train table and toy bears.

Other fun things that realist players will enjoy is the Alchemist skill. You can make elixirs that boost skills, make you thin and enhance your mood. Sims can also make their own honey, there are attractive cases for displaying collectibles and a fun, new career that any human or supernatural sim can do: fortune telling. As with other expansions, you get new traits and socials, and I've really been enjoying the new harvestables that can be used in the elixirs, or just look pretty in a garden.

At first, I thought Moonlight Falls looked a bit boring, but the town has grown on me. It's simple and minimal, so it's easy to get around. It's actually very pretty, with lots of foresty trees and lots to build homes. The houses have a Victorian angle, and there are a handful of houses that the poor sim can afford. It's true that the zombies are a pain as some people have mentioned, but there is a cheat that allows you to control them so you don't have to deal with them.

At this point I've played only the fairies and witches. I liked the fairies and their ability to cast auras that help with mood and skill boosting, and they are super cute how they sort of float above the ground. I like the neat skills that witches have, though, especially because you can enjoy a traditional sim family with a few enhancements to make life a bit easier. And there is Bonehilda - your very own live in nanny/maid, skeleton style.

The good news is that there are so many angles with Supernatural, it will definitely keep you busy, at least until Seasons comes out! You can make the game as mystical as you want, but you can also play in the traditional sense while still reaping the benefits that the supernaturals have to offer. It's also fun to pair up a human and supernatural to see what the baby will be (there's always a 50/50 chance). Either way, this really is a great expansion pack with plenty to offer any player. Finally....the creative freedom we've been looking for.
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on December 30, 2012
This is a great concept, if it worked I might actually enjoy it but ever since I added this, along with Pets 3 to my game I have had nothing but headaches. I can't play without freezing glitches. It won't let me place certain families I have made, and freezes whenever I try to visit someplace in town. Other family members who bought this same expansion, as well as pets have been having their game freeze constantly as well. I have all but given up on trying to play. I tried an uninstall and reinstall to no avail. :( Think carefully before you purchase this, or Pets 3.
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