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SpongeBob SquarePants 9 Seasons 2001

Available on Prime
Season 2
Available on Prime
4.6 out of 5 stars (1,833) IMDb 8.1/10

The misadventures of a fast-food restaurant working sponge who lives under the sea.

Dean Ween, Gene Ween
Original air date:
October 12, 2001

Available to watch on supported devices.

Mozart in the Jungle Wins Big at the Golden Globes

It was a big night for Mozart in the Jungle, taking home two prestigious awards at the 73rd annual Golden Globes. The hit show’s second season won Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy, and the show’s star, Gael Garcia Bernal, won Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy. Prime members can watch both seasons of Mozart in the Jungle exclusively on Prime Video.

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Season 2
1. Your Shoes Untied/Squid's Day Off

Pat gets a new pair of shoes, but doesn't know how to tie his laces. When SpongeBob offers to demonstrate lace tying to Pat, he forgets how to do.

CC TV-Y7 November 2, 2000 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
2. Something Smells/Bossy Boots

Everyone is avoiding SpongeBob when he eats some sea onion ice cream and his breath stinks.

CC TV-Y7 October 26, 2000 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
3. Big Pink Loser/Bubble Buddy

Pat feels like he hasn't accomplished anything with his life and he decides to take SpongeBob on as his role model.

CC TV-Y7 November 16, 2000 23 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
4. Dying for Pie/Imitation Krabs

Squidward accidentally lets SpongeBob eat an exploding pie.

CC TV-Y7 December 28, 2000 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
5. Wormy/Patty Hype

Sandy lets the gang watch after her caterpillar.

CC TV-Y7 March 27, 2002 23 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
6. Grandma's Kisses/Squidville

When SpongeBob's grammaw gives him a kiss in public, the guys at work tease him about being a little baby.

CC TV-Y7 March 6, 2001 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
7. Pre-Hibernation Week/Life of Crime

Sandy is going into hibernation in one week and she wants to pack a million activities for her and SpongeBob to do together in that short time. SpongeBob is game and he starts off strong, but he can't keep up with the adrenaline junkie Sandy.

CC TV-Y7 May 5, 2001 23 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
8. The SpongeBob Christmas Special

Nobody in Bikini Bottom has ever heard of Christmas or Santa Clause until Sandy lets them in on this surface tradition.

CC TV-Y7 December 6, 2000 23 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
9. Survival of the Idiots/Dumped

SpongeBob and Pat sneak into the Treedome while Sandy is hibernating.

CC TV-Y7 February 17, 2001 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
10. No Free Rides/I'm Your Biggest Fanatic

SpongeBob fails his driving test once again and this time Mrs. Puff takes it seriously and doesn't let him destroy the town like he did the last time.

CC TV-Y7 March 7, 2001 23 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
11. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III/Squirrel Jokes

When Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy go away for the weekend, they ask SpongeBob and Pat to house sit for them.

CC TV-Y7 November 27, 2000 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
12. Pressure / The Smoking Peanut

Sandy and SpongeBob get into a fierce competition doing extreme underwater sports.

CC TV-Y7 March 8, 2001 23 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
13. Shanghaied/Gary Takes a Bath

An anchor gets lodged into Squidward's window, so SpongeBob, Pat and Squidward all climb the rope to see who is responsible.

CC TV-Y7 March 7, 2001 23 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
14. Welcome to the Chumbucket/Frankendoodle

Mr. Krabs loses SpongeBob's fry cook contract in a bet with Plankton and SpongeBob is forced to go work at the Chum Bucket.

CC TV-Y7 March 7, 2001 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
15. The Secret Box/Band Geeks

Pat has a box and he won't show SpongeBob what's inside of it because it's a secret.

CC TV-Y7 September 7, 2001 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
16. Graveyard Shift/Krusty Love

When Krabs decides that the Krusty Krab will now be open 24 hours a day, SpongeBob and Squidward have to work all night.

CC TV-Y7 September 6, 2002 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
17. Procrastination/I'm with Stupid

Spongebob has an assignment for boating school. He must write an 800 word essay before the next morning. Spongebob starts to write it, but he gets distracted easily and can't keep his mind on his work. The hours fly by and SpongeBob is exhausted.

CC TV-Y7 November 30, 2001 22 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
18. Sailor Mouth/Artist Unknown

SpongeBob reads a 'bad' word off the dumpster behind the Krusty Krabs and he doesn't know what it means.

CC TV-Y7 September 21, 2001 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
19. Jellyfish Hunters/The Fry Cook Games

When Spongebob's jellyfish jelly becomes popular, Mr. Krabs convinces him to hunt as many as he can.

CC TV-Y7 September 28, 2001 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99
20. Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm/Squid on Strike

A large worm is terrorizing Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob is terrified of it.

CC TV-Y7 October 12, 2001 24 minutes
Buy SD $1.99

Product Details

Genres Fantasy, Comedy, Kids & Family
Starring Dean Ween, Gene Ween
Season year 2001
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

Format: DVD
Spongebob has to be the funniest cartoon ever created. Last year when the complete 1st season came out, I got it right away and watched it all the time. Then I waited for the 2nd season to come out and finally it's here. Although, I was sad to see that this dvd didn't feature some of my favorite stories like Squilliam Returns, Rock-a-bye Bivalve, No Weenies Allowed, The Krusty Krab Training Video, and Just One Bite. But the episodes on here are funny and season 2 is the best season. Season 3 is good too but I recently saw the worst Spongebob episode ever, I Had An Accident. Anyway here are the episodes on this dvd:

Disc 1:
-Your Shoe's Untied
-Squid's Day Off
-Something Smells
-Bossy Boots
-Big Pink Loser
-Bubble Buddy
-Dying For Pie
-Imitation Krabs
-Patty Hype
-Grandma's Kisses
-Pre-Hibernation Week
-Life Of Crime
-Christmas Who?(double-length episode)

Disc 2:
-Survival Of The Idoits
-No Free Rides
-I'm Your Biggest Fanatic
-Mermaidman & Barnacleboy III
-Squirrel Jokes
-The Smoking Peanut
-You Wish/Shanghaied(double-length episode)
-Gary Takes A Bath
-Welcome To The Chum Bucket
-The Secret Box
-Band Geeks

Disc 3:
-The Graveyard Shift
-Krusty Love
-I'm With Stupid
-Sailor Mouth
-Artist Unknowm
-Jellyfish Hunter
-The Fry Cook Games
-Sandy, Spongebob & The Worm
-Squid On Strike

Special Features:
-Audio Commentaries by the animation crew
-Script viewer(ROM feature)
-Around the world with Spongebob Squarepants featurette
-Nick DVD game demo
-Dolby Digital
-English Stereo
-Spanish Stereo

There you have it, The Complete 2nd season of SpongeBob SquarePants. I hope this review was helpful to you.
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Format: DVD
Fans of this program already know how fun and witty it is for both kids and adults. Here's what we have to look forward to when this second season DVD finally comes out:

1. Something Smells / Bossy Boots: SpongeBob gets bad breath from his sundae made of ketchup and onions. Pearl gives the Krusty Krab--I mean, the Kuddly Krab--a makeover.

2. Your Shoe's Untied / Squid's Day Off: SpongeBob forgets how to tie his shoes. Squidward is left in charge of the Krusty Krab and decides to leave early only to keep returning for fear of what SpongeBob might do. In this episode, we see Squidward actually swimming in a bathtub, which is a very funny sight!

3. Big Pink Loser / Bubble Buddy: Patrick wants a trophy and decides to imitate award magnet SpongeBob. SpongeBob makes a new friend that the rest of the town does not appreciate.

4. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III / Squirrel Jokes: SpongeBob and Patrick foolishly unleash the evil ManRay. SpongeBob discovers that the only way to get laughs during his comedy act is to make fun of Sandy (this one is one of my favorites).

5. Christmas Who?: Patchy the Pirate hosts a half hour special where SpongeBob brings Christmas to Bikini Bottom.

6. Dying for Pie / Imitation Krabs: Squidward thinks he's given SpongeBob a fatal pie, and stays with him during his "last hours." Plankton masquerades as Mr. Krabs.

7. Wormy / Patty Hype: SpongeBob and Patrick take care of Sandy's pets and freak out when her worm is eaten by an evil butterfly-looking thing. SpongeBob markets Pretty Patties.

8. Survival of the Idiots / Dumped: Sandy is hibernating, but that doesn't stop SpongeBob and Patrick from visiting.
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A Kid's Review on November 5, 2006
Format: DVD
I am a huge fan of Spongebob! I was so happy when I bought this! Let me just skip to my review:

Packaging: The DVDs inside of this set are not the slim ones. Each case has a picture of Spongebob or another character on the front. There is also a picture of all the characters in the season inside SB's house. On the back there is a listing of all the episodes in the season, which isn't attached to the box.

Episodes: They are all great! My favorites are:

Imitation Krabs


Welcome To The Chum Bucket

Squid's Day Off


Dying For Pie

Sandy, Spongebob, And The Worm


And many more! Buy this. And if you don't, YOUR LIFE WILL BE FILLED WITH MISERY!!!
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Format: DVD
More SpongeBob SquarePants! Hooray! I got this for Christmas and it is my favorite season. These episodes are well-written and beautifully animated. The packaging is great, too, with original artwork on a cardboard slipcase.
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A Kid's Review on November 22, 2006
Format: DVD
The first Season of SpongeBob was great and all but the second season was where the show really shined. The characters personalities stayed pretty quirky and hilarious, but the humor made shifted gears into verbal comedy with loads of jokes that a normal little kid would never understand! but to please there originally intended younger audience there were many slapstick scenes in the many episodes in here. My one problem with this season though is how it changed from handdrawn animation into computer created episodes. it just wasn't the same. on another note this season featured The Christmas Episode and a few others with Patchy and Potty! and finally this season featured some pretty sweet special features like Around The World with SpongeBob SquarePants and not only were the DVD Menus creatively set up like SpongeBob's Pineapple but also the Box Set itself was!
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