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on June 28, 2013
For someone that considers themselves "in-the-know" and health-conscious, this book was the answer to all of my questions. What's the difference between pure sugar, agave, and fructose? When you're feeling down why do you crave sweets? How is what you are putting into your body effecting your complexion, your energy levels, and your weight? "The Sugar Detox" has the answers, has done the research to prove it, and presents the science behind it all in a way that is easy enough for anyone to understand. This book was strategically written so that the focus is on what to eat, rather than what not to eat, and more importantly how to eat. It really covers it all, from a workout plan that is appropriate for all levels to tips for dining out at restaurants of all cuisines. I love that the book was written by a dermatologist and a Registered Dietitian. As a woman, nothing is stronger than our desire to look good and feel good from the inside-out. Anyone can follow this 31-day plan. The 3-day Sugar Fix in the beginning cuts out all sugars and the following 4 weeks gradually allows the healthy sugars back into your diet. It's amazing how much sweeter fruits become and how foods that at one time you could binge on aren't nearly as appealing. Plus, there are meal plans for 31 days and over 50 recipes that are delicious, simple, and don't have a million ingredients-the best kind! I've read my share of nutrition and diet books- this one gets an A++!
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on July 25, 2013
The bones of this book are fine. This is a good way to "detox" by eliminating most sugars (refined and natural) suddenly, and then slowly reintroducing the more natural sugars back into your diet. I also think the long-term maintenance is manageable. There are recipes included which is helpful, even if they aren't that tasty.
However, this is one of the most poorly edited books I've read, which makes it very user unfriendly. The information is scattered, and not centralized anywhere.
Example 1 : After the 3 day detox, you are on Week 1 of the plan. Now, you can introduce some natural sugars and dairy. On pages 95-97 you learn about "approved foods" for the week. You are also directed to pages 7, 233,239, & 236 for an "approved-brands list". At the end of page 97 there is a Week 1 sample menu that includes things not mentioned on either the "approved foods" or "approved-brands list". So in addition to having to flip back and forth between half a dozen pages to get a comprehensive view of things, you end up with a meal plan suggestion that includes brands and food items that you weren't told you can have. Super confusing.
Example 2 : At the end of it all you are directed to the chapter "The Sweet Life: Your Maintenance Plan". At first it seems easy enough (though you are given a very restricted list of approved brands and food items), but it talks about limiting your starches to "approved starches". For which there is no comprehensive list. You need to refer back to 4 separate pages and recap the approved starches from each week, and then refer to the approved brands list after that.
More examples, but these two give you the basic idea.
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on June 26, 2013
This book is filled with common sense. The authors tell us what we know but choose not to recognize about the sugar in our lives. The book is well-researched, and the authors speak to us with clarity and in a manner that doesn't talk down or preach. It was a great reminder to me and helped put my sugar consumption into perspective. I believe most people could benefit from the Three Day Sugar Detox Plan outlined, I think I will be giving it a try. Is this the answer? I'm not sure, but the case is well made for altering our dependence upon sugar. If sugar is a concern for you, this book would be quite helpful - it's a lifestyle change we all can live with if we can break the cycle.
I ranked the book 4 stars because it is so well-written and makes good sense.
*I received my copy from in exchange for an honest review.
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on July 23, 2013
I am 57 years old and a carb addict for years. This is a great book to teach you how to eat healthy for life. I feel fantastic , full of energy and am FINALLY LOSING WEIGHT! I have a renewed appreciation and understanding for eating healthy. This will be my last diet
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on February 28, 2014
It's a really good book and a great way to get the bad sugars out of your diet! I very much enjoy that they specifically list what you can and cannot eat as well as including recipes. Makes it so much easier to plan! But I have to agree with everyone else that having to flip back and forth for information gets to be a bit much. Hence the reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5.
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on September 10, 2013
I do like this book, it works for me. Going from a complete sugar and rubbish eater, I feel a whole lot better after mere two weeks, and I've lost 4 kg.
Having said that, I find the book very irritating , in that there are several inconsistencies: many food items recommended have sugar; basic recipes, say for the 3 day programme contain ingredients NOT allowed, and I cannot make out how many serving of carbs are allowed in weeks 3, 4 and maintenance, as the tables and text constantly contradict each other.
Using the e version is nightmare, especially on something as small as kindle, as you cannot increase the font on tables.
I love the recipes, used several of them and enjoyed the variety, but again the ingredients often have sugar... So a bit confusing . I also find that the context is very American biased, and most produce is not readily found this side of the Atlantic .
All in all , very glad I've got the book, and very pleased with the outcome- but it is poorly written and edited.
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on August 5, 2013
I purchased this for my wife who requested it. As seen on the Dr. Oz show it intreagued her. We decided to give it a go. My wife is a long time Weight Watcher member and is working on her last 15 lbs. Four weeks have passed. She lost 6 lbs and I lost nearly 10 mostly from the belly areas.The first two weeks were rough in that my energy level tanked early in the day. However now it is back to normall..Only gave 4 stars as we found many errors in the recipies and approved food lists from one week to antoher. For instance a shrimp pasta salad asked for a "cup" of noddle to go with nearl two pounds of shrimp. We finally realized that they most likely meant 8 oz. of noodles. It's amazing how sweet milk tasts now. I do miss my rasins though :-(
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on June 28, 2013
I'll save you the money. Here's the whole book:

1. Stop eating sugar, flour and dairy. You'll feel better in a few days.
2. Exercise at least three times a week for at least 20 minutes each time.
3. Do both cardio and weight training.
4. Don't exercise too hard and check with your doctor first.
5. Do some mud face masks to pamper yourself.

That's pretty much it. No talk about why sugar is bad for you, how it's addictive, how to watch out for it, etc. Just right to the diet.
There's nothing in this book that you can't find on Yahoo. I wish I could get a refund. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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on January 30, 2014
I agree with all the other complaints about editing. They were frustrating. I would not call the discrepancies between the Allowed Foods list and the ingredients in the recipes an editing error however. They are a flaw in the diet, because the reader will not know which to believe. It is very difficult to stay with a strict diet like the 3 day start of this one while wondering first, if you're missing out on something (following the lists) or second, sabotaging yourself (following the recipes).

I also noticed that many of the 5 and 4 star reviewers apparently missed all the editing problems in the book and did not indicate if they actually tried the diet. Discounting those reviews, this isn't very highly rated. I did actually try to follow the diet using the lists, but by day 4 (day 1 of week 1) I was just dragging, fatigued beyond reason and also very annoyed. It didn't get any better. My weight loss on this program didn't exceed my average weight loss on other plans.
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on July 16, 2013
I have a serious sugar habit and have recently gained weight.
This diet is strict for 3 days and just when it was getting really difficult
sugar was slowly added back in. Phew! That apple tasted amazing and I eagerly looked forward to each week's new additions, my red wine and dark chocolate. After the diet was over and I wanted to eat that piece of birthday cake I learned to take something out of my diet to adjust.
My sugar cravings feel recalibrated, I have been able to keep them reasonable and have lost a significant amount of weight.
Thank you for giving me a system that works.
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