Customer Reviews: The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth
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The Three Waves by Dolores Cannon is more of her amazing work in hypnotherapy where she works with ordinary people to discover out of the world information. Continuing her work that has built on past life regressions, Cannon has with her last four books, given us glimpses into the future. Using her own special technique of working directly with her subjects' subconscious, Cannon has learned of the nature of both our present and our future. What does the date of 2012 mean? Why are birds falling from the sky? Why are fish washing up onto our shores all over the world?

Cannon answers these questions and much more by asking her subjects' subconscious, the part of all us that is connected to the divine. Carl Jung called it the collective unconscious, while Edgar Cayce tapped into it to cure people of their illnesses and disease, while giving us a look into our past.

The Three Waves is about the waves of volunteers who've come to Earth during this critical stage of our development. Because of the non-interference directive that our elder brothers adhere to, beings from other worlds can't just land their space ships and give us the cure to all our ills. First of all, we wouldn't learn anything if they did, and secondly, they would be setting themselves up to be our gods, something that hasn't worked out well in the past.

In order to get around the prime directive, and yes, Star Trek was right, our alien cousins have sent out a call to any souls willing to be reincarnated here on Earth as this time in order to help us raise our collective vibrations. Many answered the call starting with the large group that we call the `Baby Boomers'. Next came many of those in their twenties and thirties, as the second wave, and now the children, higher vibrating souls who came out of love to help us.

Earth herself is going to be raising her vibration up to the fifth dimension. We have gone from a Schuman resonance of 7.8 up to what it is now at, 12. This higher vibratory level causes a `shaking loose' of what is old, negative and no longer needed. People are having old issues come to haunt them, where they are given the soul choice of either forgiving and transmuting their problems, or hanging to them to the point of even acting them out. As a result we see more people who seem to be `breaking apart' on a deep level and either changing their lives for the better, or succumbing to their fears. The nightly news if full of examples of people who couldn't handle whatever issues they have had buried, causing them to lash out in an uncontrollable rage.

Reading The Three Waves gives both a clue as to why our world seems to be going so crazy, and hope for the future. As the collective unconsciousness' all say, it's simply about choice. Every second of our lives were asked to choose between going towards the light, or the darkness, and in our choosing we create our future. The world will be divided, and a new world, just as the Bible says, populated with those who choose a new and better way of being. Those who choose to continue our broken way of being, where children starve and the rich rule, and the Earth is only there to exploit, will be given the world that they have created. What could be more fair?
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on June 26, 2011
This book answered tons of my questions about 2012 and the so-called Shift, Apocalypse, etc. Dolores does not use generic or ambiguous terminology. She straight up tells you what her research has indicated, and it is more explicit than anything else I've come across.

Ever since I saw a web video of Dolores discussing the Nostradamus stuff, I immediately trusted her but forgot about her until another author recommended Dolores' book The Custodians. I am glad I read The Custodians and The Convoluted Universe series prior to reading The Three Waves of Volunteers, but I don't think these are pre-requisites. The info in The Three Waves was easier for me to read and absorb. The material is also consistent with other authors' material about the Crystal Children, the Indigo Children, the Star People, etc.

There are some formatting issues with the Kindle version, for example there are a lot of quotation marks instead of apostrophes. I (did"t) let it bother me, because the information is solid and I am so glad that we are blessed with a reliable source of information about the big transition.

Thanks Dolores!
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on June 30, 2011
I have been a fan of Dolores Cannon since the first time I read the Custodians. Since then I've read and re-read almost all of her books, especially those within the Convoluted Universe and Nostradamus Speaks series. To be clear, I was under the impression this was in a sense the next 'Convoluted Universe.' I understand this was not referenced in her title, however, I figured it would contain the natural overlap of information she had been updated with since her last book, and I was eager to have the latest information. Unfortunately for me, and those already very familiar with her work, there was a lot of redundancy and information from her previous books rehashed here in this book. That's not necessarily a bad thing, certainly not for a reader new to Dolores Cannon, as it provides proper context- I only wish I knew this before I ordered and learned there is another Convoluted Universe (book four) which will be released later this year. There are still some gems in here to glean, and as with all of her work, you will find yourself fascinated and drawn in even if you have already read much of the material before.

I am eagerly now anticipating the release of her Convoluted Universe Book 4. I believe it's more important now than ever that people have access to Dolores Cannon's work, and I am very appreciative and grateful for the information and work she has done. Hopefully she continues to do so. My one criticism of her work is that I do believe in her attempts to frame a positive future for humanity we are only reading and hearing about the heavily filtered cases which fit this paradigm. I remember a Coast to Coast interview she had where she stated something along the lines of being threatened for releasing information about the 'Cabal' referenced in her earlier works and interspersed in the Convoluted Universe series, and so she has made it a clear path away from delving into these issues. The truth is, we only grow from being able to confront our shadow sides. Most people are unaware or don't care to hear about the Franklin Scandal particularly because they don't want to admit there exists a very real and legitimate dark side of humanity which resides right along side the pretty faces and smiles we show the world each day. It's time for a change, I think we can sense that- the hows, when's, where's, who really knows, but the more we are able to accept personal responsibility within our lives the greater the promise of that change will be for the better. Keep up the good work Dolores!


I have received some feedback stating this book does NOT contain recycled material and would like to clarify that within the book itself (on page 451 to be exact) Dolores clearly states that Part III of this book is work taken directly from her PREVIOUS BOOKS. This includes 6 chapters and roughly 110 pages worth of reprinted material. If you are fine with this all the better; however, for those who doubt or disagree that there is recycled material, this is confirmed and admitted by the author herself. I feel that it is important for those considering the purchase of this book to be aware of this, it IS NOT to put down the book, and is also not the reason for the 4 stars.
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on September 27, 2011
I ordered this book after listening to several of Dolores Cannon's interviews online and being fascinated with the material. Based on the title and the editor's review, I was hopeful to find a book of information on who the Three Waves are, what they're here to do, their challenges, their abilities, etc. I was so excited when I opened the box and the book was so thick! I was sure it must be chock-full of such information, all neatly categorized and presented in a reader-friendly layout. However, I was seriously disappointed to find that only Chapter One offers any such informative format, and tells you nothing new if you've already listened to the online interviews. There is maybe a paragraph describing each "Wave" - that's it! I was flipping back and forth, wondering, "Where's the rest? Please tell me that's not IT." After Chapter One, the remainder of the thick book is nothing more than a heaping serving of transcripts of her sessions with clients, seemingly in random order. Some of the clients ramble during their sessions and she actually outlines how she had to guide them other places when they got too distracted by the things they saw. I'm sorry, I love science fiction as much as the next person and I am very open-minded, but I found much of the information in these sessions to be useless and/or boring. If you want to read a bunch of case study transcripts, with people in hypnosis vaguely describing their lives on other worlds or alternate dimensions, this book is your cup of tea, because that's pretty much all it is.
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on August 30, 2011
This is my first book from Delores Cannon. I read a little bit about her work online on her website and wanted to read this latest book to see what it was all about.

Well, I can't rave enough about her work. And the book is huge! It has to be one of the most interesting books I have ever read. It's as good as fiction it is so intriguing. She interviews under hypnosis her clients who want to learn about their reason for "being" here or why they are having health problems or feel "stuck". When she finally gets the client under and starts the process, she never knows what will happen...which she admits. Sometimes, the Higher Self automatically steps in and starts explaining certain things without Delores actually calling the HS in. Sometimes, other beings who work with the client will come in and speak through the one under hypnosis, without their knowledge of course. Many times, the client has no idea they are beings from other worlds! It is amazing to discover such a thing!

And then there are some clients who talk about the Ascension and what the New Earth will be like. It can be emotional when they talk about end of times and those that get left behind. Even under hypnosis, the clients weep for a life they once had and wish they could go back. Mostly, these people don't like Earth very much and want to leave! If that doesn't say something for how bad our world is messed up!

Oh, surprising to hear that the Greys and some Reptilians are actually good aliens and not as bad as once perceived. I guess what some think and report were abductions were actually good intentions to help a person heal their bodies.

Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!
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on October 27, 2011
As an avid Canon fan I found this book slightly disappointing when compared to her other books. The material is nothing new and in fact some of the regression work by Dolores has been used in her other Convoluted Universe books, which she openly admits. Like other Dolores fans, I too am extremely bemused as to why this book is any different from the CU series? Dolores's series of books are absolutely fascinating for the open minded, and I highly recommend the Nostradamus and CU trilogies, the Custodians, Keepers etc. I only recommend this book if you haven't read any of her other work as it is still a very informative and fascinating read into regression, enlightenment, the ascension and the new world.
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on October 1, 2011
After having read (except the three Nostradamus ones) and loved all of Dolores Cannon's many books and videos, this book was the only disappointment and the only one I wouldn't highly recommend. It was only my great respect for Ms. Cannon's previous works which kept me from rating this book even lower.

How much you know about the Three Waves before reading this book -- most likely gleaned from Cannon's YouTube and ProjectCamelot videos -- will be exactly how much you know about them once you finish reading it. There is absolutely NO new information about the Three Waves them in this book...period. So don't allow yourself to be mislead by the book's title.

"The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth" can very accurately be considered Convoluted Universe Book 4 since there is absolutely NO difference between their content and format. Did I make that clear? NO difference. It baffles me why Cannon didn't more accurately -- based on it's content -- title it "Convoluted Universe 4 " and change her upcoming book to "Convoluted Universe 5." My opinion --- not driven my my other disappointment with the book's very misleading title -- is that this book appears to be merely a compilation of the stories which weren't entertaining enough to be included in the previous three Convoluted Universe books.

The title lead me to expect it to (hopefully) be broken down into stories, and/or chapters or sections, and/or information about First Wave, Second Wave, and Third Wave people. But NO new information about them is not to found in this book. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly (it's been many months since I've read it), only one of the many stories -- and it was towards the latter part of the thick book -- even mentioned which wave the story teller was from (i.e. the First Wave).

As pointed out in the above review by Roy Munson on June 30, 2011, the book's last part (i.e. the part containing ALL the New Earth information in the book) consists of stories Cannon openly admits is reprinted from her previous books. So in other words, not only is there NO new information about the Three Waves in this book...there is also NO new information about the New Earth in this book.

This book may have been meant as an introduction the Three Waves and New Earth to those people who are totally unfamiliar with those subjects...but if you're already familiar with them at all, you won't get any additional information about them from this book.

Btw, for you readers who are interested in such things, the most current and regularly updated information about Disclosure, the Ascension and the New Earth can be found at the GallacticChanneling and the DivineCosmos websites (just Google them).
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on November 8, 2011
I have had lifelong experiences with the star visitors and some were very terrifying to me because I didn't understand what was going on. This book explains it all to me and it makes such perfect sense! As I read this book my fear left and I was filled with hope and inspiration for our world. I know that I am of the first wave and have just held a retreat for other volunteers. It was so wonderful to be connected with my star community again. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Everyone should read it!
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on June 12, 2012
With this book Dolores continues to report what she has discovered during her regressions. She has found that many beings have volunteered to incarnate at this time to help change the energy of the Earth so as to avoid catastrophe and to "help raise the energy of the people to that they can ascend with the Earth into the next dimension".

The first wave of volunteers were born at the end of the 40s, the second wave are now in their late 20s and 30s and the third wave is composed of the new children, many of whom are now in their teens. The first wave are disturbed by strong emotions and many try to commit suicide - they don't want to be here. The second wave focus on helping others, create no karma and have an energy that affects others strongly - they don't have to do anything, they just have to be. However, they don't feel comfortable around other people. The DNA of the third wave has already been altered. But they are misunderstood and generally diagnosed with ADHD and put on Ritalin. There is nothing wrong with them - they are just more advanced and "operating on a different frequency". They need challenges to keep them interested.

There are tens of thousands of these new souls all over the world. The "purest and most innocent of all" are those that come directly from the Source. The Source is God, or the Great Central Sun, and is "full of love, total love". When those who have come directly from the Source go there during Dolores' sessions, they don't want to leave again.

One woman when regressed explained that she was a "shimmer" or part of the "shimmering". The shimmering is composed of living crystals which are "tiny, minute particles". (Actually, I myself have several times experienced what I think is this shimmering - I have "seen" it as pink dots in the air around me, which I feel to be love - funnily, I see these "out there" but I feel the love in my own heart- a wonderful experience.)

Many of D's clients have grave health complaints - but, no problem, the SC (Subconscious) heals them all. In one case it used liquid light that flowed from the Source. The client's vertebrae had been fused by guilt from other lifetimes. The SC separated the vertebrae and repaired them with more liquid light. The SC always gives the client a useful, parting message.

In general, the regressed clients impart many important "truths". Re the new energies, the people will split into two kinds - "ones that want to stay here and deal with the changes, and the others that want to check out and can't handle the vibrations". People "need to allow things", meditate more and "quiet themselves a lot more". They "need to be alone and in quiet". "The higher vibration is one effect, and the people that don't want to move to the higher vibration is another effect --- It's the magnets - the opposites.

The vibrations are getting faster which causes a different force and you either go with the vibrations and make yours faster, or you get stuck. Most people are refusing to raise their vibrations.

This is a voluminous and an exciting book much like those in D's Convoluted universe series, though perhaps even better. I was most looking forward, as always, to the section on the New Earth. However, D states that the New Earth information in the book is not new but a compilation of information from her previous books. (Though I found that she did add new information on this subject.)

We must eliminate heavy foods, e.g. stop eating meats. mainly because of the additives and chemicals being fed to the animals. The best of all to eat is "live" fruits and vegetables. Sugar should also be eliminated. I expect most of us know all this already. In 2001 "they" yelled at D to get her to change her diet and lifestyle. She stopped drinking Pepsi and completely turned her eating and drinking habits around. By 2002 she had cleared a great deal of toxins from her systems and noticed the difference.

D was taught a process to energize water, which I think I also reported on in a previous review. Energize your water by spiraling into it all the knowledge you have. Imagine the water spiraling, creating a vortex in a both clockwise and anticlockwise direction. This will reintroduce life force into the water. You can also do the same process with food.

Many are suffering physical effects because of the frequency and vibrational changes. The body cannot suddenly change vibration. The energy would be too strong for it to handle. You can visualize a dial and mentally adjust it up or down until the desired frequency is obtained. Say to yourself "I want my body to move up, up, up until it matches this higher frequency".

D also includes information about why birds are falling out of the sky: This has to do with the fact that animals are more sensitive to the Shift, and also to do with something called the Mobius Strip, which D explains.

I find all this information about the Old and New Earths extremely fascinating. D also provides her own explanation about how some of us can move to the New Earth, and some stay on the Old, without our missing each other.

I highly recommend that you read this book, which is one of the best, perhaps the best, of D's books. Enjoy!
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on October 9, 2014
Of all her books, this and "The Custodians" probably have the most "original" material, but I didn't find much of it to be very sensational or enlightening at that. There have been times when I believed I may be a "volunteer", but after reading this book, I still am not sure. Nothing I read matched any of my experiences, and just served as "teasers", leaving me wanting and sorry I had spent so much money on too many of Dolores' books, which are little more than the same old re-arranged script - repeated over and over again. It's nice to think that a magical "New Earth", and ships are going to "save" us, but that's something we are going to have to do ourselves. While there is some truth in her books, IMO, anyone who says "buy my books", "buy my cruise and lecture packages", and "believe that all aliens are good, and they will save you", is little more than a cult leader. And, save your money on the "Convoluted Universe" series - a total waste of money - unless you enjoy reading chapter after chapter and book after book of people living previous lives as "rocks", "water", "air", and so forth!
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