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Remember the good old days when vampires were clearly evil blood-drinking villains? Contemporary cinematic vampires have mutated into romanticized misunderstood creatures trying to fit in and be accepted by society. Yet, they still kill people, slurp their blood but nowadays it's not their fault. The vampires have become the victims of an unyielding humanity. Of course TWILIGHT, TRUE BLOOD, VAMPIRE DIARIES, etc. have validated this new vampire acceptance philosophy.
THE THOMPSONS continues this trend. A sequel to THE HAMILTONS, writers/directors the Butcher Brothers have created another blood-soaked sexually perverse gorefest. It's unimaginative, derivative and only marginally enjoyable. It employs the standard jerky MTV camera work and uses moderately talented actors. Francis' cliché ridden narrative gets tedious and the movie's open-ended predictable climax screams sequel.
Don't get me wrong---I still enjoy vampire movies (I humbly admit I love TRUE BLOOD!) but I miss the Christopher Lee/Hammer days where we could root for the victims and not the vampires!
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on December 16, 2013
The Thompsons is a sequel to The Hamiltons. Like the earlier film (made 6 years before) it revolves around a family of vampires. It's pretty much the same family, only they've changed their surnames, and moved to England.

It has many of the same actors (Cory Knauf as Francis Hamilton / Thompson, Mackenzie Firgens as Mackenzie Firgens).

What doesn't make sense is the nature of their vampireness. In the first they were fangless blood-drinkers, in this they have fangs.

They also meet a more powerful family of vampires including Riley Stuart (Agent of SHIELD's Elizabeth Henstridge) who decides to betray her own family for love... a well worn plot device.

This English vampire family have some strange ideas regarding 'breeding' with other vampires that makes no sense.
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on September 10, 2015
Hoping for better. A little bit too much gore for me; I prefer the romantic vampires, especially with powers. The only character Ii really liked & was interesting was the non-vampire daughter of the vampire family in England. Acting wasn't bad, but story just fell flat for me. It could have been a lot more interesting although there was some character development. Interesting premise. Did not like Father vampires teeth/fangs, especially since other vampires teeth/fangs seemed more realistic...that is if you believe real vampires exist.
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on January 27, 2013
This production combines grindhouse with "Twilight" style vampires and doesn't do either one well. The film opens up in Ludlow, England as Francis (Cory Knauf) is looking for distant relatives and provides the far too used first person narration. The scene flashes back to the US then takes us back to England for no other reason then to try to look clever.

Francis is a vampire-type person. He and his family are on the lam after going berserk in a desert diner, caught on film. The youngest brother Lenny (Ryan Hartwig) got shot in the chest. Exactly how this family who lived isolated, wanted by the law, dragging along a bloody kid with a shotgun wound to the chest, gets overseas (I don't think they had passports either) is a plot point not mentioned. They are seeking help, as their parents are dead and they don't know how to cope with this genetic vampire issue they lived with their whole life.

The family splits up and Francis goes to Ludlow looking for answers not realizing predators don't like their territory to be overcrowded with rival predators.

The film has its grindhouse moments, but then dies. As a "Twilight" type film, the writing was simply too bad. While I liked the basic plot outline, the details and execution lacked forethought and planning. It appears they slapped something together knowing the public will buy it depending on how they sell it, such as placing "Twilight" and Tarantino's name on the jacket. It is not that good. For what it's worth: Elizabeth Henstridge can act better than frequent Razzy nominee Kristen Stewart.

Parental guidance: F-bomb, sex, nudity (Katarina Gellin, Zoe Grisedale, Elizabeth Henstridge or body double) Three stars is a stretch.
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on February 11, 2016
I don't know why i'm giving it a 3 star, i think because i liked it, but i didn't hate it. For people who have seen The Hamiltons, then this movie will make sense (or at least have returning characters and vague references) .
I don't think this would work well to just watch as a stand alone film, i say watch "The Hamiltons" first, if you don't like it, then you will hate this.
It starts off on a sour note, then slowly picks up the pace when it follows the "need to find our brother" because, vampires.
I preferred The Hamiltons, it was smoother, it had it's only little area in the vampire niche, i liked it (or maybe i just watched all of the 8 films to die for, and this and wicked little things were the only halfway decent films). I will admit i was excited that this got a sequel, that we got to see older Lenny, and see how the family was dealing with raising him. The acting was well done, the filming was well done, it was the writing that faltered.
I really wish this was at least as "good" as The Hamiltons, but it wasn't.
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on August 16, 2015
Well, I’ve heard it said “It’s not nice to speak ill of the dead” so I’ll let I lie. However, if you have a need for something vampirish, as I had when I chose this movie, look elsewhere. Even an old episode of “Dark Shadows” will better satisfy your hunger than this one. 1 star for subject choice.
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on January 29, 2013
After 6 years, The Butcher Brothers (Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores) return to the dysfunctional vampire family last seen in their low budget chiller The Hamiltons, who, as per that film's finale, now go by the name of The Thompsons. When a stop at a roadside diner puts them in the middle of a robbery, youngest member Lenny (Ryan Hartwig) is seriously wounded. After slaughtering robber and patron alike, the fiendish family flees to Europe to find help from others like themselves and escape the police manhunt. In the small town of Ludlow, England they find their British equivalent, The Stuarts and it seems they have found help for Lenny in this kindred family. But, The Stuarts unveil their own sinister agenda and as Francis (Cory Knauf) falls in love with their beautiful daughter, Riley (Elizabeth Henstridge), a war of the vampire clans erupts and a blood soaked battle for supremacy begins. Where the first film was a creepy and twisted family drama, the sequel shows us what a Twilight movie would be like if they had any real fangs... and gallons of blood. And The Butcher's version of that neutered vampire saga is a lot more gory fun. Where the first movie kept their vampiric nature a secret till the end, this is a full blown vampire flick that explains a lot of about the character's condition that wasn't fully explored in The Hamiltons. There are barely any humans in the cast either and those that are, don't last long. It's all red eyes, bared fangs and spurting blood. The film moves quickly too, at barely over 80 minutes, so there is little time wasted on melodrama and what I really liked was how the Butchers turned the sick and blood thirsty Hamiltons/Thompsons into the victims this time round and thus the heros. We find ourselves rooting for characters that creeped us out in the first movie and that was part of what made this sequel entertaining. If you are a fan of The Hamiltons you probably will enjoy this sequel especially as the original cast are all back, except for Hartwig as Lenny, and they are taken in a different direction. The budget is slightly larger but, not by a lot as the Butcher's style seems to be a good fit for low budget indie horrors. It's not perfect, there are some flaws, it's not as atmospheric or creepy like the first film, not that it lacks it's share of shocking moments, but, overall an enjoyably different follow-up to the disturbing original.
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on August 17, 2015
Low budget boring film with amateur actors. Low budget, like this was done on someone's allowance. The cover of this movie is way more professional than the movie itself. I suggest you stare at the cover and imagine your own tale.

That said, a few good ideas that simply could not be accomplished with the cast and money allowed.
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on December 28, 2013
The movie doesn't disappoint. It's what you would expect from a typical vampire movie. So that makes it neither great nor awful. It's in between so it's not hard to watch the whole thing and not feel like you've wasted your time.
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on October 16, 2014
I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. It is similar to the movie "The Hamiltons" it satisfied my craving for a decent vampire film. Compared to the other movies out there rig now this one is obviously better (at least to me) it had unexpected twists and turns and it was not a romance movie, so that makes it pretty good in my opinion.
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