Customer Reviews: The Spinsterlicious Life: 20 Life Lessons For Living Happily Single and Child-free
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on March 26, 2012
I ordered Eleanore Wells' The Spinsterlicious Life on the recommendation of a friend, and the title alone had me fully intrigued.

Based on some of the essays found on her blog of the same name, The Spinsterlicious Life recounts Wells' adventures in life and dating as a woman of a certain age who has chosen to remain single and childless.

I admit that although I was excited to read this one, I also approached it with a degree of trepidation. While Wells happily celebrates her choices, I am not single and childless by choice. Still, it's the circumstance in which I find myself, and what resonates from Wells is the message that a single life, a life not defined by motherhood, is not a wasted or incomplete life.

The sisterhood of the single is an intimate one, and Wells touches on so many of its nuances. The disconnection we feel when our formerly fabulous friends pair off and procreate- and then can talk about nothing but their children. This is a delicate area, hard to approach with our friends, and Wells handles it with aplomb, honesty, and just a touch of snarky humor: "...and we want the opportunity to have conversations with you that are as banal as those we're having with everyone else! And honestly, your kids are interesting, but they're not that interesting."

As a single by circumstance, I'm largely happy with my life. Still, it's sometimes hard to focus on what's cool about being single rather than focusing on not being part of a long term couple. Wells points out some great things about being single, including how as singles, we're less likely to be murdered by a loved one (I promise, this is an unexpectedly funny and simultaneously sad part of the book).

One of the things I'm most thankful for in The Spinsterlicious Life is Wells' assertion that you can't force chemistry. So many of my paired off friends try to talk me into liking a man when I just don't feel that click. With her vast dating experience Wells explains, quite well, how you can't force, and hell, shouldn't try to force chemistry. It's there or it isn't, and it's so much more fun to date a man when it's there.

For fabulous single and childless women - by choice or by circumstance- everywhere, The Spinsterlicious Life is a fast, fun read full of insights that make you feel a camaraderie with Eleanore Wells.
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on April 29, 2012
A new, much-needed voice for women who know -- or need to learn -- how to embrace a life of independence. Just as Susan Cain's "Quiet" explores and elevates the power of introversion, Eleanore Wells's "The Spinsterlicious Life" takes on societal perceptions of women who are unmarried and child-free, and shows the richness of a single life well-lived. Her confidence in living the life she has always wanted, and knew she was meant to have, is a blast of fresh air in a world full of stale stereotypes.
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on April 17, 2012
"There's nothing wrong with asking if I'm married, but the "yet" implies that this is something I must do." -Eleanore Wells
I read this book and loved it. I completely understood why she wrote it and where she was coming from. Being single at the advance age of, gasp, 29, I get asked a lot why I'm not married or why I haven't really had a desire for children. Invasive much? People don't seem to understand that these questions come across as rude. In Ms. Wells book she discusses how to deal with these questions with a bit of humor and she shares her own personal stories. I especially like how she explained her lack of desire for children. When people say to you, "Oh you'll change your mind." or "You have to have kids!" they truly need to back off and Ms. Wells gets that point across her in her book. She has a completely full life without having a husband or children. She also explains the disadvantages to her decision to live single and child free. There is no right way to live your life. I enjoyed how she shed light on the benefits and negatives about the choices she has made for her life. She doesn't sugar coat it but she is also completely upbeat and positive. I recommend this book to anyone, single or not, childfree or a parent. Anyone can find humor and inspiration from it. Cheers to you Eleanore!
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on August 13, 2012
I ordered this book to get another perspective on my own situation of being over 40 and never marrying or having kids. The book gave me a humorous and truthfull perspective that made me even more proud of being single and not having kids. Having a husband and child isn't for everyone, and having them does'nt guaranty a happy life. The book went into detail on the angle that not being married can be a great thing for some, and that there are positives and negatives to any situation. The author is full of humor, truthfullness and wisdom. Her perspective was refreshing and funny. I recommend this book.
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on March 23, 2014
One thing I was reminded of are the crime stats that men kill wives and especially if they are pregnant. I thought the book was useful, reminded me of many things I had learned along the way. My mother said if I did not keep my room clean, no one would marry me. The deal is I didn't want to marry then cause their rooms were a mess. I married at 21, divorced at 30 and never married again altho I had plenty of opportunity I am no 67 and the spinster life for me had been rewarding, fun, financially sound, and I have friends I can count on. There was no man I could ever count on. Bless their hearts.
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on April 19, 2016
Sassy and engrossing, chock full of tips for making the most of singledom, this book's strength rests on the personality (and writing ability) of the author. She's witty and incisive and shares her experiences -- both good and bad -- honestly and entertainingly.
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on October 11, 2012
I decided to purchase a Kindle version of this book after I saw the author post on a website I regularly frequent and make some pretty valid points regarding the subject matter. She also spent some time residing in a city where I currently live and I am aching to move out of.

This book does a good job of providing a comic twist while still being quite serious and honest. She shares her experiences (some that I relate to) and lets women who are unsatisfied with their single status know that it's okay. And she doesn't bash those who choose to be married or are constantly seeking to be in committed relationships.

I read this book during my single state and it helped ease the pain a lot, but I am now in a pretty serious relationship with a good man. This book basically let me know that I didn't have to settle or be unhappy if I did indeed choose to be involved with someone.

I would recommend this book to friends. I think it makes a great gift for good friends who only talk about relationships like they are the "end all to be all".
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on July 31, 2012
One of the most impressive elements of this book is its authentic-ness. Eleanore Wells is the quintessential New York City woman/lady, easily espousing the essence of womanhood or "ladyhood" depending on the demands of the situation. With that context, imagine a book that captures the nuances of self-love without being narcissistic, self-confidence without being cocky, self-deprecating without being pitiable all while exhibiting common sense and incredibly delicious wit. The insight, wisdom and humor in the pages of this book warmly invite the reader into Eleanore's single, full life. This book is Eleanore's life as a single woman without children. Her words are so rich they can barely be contained to its pages. The words leap off the page, into the imagination to become as real as the author herself.

It is a must read. It is a fun read. It is a read that will grow the heart, understanding and respect for life lived beyond boundaries. The book is a fun introduction to the `licious life of Eleanore Wells.
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on April 6, 2012
Eleanore Wells has gotten it right. She has taken away the guilt, the feelings of unworthiness and the ill at ease moments when yet another attractive single woman is asked,"So why aren't you married?" Man oh man, I can't even count how many times I've been asked that question. It's always implied that there is something "wrong" with me because I chose to follow a different path. I never wanted to settle, still don't. I wanted to have a child and I've done that but it still doesn't mean I have to marry. It doesn't mean I have to marry someone I don't love or I'm not attracted to because it's "the thing to do."

Eleanore finds the delicious in spinster and she's living proof that you shouldn't do anything because others think you should. You should live the life you want to live and like Eleanore does, live it loud, live it proud and live it single if that's what makes your boat float, baby.

A must read for those who are interested in broadening their horizons.
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on April 7, 2012
Absolutely loved this read. Eleanor lays it all out on the table delivering a personal story that is honest, real and truly laugh out loud funny. Started reading it on the train and was just smiling from ear to ear with her candid and frank style of writing with this wit that just bubbles out in every page. While choosing to be Spinster may not be for everyone. This book certainly proves its as fabulous as a choice as those who choose the screaming babies and the hubby. Married, non-married, single, attached take a read its thoroughly worth it. Enjoy.
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