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VINE VOICEon November 2, 2005
When you read a book such as this, you are drawn into a new reality outside most of our normal experiences.

When the Bon Buddhists left Tibet having foretold the 1959 invasion, they were scattered throughout the world to places where their teaching would be effective, and where they would find people to carry the Bon tradtion of skilful thinking.

One such Master discovered the author at the age four in New Zealand and thus began 23 years of instruction.

There are many great techniques that stem from this teaching, so I am enjoying this book tremendously. There are some easy, yet empowering exercises to move negative thoughts and create an empowering reality.

This is an easy to follow blueprint for living, which I highly recommend. This book came to me highly recommended, and I highly recommend it to you. I hope you find this helpful.
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on September 27, 2005
This book is a powerhouse of information. It is written in a very easy to understand manner, with clear and concise instructions. I love this book. It is simply wonderful. I can't thank the author enough for bringing such a beautiful book to fruition. This book crosses the barrier of religions and would be a wonderful read for people of any faith. I would strongly suggest this book for people who volunteer their time in prison programs as well. Everyone who needs a nudge to find bliss within should have a copy of this book.
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on September 3, 2003
Christopher Hansard's second book is even better than his first book The Tibetan Art of Living. In this new book he offers practical solutions to the issues we all face in the world today. Whilst Bon Medicine is probably the oldest medical practice still in existence it is quite remarkable how relevant it is to us today. If you are really looking for the answers go no further you will find them in this book. A book cannot normally take the place of a face to face meeting with a healer of the calibre of Christopher Hansard, but he has put so many useful examples of his work with other patients in to his writings that it is hard not to find a situation that he covers that is not relevant to yourself.
The book is divided into 10 sections, each covering an aspect of life from the Power of Thought through Relationships and Love to Helping others and the World in a Single Thought. Each section offers advice & practical exercises to deal with every aspect in your life. So if you are unable to consult directly with the leading practioner of BonMedicine in the western world, and his public seminars are rare in North America, then buy the book. I have and it continues to change my life every day.
For the cynical amongst you, I do not normally make recomendations of this sort, but for this book it was not difficult.
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on October 31, 2004
This book is really great. It conveys the central message that - our lifes are shaped by our thoughts. Also we all have a 'thought atmosphere'. This book teaches various creative ways to neutralize negative thoughts/emotions. Some people are caught by negative thought atmosphere/patterns that they find it hard to free themself from it. This author teaches several techniques (verbal and visual and even using some external procedures) to protect ourself and to neutralize undersirable thought patterns. If you are interested in this, also read books by Ernest Holmes, who also teaches almost the same thing, (yet a little different techniques) to condition our thought atmosphere. If you don't condition your thought atmosphere with positive thoughts, it may be influenced by negative thoughts (or what Holmes calls the race-consciousness). This is a great book that you must have! It is not a shallow book about general positive thinking with tidbits such as "you can do it" etc, it goes much deeper into the nature of thoughts and emotions.
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on August 29, 2012
For those of you in the Western world who have toyed with Eastern culture seeking balance, solutions or a new way of thinking - I can relate to you. When I picked up this book, I had hoped that I could indeed apply the Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking to my life.

I gave this book an honest try. Let me present a brief snippet here for you to make your own judgement. This takes place on page 19 of my edition.

"I too have used thought energy once in this way, to stop an extremely violent situation. I saw a man draw a knife in a jealous rage, as his girlfriend stood talking to a friend. I knew that he was in danger of harming her, or someone else, so I used the power of thought energy to prevent him. Astonished, he dopped the knife, unable to understand why he suddenly felt his violent urge disappear."


Let's keep reading. There might be some practical applications to this book that I can use in my life. How should I use positive thinking to stop overworking? There is a solution, found on page 84.

"Sit quietly and for several minutes visualize a fire, burning all the negative energy out of your office and leaving it pristine and cleansed, ready for new, skillful thought energies to fill it. Repeat this daily until you no longer feel the energy of your workplace pulling you. Once you are freed from this, you will be able to change your lifestyle and refuse to overwork."


It is recommended to practice this thirty minutes per day. If anyone out there has the energy, it may be worthwhile to calculate the amount of meditation recommended in this book on a daily basis. I would guess it is no less than 4-6 hours.

Please do not buy this book. If you are truly interested, I will send you my copy - for free.
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on October 24, 2005
Christopher Hansard has done an amazing job in bringing the ancient Bon teachings to the modern world. Almost everyone is familiar with Buddhism nowadays, but few have heard of the ancient Tibetan teachings of Bon, which was popular long before Buddhism hit Tibet. There is so very little information on Bon available, and none of it really exposing any teachings or practices that would be helpful to the average reader.

Mr. Hansard spent a great deal of his life, starting at a very early age, learning the teachings, traditions and practices of Bon. In this new book, he shows us all how we can learn from these ancient practices, how we can use the spiritual techniques of Bon to improve our own lives.

This book is filled with enlightening information and very simple to understand (and do) Bon practices to assist a person in transforming one's life into the life that you want to live. Even though some of the practices seem very simple, they are very powerful.

True change is all about the power of one's thoughts. And, this book will tell you why and how to work with and change your thoughts, changing your life for the better in the process.

Rev. Jeff, Professional Psychic and Reiki Master
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on March 9, 2006
Buddhism has been an interest of mine for a long time. Lot of the core ideas are slowly molded into a Westernized body of thoughts. From this angle it was interesting to read a book about a system of beliefs that was slowly molded by Buddhism into a system that contains Buddhist thoughts but is more tangible. The book deals with Traditional Bon medicine, which is a complex system of ideas, thoughts, and interpretations of the physical world. Having not read more about Bon, I cannot evaluate the correctness of the descriptions offered by the author, but I assume that they are faithful to the original teachings.

Now, what is the "Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking"? It is simply skillful thinking about life and living. I walked away with two insights after reading this book.

1. Life is hard, but simple.

2. Finding solutions to problems demands focus, attention, and commitment.

As a self-help book it is decent and above the average. Since I take a very dim view of the industrial production of erudite and packaged snippets of marginally intelligent insights, I cannot rate this book higher than three stars. I must commend, however, the author for being very forthright and honest. I never sensed condecension or empty cheerleading throughtout the book.

But since it is an interesting read - apart from the self-help aspect of this book - I give it four stars.
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on December 15, 2009
I was reading up on Christopher Hansard only to discover that there are petitions against him online inciting him as a phony and a crook. I understand that there's the potential to encounter a lot of new age-y bs a book like this, but I picked it up with the most earnest of intentions, hoping that the historical context would lend authenticity to the subject. Realizing the author is a fake ruined it for me. I feel like a sucker!
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on August 13, 2008
This book came to me when I most needed it, as a master comes when the time is right. I read many motivational books before, but all were mostly based on pretty phrases to uplift. This book goes to the HOW TO DO IT! Very easy and practical excercises for every life situation. WOW! I plan to give a copy of the book as a gift to those important people in my life. I was in a low point in my life, where even my health was at stake. Being a rather positive person, I was dealing with my "problems" all the best I could, on a slow but steady progress. I ordered this book from Amazon, just as another resource, to give it a try, to see what would happen. When received it, by judging what I considered a modest cover, thought, "wil look at it when have time." What a surprise! I recommend this book from my heart to all of you that may be stuck in life with one or another of life's challenges. Read it and re-read it and do the relevant to your needs' excercises. I did this and I can attest, IT WORKS!!!!!!
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on February 1, 2006
This book is brilliant! Food for thought And practical stuff that works! You'll love it - read it and do it!
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