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5.0 out of 5 stars Dramatic. Funny. Memorable. Excellent.
The death of Carmine, family crime boss of New York, sets up the organizational tug of war that operates through the fifth season. The brutal push and shove between Little Carmine and Johnny Sack provides the dramatic backdrop as tensions mount between the families. Through it all, Tony tries to maintain neutrality but finds himself, as usual, in the thick of things...
Published on June 30, 2005 by Jeffrey E Ellis

3.0 out of 5 stars Strong start, poor finish
One star for each of the first three seasons. The rest : Forget about it!
Published 2 months ago by Maenneken

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53 of 59 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Dramatic. Funny. Memorable. Excellent., June 30, 2005
Jeffrey E Ellis (Naperville, IL USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Sopranos: Season 5 (DVD)
The death of Carmine, family crime boss of New York, sets up the organizational tug of war that operates through the fifth season. The brutal push and shove between Little Carmine and Johnny Sack provides the dramatic backdrop as tensions mount between the families. Through it all, Tony tries to maintain neutrality but finds himself, as usual, in the thick of things.

On the home front there are several touching and poignant moment between our lovable thug, Tony, and his long-suffering wife, Carmella. Slowly and sweetly, they inch toward each other; each painfully aware of the sensitive issues and the deep divide which separate them. In a grimly amusing scene, Tony may have found Carmella's price.

Without question, this is Gandolfini's finest hour. He gives a performance which portrays not only the ruthlessness and thuggery of Tony Soprano but also the maturity, thoughtfulness, humor and depth of a caring husband father. No humanitarian awards just yet, though, this is brutal gangsterism and intimidation of innocents, after all. Carmella, Christopher, and Adriana also deliver their very best performances to date. Well-deserving of their awards and recognition.

Adriana's episode commentary in bonus features is worth listening to.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Sopranos, Season 5: All Due Respect deserved., March 26, 2006
Felix Felicis (Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Sopranos: Season 5 (DVD)
The fifth season of The Sopranos was arguably the best since Season 1, with a few long running subplots from previous seasons resolved and new characters and problems added to mix, often in shockingly dramatic fashion. Here are capsules for each of the episodes in this fantastic season:

Episode 1 - "The Two Tonys" - As per last season's brilliant finale, "Whitecaps", Tony and Carmela are still on the outs. Carmela needs help dealing with AJ's attitude and also with a lumbering bear (metaphor alert) that is fond of their backyard but she refuses to ask Tony for assistance. Tony is working on taking his relationship with Dr. Melfi in a "new direction". Meanwhile, the NJ and NY families are excited that the "Class of '04" is being released from prison - Angelo Garepe and Phil Leotardo to NY and Feech La Manna and later Tony's cousin Tony Blundetto for NJ. Unfortunately, NY boss Carmine Sr. suffers a stroke and dampens the proceedings. A dense and involving first ep that also features a funny subplot between Paulie and Christopher.

Episode 2 - "The Rat Pack" - Jack Masserone is suddenly very chatty with Tony, and Tony wonders why. The painting that Masserone gave him may be a psychological giveaway. The FBI is turning the screws to Adriana, who almost gives away her secret at ladies night, but later finds a way to make it useful for her. Carmine Sr. passes away, and his son Carmine Jr. and consiglieri Johnny Sack look to be headed to war; Tony wants no part of it. Everyone rejoices as Tony B is released from prison, but what he wants now that he's out is to go straight. And Tony's not happy about it.

Episode 3 - "Where's Johnny?" - Johnny Sack strikes first to consolidate control of NY quickly by whacking soldier Lorraine Calluzzo, and Tony's still trying to stay neutral, waiting to pick up "crumbs from the fallout". Feech and Paulie aren't exactly getting along on the home front. Junior keeps busting Tony's chops but it's not intentional; his condition is getting much worse. A very poignant emotional end to this one.

Episode 4 - "All Happy Families" - Feech is causing all sorts of problems for Tony, who remembers Richie Aprile and decides Feech has to go. He comes up with a clever method of dispatching him. Carmine Jr. wants to retaliate for the hit on Lorraine Calluzzo. A.J. has a crazy night out in Manhattan and an exaperated and resentful Carmela sends him to live with Tony - much to Tony's chagrin.

Episode 5 - "Irregular Around the Margins" - A great episode, alternatingly very funny and very dramatic in typical Sopranos style. Adriana and Tony are caught in a awkward position and though nothing happened, everyone's talking. Christopher can't take it and is going bonkers. Tony may have to do something drastic about his hotheaded nephew until Tony B comes up with a plan that saves face (and possibly a lot more) for everyone.

Episode 6 - "Sentimental Education" - Tony B gets an unexpected offer in his quest to go straight, with disastrous results. Carmela's loneliness manifest itself in attraction for A.J.'s counselor Mr. Wegler, and she does something daring that she comes to regret very quickly. Will the rest of her life always be clouded because she was married to Tony Soprano?

Episode 7 - "In Camelot" - Tony goes to visit his father's grave and runs into Fran Felstein, Johnny's old goomah. She appears to be a "classy broad" at first but appearances can be deceiving, and she conjures up some painful memories. Tony and Phil Leotardo have a little "misunderstanding" about profit distribution. Chris tries to help out his writer buddy JT Dolan, fresh from rehab, but Dolan may have another problem - gambling. And his problems just got a whole lot worse.

Episode 8 - "Marco Polo" - Tony reluctantly agrees to pay for some damage to Phil's car, and sends her to Pussy's old body shop (now being run by his wife Angie). But Phil isn't too thrilled with the repair job. Carmela wants a surprise 75th birthday bash for her father, who learns of the party from Uncle Junior and throws a fit when he learns Tony isn't coming. Tony does come at Carmela's request and the two share a "friendly moment" in the swimming pool after hours. How much did it mean to either of them? Tony B gets involved in the NY struggle in a big way, disobeying direct orders, by whacking NY soldier Joey Peeps for some extra "freelancing" cash. All hell is about to break loose...

Episode 9 - "Unidentified Black Males" - Johnny Sack suspects who hit Joey, and so does Tony. When he confronts his cousin, it doesn't go well. But he still protects him, over his feelings of guilt on the night Tony B got pinched and Tony didn't show. Carmela is angered that the romp in the pool apparently meant nothing to Tony and moves to "agressively pursue" divorce proceedings and her share. Tony gets Meadow's boyfriend Finn a job at the construction site, and he learns a dangerous secret about capo Vito Spatafore. Finn and Meadow, after much arguing, have some good news to announce - they're getting engaged. And Finn just literally saved his behind for the forseeable future. A great one.

Episode 10 - "Cold Cuts" - Johnny Sack is acting up because he knows Tony is protecting his cousin, and Tony isn't too pleased. Janice gets arrested on top of all this, and Tony orders her to get her anger issues under control. Tony B and Christopher have had a strained relationship but get some bonding done while digging up some old friends on their Uncle Pat's upstate farm.

Episode 11 - "The Test Dream" - In this brilliant, twisty surreal nightmare, Tony B's prison buddy Angelo Garepe is whacked by Phil Leotardo in revenge for Joey Peeps, and everyone is on edge. Tony's goomah Valentina accidentally burns herself, and Tony checks into the Plaza for a good night's sleep. Instead, he has a recurrung dream about his old gym teacher, subconciously asking whether he's ready to "do what needs to be done" by associates past and present. He awakes to some bad news - Tony B has killed Billy Leotardo, Phil's brother, in vengeance; Phil is in the hospital. And New Jersey is now fully screwed.

Episode 12 - "Long Term Parking" - A body was found washed ashore and the feds think Adriana is involved; the perp was a drug dealer at her club and surveillance video shows her acting strangely. They pick her up and she desperately convinces them she might be able to get Christopher to flip. Christopher doesn't take it so well, and Adriana finally gets an overdue vacation. Meanwhile, Johnny Sack finally becomes Don of NY as Carmine Jr. bows out, and both he and Phil want Tony B on a platter. Tony isn't serving up anything...yet. A heartbreaking but inevitable ep, and Michael Imperioli and Drea de Matteo absolutely shine in their blistering final scenes together.

Episode 13 - "All Due Respect" - Carmela and Tony finally get back together via a mutual "compromise". Tony B has been in hiding but Tony knows where he is and he isn't saying. Christopher is becoming a target and good soldier Benny gets a stern beating by NY. The Jersey crews are getting nervous; they all think Tony is being too protective of his cousin at their expense. Their right, and Tony knows it, but he can't give up his cousin so easily. Soon he overcomes his guilt and makes his fateful decision, on his own terms. Johnny Sack and Phil aren't too pleased, but who cares? Tony once again has earned all due respect from his own crew and that's all that matters. But how much has it cost him? As we end Season 5, the feds hit Johnny Sack with Tony right there at his house; he escapes to the safety of his home, with Carmela waiting for him. A perfect ending to a wonderfully executed season.

The DVD edition has several standout commentary tracks, most notably acclaimed director Mike Figgis, who guest-directed "Cold Cuts" and offers an outsider and fan perspective in his thoughts. Drea de Matteo also offers a laid back track on "Long Term Parking" that's not too insightful but pretty honest and informative about her views on her role throughout the show. Overall, Season 5 once again raises the bar for TV in general and "The Sopranos" as a whole, and Season 6 is so far doing the same. So if you haven't already bought this set and everything that came before, what are you waiting for?
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5.0 out of 5 stars Flawless - their best season since the first, April 22, 2005
This review is from: The Sopranos: Season 5 (DVD)
At the end of season 5 of The Sopranos, when the bear himself wanders out of the woods and back into his house, you realize you've seen a season of television that should be unheard of. It had the action and violence to get the fans back who went wayward in season 4, sure, but what it REALLY has is the most astonishing depth of characters ever put on the small screen. The escalation of Adriana's story - from nearly weeping a confession in "The Rat Pack," to her suspicious car crash with Tony in "Irregular Around the Margins," to the unforgettable death that makes "Long Term Parking" one of the most unshakeable Sopranos hours ever proves that this show is nothing but a master at plotting - and at humanity. Drea de Mateo is so unforgettable, she should be the true hero of the season, but I'm afraid James Gandolfini has gone farther this season than in all the previous four combined. His scenes with Dr. Melfi have a renewed air of importance, and as the guilt over Tony B grows and grows, we're left with some of the most staggering truths about him we've yet to encounter. And the rest of the cast are no slouches either - Meadow's quiet manipulation of Finn to get her to propose to him ("Unidentified Black Males"), Carmela's moving affair/screw up ("Sentimental Education"), Christopher's bizarre collision of recovery and mobsterdom ("In Camelot"), Johnny Sack's arrogant takeover of the New York throne ("Where's Johnny), Junior's confrontation of strokes and death ("Where's Johnny"/"In Camelot"). And that dream? It all adds up to make season 5 the proof that the Sopranos seems to have rewritten all the rules for the small screen, and still knows how to break a few more. In short: 13 episodes of one masterpiece.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Unraveling Into Chaos..Can't Wait for Season 6, April 24, 2005
This review is from: The Sopranos: Season 5 (DVD)
During a remarkable Season 5, we witness the complete breakdown of relationships among Tony Soprano's two families. We begin with a rudderless and lonely Tony facing his past demons, first with having to live inside the birthplace of all his inner termoil, his mother's house. He then has to confront the his past shortcomings as a member of his business orginizations. Whether it is the demise of a betraying lover, a bloody power struggle in NY, or the humbling return to a loveless marriage, Season 5 has left us with certain knowledge that no relationship on any level has been left intact and that Season 6 will prove to be a scramble to survive.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Still the best show on TV, June 4, 2005
This review is from: The Sopranos: Season 5 (DVD)
Don't listen to John Q. Public, who probably has never given the show a chance. It is completely asanine to give this DVD a bad review because you don't like the mob lifestyle, or think it's innappropriate to "glorify" it. Bottom line - this show has been the best television has to offer for the past five years. It has amazing character arcs, plots and dialogue, ignoring most TV conventions to bring you the most groundbreaking series in recent memory. Even after watching each episode five or six times, I can't help but sit back and smile to myself, amazed at how well done and complex each show is. Each episode usually has an underlining theme, which you may only notice at a base level at first, but subsequent viewings will completely surprise you at well thought-out and deeply interwoven these themes are. It's something straight out of classic cinema, and it's a beautiful thing.
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5.0 out of 5 stars This season delivers!, March 17, 2005
This review is from: The Sopranos: Season 5 (DVD)
Just another solid hit (season) from the Sopranos! 5th season is just as original as previous seasons! Buscemi makes the show so much fresher as he plays cousin Tony who tries to go straight but ends up going back into the family business. Cousin Tony causes big problems for the boss (Tony Soprano) and he hits a dilemma on choosing his blood or his other family. Very interesting twists and turns here that and the outcomes were totally unexpected. Gandolfini plays his role perfectly with sides of wit, humor and all seriousness. The supporting cast is the best emsembled in television history. Do not miss if you are a Sopranos fan. If you just found about this great show, I recommend you watch all the previous seasons first then watch this.

This is the only show I am eagerly anticipating to return every season and I have no patience for it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Still an Elite Show, July 22, 2006
L.A. Scene (Indian Trail, NC USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Sopranos: Season 5 (DVD)
There aren't many television shows in the 50+ years of television history that can be categorized as a "weekly event". A "weekly event" show basically has everyone talking about the episode the next day. In the 1980s, shows such as "Dallas" and "Dynasty" were "weekly events". In the 1990s, "Seinfeld" would take emerge as the show that would become a "weekly event". As Seinfeld wound up, another show would soon take that title into the 21st century - that show being HBO's "The Sopranos". "The Sopranos" would be different in that it was a show that appeared on a premium (pay) cable station and would prove that premium cable stations can produce high quality shows that provide high levels of enjoyment. I'm wasn't someone who subscribed to HBO so I felt on the "outside" on the "talk" that surrounded the episodes of "The Sopranos". However that didn't stop my curiosity about wanting to watch the show. Once I watched "The Sopranos - The Complete First Season", I not only got an appreciation for the show - but I now understood where all of the hype came from on this show. With the exception of a slight tip in the quality of the show during Season 3, the show has maintained both high quality and high entertainment value. This set, "The Sopranos - The Complete Fifth Season" is no exception to why the show among the elite television shows in history.

The show focuses on an organized Italian-American crime family that is based in North Jersey. The main character of the show is Tony Soprano played brilliantly by James Gandolfini. Tony is the head of the fictional DiMeo crime family. On the show, we see Tony try to balance his "work" in the DiMeo crime family with his home life. Tony also suffers from panic attacks and depression and therefore sees a psychiatrist - Dr. Jennifer Melfi (played by Lorraine Bracco).

Here are some of the key storylines from Season 5:

1-Tony Soprano and his wife Carmela (played by Edie Falco) are separated. During the separation, Carmela has a short-fling with Anthony Soprano Jr's guidance counselor Robert Wengler (played by David Strathairn)

2-Tony Soprano's cousin, Tony Blundetto is released from prison. Originally, Tony B wants to make an "honest living" and seeks to get is massage license. Eventually Tony B will get lured back to mob life and begin to create havic on Tony Soprano's life.

3- The New York Mafia has an internal power struggle between Carmine Lupertazzi Jr (played by Ray Abruzzo) and Johnny Sack (played by Vincent Curatola). Tony Soprano will be caught right in the middle - especially when Tony B gets involved in the power struggle

4-Tony Soprano will resume his counseling sessions with Dr. Melfi. As has been the case with the previous seasons, there still is nothing done to develop either Dr. Melfi's character or her storyline. This becomes very evident when Tony Soprano attempts to woo Dr. Melfi in Season 5's first episode. Once again, this storyline will not develop much.

5-Christopher Molitsanti (played by Michael Imperioli) will struggle to stay clean and sober following his stint in drug rehabilitation the previous season. While he will have his problems with Paulie Walnuts and Tony Blundetto, he will face his biggest problems with his fiancée Adriana La Cerva (played by Drea De Matteo) and with his "Uncle" and "Boss", Tony Soprano.

6-Adriana will continue to used by the FBI as an informant. This situation will torment Adriana throughout the year and reach a climax by the season's end.

7-Uncle Junior (played by Dominic Chianese) will continue to suffer from dementia and his condition will worsen throughout the year.

8-Meadow Soprano's (played by Jamie-Lynn Di Scala) relationship with dental student Finn DeTrolio (played by Will Janowitz) will continue to grow. Finn's role will be expanded in Episode 9 - when Tony Soprano gets him a job at a construction site - giving Finn "interactions" with several members of the DiMeo crime family.

9-Anthony Soprano Jr. (played by Robert Iler) will once again get into trouble both in and out of school - much of which will stem from Tony and Carmela's separation.

10-Janice Soprano (played by Aida Turturro) will adjust to married life to Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri (played by Steven R. Schirippa) as well as play mother to his children. Janice and Bobby will suddenly be seen married in the first episode without any references to when the wedding occurred (there was no hint of Janice and Bobby getting engaged at the end of Season 4).

Here are some other points to consider from Season 5:

- There are several cameo appearances by famous actors. These actors include David Lee Roth, Lawrence Taylor, and Annette Bening. Frankie Valli has a recurring role as Rusty Millio - a solider in the New York Crime Family.

- The character who really develops the most is Johnny Sack. As the season went on, I enjoyed watching him more. This season also introduces another entertaining character - Phil Leotardo (played by Frank Vincent) who works for Johnny. I also enjoyed Phil as the season progressed.

- This season introduces the storyline of Vito Spatafore (played by Joseph R Gannascoli) being gay.

- While I didn't enjoy Tony's long dream in episode 11, it does bring back many "dead" characters who have cameos - including Richie Aprile, Sal Bonpensiero, and Gloria Trillo.

- Perhaps the most interesting episode is episode 5 - involving an attraction between Tony Soprano and Adriana.

Season 5 continues a trend on the Sopranos that I refer to as "the most exciting 60 minutes on television". Season 5 backs my claim that the Sopranos is of high quality and entertainment value.. As for the DVD packaging - besides the usual extras, one thing I really liked was how there was a brief textual synopsis provided on the screen before playing the episode. Overall, this is a very good and entertaining set - highly recommended.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A truly great series..., April 20, 2005
This review is from: The Sopranos: Season 5 (DVD)
Along with Sex And The City, the HBO original series The Sopranos took the world by storm in the late-1990s with its cutting edge drama and acerbic wit. A cross between The Godfather and the traditional nuclear sitcom family, the show provided a unique experience for a niche audience that quickly developed into a barrage of dedicated fans. Nominated for countless Emmy's, and winner of at least four in every one of its seasons except Season 2 (in which it carried home one), The Sopranos has cemented itself as one of the elite shows in television history...

Golden Globe performer James Gandolfini plays the title role of Tony Soprano, a middle-aged father of two, loving husband, and successful businessman. But contrary to a typical sitcom, Tony finds himself irritated by his kids Anthony and Meadow (Robert Iler and Jamie Lynn Sigler), he cheats on his wife Carmela (Edie Falco), and the business organization responsible for his success is the mafia (of which he is the local boss). All the confusion in Tony's life leads to massive amounts of stress, prompting him to regularly visit a therapist, Dr. Jennifer Melfi (Lorraine Bracco) - one of the few outsiders he trusts. Following a classic prime time soap opera format, quite similar to the hit TV show Dallas, The Sopranos provides audiences with a glimpse into the life and times of a mafia boss, where we find out that being a mob kingpin isn't the glamour life often portrayed in the movies...

The Sopranos (Season 5) DVD offers a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere "Two Tonys" in which Tony makes a play for Dr. Melfi following his recent separation from Carmela, but Carmela calls on Tony for help in fending off a bear that keeps returning to their house. Meanwhile, Christopher gets in an argument with Paulie when he realizes he's always stuck paying for dinner... Other notable episodes from Season 5 include "All Happy Families..." in which Tony and Carmela fight over A.J.'s behavior while Carmela becomes interested in A.J.'s school guidance counselor, and "Marco Polo" in which Tony and Carmela reunite (at least for one evening) after she invites Tony to her father's birthday party...

Below is a list of episodes included on The Sopranos (Season 5) DVD:

Episode 53 (Two Tonys)

Episode 54 (Rat Pack)

Episode 55 (Where's Johnny?)

Episode 56 (All Happy Families...)

Episode 57 (Irregular Around the Margins)

Episode 58 (Sentimental Education)

Episode 59 (In Camelot)

Episode 60 (Marco Polo)

Episode 61 (Unidentified Black Male)

Episode 62 (Cold Cuts)

Episode 63 (The Test Dream)

Episode 64 (Long Term Parking)

Episode 65 (All Due Respect)

The DVD Report
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5.0 out of 5 stars Tony's Season, June 25, 2006
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Sopranos: Season 5 (DVD)
Dr. Jennifer Melfi quotes Yeats to Tony: "The center cannot hold." Although Tony doesn't get the reference, it stands as an epigraph to Season Five and to Tony's character in general. The tensions that make Tony a lovable psychopath also, in Season Five, threaten to rip him apart: most importantly, his genuine affection for and desire to protect his family come into conflict with his duties as a crime boss.

A variety of insights emerge as various characters attempt to come to grips with who Tony really is. Silvio: his besetting sin is pride; Paulie: he is a old-style general worthy of respect and admiration; Carmela: his vulnerability makes him worth loving; Dr. Melfi: he retreats from accepting responsibility to the cocoon of sentimentality. A brilliant dream sequence at the center of the series -- a kind of epiphany of Tony -- dramatizes all these features of his character.

This is Tony's season, where we witness his fumbling attempts to take responsibility for his messes at the same time that we observe how easily he is tempted into rage and denial. Deeply complex, the script provides the perfect vehicle for the monumental talent of James Gandolfino. I personally prefer Season Four because it makes more space for the world of the Soprano women, but, in its anatomy of Tony himself, nothing beats Season Five.
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5.0 out of 5 stars "Col tempo la foglia di gelso diventa seta", June 10, 2005
This review is from: The Sopranos: Season 5 (DVD)
"Time and patience change the mulberry leaf to satin."

Changes could be the theme for the fifth installment of the Sopranos saga. With Carmella and Tony's separation in the works in a way that Tony hadn't hoped for, this creates family problems with his immediate family and his other family.

Tony has now found himself not only living in his mothers abandoned house with son AJ but tagging along certain divorcee Artie. Tony continues to try to woo his former psychologist Dr. Jennifer Melfi, who isn't very interested, His soon to be cousin-in-law Adriana is starting to create distractions as well as the never ending power struggle in the New York mob scene and never forgotten grudges will arise leaving Tony to "pick up the crumbs". Newly Released mob members like Tony. B, Soprano's cousin are out on parole after serving many years in jail, and some hit the ground running, others ask for a clean shot at a new life (but not for long). Even his uncle and brother-in-law create problems financially and emotionally for the New Jersey Don, Plus with all these problems and challenges climaxing and clawing its way into Tony's mind, Tony is left to plot out and worry about everything even besides the FBI as he make decisions even he doesn't want to make leaving the people affected feeling the anguish and the aftermath. Tony also makes breakthroughs in therapy as the wind brings many changes along through the New Jersey turnpike into both of the Soprano families...A great story line with superb acting and writing mixed with an unforgettable ending makes this season another very original and fascinating season into the lives the mob family we all love, leaving us wanting more and more!

"Hell hath no fury like The Family."
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