Customer Reviews: The Touch A Dark Wolf
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VINE VOICEon February 25, 2007
Not as bad as some reviewers said, but I admit it does need some work. The book begins when the herione is run off the road when two wolves have it out on the hood of her car. I know, it sounds interesting, but the author mucks it up at this point. I suppose St. Giles is attempting to give her novel an epic touch by switching scenes from villian to hero to watchers. She moves from one point of view to another. A master writer can do this successfully, but St. Giles only ends up confusing the reader. I read through about six chapters before I felt I had a vague understanding to what was going on. She should have stuck with one point of view and let the reader discover what was going on along with that character. If it wouldn't have been for this confusing point of view stratagy she adapted, I think it would have been a good book. Or at least much more enjoyable.
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VINE VOICEon January 5, 2007
Erin Morgan sensed it was going to be a bad day before discovering four dead bodies drained of blood where she worked in the posh, state of the art medical center of Manhattan, but not one that saw her running for her very life! Nor could she ever imagine while fleeing to her home state of Tennessee that two snarling beasts would be landing on the hood of her car causing her to drive off the road. No, and if that wasn't bad enough -- waking up to find one very big, virile, and very naked man on the hood of her car - well.... now depending on how you look at it, things could be looking up!

*** Newer author Jennifer St. Giles is certainly making people sit up and take notice and with this fast action fantasy/thriller she starts off a new series that is sure to entice a whole new set of paranormal romance genre fans. In it, she introduces a new set heroes called Shadowmen -- shape-shifters whose purpose was to guard mortals like Erin from the evil blood-sucking Vladarians. Unfortunately, as our hero Jared battled one of the demons he was bitten. The poison it inflicted, would in time, turn Jared into the very evil being he was sworn to battle. A great portion of the plot is spent with St. Giles doing an admirable job of showing the anguish of Jared and also of his fellow comrades who made the heartbreaking choice of allowing him to live before the poison destroyed all that was pure and good before overtaking his very soul.

Erin had her own problems to contend with knowing that the miracle doctor she worked for, hailed as a hero for his ground breaking cancer treatments was in fact a murderer! After her disenchantment with her former employer it was no stretch for her to be wary of Jared as he aroused a passion in her that she was deathly afraid of giving into. In developing Erin, the author developed her deftly in both keeping her interested in the man, by showing compassion for his injuries, yet being wary of his mental state when he tried to explain who/what he was.

As well as the two main protagonists, you are also introduced to a plethora of secondary characters including a delightful pixyish Irish lass called Emerald, who in addition to her other-worldly connections of receiving messages from the Druids, is a sex-therapist who councils her patients via a `blackberry'. This is an exciting introduction to the series, and St. Giles sets the stage in whetting your appetite for future installments that are eagerly anticipated.

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization
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on September 10, 2015
First of all, when I bought this book I thought it was a shape changer book. It is not. Some of the characters are human, some are angelic beings. The bad guys are vampires and demons. The story was OK and intriguing enough that I went on to the next book, hoping that the writing would improve. It didn't. The characters are very one-dimensional. The author has included pages and pages and pages of sex scenes that I found really detracted from the book. I finally got to the point where I just skipped those pages (and pages and pages). It's not that I don't enjoy a good love/sex scene but it has to add to the basic story, unless I'm actually reading erotica. Part way through the third book I realized I was barely reading at all (I read voraciously) and really didn't care about the characters at all. I finished that book but definitely won't waste my time on any more books in this series.
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on September 21, 2015
Too many legends and supernatural beings for one book. This book read as though the author could not figure out where the plot was going and rather than thinking about it, she just plowed through by adding extra, unnecessary problems and over-exaggerated solutions. Definitely not an author I would wish to read more of.
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on March 3, 2015
Erin’s day was shot to hell. As a nurse at the Sno-Med facilities, it was her duty to oversee the blood transfusions to the ultra-rich that would hold back their cancer for three months.

Today she’d seen something that she never should have. In an extremely secret lab deep within the Sno-Med complex, she had discovered four bodies. Not injured, not victims of a horrific accident, just four people who carried the special protein in their blood that made miracles happen for cancer patients. Strapped to gurneys, completely drained of their precious blood, these two adults and two children had their lives taken from them so that the insanely rich could live for three more months.

Erin had believed Dr. Cinatas when he claimed that people came into the lab and voluntarily gave of their blood to help others, just as she did. Now the truth was lying right in front of her. Drained of every last droplet of blood.

After a confrontation with Dr. Cinatas, Erin runs for her life. Driving through the darkness of a foggy Tennessee mountain pass, already terrified and running on pure survival instincts, Erin is stunned when a creature lands on the hood of her car with enough force to send spider cracks through her windshield. The dark, almost black creature terrified her as it tried to get through the glass, its fang-like teeth glistening in the headlight’s reflection.

She was shaken from her fear-frozen state when a second crash assaulted the hood of her car. A silver-grey wolf with startling blue eyes had landed on the back of the creature. Before Erin’s stunned eyes, a battle broke out between the dark creature and the silver-grey wolf. When she heard a fierce, wounded howl from the silver-grey wolf, her heart seemed to stop beating. Her frightened glance seemed to be held by the wolf, it was as though he spoke to her mind telling her to “Leave Now”.

Erin threw the car into reverse and drove off into the foggy darkness. Careening around curves, unable to see the road through the fog she felt the car leave the road as she flew through space. The last thing she remembered was the silver-grey wolf’s blue eyes.

Okay, let’s stop right there. That’s enough of a tease.

From this point onward, we will discover what Jared (the silver-grey wolf) really is. Why the dark creature attacked Erin’s car. And why Jared was there so quickly to defend her. We will discover some of the reasons behind Sno-Med and the truly evil Dr Cinatas. Other characters will be introduced and the groundwork for this series will begin to be laid out for us.

Erin and Jared’s love story will unfold in a sensuous, satisfying way. There is a legend involved in the overall story – and we will also discover if the legend becomes true or is completely myth.

I really enjoyed Touch A Dark Wolf and will search out the remaining novels in the series – because I now want to know the rest of the story. I believe that anyone who loves paranormal love stories would enjoy this novel. Yes, it is the first of the series and leaves as many questions as it gives answers. But I’m not surprised by that, and it won’t keep me from reading the other novels.

Touch A Dark Wolf gets a 3 outta 5 on my rating scale. I expect the next book to be a higher rating because the world building is mostly past and we will get into the story faster. (my opinion)

Additional Thoughts

When you read this novel (and it is free right now so why wouldn’t you go download it *book lover grin*) please, oh please pay attention to the author’s notes in the very beginning. At times, we the readers, have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of a book’s publishing and how, more often than not, it is not the author’s decision as to how the novel becomes a finished product – but it is the publisher’s final decision based on projected sales or the tone of the readership at the time of publication.

In the reissue of Touch A Dark Wolf, this becomes very obvious as Ms. St. Giles intended the special blood of some characters to make them of the Chosen (not the Elan) – with a fascinating background on why they were Chosen (again read the author’s intro) – it makes so many parts of the novel and the series make much more sense. Why must publishers mess with an author’s creation? How many novels have we read, never knowing what the original story could have been? It is frustrating to me as a reader and a buyer.

There are times when a reader just has to let the first book in a series be the world builder. This is where we start to piece together the parts of the author’s world into a land that we will come to know and understand better over time. At last check there are four (4) novels in The Shadowmen series, so expect characters to show up on the fringes, for the story to not be as full as a stand alone novel would be and give the series time to just develop.

That is my best advice when starting Touch A Dark Wolf. It does leave a lot of questions unanswered… but, this is the first novel in a series. I expect there to be things left to follow up in the coming novels. Why would it be a series if there wasn’t more to the overall story?

(can you tell I get extremely frustrated with reviewers who trash a book or give it the insult of a one star review when they haven’t taken into consideration that it is the FIRST BOOK IN A SERIES?)
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on September 28, 2014
Hi Readers, & Jennifer,
I love the ‘The Shadowmen Series,’ very glad to see them back. I will have to reread the first four before the next one comes out in 2015. I can't wait.

The first Touch a Dark Wolf was a fantastic start, book two The Lure of the Wolf, book 3 Kiss of Darkness, and # 4 Bride of the Wolf. I have these in paperback so I will have to think about getting them in E Books. So much easer for older eyes. LOL

Thanks Jennifer, for bring back a series that I did not want to see end and for keep me updated about them. I can’t thank you enough and will wait impatiently for the next Shadowmen to appear. Have to say that I love your books.
Love & blessings
Annie Simmons
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on November 5, 2014
You can never go wrong with St.Giles, she is the most fabulous writer and every single one of her books is special and fantastic. Her plots and characters are always fresh and they always manage to complete your need for an absolutely perfect read.
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on September 3, 2006
A nurse at the cutting edge of medicine at the Sno-Med Clinic in Manhattan, Erin Morgan loved working there as her employer Dr. Cinatas provided miracle cures for cancer. That is until she realized that the main ingredient consisted of poor people that Dr. Cinatas murdered to treat his wealthy patients. Knowing he is so well regarded and needing time until she can figure out what to do next, Erin flees New York City to hide in the Tennessee Mountains. However, preoccupied and paranoid, Erin hits a wolf on the remote mountain road before crashing off to the side. When she regains consciousness she finds a naked hunk lying like a trophy across the hood of her car.

Jared Hunter feels battered from the run in with Erin's car. However, he finds the pain vanishes when the nurturing Erin touches his injuries, soothing the savage beast inside him. He desires her like he never has anyone before though he has lived as a shapeshifter for centuries. When Dr. Cinatas arrives to kill Erin, Jared knows he must risk all to keep the woman he loves safe from the malevolent medicine man, but wonders who will keep her safe from him

TOUCH A DARK WOLF is a fabulous Beauty and the Beast romantic fantasy starring two amiable protagonists, who need each other; though the hero is in denial out of fear he will harm his beloved. The action-packed story line is fast-paced even before the caricaturist villain arrives and remains gripping as readers meet the St. Giles paranormal environs who add depth to the plot. Still evil doctor, psychic shrink, shapeshifting human-beasts, and amoral demons aside, it is the relationship between the lead couple willing to die for their soulmate that makes for a strong outstanding mystical thriller.

Harriet Klausner
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on October 8, 2014
I first read this book a few years ago while I was coming down from the long haul of reading another author's series back to back to back and needed something to cleanse the palate, so to speak. It was a refreshing change at the time, but when I noticed it had been re-released (my print copy was loaned and never returned), I felt the need to read it come over me again and now I'm in for another series marathon. Like Lay's, you can't enjoy just one after the first bite.

I think I enjoyed the story more this second time around, with a better understanding of the characters and the surprise of discovering bits and pieces I had forgotten, that made it also feel like a new read.
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on November 13, 2014
This book is worth reading. The author has a great story telling ability and strong character development. I especially liked the treatment of the paranormal aspect that is the vehicle for the tale. The reason for the rating of only 4 stars is as personal preference, I do not care for romance stories. For my taste, I would have preferred a bit less of the romance angle. The book was well worth reading but it would not be a book that would claim a space on my book shelf of most beloved books.
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