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on January 28, 2010
I want to kick myself for buying this expansion despite the fact that I saw a lot of complaints everywhere. I never thought that my top-of-the-line gaming rig would have any problems running it. And yet it does. Soon after installing World Adventures, I started getting errors when saving the game. I looked up the forums and followed the EA official line that if you use "Save As" or start a new game over, you won't encounter the save issue. Well, it worked but even with a fresh game, I was still getting intermittent save problems and issues with my game freezing that I finally decided to uninstall it completely.

It's been two months since WA was released and yet the problems remain. So my advice is, DO NOT buy the expansion until all the issues have been fixed.
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on January 28, 2010
This expansion pack is pricey, but it really turns The Sims 3 into a whole new game, so the price point is somewhat justified. I did not think I would had as much fun exploring tombs, caves, and basements. I am not an adventure game fan, but the seamless integration of an adventure game mode into the Sims game makes this a whole new type of adventure game. Unfortunately, the seamless integration is where this game is lacking. The longer you play, the more buggy it gets. I spent a cold Ohio weekend playing this game, and after many hours of play time, the game is increasingly unplayable. Saving the game no longer works in the hometown, the game locks up randomly, crashes to desktop, you name it. No it is not my computer, I have more than enough memory and processing power. And new games play perfectly - they break over time. It also takes an increasingly longer time to load & save. Some bugs are so obvious, you wonder why the game makers did not fix them before selling this game: the game sometimes selects a store clerk, who works 24/7 as your ranked martial arts partner (you cannot have matches with store clerks), the camp grounds in France have female bathrooms only (they put the wrong door on the men's room), sims sometimes get stuck (as if glued to the floor); they forget missions; and many other annoyances. If you buy World Adventures, be prepared to use the cheat (really debug) mode quite often when your sim gets stuck, trapped, or assigned a mission that cannot be completed (such as having to spar with a person who is a merchant). When you return from vacation, brace yourself for odd things happening, such as sims forgetting wishes, finding babies on your lot, sims that look identical to your own, etc.

Overal, World Adventures was a GREAT idea. I did have a lot of fun playing it and did get my money's worth. But the longer you play, the more complex the game gets. I like the complexity, but the game itself cannot handle it. EA is aware of these glitches, but appears to be more concerned pushing people to buy new furniture sets instead of fixing the game. So, if you buy this game, brace yourself for a lot of fun that will slowly turn into pain....
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on December 4, 2009
I bought this game the MINUTE it came out, and I had such fun!
Then, I tried to save.
Which was disappointing when I couldn't save. I hoped to wake up to a patch.
The next day, a patch came out for saving. "Cool!" I think.
Then everything went downhill...
Food spoils quickly, deeds cannot be collected on (I had a legacy family who's only means of support were their deeds), relationship bar was red, both ways - and ANY relationship status was blank! It was as if my Sims just appeared on earth with amnesia! If you go to their website and check out the forums, it seems like almost EVERYONE is having problems ranging from a slight hassle to downright unplayable. EA has NOT given us any information back when a new patch to fix their old patches would be out.
Sad though, it seemed like a ton of fun...

EDIT: EA finally fixed the bugs, and its pretty awesome to play! Just be warned; try not to purchase any new expansion pack until about two months after it's been out and after reading the forums on first.
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on June 26, 2011
I have been an avid and loyal Sims player since the first incarnation with the original The Sims game for PC. With each installment EA improved and expanded on the idea of video game simulation. But with World Adventures, it appears EA got too ambitious before developing a technically sound game.

The concept is super fun: travel to China, Egypt, and France exploring tombs and solving riddles to earn cool rewards. The problem is, the game doesn't run smoothly enough to actually complete these adventures. Even with a brand new, fully loaded laptop that exceeds the minimum system requirements for World Adventures, the game has faulty programming and glitches that make the game unplayable. I am running the game clean, which means I have no custom content, no mods, no items downloaded from the EA Store or any other source - just the Sims 3 base game and the World Adventures expansion pack. After spending time building up skills, generations, and job performance, when your Sims return from their second travel, they will return to any, possibly all, of these glitches. Some players have reported that their towns and houses are now empty, with no portraits of their Sims, no Sims to actually control. The major glitches I have reliably experienced is that after returning from travel #1: Sims do not bring back some of the items they purchased in other countries, #2 Sims can no longer "Sleep" at home, only nap, which makes progress tedious and not fun, #3 Sims come home with a clone. The clone Sim looks exactly like one of your Sims, has all of the same skills and traits as your Sim, but is wearing a different outfit (like your Sim's workout outfit). If you try to delete the clone, your Sim loses half of their skills and career accomplishments. None of these occurrences are planned gameplay.

As of June, 2011, there are no fixes for these glitches that have been part of the game since it was released in 2009. I have done extensive online research at the EA forum and numerous other unofficial Sims 3 websites, and have yet to find anyone who has NOT encountered these glitches. The usual recommendations (given my EA) are to uninstall the software and reinstall. This does not fix any of the gameplay problems. Most players have started over several times with families, but always run into the glitches.

In a nutshell, what to expect from The Sims 3 World Adventures Exapnsion pack:
Do expect:
- Your Sims to get "stuck": they will not move or interact with anything, forcing you to use a cheat to continue
- Your Sims to lose items they have purchased in other countries
- Your Sims to no longer be able to "sleep" in a bed after coming home from their second travel
- At least one of your Sims will be cloned after returning from a foreign country
Don't expect:
- That your computer or gaming knowledge is advanced enough to avoid/work around these glitches - they are just part of the game.
- That contacting EA will give you information on how to work around these glitches. I have emailed and called and have received numerous responses, all very timely and professional, informing me that EA is aware of these glitches and is investigating possible causes/solutions. That was the company's response in 2009, and it is still their response in 2011.
- A patch will be released to fix any of these problems. If you were a The Sims 2 player, you will recall a plethora of game patches released that actually DID fix bug/glitch issues. Well, things have changed for the Sims 3 generation. Pathces are released, but infrequently, and they still have not addressed essential gameplay issues. The company continues to advise players to purchase the newest expansion pack which will include a patch to address the issues with an older expansion pack. 3 expansion packs (and a nuber of Stuff packs) have been released for purchase since World Adventures, but the World Adventures glitches still exist. Be aware of this when thinking about the upcoming Pets expansion.

Honestly, I'm not sure why there hasn't been a class action lawsuit against EA for this product. The product does not work or function the way it was intended nor advertised to. And to suggest that in order to get World Adventures to function the way it was advertised one must purchase an entirely new product feels shady, if not illegal.

Do not waste your time on this product. The frustration and regret it causes is not worth it. In the end you will just be playing the Sims 3 base game, with a few of the objects included in the World Adventures bundle from Buy/Build mode. You will not get to actually play out the Adventures portion due to shoddy programming.
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on January 2, 2010
I hated The Sims 3 when I first played it. I was bitterly disappointed that the game was not a more perfected continuation of what Sims 2 had to offer. I actually switched back to playing Sims 2 for quite some time before I finally decided to reinstall Sims 3 and give it another shot.

In order to enjoy Sims 3, I had to really readjust my thinking and gaming style. In Sims 2, I loved the whole "linage" aspect of the game. 95% of my playing time was devoted to creating multi-generational families. You can't really do that so much with Sims 3. In many ways, it's not unlike the original Sims in that it really focuses on the story of ONE family rather than an entire neighborhood.

World Adventures furthers this emphasis. They weren't kidding when they say "adventures." It's not a vacation, it's not leisure time, it's stay-on-a-strict-schedule-so-you-can-get-everything-done adventures. The different travel locations are really designed for one sim to explore rather than a whole family.

With this expansion, I don't even bother creating families anymore. I just play with my one bachelor sim. Between nectar making, sim-fu, gardening and playing his guitar, I find that I have way more fun trying to max out all of his skills and getting higher visa levels than creating a nuclear family. I mean, what's the point of having kids if it will be such a drag trying to switch households once they grow up and move out?

On a more technical note, this expansion is slightly buggy even with all of the "patch" fixes. I haven't experienced any crashes as of yet but I have noticed minor things like lifetime rewards not working properly (i.e. I chose "pay no bills ever" and occasionally I am still asked to pay bills). It also does take a considerable amount of computer power to operate. So be warned if you were operating the base game on bare minimum specs; this expansion might do you in.

If you enjoyed or were even luke-warm about Sims 3, I would recommend this expansion. Unlike some, I was not crazy about the base game (see my review). But I have to say that this expansion added to my overall enjoyment of the game.
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on December 26, 2009
Don't bother to buy this expansion..unless you actually want to ruin your original game. It's obvious that no one at EA tested this the bugs...glitches and computer problems couldn't have been ignored. The expansion can cause your or old to just shut down....or cause you to experience a blue screen. When this will have to hold down your power button to shut down your computer. Naturally this method of turning off your computer is never recommended....but with this game...there is no other way.

Many people have lost inventory from their original game..even objects that were bought in the EA store. Many more have lost entire neighborhoods complete with the families made.

Take some time to read the Sims 3/ Community/Forum/Technical thread before purchasing or installing. On that forum you will read the frustration and problems users are experiencing....and most of all the total lack of help from anyone at EA.

If the Sims 3 is all new to word of advice: DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY PATCHES These patches are being released in order to fix problems...but make things worse. Then they release patches to fix the previous patches. just makes more problems.

I refused to install their last patch fix and after reading how badly this 5th version messed up the game even more...I was glad that I refused.

I do own WA...but will not install it. After downloading EA's first 4 game has never been the same and they can no longer be trusted.

At this time I only see a recall of every Sims 3 game on the horizon. EA will never be able to repair the problems they have created...for each and every user.
I have a feeling that they are working on a new Sims 3 that incorporates all their updates and the latest expansion in a new improved release. There is no other solution.

So either stay away from WA if you haven't purchased it yet...or just don't open the one you have. Whatever you do...don't install it on your computer.

Wait for a real solution coming from EA in the form of a re-released game.
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on November 19, 2009
First a qualifier: I've been playing The Sims on PC since its inception. That said, I owned all of the EPs for Sims 1 and 2 and now Sims 3. I bought World Adventures on launch date and spent the next 10 hours struggling to play it. Before I could play it, I was advised that I had to install the new patch from EA so I did that at the same time. Now I'm not sure if it's the game, or the patch, but 90% of the houses I'd built and the families I'd created and raised were deleted by the addition of this EP. Additionally I am unable to save my progress due to "error 16" which seems to have affected everyone. EA has now released a patch to address that particular issue, however they have not come up with a resolution yet for the numerous other issues...

Aside from the households being deleted, there is also an obvious problem with my sims no longer being able to interact with each other. So they can't chat, tell jokes, get to know each other, flirt, "woohoo", or anything else that would require social interaction. Which means essentially, that until they patch this game, your sims will die out because you won't be able to form relationships that lead to child bearing.

There are other minor inconveniences such as inventories being deleted, reward objects no longer working and needing to be deleted, etc... My advice is too not buy the game right now. Wait until it's been fixed so that you don't have to endure the frustration of a virtually unplayable game.

On a more positive note, the scenary in the new locations are breathtaking and the game offers some fun new skills to build, but once again you can't really interact with anyone so all you can do is try to complete the missions.
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on December 31, 2011
Accepted an Opportunity to send my Sim to France, and once France loaded, my Sim wasn't there. This rendered the game unplayable, and I had to shut it down via ctrl+alt+del thru the Task Manager (which meant losing all that I'd done in that session). I looked up the issue online and found that many other people have had the same problem with World Adventures, so EA is aware. People have posted about it in the Sim 3 Forum, and yet the issue has not been addressed. I wish I'd have known about these glitches prior to purchasing, as I wouldn't have wasted my hard-earned money. Buyer beware.
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on May 15, 2011
Here's the thing. I am a big Sims fan. I've been with it from the originals. I love to play, and I was completely psyched for this expansion pack.

I thought it would be awesome to travel and a lot of the new skills and nuances like new fish, plants, bugs and random stuff sounded amazing. And it was... until it screwed up my tenth generation legacy family, and then glitched so terribly I have had to re-install the whole thing over 5 times. The people freeze, the game freezes, people disappear, Sims are all of the sudden flirting with their parents because they are no longer related.

Bottom Line: I wish I had never bought this game and known how cool it could be and then, have it ruin how fun it was. Believe me. I read these reviews and the first couple weeks I played with it I thought 'huh, doesn't glitch for me' but I promise it will, and you will hate knowing how cool it could have been if it worked. Skip it and send EA a message.
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on November 18, 2009
I've been playing for a day now, and while the adventures do offer a change from the normal everyday life of eat/shower/sleep for Sims, if you like to build houses there is not a lot of stuff added. Mostly decoration items, and doors and wallpapers for building tombs. There were no new buildings in the town that I could find. There are a few new hairstyles and a few new outfits for adults, I haven't checked with teen or toddler clothes yet. There are are also a few new personality traits and skills to learn as well.

The adventures themselves are okay. You start out with a very short amount of time at first, and you can't really accomplish much in that short time. You still have to keep up the needs of your Sim which can take awhile. When your vacation is up you return home and cannot take another vacation for two day. If you play your Sims on anything less than normal, you won't get to see very much of the adventure area's because there won't be enough time.

In my game I've only a couple of bugs, one which was kinda major was that I could not save a pre-existing family before install the world adventures pack. The second was that it slowed down game play waiting for everything to appear in the next room of the dungeon.
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