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on March 15, 2002
I did a project recently on different groups in the white racialist movement and read this book as part of my research. Being quite liberal, I had to put it down and go outside for some fresh air, but it was rather hard to find a stopping point in order to do that.
This is a very well-written book. As much as I disagreed with its message, the pages kept turning. It involves elements of the author's idealism, a hero who will do anything that he thinks is right, action, warring factions, government opression, and so many other addictive written elements such as love and love lost, martyrdom, etc.
The particular type of idealism is disturbing; Turner, the hero of the book, is a White racist who, with his fellows, aspires to end all other races-- including Jews, who are portrayed in this book as evil-- for the "protection" of caucasians everywhere. The author sets his stage in a world where the "good guys" are kept down by a Jewish government who wants their guns. Throughout the book he goes from persecuted status to persecuted status until members of the Organization (the White Racialist group of which Turner is a member) revolt. The book portrays White racists as heroes and everyone else as either inconsequential or downright evil, including Whites not affiliated with the Organization. Despite its message, however, it is still well-written and hard to put down. Its nature, disturbing to most, will only make the storyline stick better in your head. I strongly recommend this book to someone who is not easily affected or easily sickened, and someone who is not sitting on a fence. There are graphic parts, disturbing parts, and times when you will put down the book and feel like someone has punched you in the chest, but anyone who enjoyed the movie "American History X" and/or has a fascination with the nature of hate should read this book.
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on April 15, 2000
Not coming from the perspective of the author, but rather from that of an open-minded libertarian, I bought and read this book out of sheer curiosity. While some of the scenes were a bit strong for my tastes, I certainly found the book fascinating. I regard it as always worth while to immerse one's self in the study of other perspectives. This book presented me with an ideal opportunity to do so. Whatever one thinks about the ideology advanced by its author, she must nevertheless conclude that this book is pretty interesting.
Also fascinating to me has been the emphasis placed by other reviewers on the idea that this book is 'poorly written.' On the advice of these reviewers, I prepared myself to endure a poor read. I can attest that it is no more poorly written than any other novel for sale on Amazon. I really find it odd that so many reviewers have suggested this, considering that there is nothing noticeably poor about the writing in this book at all. After checking the reviews of clearly poorly written books, and finding nothing resembling such an emphasis, I inferred that these suggestions result from the sensitivity of the subject matter dealt with in the book. To each her own, I guess. Considering this, I advise those whose feathers are easily ruffled to read something else.
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on May 30, 2015
The Turner Diaries is a short novel of speculative fiction. It's a military fantasy about a time when the U.S. government finally got too big for its britches and had to be called to heel by an Organization that, unlike the government itself, truly worked on behalf of the majority of its citizens—white Americans.

As fiction, the story is of high quality, which is astounding when you appreciate that Dr. William Pierce was not a frequent fantasy author. He was a former physics professor who abandoned that career to become a real-life revolutionist. The novel itself is short, but the story it tells is self-contained.

It would, in fact, be difficult to imagine a sequel, unless it had to do with extraterrestrial aliens trying to take over the world with guile here, bribes there, stealthy assassinations, and, rarely, with overt force; i.e., the aliens in such a sequel would have to play the part that the Jews played in The Turner Diaries.

The Turner Diaries has been blamed for inspiring Timothy McVeigh to bomb the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. It's a lie. Although McVeigh had read The Turner Diaries and had recommended that others read it, his motivation for bombing the Federal Building was watching the U.S. government murder 83 Christian men, women and children inside their church compound near Waco, Texas, on 19 April 1993. McVeigh testified at his trial that he had been convinced that the U.S. government was too authoritarian, that it was disregarding the Constitution, and that it was time somebody took it down a peg. He wanted to show the government that there were still Americans who can and will fight against totalitarianism. McVeigh didn't need to read The Turner Diaries to get the basic idea of bombing: he had been a soldier, a combat engineer, in the U.S. Armed Forces for several years—he already knew about bombs and their uses.

There are lots of examples of military fiction in the world. In most of them, a building or a bridge gets blown up at some point in the story. So why do people, such as the Anti-Defamation League, blame The Turner Diaries in particular for violence? Why don't they blame other authors for including similar scenes in their fiction stories?

It's simple. The criticism is a smear job intended to foster a widespread prejudice against the book and anyone associated with it. The Turner Diaries portrays Jews as agents and sponsors of oppression. The complainers, who are mostly Jews themselves, don't like being so portrayed. Even the Jews who run Wall Street and Hollywood—mocking white men and women in movies, in TV sitcoms, and in advertising—won't admit that maybe some turnabout is fair play. Worse (to them), it shows determined and competent white people winning a race war against all comers. They don't want whites to get the idea that they could actually win such a war, because one day white people might have plenty of reasons to fight—when there are no more places for them to escape minority crime and alien culture.

It is from such political motives that the ADL and similar organizations bad-mouth The Turner Diaries. Every pretext they use when making this criticism is a deception of one kind or another. In reality, it's a good story. If you aren't white, then you can use a magic marker on your copy to cover up every instance of the word "white" and write in its place whatever other word you'd rather were there.
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on July 13, 2001
The Turner Diaries is your basic dystopia. The government is oppressive, the people are too entertained to care, and the conditions which the people live in are horrible. Much like Brave New World (Huxley), this book, written in 1976, is a sort of "prophecy" for the world we live in today. It predicted high gas prices, electricity failures, and gun control acts. I believe it is an interesting portrayal of the government that most people could relate to, but are unwilling to accept.
Now everyone knows this book is full of racist propaganda, so it should come as no surprise that the antagonists of this book are the blacks and jews. Being of jewish heritage, I was interested in the social commentary of the book. I was disappointment that the book gives no establishment of why they are the enemy. In this dystopia, it is assumed (as if not knowing is ignorance on MY part) that jews and blacks have superceding power over the US Government, and therefore are the system. I found this a ludicrous assumption, but came as no surprise to me since racism is the tradition of ignorance and stupidity.
In my opinion, the book would have been much more meaningful to the average American if the enemy, rather than being those dictated by the Aryan faith, were the major political parties. Unfortunately, this book is propaganda. It mixes truth with lies and blurs the line between racism and reality. I agree with the book in that "people feel no loyalty to the System anymore" but disagree with the notion that this is because of black civil rights or a jewish nation.
The beauty of the first amendment is that you get to read it at all. The FBI probably wants it banned, but you have a right to know, whether it's right or wrong. As Milton said, the truth will always prevail in a free-thinking, uncensored society.
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on May 16, 2016
Reading this book in today's world is not the same as if I had read it years ago, before terrorism had become part of our daily life. I just read it to hopefully understand what all the hoop-la was about. Maybe it influenced people back in the 70s but not today. It sits in my bookshelf unfinished.
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on May 25, 2013
One reviewer stated that the book reads like a teenage fantasy novel. A thing to keep in mind is that the book is SUPPOSED to come across as an event log written in diary form by an ordinary martyr in the struggle, with no special literary skills, so any negative criticism as to the author's style should be completely disregarded.

This book was initially released in a chapter-by-chapter form in a periodical magazine, and so there is always chaos going on throughout the whole book to leave the reader's attention riveted non-stop.
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on October 26, 2000
Did you know that Timothy McVeigh owned a copy of this book and modeled his attack on the Oaklahoma building after the story? This alone makes it a piece of history and a book worth reading.
The Turner Diaries is a fictional account of a white supremecist revolution. I personally do not agree with the views of the author, however I feel that exposure to extremist literature allows the reader to evaluate their own beliefs with a better understanding of the issues at hand. I recomend reading this book for anyone with an open mind and an ability to think for themselves. I do not feel that it is appropriate for highly influential individuals or the extremely sensitive.
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on January 27, 2016
I watched a documentary on the Oklahoma City Bombing and they mentioned they found this book in the bomber's possession. I thought I would give it a read.
I'm not into the racist aspect, but some of the other ideas aren't too far fetched as far as what could happen if things get out of control with the divide in this country.
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on July 13, 2015
This is a VERY..... controversial book ! I do not support its views and propaganda at all . However, it is relatively well written and in my opinion, a part of literary history. Much like art , books should never be censored or made unavailable to the reading public !
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on June 14, 2015
The government turned on the white people of America. Turner and other white patriots started a revolution that gave the whites back the country they had originally created. Everywhere I look today - I see the government destroying the white people and the Constitution of the United States. I pray that we have a victory in our future - to equal that which set Earl Turner and his brothers and sisters free. Hail Victory!
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