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on April 1, 2005
Dr. Stephen Sinatra has been an outspoken leader among physicians in the country on raising awareness of the relationship of supplements to cardiac health, especially Carnitine and Coenzyme Q-10. He has continued his campaign to raise awareness among physicians and the public, bringing nutrition, a real understanding of physiology and the generation of energy necessary for cardiac function back into the discussion of heart disease and cardiac rehabilitation. For too long medical discussions have centered only on which pharmaceutical drug might one use to reduce symptoms after the damage has occurred...and still, at most medical conferences, that is all that is discussed. Dr. Sinatra's preventive cardiology gives you an understanding of what it takes to keep your heart and circulation functioning at the "prime of life" level well into your advanced age. He has a holistic and compassionate understanding of all of the factors that make for a "sick heart' from dietary influences to environmental toxins, to the impact of unavoidable stress on our lives, and how we choose to deal with it.

Dr. Sinatra is also a contagious optimist, and a brilliant doctor. You will learn a lot from his book, and he writes as he speaks, very personably, very warm. I, as a physician, seize every opportunity I can to hear him speak, and quote his advice to my patients often.

Modern medicine is not really on the side of us staying healthy. We have to take responsibility for this ourselves. We have to learn from the masters who are generous enough to deeply study preventive medicine and give us the tools we need to heal and treat ourselves. This book is one of those indispensable tools.

Dr. Tedde Rinker, Anti-Aging Physician, Redwood City, California

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Be sure to order the UPDATED Sinatra Solution (Paperback) released March 2011 - the protocols were revised and enhanced! The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology

The information in Sinatra Solution is *crucial* for anyone with cardiac concerns or anyone who wants to better understand how to avoid developing heart disease and the associated metabolic related diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia. In this book, Dr. Sinatra explains the details behind his success of taking patients who were on heart transplant waiting lists and returning them to a normal quality of life, sometimes free of any prescription drugs whatsoever. Magic? Maybe! ;-)

In the back of this book Dr. Sinatra provides an easy to follow list of supplementation protocols based upon types of cardiac concerns, even for the "world class athlete" and anyone wanting to follow the "age management protocol" to avoid their own future cardiac concerns.

Eighteen months ago a cardiologist with Metro Heart Group near St. Louis (now known as SSM Heart Institute - same office, mostly same practitioners) told me "[your husband's] heart is so badly diseased ... his next step is a heart transplant." Three days later I took my husband back to the ER for probable pneumonia but instead five hours later the local ER team loaded my husband's IV line with Lasix then 2 hours later he experienced ventricular tachycardia with torsade de pointes (80% fatal rhythm) before flat-lining while in their care. After calling a code blue he was resuscitated with 200 joules electric shock and given several types of electrolytes by IV and injection. This was a very TRAUMATIC experience no one should be subjected!! Death, even temporary, is NOT good for a person's overall well-being!

After a week-long standoff in which my husband refused further cardiovascular intervention including having an AICD implanted despite their multiple attempts at coercion by entire teams of cardiologists, a local electro-physiologist informed me "Your husband will be dead within 2 weeks, likely in a few days." However, we learned the risks and complications associated with having an AICD implanted and realized that my husband did NOT want to have his quality of life impinged upon, even if it meant risking his death. We believed we were making the best decision in our particular situation. (To this day we still believe having had an AICD would have severely affected his quality of life due to his particular set of hobbies including amateur radio, broadcast journalism and public safety communications!!) If nothing else, no medical professional has been willing to answer the basic question "What will happen to someone with an AICD implanted in the case of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP)??"

Instead, together, we decided IT IS TIME TO TAKE BACK CONTROL OF OUR HEALTH! A wonderful friend strongly encouraged I get a copy of Dr. Sinatra's books (she specifically mentioned Sinatra Solution) ASAP if I wanted to help my husband remain among the living. I ordered this book through Amazon that very night and it arrived 2-3 days later. THANK YOU AMAZON!!

Possible heart transplant needed? AICD recommended? Likely dead in a few days?!?! NOT ANYMORE!!!

Within SIX WEEKS after the local cardiologist gave us that fateful prognosis and that fateful ER situation, my husband was able to resume normal daily activities, walk 5 miles in a single day and still go shopping that evening. Within a few short weeks of beginning Sinatra's protocols as described in this book, overall he had more energy and vitality than he had experienced in the past 30 years. My husband made a remarkable recovery!!

My husband's recovery is not a "miracle", it was a sensible recovery once the energy system of the human body is understood. We followed the protocols provided by Dr. Stephen Sinatra in this book, along with avoiding the "food chemicals" such as artificial food colors (FD&C Blue 1 has been casually linked to fatalities per the FDA's website), artificial sweeteners, bleached or enriched flour or commercial dough products which often contain brominated dough conditioners, white rice (brown rice is fine!), high fructose corn syrup, brominated vegetable oil, etc, along with a sensible exercise program.

In Sinatra Solution, Dr. Sinatra reveals his "awesome foursome" of supplements as magnesium, l-carnitine, co-enzyme Q-10 and d-ribose which all affect the energy system at the cellular level. We also learned the value of "fish pills" (as our current cardiologist calls them) as an anti-arrhythmic - also mentioned in the protocols this book. (The most economical source I have found for d-ribose is here on Amazon... NutraBulk D-Ribose Powder ONE KILOGRAM )

The most significant revelation that I learned by watching an interview of Dr. Stephen Sinatra M.D. that is MISSING from this book is the fact that ATP is related to the oriental concept of chi/qi. As he further points out in this book, the heart muscle cells require the most ATP than any other cell in the body. Hence d-ribose supplementation is crucial for boosting the level of ATP (chi/qi) in the sick cardiac patient. As Sinatra points out, the body doesn't make enough ribose during times of stress, hence why the ATP (chi/qi) production drops off. Sinatra further explains that ribose production is a high energy demand system within the body, hence production in the body is shut down during times of high stress.

I have since loaned out my personal copy of this book so many times that I now pick up extra copies to gift away to others. When my husband was hospitalized this year for an unrelated situation many of the hospital staff asked to borrow our copy of Sinatra Solution after hearing his story - kitchen staff, patient services, therapists, RNs, LPNs, even a medical doctor was intrigued to browse the book after hearing my husband's story (which was further validated by our current cardiologist.)

I began following Sinatra's protocols as outlined in this book to maintain a healthy heart since my mother and many of my family members have suffered with and died from heart disease - sometimes at a relatively young age. Since implementing the supplements recommended by Dr. Sinatra I have gone from being hypertensive to routinely having a blood pressure of 106/68 and I am no longer on any prescription drugs whatsoever. I am still obese, but now I have abundant energy to be more active hence I, too, am regaining my own health.

Thank you, Dr. Sinatra, you have helped us tremendously by sharing your candles of knowledge and experience!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2010: My husband recently celebrated his SECOND birthday since his untimely experience with DEATH at the hands of the medical team in Lake St. Louis, Missouri. Without learning of Dr. Sinatra's protocols as published in this book, these past 2 years would have been much different for us. Despite a serious blow with another illness (the doctors were stumped.. Lyme Disease? a polio-like encephalitis? or ? Perhaps the answer to this puzzle lurks in St. Charles?) my husband's ejection fraction has returned to close to the 50% range despite having previously been documented several times in the 15% to 20% range. 50% is in the NORMAL range - some would call it an AMAZING MIRACLE, we call it Metabolic Cardiology ;-)

UPDATE MARCH 2011: Since this saga began my husband has suffered a fractured hip, a compression fractured spine and some sort of "unknown virulent virus" that left him suffering "unilateral partial paralysis" (hence the fractures). Fortunately thanks to Metabolic Cardiology my husband's heart was strong enough to endure these injuries, surgery for the fractured hip and countless months of rehab. Unfortunately with all these major medical setbacks and resultant severely compromised mobility issues his LVEF has fallen and he's been forced into disability due to the combination of the myriad medical situations. HOWEVER, he is still very much alive, enjoying life free of medical devices and has now entered his 4th year "since death." He credits his survival to Sinatra's protocols and has told countless (thousands) of people that there is no way he would still be alive today without having followed the basic protocols of Metabolic Cardiology. We cannot begin to give enough credit to the concept of Metabolic Cardiology as developed by Dr. Sinatra for having given us the priceless gift of YEARS together after TEAMS of cardiologists and electro-physiologists in the St. Louis Metropolitan area refused to provide information on ANY alternatives outside of having an AICD implanted.

UPDATE APRIL 2012: We have now completed a full FOUR YEARS since the cardiologists and electro-physiologists near St. Louis informed me that I did not "understand it was a matter of life and death", that I did not "understand I was taking my husband home to die" and that "he will be dead within 2 weeks, probably a few days." I do NOT have a degree in medicine, I am NOT a medical professional. However, obviously we have learned the truth - there are other viable answers outside of pharmaceutical drugs, surgery and medical devices. He is not only still alive but living a relatively normal lifestyle despite other complicating factors. His employer eventually laid him off and told him to file for disability which was approved. He now has endured other medical issues completely unrelated to the initial heart issues which are now his most limiting physical conditions - a broken hip, a fractured back, partial paralysis stemming from an unknown virulent virus and most recently MRSA likely acquired while in the hospital for a serious burn / staph infected foot. However, without the Sinatra protocols, I am certain there is no way he would have lived through not one, not two, not three, but FOUR other serious medical issues that otherwise were life-threatening on their own accord. He is a real trooper and his story has inspired countless others to empower themselves to regain their own health. We have Dr. Stephen Sinatra and the Sinatra Solution to thank for our continued life together - there was ZERO hope for my husband to have a chance to live until a great friend led us to Sinatra's books. As we entered this 5th year of renewed life together we decided on some major life-changing events. Stay tuned... ;-)

UPDATE JAN 2013: He celebrates a mile marker birthday very soon - SIXTY!!! The party is also in celebration of FIVE FULL YEARS of Healthy Life, AFTER the doctors gave up on him. So yes, anything is possible, no matter how "end stage" the situation has become! We continue to faithfully follow Sinatra's protocols as outlined herein, we also adapted them for our Senior German Shepherd who benefited immensely from Sinatra's protocols as he recovered from paralysis from a severe spinal cord injury and related surgery this past summer. He is currently recovering from some unknown illness that even we suspected may have been leading him over Rainbow Bridge, but alas, some Chinese herbal broths and plenty of Metabolic Cardiology and he's running around, wagging his tail and tossing his favorite ball in the air as I post this update!

I have also been following a modified age management protocol for myself these past FIVE YEARS. Well last summer I endured an untreated Pulmonary Embolism for many weeks as doctors ran tests and puzzled over why some labs were still "normal" and questioned what I was enduring. Thanks Docs, I'll remember that... if someone tells you they are suffering from a PE, next time, BELIEVE THEM!! Apparently the protocols helped my heart to pump very strongly, very rapidly and very hard for quite a few weeks as the worst of the PE was endured. This experience has caused me to appreciate Metabolic Cardiology even more - although the PE ultimately affected my heart, I am sure my situation would have been far more grave had I not been supplementing wisely these past years.
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on August 28, 2005
I'm a person with severe heart problems I have been using his recommendations for 5 years and it has made a big difference to me. In this book he adds D Ribose to the treatment. This last material is one that I had never heard off. When I added it to the rest of things he recommends it really made a very big difference to me in reducing most all of my symtoms. If you have heart dissease you owe

it to yourself to read this book.
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on June 16, 2008
I wished there were more cardiologists like Dr. Sinatra who incorporates the use of proven supplements (supported by scientific studies)in their cardiology practice in addition to traditional treatments, diet and exercise. I esp appreciate the explanations he detailed-the biochemistry- of the awesome foursome: Coq10, l- carnitine, ribose and magnesium. This is a must read for cardiac patients. Before I read the book I was already taking CoQ10 the ubiquinol type from Life Extension and magnesium in addition to fish oil. I have recently added ribose before I received my book from Amazon. I did experienced the transient dizziness from ribose ( 2 episodes) as explained in the side effects section of ribose chapter. It reassured me so I will continue taking it. Now I will be ordering the l-carnitine. In addition to the book's great resource for heart patients, the healthy baby boomers (like me) should consider following the recommendations of Dr. Sinatra. Some readers may find the detailed explanation tedious reading and maybe would prefer to read the summary in the end of the book. His explanations why the supplements work affirmed what I knew and added more knowledge and understanding why these supplements are important. Thank you Dr. Sinatra.
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on July 12, 2005
This is an awesome book containing so much pertinent and vital information on preventing and treating heart disease. Dr. Sinatra presents information in an easy to read fashion...explaining technical medical terms and functions to the lay person in a way we can understand. I also appreciated his use of graphs, tables and charts.

This is the first book I have ever read of Dr. Sinatra's. Prior to reading this book, I had only read his monthly newsletters. In the book, I thoroughly enjoyed all of his examples from his practice along with his personal history and journey that has led him to this point in his career. His exceptional care and heartfelt concern for people are rarely witnessed in this often sterile, cold age of increased technology and information.

It is very obvious from reading "The Sinatra Solution", that Dr. Sinatra has a passion for health and longevity and compassion for people. He's a REAL doctor. He is always learning, always reading, always asking questions and seeking...never giving up!

I highly recommend this book for anyone with heart challenges or a family history of heart challenges.
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on July 21, 2008
Dr. Sinatra's analysis and advice has saved us from going through unnecessary, unhelpful, invasive treatments and medications for artery blockage and congestive heart failure. Most conventional treatments make you feel worse not better and you can never get off of them. More physicians should recognize the value of nutritional supplements which allow the body to heal itself.

We have learned that symptoms and damage due to cardiac disease are reversible. Dr. Sinatra's clearly presented, easily understood advice has been invaluable in helping us to do that.
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on August 21, 2006
I read roughly three "health" books per week. It is my hobby. All of the books by Steve Sinatra are excellent, but so far, in my mind, this is the best! Dr. Sinatra writes clearly and succinctly. He is easy to understand. And, after reading a "gillion" health books, I think his answers to some of the problems addressed in the book are light years better than those presented elsewhere. This is a must read!
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on December 3, 2008
For 7 years I had to take a nap every day due to "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome". I got over my need for a daily nap when I got off of all sugar, all wheat, and started drinking "Green Smoothies" daily. After I "got my life back" I took on a physically demanding job and started having "tiredness issues" again. I found this book and read in reviews that the same supplement Dr. Sinatra recommends for heart issues help with Chronic Fatigue. These supplements have done WONDERS for my ability to recover from the physical exertion my job requires.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is tired and in need of energy! (However, supplements should never replace sound, healthy eating habits!)
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on June 26, 2007
Dr Sinatra has written a great book ! It has lots of information that we can use.
He tells us that blood flow to the heart increases 38 % in people taking CoQ10, also this same people will have a 9 % improvement in the heart functional capacity. Foods rich in CoQ10 are Oily fish with high levels of Omega-3 (salmon ), organ meats and whole grains. (Just in case you decide to go the food way ). He also mentions that the best CoQ10 is made with the Bio-Solv technology and is called Q-Gel. Just Google it.

He says that the "Twin Pillars of Healing" are CoQ10 and L-Carnitine, they both enhance energy at a cellular level.
CoQ10 sparks energy in the cells and L-Carnitine is necessary to bring the fuel into the heart cells to be burned for energy, and the heart needs constant energy to pump properly.

He also talks about other very important nutrients like Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), OPC's (grape seed and Pycnogenol ), etc.

Psssss......Let me tell you a secret.....All of my MD. friends take CoQ10.

Buy this book, it's so good ! has so much detail. Also "Heart Sense for Women" by Dr, Sinatra , is excellent.
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on March 18, 2009
This book is a really welcome addition to the growing field of metabolic cardiology (the role of food nutritional supplements to improve heart health - not a dictionary definition).

The author Stephen T. Sinatra is a Board Certified Cardiologist, a certified bio-energetic psychotherapist and a certified nutrition and anti-aging specialist. At his practice in Manchester, Connecticut, USA, he integrates conventional medicine with complementary nutritional and psychological therapies to help heal the heart.

This book gives detailed information, backed by many case studies and other published research papers, on the role of Coenzyme Q10, L-Carnitine, D-Ribose and Magnesium in maintaining and improving heart health and also diseases of the peripheral blood vessels, muscles and conditions like Fibromyalgia etc.

The introduction by Dr. James C. Roberts, M.D, F.A.C.C. is really excellent and gives a good idea of the subject. Chapter 8 and the Conclusion also are helpful in allowing you to decide whether the book will be helpful for you. Chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 deal with the four supplements in detail. The book has a glossary, Resources, References and an Index.

An excerpt: In congestive heart failure (CHF), like other cardiovascular and many other disease syndromes, the actual root causes can be quite varied, from weakened heart muscle, to overly tight or overly loose heart valves, and so on. And while it is definitely appropriate that cardiologists (and other medical practitioners) use the conventional drugs mentioned to treat CHF - because they work - consideration toward adding powerful nutritional supports like L - Carnitine, coenzyme Q10, and D-Ribose is equally judicious.

Only by adding the these three nutritional supports will practitioners be treating symptoms as well as directing nutrition to the cellular level, where it can make a real difference on the underlying pathology. I have watched from the side lines as the simple addition of these nutrients has affected my patients' quality of life most positively... and has even helped them live longer than expected with their heart conditions.

(From Pages 93 and 94, Chapter 5)

End of the excerpt

I would suggest that you check out the Introduction, the Chapter 8 (Sinatra Solution) and the Conclusion.

The Writing Style, Editing and Printing are very good. The subject is very difficult to explain in layman's language but the author and editors tried their best.

For whom the book is meant: Patients and their care givers. Many health professionals will find this a good handy guide to the field.

Recommendation: An excellent buy for preventive and maintenance care of the heart and general health. Will make an excellent gift to your family members, friends and their cardiologists and of course to yourself too!
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