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on May 9, 2011
I'm about 70-80 pages into the book, and all I can say is, just get the book and read it. Then pass the book on or make sure you recommend it to your friends, family and co-workers. If you consider yourself as one who pays attention to what is going on...then read this. If you have not been paying attention, and need to catch up...then read this. If you are politically correct, and need a good dose of truth, then read this. If you are politically correct, and want to continue playing ostrich, then don't read this book.

Also, you may want to break out your highlighter, to highlight the salient points, and the're many, and your pen and notebook to take some notes.

I am sure, that once this book charts higher as it sells, and therfore becomes a threat to those who are politically correct, you will begin to see negative reviews popping up...all the more reason to get the book and read it.
I am also sure that once the politically correct read this review, they will slam me with all the vitriol that they are able to muster...that is OK, because they can't present a cogent argument against the material/facts, so they must, per usual, resort to hyperbolic attack. Thing is, you can't suppress the truth, and that is what this book contains.

Stackelbeck spent a large amount of time going right to the sources--terrorists and the anti-terroroists alike--and asking them the poigniant questions (no soft-balls here), as he relates in the book. Talk about primary sources!

Like me, you will feel some emotion while reading this book--anger, frustration, saddness, bewilderment--being PO'd! Hopefully, you will feel motivated to affect change to make sure that the terrible potential, which is illustrated clearly, never be realized.

Complacency is the lubricant for the vehicle of those who see us as enemies and seek our destruction, or at best our capitualtion, hence servitude/slavery, via the jizya, which is a crushing tax imposed upon non-believers.

A few tidbits from the book so far...the word Taqiyya--the Islamic concept of deception...Muslims are permitted to lie to non-Muslims if the lie furthers the cause of Islam. Something to keep in mind the next time you see a representative of one of their front groups speaking in the Media...and yes, he does point out who those groups are...names, acronyms and spokespeople

The Muslim Brotherhood "formed a nucleus with support from Nazi Germany and the German military intellegence...helped create the 'secet apparatus,' as their military terrorist wing."

The new modus operandi of terrorism, is what Stackelbeck call the "Chip Away" strategy...while still planning the "Big One," they are planning smaller scale attacks, with greater frequency...these are low tech, cheap, little manpower, that inflict immense carnage, psychological terror, economic damage...can be carried out in smaller cities as well as big cities.

They target for recruitment, by selling the ideology of martyrdom, the young, male, unemployed, homeless, and those who feel hopelessness about their future, while promising loads of cash to the families of those who choose to die in the name of Allah.
Got your attention?
This could easily turn into a long laundry list of extracts from the book...but, as I said above, just get it and read it for won't be disapointed...and then, you can write your own review, with other points from the book.
Enough I have to get back to my reading!
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Although it may sound ridiculous, but looking back, I consider myself "fortunate" that my childhood consisted of the Vietnam War, where the fighting was done "over there". Sure, there was the Soviet Union with their nuclear-tipped ICBMs, but we had them too and aside from an unlikely all-out nuclear war between us, life was relatively carefree and safe. And even if there was a conventional ground war, it would be fought by the military somewhere in Europe. There was indeed a sense of complacency in this country not so long ago, but the events of 9-11 changed everything as radical Islamists decided the battlegrounds of the future will no longer be "over there", but right here in the United States. While the majority of Americans go about their daily lives, Erick Stakelbeck points out quite succinctly that there is a ubiquitous and growing terrorist threat within our borders that is dead set on making the events of 9-11 a harbinger of what is to come ... but nobody seems to be paying much attention.

THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR simply connects the dots on some issues that, quite frankly, many people choose to ignore. Stakelbeck notes that as we approach the 10-year anniversary of 9-11, the anti-American rhetoric of radical Islamists coming from within our borders has increased. Large Muslim communities within the United States are spreading everywhere, even in the most unlikely locales (the Deep South) and Stakelbeck suggests that these communities are the likely springboards for future terrorist attacks. While the author provides plenty of detail on the erratic behavior emanating from these communities, he also clearly illustrates how America's obsession with political correctness not only emboldens, but helps the Islamist cause, THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR is an effort to expose what many Americans either ignore or refuse to believe ... that terrorists are logically recruiting and planning future attacks right under our noses, with impunity.

Although a fair portion of THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR is comprised of major news stories that will be familiar to most, Stakelbeck digs deeper to make his case by providing plenty of additional eye-opening information that is apparently not "press-worthy". The author details accounts of visiting known Muslim enclaves in various parts of the country to speak directly to leaders about anti-American sentiments, jihad, Israel, etc. And while Stakelbeck was met with anticipated suspicion or avoidance from the leaders, what he saw outside these conversations was another story. One particular visit to a large Muslim market revealed a massive display of merchandise (CDs, DVDs, books, shirts, posters, etc.) promoting Anwar al-Awlaki. Such homage to the American-born "spiritual leader" (suspected of organizing numerous acts of terror in the US, including the Fort Hood massacre) would be expected in a place like Pakistan ... but not in Falls Church, Virginia. Yet, this is what Stakelbeck reveals, the brazen displays of hatred toward Americans and Jews accompanied by open adulation of known terrorists ... right here in the United States (and the market owner even admitted the merchandise was displayed because the items were hot sellers). The author provides ample and well-sourced evidence to reveal incident-after-incident of mounting evidence that all is not well in many American Muslim communities. Adding to the problem, Stakelbeck believes, is the familiar pattern of local, state and federal authorities failing to intervene or even monitor the activities of some individuals and groups in fear of labeling/profiling/negatively stereotyping ... or offending. To add balance and support to his work, the author interviews with both current and former jihadists who speak candidly about how Islam specifically dictates a global Islamic caliphate. Interviews, past and present history and specific references throughout the Koran are used by Stakelbeck to support his claim that the internal threat is real. More importantly, it is the words and actions of the terrorists themselves that the author provides as evidence of their true intentions. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect is our government and our society's penchant for kowtowing to suspected terrorists and terrorist groups in an effort to avoid offending Muslims as a whole (even though most terrorists ARE Muslim). The author points out the possibility that the efforts to avoid offending some may likely lead to the deaths of others. While this scare-tactic approach may turn some people off, the author provides enough factual evidence that should enlighten most that a serious problem may exist in this country or at least stir up some degree of concern.

As with most books that fall into the category of politics, this book is likely to be blindly lauded by one group and widely panned by another for no substantive reason, other than the book's topic or its title. The author's job with CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) will surely raise hackles as well, but it shouldn't for two reasons: 1) the crux of the author's argument is supported by facts, not opinion or ideology and 2) interpreting the book relies heavily on common-sense and one doesn't need to follow a particular political party to acknowledge the multitude of threats against the United States as well as the multitude of attempts to follow through with those threats ("death by a thousand cuts"). I think the author is trying to make a simple point that maybe we should take the words of these terrorists seriously and not marginalize their potential to deliver the death and misery they are promising us, because the arena of conflict is no longer confined to the Middle East.
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on May 11, 2011
Every American should read this book. It makes you seriously wonder why nothing is being done to stop this insanity instead of everyone turning a blind eye and sticking their head in the sand. This needs to be addressed in the forthcoming elections and yet I haven't heard one candidate even mention this yet. It's time to start caring less about political correctness and offending the very people that are seeking to destroy our great country and our way of life, and start caring more about Americans that love their freedoms, their families, and their Country.
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on May 14, 2011
Currently reading "The Terrorist Next Door: How the Government Is Deceiving You About the Islamist Threat" by Erick Stakelbeck. One of the most truthful books and engaging books I've read in a LONG time. Erick has gathered a wealth of information that is readily available and put it into a well written book. There is no excuse to be ignorant of our enemies any longer.
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on May 26, 2011
If you want to protect your family and save your country, READ THIS BOOK!

The author shines a stunning and unflinching light onto the shadowed machinations of a quasi-religious political movement that had embedded itself into American politics, mass media, and cultural mavens - a movement whose primary aim is to destroy the Constitutional protections that are the basis for this country. Steckelbeck shows us a U.S. government so polarized and divided, so politically correct and inept, so afraid of its own shadow that it can no longer protect its citizens from obvious enemies, both foreign or domestic. With detailed research and analysis and going straight to the sources in both the government and the dark alleys of America, Stackelbeck uncovers surprising truths and disquieting facts about the greatest threat facing the U.S. since Nazi Germany. Three things speak to the inevitable coming conflict and crisis.

1.) There is a fundamental and profound incompatibility between Islamic Sharia law and the unassailable personal freedoms outlined in the U.S. Bill of Rights.

2.) Islamic fascists have one goal - subjugation of the infidels of America under Sharia law and the continued propagation and dominance of Islam across the globe.

3.) The very laws that the Islamic fascist wish to destroy in America are the same laws that allow their cancer to flourish. Like a virus hiding inside the host's cells, acting like the host, confusing the body's self defense anti-bodies from killing the disease, while the virus itself slowly destroys the host from within.

Stackelbeck shows how carefully and patiently this insidious terrorist process is occurring in many institutions and communities throughout the country. Islamic fascists live among us and "act" to fit in. They even break their own laws to project a false face to their enemy, just as the 9/11 hijackers did. They use the freedoms of America against itself, and take advantage of the intrinsic kindness, open arms acceptance, and tolerance of most American citizens, traits they themselves find offensive and weak. Islamic extremists use the porous borders and open freedoms of the U.S. to slowly infiltrate, position, and wait for their moment to strike. They purposly look and act harmless and even friendly, until they attack. It is akin to sociopathic behavior of a serial killer who comes across as charismatic and wonderful in order to drop a victim's guard before attacking. The book shows numerous examples of how Americans are falling victim to this enemy's false charms and open lies, and how we have become more vulnerable than the government would like us to believe.

Some would ignorantly label Mr. Stackelbeck a fear mongerer or reactionary alarmist, harkening back to the fears behind the Japanese Internment camps of WWII. This would be a colossal error. In fact, Mr. Stackelbeck is trying to prevent just such an occurrence of a rapid and uncontrolled backlash, by opening the eyes of Americans now to stop this threat before radical and anger driven actions are required. A thoughtful and intelligent response to this threat now is far more manageable and humane than any angry backlash and mob response by a reactionary U.S. public after some major terrorist event or events in the future. As they say, `one ounce of prevention..."

I applaud the author and publisher for having the guts to speak the truth, pointing out that the `emperor has no clothes' and that we are heading for disaster and a national crisis if we do not act. Of course Americans have always tried to seek peaceful and tolerant solutions to social problems and threats, but in the end history has proven over and over that certain evils (such as Hitler's Nazis and modern Islamic fascists) simply cannot be reasoned with.

Every American should read this book. Every American MUST head Mr. Stackelbeck's words and wake up to defend the freedoms we hold so dear! We are at war with Islamic Extremism whether we want to be or not, and there is no compromise available, no coexistence détente possible in the eyes of this enemy.
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on May 13, 2011
From the audio ( version. Like other books in this genre (Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel, etc.), this one is packed full of useful and solid information by a politically conservative journalist; one who travels widely. The narrator, Tom Weiner, is superb.

For me, this book breaks some new ground. Stakelbeck, to his credit, is an unapologetic Christian Zionist, as was his father. The author is properly critical of the Obama administration - and President Obama in particular - for misleading the public about the ideological underpinnings of the Islamic terror threat. Jihad is deeply rooted in the texts and the teachings of Islam, not to mention in the example of the prophet Muhammad.

Stakelbeck travels to and interviews jihadists and former jihadists. He's done his homework. The author might have been more critical of former President George W. Bush (a man I voted for in 2000) in that Bush set the "Islam is a religion of peace / the hijackers are traitors to their faith" tone only days after the 9/11/2001 attacks on American soil. Bush made the establishment of a Muslim state in Israel (one dedicated to Israel's destruction) a formal goal of U.S. policy, early October 2001. That Obama has deep sympathies for the world of Islam is apparent. This is a fine book; well worth downloading and / or reading. It contains important warnings -- to Americans, and to others living in the West -- who treasure our liberty and our way of life.
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on May 25, 2011
In this book the author mentions that new mosques are cropping up all over America. He is not kidding. In fact, I live right down the street from one --- a big, sprawling structure that has arabic writing on it that I can't even read. Incidentally, this mosque is not too far from where the "underwear bomber" attempted his stunt...

There's something going on in America, and Erick Stakelbeck tells it like it is. In this book you'll read about sharia law, the lack of homeland security, how terrorists infiltrate our society, the tactics they use, and the ways in which our government is failing to protect us. It's a real eye-opener. I guarantee you'll have a few "OMG moments" and start worrying about the safety of your family and the future of our country.
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on May 22, 2011
This book is a must read. Read it and then pass it along to a friend. I thought I knew my stuff. I thought I knew what was going on in my own country but I was wrong. Not any more. Thanks to this book my eyes are wide open.
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on June 13, 2011
If you are a left-wing progressive or someone who can't deal with reality, this book is NOT for you. If you want to know one of the ways the Obama administration is throwing us and Israel under the bus, then I highly recommend this book. Well written with many one on one interviews with known terrorists living in this country, in England, and around the world. But don't believe the author, believe the words of the terrorists themselves. They will tell you straight out what they plan to do and how the plan to do it.
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on June 4, 2011
informitive yes. it gives insight into the mind of these people who become terrorist, i personally never read the koran. i have only listen to other who talk about it. the book quoted many passages that clearly stated that a true believer should hate and kill all jewish people any where they encounter them, which tells me that this is a book of hate and should not be used as a religous guide for the human race, it is imposible for the Jewish people in the middle east to ever have a real peace with islamist because their holy book the koran demands their death,
with this same teaching in our western society it would be imposibel to come to a fair agrement with people who can only murder the jewish people, in our society we believe all people and faiths are allowed to exist. the islamist by the teaching of their koran are allowed to lie if it is nessecery to kill a jew, which mean we cannot trust any who claim this faith. their leaders can with a good conscience lie about what ever they want to pursue their goal of killing every Jewish person on the earth. this book really holds open to us much to read that isnt freely talked about , i thing we all should read this book the koran for ourselves and see what kind of a god these folks follow and worship
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