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on October 15, 2003
Alexandre Dumas may or may have not liked the Disney version of his story, but your whole family should. This often remade classic is more comedic in this version. I personally liked it. But then I have liked most versions in their style. The 1973 version with Oliver Reed as Athos and this version with Keifer Sutherland as Athos stand out above the rest in my humble opinion. The 1973 version for the drama and this one for the comedy.

Tim Curry is marvelous as Cardinal Richelieu. He is so borderline outrageously lecherous you think he is going to burst out laughing like a madman or go into song from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". He never plays the piety like Charlton Heston did in the 1973 version. He goes more for the deviousness of an outright power mad religious leader.
The entire cast is great. With Charlie Sheen, Chris O'Donnell, Oliver Platt, and Rebecca DeMornay how could it be anything but well acted. I would bet the entire cast had a great time filming this version. The dramatic parts with DeMornay as Lady DeWinter are quite touching and the comedic parts with Porthos the Pirate, played by Platt, are quite funny. I was impressed with Stephen Herek's direction.

Disney did a great job of transferring this movie to DVD. The DVD picture and sound quality is first class. The DVD includes a featurette, theatrical trailers, and Bios. Well worth adding to your collection of movies like "The Princess Bride", "Ever After", and "Robin Hood".
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on September 19, 2001
I must agree with everyone who wrote reviews on this movie that it is not at all like the book by Dumas, but I don't think that's a good reason not to like this movie. It's lots of fun and has plenty of action and adventure. And I think that's it's not only great for kids but for teenagers and adults alike.
Here's the summary of "The Three Musketeers". Chris O'Donnel is D'Artagnan, a young, brash, proud, yet courageous 'kid' whose only dream is to become one of the king's musketeers. But when he gets to Paris, he finds that the musketeers have been disbanded by the young King Louis's (Hugh O'Conor) evil Cardinal, Richelieu (Tim Curry). But three musketeers who are the best of friends, Athos (Kiefer Sutherland), Aramis (Charlie Sheen), and Porthos (Oliver Platt), are suspicious of Cardinal Richelieu and his henchman Rochefort (Michael Wincott). D'Artagnan is put in jail for fighting the Cardinal's guards with the three musketeers. Though he tries to escape yet fails, he is able to overhear the Cardinal's plan to take over the throne, building an alliance with the Duke of Buckingham by way of a special courier, Lady DeWinter (Rebecca De Mornay). And before D'Artagnan is executed, Athos, Aramis, and Porthos rescue him and together set out to stop Richelieu's spy. They do intercept her, finding out that Lady DeWinter was actually Athos's wife, whom had betrayed him and him sending her away. At the last moment they find out that the Cardinal is planning to have the king assisinated on his birthday. The four men return as swiftly as possible to Paris and with the help of all the musketeers, stop Richelieu.
As I said, though this movie has plenty of funny and humorous parts, it still has plenty of action and adventure, with a touch of romance here and there. The fighting is really good, and the acting was terrific, especially all the three musketeers, Tim Curry, and Michael Wincott. I love the endless little 'extras' Porthos always has with him!
An enjoyable film which is very entertaining! I also recommend for you to watch "The Three Musketeers" which was made in the early 1970's.
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on January 25, 2006
This movie is my all time favorite movie. From the first time I saw it when I was 12 years old to just last week, it never gets old or annoying. The casting was superb with Kiefer Sutherland as Athos, Oliver Platt as Porthos, Charlie Sheen as Aramis, and Chris O'Donnell and Dartagnan. Tim Curry was OUTSTANDING AND ASTOUNDING as Cardinal Richeleu, he went from genius to the brink of madness, in many scenes. The action scenes were excellent, and the comdey was just wonderful. Oliver Platt did an exceptional job at delivering his lines in the comedic portions. Kiefer Sutherlands portrayal of anguished Athos was done with such aplomb and grace that in many scenes I just got caught up in it all. Charlie Sheen's portrayal of Aramis was played with serious undertones yet he also portrayed a certain rogue gentleman, and when he was called on for comedy, he never failed to deliver. This movie was a huge break for Chris O'Donnell, and he mixed it up well with these other fine actors, especially playing off Keifer Sutherland, Rebecca De Mornay, and Oliver Platt. They way he delivered his lines, and the way he moved in the action scenese, proved that he was not a fluke, but a good young actor. Rebecca De Mornay portrayed her character Sabine DeWinter with such charm and seduction, that you almost root for her to get away with it all. Gabrielle Anwar who played the Queen, almost made this movie with her understated scenes and lines with King Louis played by Hugh O'Conner. Their portrayal as the King and Queen made me feel compassion and at the end, made me feel so much respect for them. July Delpy as Constance the Queen's lady in waiting, had a few scenes, but her portrayal was great, she was able to give us the viewers a delivery that was on par with the rest of the actors/actresses. And last but not least, Michael Winters who plays the evil, Rochefort, was to me one of the greatest performances I have ever seen in a movie. I was blown away by how wonderfully this movie was cast, and how it was acted. I cannot imagine any other people playing these roles. I have seen pretty much every other variation of the Three Musketeers, and have always found them stuffy, overbearing, and annoying. But this variation, kept me on the edge of my seat in anticipation, and at the same time laughing so hard I about fell off of it. The beautiful landscapes, and scenery really added to the movie, and I did not find anything at all to gripe about in this movie. Rarely does a movie have this much of an impact, and I without shame place this as my all time favorite movie EVER. And that's above the original Star Wars Trilogy, and the LOTR trilogy. I give this movie the highest I possibly could, and I recommend buying this movie, no collection is complete without it.

P.S. Be careful, about taking drinks during certain parts of the movie, you may spew them on other people watching with you.
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on August 25, 2001
If I see another review from someone saying this is not like the book I will get another ulcer to match the ones I already have.This is just great entertainment.I read the book in high school and again in college.You know what.....great book,great movie and they stand on their own.Disney wasn't trying to make a faithful adaption to Dumas's work.They wanted to make good family fun and they did.Lighten up people.
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on December 13, 2002
All right, let it be said. This movie has NOTHING to do with Dumas's novel. It isn't even close. There, now that that's out of the way, let me just say that this is a great film. It's done in typical Disney style, with an incredible cast that brings to life this classic tale with a lot of flare and some good, old-fashioned fun.
The entire cast is great: the three Musketeers (Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt, and Charlie Sheen) are hilarious, and the impetuous young D'Artagnan (Chris O'Donnell) proves the perfect complement to this already comic trio. Add Tim Curry and Michael Wincott as the bad guys and you've got yourself a comic, action-packed adventure that is sure to please the whole family.
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on October 26, 1999
Since my World Geography teacher doesn't like to actually teach us, he frequently allows us to watch movies as long as they're geography related (hehe). Well...last week he let us watch The Three Musketeers!!!! I was so excited because I had seen it before and knew it was good, but it was so much better the second time around. Unlike the documentaries we watch, this truly kept a group of 9th graders on the edge of their seats. No one would have guessed it was from Disney. I'm asking for the video for my birthday because it is one of the best!!!!! If you like action, mystery, drama, romance, comedy, or historic movies you must see this!!!!!!!!!
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on December 22, 2005
I see many complaining that this movie isn't historically accurate and/or true to the book. If you are thinking about getting this movie, get it, it's great. It's very enjoyable and not meant to be history or true to the book in favor of being enjoyable by a much broader audience.

Complaining about accuracy on this movie is like burning Cinderella as trash for the same reasons. Ever read the original versions of Cinderella? It's most certainly NOT for children. The movie and printed Disney versions are far from true to the original tale. Fact is, Cinderella and The Three Musketeers aren't the only ones Disney drastically toned down.

Perhaps those who don't like this one's accuracy would wish to have their children watch the stepsisters' self mutilations in attempting to make their feet fit the slipper and pigeons pecking out their eyes in Cinderella, and maybe heads rolling in The Three Musketeers, etc. But I doubt many will want their children watching such things.

Disney produces for family entertainment in films such as these. They don't get concerned over accuracy because it's not a film to stimulate prolonged historical discussion and debate between parents and ten year olds, but merely to entertain.

I love a good historically accurate movie, but I know when to drop that concern and just enjoy a good bit of fiction. That's what this is, and as far as I know, Disney never claimed it was anything more.

Besides, no one knows how accurate any bit of history is beyond a few minutes past, which is why one piece of history will have at least as many variations as there are historians that have studied the subject.

To conclude, watch it, buy it, watch it again and again, laugh, cry, jump up and down on the bed in excitement, whatever feels right, enjoy.
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on February 11, 2016
My favorite version of The Three Muskateers.

The cast is, imo, perfect. Chris O'Donnel. Keifer Sutherland, Tim Curry, Charlie Sheen, Rebecca De Morany, Michael Wincott, and Oliver Platt are all excellent in this version.

I am not very familiar with the two actors who play the King and Queen, Hugh O'Conor and Gabrielle Anwar but they are very good, too.

The backdrop, the story and the actors did very, very well. The story is funny and exciting. This is a movie where you cheer for the good guys and while booing the bad guys (namely Tim Curry and Michael Wincott) you enjoyed their performances very much.
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on February 7, 2014
When will we get a BluRay version? I want an extended cut! Porthos is so exceptionally hilarious as is Aramis. Athos also has funny scenes but is mainly dour. D'Artagnan was a little wooden and the weakest link in the movie but still good. Disney hit a home run with this one.
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Because of the departure of the story from the Alexandre Dumas book, some may not like this movie. However, if you think of this movie as having been inspired by the book you will enjoy it a lot more. The action is good, the movie is reasonably family friendly, and the sprinkling of comedy fills in the transitions. However, people are killed during the fighting and Tim Curry as Cardinal Richelieu is sincerely evil, so those without any taste for violence should avoid this movie.

The story is generally familiar. Aramis (Charlie Sheen), Porthos (Oliver Platt) and Athos (Kiefer Sutherland) meet would be Musketeer D'Artagnan (Chris O'Donnell). Initially D'Artagnan is unaware that Athos, Porthos and Aramis are Musketeers, and the three Musketeers are unaware the D'Artagnan is the son of a Musketeer and desires to be a Musketeer himself. Unfortunately for D'Artagnan the Musketeers had just quit en masse because Cardinal Richelieu had replaced the Musketeers, who guarded King Louis (Hugh O'Conor), with his own guards, led by Rochefort (played by Michael Wincott in a most sinister fashion).

From this beginning the movie speeds up. The story becomes complex as we learn that Lady Sabine de Winter is on a traitorous mission for Cardinal Richelieu. The Musketeers and D'Artagnan must stop her or France may be doomed. However, we learn that Lady de Winter knows one of the Musketeers, whom she has not seen for many years. We also learn that the Cardinal has a nefarious plan that he will execute on the King's birthday.

The end of this movie is a lot of fun as, in true swashbuckler style, there is generous swordplay and fantastic escapes. I believe that the stars of swashbuckling movies of the past would appreciate this movie.

I have read reviews that both praise this movie and pan it. This movie is not true to the original story. However, it is very entertaining and I have enjoyed this one several times. I know I will enjoy watching it again. In recent years Disney has had difficulties in creating movies in the tradition started by Walt Disney. However, this one is worthy of the Disney name. I hope you find this movie as enjoyable as I did.
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