Customer Reviews: The Trading Book: A Complete Solution to Mastering Technical Systems and Trading Psychology
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on October 5, 2011
A complete trading book? You must be kidding. In a nutshell, she advises to use an ema and simple moving average crossover system (with some fibonnaci analysis).That's it folks. Do not waste your time or money. I just regret I cannot get a refund because I purchased it on Kindle. It is outright dishonest for her friends/colleagues to write such raving reviews. Out of the hundreds of trading books I have read (and I mean hundreds)this rates as a top 10 stinker.
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on November 27, 2011
I came to know Anne-Marie (AM) from an educational webinar. I knew right away she was not the typical voice that I've come to expect in stock market education. She was unique, in a good way. That eventually led to me participating daily in her trading room ... Easily the best monthly investment that I've made.

I was reluctant to buy the book since I figured I had already heard it via the room. Incorrect! The book explores personal aspects of AM's journey that made it much more interesting and engaging than your standard flavor. I could relate to it on many levels. You never have to read AM's mind - I respect that.

But ultimately, besides being an enjoyable read, I judge a book like this the same way I judge everything in this field: Does it make me a better trader? Without question, the honest answer is YES! For instance, learning to stay in a trade that's not broken did some nice things to my account balance last week.

If you're serious about trading, and want to hear what you need to hear instead of only what you'd like to hear, you can't go wrong learning from AM's experience and exploring her system and methods. I've had many things to be thankful for in 2011, and discovering Anne-Marie is one of them. Thanks AM - You rock!

Mike Massey
You Marketing
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on August 13, 2011
What I liked about this trading book was the honesty to the author. Trading is not a way to get rich quick. It was hard work and can be psychologically demanding - especially when your trades go against you. I found the book engaging and easy to read and it was not trying to sell me on any particular system or strategy, rather, give me the tools to develop and critically analyze any strategy..

I am happy with this purchase..
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on January 8, 2012
I find this book very interesting because it's a very operative book. the author tries to explain in details step by step the best strategies to use. it's not a mere crossing of two averages, the book is packed with strategies about fibonacci's retracements and bollinger bands too. i wish I would have found charts viewed with different timeframes to work on and I wish the graphs diplayed could have the stock's name.
The management of the position (scaling in and out) is very accurate and detailed and in my opinion is the core of the book.
So far I have read this books three times and each time I read it I find some valuable hints I didn't spot.
In short a very good book I like to have on my closest and preferred shelf.
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on January 9, 2014
I think the points that the author makes are good, and the explanations are (generally) clear, though there really should be more of a definition of new words in the text OR a footnote to refer you to the appropriate page in the appendix in the back. I didn't discover that there even was one until I was done. I intend to refer to it more when I reread the book.

Others have made the same critiques of the illustrations. They are too small and cramped on the Kindle. I did discover a trick to get them on the same page as the text most of the time. Click the link to the image and then, when it appears, go back one swipe (page). This will put them on the same page. Good luck!
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on January 20, 2012
I liked the book and the authors style of writing the minute I started reading it. She has a clear, honest tone that makes following what she is saying pretty easy. I bought this book for the Kindle but got frustrated about midway through because she frequently refers to charts and has you referencing charts quite a bit. That is painful to do on a Kindle. So, I liked the book so much I am purchasing the paper version too so I can follow along more easily.

The strategy the author describes is an assortment of momentum, market psychology, and technical analysis. That happens to be what works for me in the markets so this book makes sense and I am learning some new tricks. Overall, I am happy with the book.
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Equities trading is a complex subject. There are as many approaches to the game of making money on investments as there are people trying to do it. The Trading Book looks at the overall picture and delivers a lot of useful information on different strategies in a clear, concise, useful manner. If you are a trader, or think you want to become one, this book covers everything from basic chart reading to highly advanced trend analysis. If you always wondered how a Fibonacci sequence applies to stock trading, or wanted to know how candlestick charts are used, or what a Bollinger band signifies, Ms. Baiynd has you covered. And after you've mastered the "hard" trading aspects, you can tackle the "soft" aspects, like overcoming psychological shortcomings, keeping a trade journal to analyze your performance, and when to trade (or not) based on nothing more than your base emotions. The technical depth of this book can be daunting at times, even when dealing with the "soft" aspects, but Ms. Baiynd helps to soften the blow with plenty of detailed explanatory charts and a down to earth sense of humor. For myself, I think this book gets a little too detailed at times, especially when she starts talking about interval trades and short trades, but it is easy enough to skim those sections, glean a few pertinent points, then move on to the sections of more use and interest. If you are an incredibly experienced trader or some kind of mathematician, this book will be a breeze, but I expect the majority of readers will have to take the tougher sections much slower in order to get maximum benefit and use from the information. (Even at that, I think most readers will need multiple readings and frequent referencing to insure complete understanding of all the material.) This book is highly useful, filled with great lessons and insight, served with a healthy dose of buoyant enthusiasm and positive encouragement. The Trading Book is a clear winner for beginners and experts alike.
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on October 1, 2011
I've read dozens of trading books over the years, so I was hesitant to buy yet another book that would rehash all the things I already read. But I'm glad I read this book, and it's my favorite trading book right now.

The book is like a movie, there are fast paced pages, like the pages with bullet lists of how her trading system works, and what questions to ask before and during each trade, and the slower pages where she goes over emotion, discipline, fear, greed, dedication and more. The most important thing I learned from this book is that I never paid attention to enough details. If you look at too few details, or the wrong set of details, the probabilities of success are diminished. A trading system is just having a list of details to check, a good trading system is a list of details that complement each other and increase the probability of success.

I don't agree with all of her trading system. I use Fibonacci retracements less than she does (it makes the charts too messy for me), and pay more attention to simple support and resistance lines. You create your own set of details to check, and you use the details you are drawn to.
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on August 29, 2011
In the case of most books out there on trading, I often wonder if the author makes more more money trading, or writing about trading. In addition to being a great mentor and teacher of trading, Anne-Marie Baiynd trades everyday, and you can see her real time trades and commentary on her StockTwits stream. In The Trading Book, she has taken her knowledge and experience, and through the use of everyday examples, found a way to explain the complexities of trading, (and how to exploit them to your benefit), in a way that is easy understand. I was amazed at the scope of material that this book was able to cover, and do so in a meaningful way. Anne-Marie's economical (and often humorous) style, takes you right to the core of each concept, doing away with irrelevant and superfluous information. Along with covering technical indicators, setups, and risk/reward concepts, Anne-Marie does an excellent job of showing how key discipline, focus, and your psychological mindset are to your trading success. And although I have been trading for over 25 years myself, I found The Trading Book to be a very useful read, one that I will put on my yearly "re-read" list along with my other classic trading books.
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on August 11, 2011
I recommend this book for those who already have an understanding of trading in the stock market. If you don't, you will probably feel lost. And if you do, this is like putting the icing on the cake, and the cake is the foundation you already have in trading. It gives you some "ah ha" moments. Well worth it. Anne-Marie teaches some classes in the stock market school I'm in online so I know she is very intelligent and knows what she is talking about.
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