Customer Reviews: The Tao of Twitter: Changing Your Life and Business 140 Characters at a Time
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on June 7, 2011
I purchased this book, because I was a newbie to the world of Twitter. As a communication major I was interested in what the hype was all about with Twitter, BOY was I completely overwhelmed at the beginning. I purchased this book in hopes that it would answer some of my questions I had about Twitter, and it did. The Tao of Twitter is an easy read, and explains all the do's and don'ts along with all the functions that Twitter offers. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a newbie to Twitter.
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on May 6, 2011
A lot of the information here is entry level, but this book has it all compiled in one place. It's well organized and is written very clearly. The layout is absolutely perfect for a Kindle. The chapters are short and to the point. It's a quick, but good read.
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VINE VOICEon November 16, 2012
The Tao of Twitter is a concise primer on the true value of Twitter... that which cannot be quantified.

If you are a business owner, and want to use Twitter to its fullest capability, read this book. If you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and want to understand the true ROI of Twitter (and it isn't always dollars and cents), you NEED to read this book.

And finally, if you want to use Twitter the way it should be used, well, read this book. Mark outlines some key points for everyone... not just business people.
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on September 15, 2012
Mark Schaefer clearly explains to his readers how to successfully derive business benefits from Twitter. Mr. Schaefer reduces what he calls the Tao of Twitter to three guiding principles:

1. Build targeted connections: More relevant connections mean more opportunities for business benefits.
2. Create meaningful content: Providing consistent, compelling content builds awareness and generates trust over time, resulting in new (relevant) Twitter connections.
3. Be animated with a mindset of helpfulness: The social Web is not different from any business relationship. Trust must be earned before it is given.

The author warns his (business) readers that mastering the third principle is the most challenging aspect of the essence of Twitter. Whoever is keen to oversell oneself on Twitter and confuses this social platform with a traditional broadcast media will alienate one's audience.

To his credit, Mr. Schaefer stresses that gaining success on Twitter requires persistence, patience, and a consistent presence. The author shares with his readers a number of tools and techniques that can facilitate the mastery of the Tao of Twitter.

As a nimble small business owner, Mr. Schaefer can make things happen fast on Twitter and in the physical world as he repeatedly demonstrates with much conviction through his book. People working for larger corporate organizations usually do not have both his authority and flexibility to move as fast as he does in both dimensions. Unsurprisingly, some readers will feel puzzled at times about how to successfully market what they have to offer in a non-overbearing way on Twitter.

In summary, the Tao of Twitter is a good addition to one's social media library.
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on April 13, 2011
This is a great, informative and easy book to read. Mark gives you really good food for thought on how Twitter can grow your business and audience. He gives simple ideas and advise on how to get started on Twitter. Totally recommend this book!!!!
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on April 2, 2012
Why I read The Tao of Twitter:
Twitter is one of the social-media technology companies with a growing influence around the world. I first read about Twitter more than four years ago. I understood that it broadcast messages called "tweets" in 140 characters or less. Unfortunately, I did not know how to use the service effectively.

Since I am now in the final months of a 45-year prison term, I'm trying to educate myself more on social media. I've never accessed the Internet directly, but I've worked hard to build a web presence over the past 15 years. I want to use my website in ways that provide value for people seeking to understand prisons he people they hold, and strategies for overcoming adversity. I suspected that learning more about how to use Twitter would be a good use of my time. My wife researched books that described the service and when she found The Tao of Twitter by Mark W. Schaefer, she sent it to me.

What I learned from reading The Tao of Twitter:
I learned a great deal about using twitter effectively from reading this book. As a federal prisoner I've never had the privilege of logging onto the Internet. From what I'd read in the business news, I knew that Twitter was growing remarkably fast and I instructed my wife, Carole, to reserve a Twitter "handle" for me several years ago. Since then, she has tied my Twitter account to my websites, facebook, and LinkedIn presence. Although I didn't have a coordinated strategy, somehow I've built a following of more than 800 Twitter followers. Still, it wasn't a coordinated strategy, and I knew that I was not using the site effectively. I expect that the information I learned from reading The Tao of Twitter will help me make a more effective use of the 140-character tweets that my wife broadcasts on my behalf.

The author begins his book by acknowledging that, like many people, he didn't initially grasp the significant influence Twitter could have as a tool for business. He quit using the service after a brief try. Then he decided to try it again, and he researched the service more thoroughly. In so doing, he discovered that by incorporating a Twitter strategy, he could build a "tribe" of targeted followers who would work in unison toward mutually advantageous goals. The key to success with Twitter, he found, was in sending regular tweets on a relevant subject. By sending a minimum of three tweets each day, Mr. Schaefer found that he could increase traffic to his blog and build a client base that contributed to increased sales for his business.

Mr. Schaefer offers several useful strategies for attracting targeted followers. He advises users to include a photograph when setting up the user profile on Twitter. The profile should link to the user's website. The biography should include keywords that may help users searching for information a user can provide. He also suggests that Twitter users aspire to build a tribe of at least 200 followers. To do so, he recommends the use of public "lists." That data point helped me because I didn't even know about lists. Apparently, they can help Twitter users find the types of targeted followers that may have an interest in the specific content that an individual creates.

A related site, TWELLOW.COM is "like a yellow pages for Twitter," the author wrote. Users can sign into for free. When they do, they will find an exhaustive directory of Twitter members by category, industry, and specific interests.

In addition to setting up lists, the author advises following other Twitter users with shared business interests. Twitter users can tweet an introduction to their followers. It's an effective way of conducting market research. Another helpful third-party application that Mr. Schaefer recommends is

How reading The Tao of Twitter will contribute to success upon my release from prison:
Since I rely upon my wife to manage my web profile, I try to provide her with as much help as I'm able. We're a team in every way, but since Carole has a full-time career as a nurse, it can be difficult for her to keep up with the amount of content I produce. She has agreed to help me build my Twitter following by posting a minimum of two tweets that I will send her each day. She also will implement the strategies that I learned from Mr. Schaefer's book. When I'm home, I will take over the responsibilities of building my Internet profile, and what I learned from The Tao of Twitter will give me a real advantage in using Twitter effectively. I recommend the 96-page book to anyone who wants a simple guide for using Twitter effectively.
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on August 3, 2013
I recommended this book to my mother, which says it all. While I might recover from losing followers I would not want to disappoint my mother. She is not on Twitter (yet); if anything will help her ease into this social medium it is "The Tao of Twitter". Beyond that, this compact book offers general advice, good for all social media.

Twitter has received great attention because of its role in various political revolutions during the Arab Spring. While that may have demonstrated the power of Twitter, many people, who then looked at Twitter for the first time, might have been unsure, how this medium could help them.
The author explains all ins and outs of basic twitter plus how to take it to the next level. Anybody following the book can look like a pro in one week. Beyond that Mr. Schaefer delivers the URLs and twitter handles for various outsourceable twitter services, some of which I, a regular twitter user, had never heard of. Very cool. & many thanks.

Schaefer's statistics speak for themselves. Any marketing person should look into this.

" 79 percent of Twitter followers (versus 60 percent of Facebook fans) are more likely to recommend brands since becoming a fan or follower. And 67 percent of Twitter followers (versus 51 percent of Facebook fans) are more likely to buy the brands they follow."

On the flipside, every individual consumer should look into twitter too. Chances are that consumer input will be heard better and faster via Twitter. In fact, Schaefer tells Heather Armstrong's story
"who had just purchased a new washing machine to keep up with the diapers of her prodigiously-pooping newborn, discovered that her $ 1,300 appliance didn't work. After several weeks of botched service calls, Heather vents on Twitter..."

This is where Schaefer's book excels: Instead of giving the typical bullet lists, which can be found on blogs "7 Ways how to..." he tells stories, which readers can relate to and apply to their own lives.

Lastly, I would like to point out where Schaefer excels most: He explains that even if at first glance it might look different: Twitter is PERSONAL.
It is about demonstrating real class and style. In chapter 3: `Offering Authentic Helpfulness' he suggests to always tweet thank-yous after somebody helped. This in itself is nothing new but it is the author/expert's style, which makes all the difference. Here is his example:
@jfloyd helped me with a problem today. You should definitely follow Jeremy.

These 78 characters demonstrate that Mark Schaefer can teach how to build personal relationships. Instead of tweeting annoying "Gave you +1K", which are really nothing but attempts to brag, Schaefer's tweet shows how to make all tweets personal.

If you plan to read only one book about social media this entire year, I recommend "The Tao of Twitter"

Gisela Hausmann, blogger and author @Naked_Determina
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on December 26, 2011
I have read The Tao of Twitter twice. I've consulted it many times. Until I read this book, I didn't understand Twitter at all. I'd been a member for a few years and I would post what I was reading. No hashtags. No interaction. I wasn't sure how to make friends. Thanks to Mark, I now have hundreds of tweeps and am able to use it to feel more connnected to the community of indie writers who gather there. So thank you Mark for this fabulous book. It did more than just inform, it changed the way I live each day.
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on December 23, 2015
Schaefer has lots of great strategies to share. How to find followers, create content, and when to tweet. There’s more, of course. He explains the hashtags, and teaches us readers to converse in what is called the language of Twitter.
Some of the book’s examples are not very interesting like the study of the video company and then a pizza company that used Twitter and increased sales on a new product launch or found new customers. Most readers are more interested in how they will use Twitter themselves and how it can impact them.
We aren’t interested in “other companies.” But some suggestions found in these examples do work. But I couldn’t find many of the features he listed. Things change on the Internet faster than books are printed.
I learned a lot. Even though I had a Twitter account. I was not as versed in it as I should be. This book helped a lot.
There should be a book like this for every social media site. There probably is, but they don’t all work as well as this one.
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on August 7, 2014
This book is everything you need to help you begin to understand the power of Twitter and the social web. It covers everything from getting yourself set up, to introducing you to some of the more sophisticated ideas and options available to you as a user of one of the most powerful social medias on planet.
Its easy to understand and comes with step by step instructions to take you through the latest and most up to date marketing thinking
And you can read it in a few hours!
More importantly for me, this book will introduce you to the larger world of ideas and insights into marketing and social media via Mr Schaefers other books and indeed his extraordinarily valuable daily marketing blog.
You'll read this book and learn all about Twitter but you'll get so much more than that from it - it unlocks a whole community of fantastic people and brilliant ideas.
Highly recommended
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