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on January 22, 2007
This book is the BEST personal finance book I've ever read--without a question. It is totally different from other personal finance and investing books out there (and I should know since I've pretty much read them all). What makes this book different is that it's not filled with information. Instead, it is filled with how-to advice. It's like having an expert financial advisor sit across the table from you.

This guy knows how to simplify things to make it easy to implement the advice. I can't wait for his next book!
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on January 22, 2007
I started attending a Beyond Wealth program a few months back and started to get my self to financial freedom. At the program I was gifted two books Becoming a Billionaire God's Way and Think like a billionaire. I have read both these books and my life was changed I was able to change my thinking to bring myself out of financial debt and into financial freedom. Then I wanted to continue to grow in abundance so I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, after reading this book I felt I had an even better grasp on my finances but it wasn't until I read The Six- Day Financial Makeover when I finally felt extrememly confident about our finance. THis book lays things out in ways that will you allow to totally understand why you are needing to change what you are doing with your money to maximize your money. I strongly suggest this book to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on January 22, 2007
My wife and I are very much into financial planning for our future. We've spent a lot of time and money getting things in order so I could not help but wonder to myself, do I really need this book? Is what we've done so far way beyond the contents of this book?

Five minutes into it, the answer was clearly no. Six-Day Financial Makeover has very sound, practical advice for every investor regardless of net worth. After reading the first 20 pages I created a list of follow up questions for my advisor.

DO NOT! I repeat, DO NOT leave all the details to someone else. Pick up this book and do your own due diligence. Make sure you've dotted every "I" and crossed every "T".
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on November 18, 2008
Are you ready to get your financial house in order? Are you ready to find an exciting financial vision for the future? Robert Pagliarini claims you can do both in just six short days. Is it really doable?

Robert Pagliarini is a wealth advisor who has appeared of ABC's 20/20, been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, CNN and more. He comes to financial advising with an impressive background and quickly establishes that his advice is based on first-hand knowledge. He makes the bold claim that we can experience a six-day financial makeover with the complete confidence of man who knows what he's doing.

I have to admit I went into to this whole process with skepticism. Six months may be, but just six days in which to change our emotional, mental and physical relationships with money? That's difficult to believe.

I was doubtful to say the least. I purchased the downloadable version of The Six-Day Financial Makeover and began listening. I quickly realized I needed the written version too because I wanted to "see" what he was talking about. All the while this little voice in my mind kept saying, "This better be good."

First of all let me say if you can do all of the reading/listening, activities and paperwork in just six days, you're a better person than I. In my opinion, if you're serious about accomplishing everything in this book in less than a week, plan on taking the week off and devote full time to your studies with Robert Pagliarini.

Now on the plus side - there is a treasure trove of great advice and information in this book. It's not written in financial mumble-jumble but in language we can all understand and put into use immediately. That's a BIG plus on my scorecard.

The Six-Day Financial Makeover is thorough - probably one of the most thorough personal finance books I've ever read. It's also well written, practical and covers most everything you'll need to know to get your personal financial house in order.

Robert's advice is logical and sequential. He begins at the beginning and takes you step-by-step through a very workable financial action plan. He includes checklists at the end of each chapter with activities to be completed before continuing on to the next day's studies. This is a great way to stay on track and keep organized.

I especially was impressed with the time, effort and detail he put into the chapter "Design The Life Of Your Dreams." I am in total agreement that if your dream/goal isn't big and vivid enough, the motivation won't be there to achieve it. I truly enjoyed this chapter.

The Six-Day Financial Makeover is like having a personal financial advisor at your fingertips. This book is filled with information, resources and how-tos to support your "living the life of your dreams." It is filled with valuable and viable financial information - information that a layperson can understand and use. It's well worth investing your time, energy and money in this financial resource and guide.

This book is now definitely in my top ten of modern finance books - a must read if you're truly serious about taking and keeping control of your financial life. To me this was more than a finance book; it was also a book about getting your entire life in order.
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on May 28, 2007
Very practical if you make a lot more money than you have expenses. If you don't have a lot of extra cash, then you can't invest in all the strategies listed in this book.
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on February 18, 2007
There are so many books about personal finance. I have not read them all, but have read many (if not most) of the bestsellers. The authors of these bestsellers may be very intelligent, but rarely do they adequately portray useful advice to the reader. They will fill 200 pages with obvious statements, trivial theories, or vague advice (or maybe all three). I have been looking for a book that lays out a simple, direct plan. Finally, I found the right book. The author of this book provides intelligent, straightforward advice with easy to follow action steps. It may sound like a cliché, but I'll say it anyways...If you are only going to buy one book on personal finance, this is the one.
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on March 25, 2007
This book is a must read for anyone that is looking for a way to feel comfortable about their finances. I am currently a college student making about $1,400 a month and still attending college. Before this book, I was using credit cards to live "above my own means." But by reading this I have started to save for retirement, invest some money and still pay the bills and do all of it on just my small income. It doesn't matter how much you make, but with this book, Robert Pagliarini will show you how to maximize what you do make. I highly recommend it!
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on October 28, 2007
Not just another financial book, but the BEST personal financial book ever published.
In just 6-days following, step by step, this practical and proven system (It worked miracle for me and my family) you can reach, not that far, your financial freedom and that is not all, your everyday day life will be better and better.
When you read this book you learn "to design the life of your dreams". Read it! Do not waste time. I recommend "The Six-Day Financial Makeover" to everyone and especially to those people that are new immigrants in America and need a guide for accomplishing the Great American Dream and learning the importance of Financial Independence.
Mr. Pagliarini, thank you for the book, for how it changed our lives, and for the fun we had with the "Action Steps" of every chapter.
Almost forgot how great the web site is, [...]
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on December 22, 2010
I would concur that some of the material covered is basic, but the basics never go out of style. The six day part is misleading, but then we could all probably figure that out before reading the book

My primary frustration with the book is that it keeps referring to the [...] for more information and tools. When you go to the website it's been shut down. Either maintain it as long as the book is being sold as "new" or bring out a new edition that deletes all the website references. This doesn't make you feel warmly toward buying any other books by this author.
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on May 17, 2007
It was so Easy to follow and to understand. My husband and I were in a financial pit and this book helped us organize and taught us how to get ourselves on the right path of becoming debt free and start knowing how to save for our future. I have recommended it to everyone I know.
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