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VINE VOICEon October 4, 2005
The 4th season consists of 1 hour episodes. They include:

#1 In His Image

A science enthusiast creates a perfect mechanical man, one who compensates for his own shortcomings. Starring George Grizzard, Gail Kobe, Katherine Squire, Wallace Rooney.

#2 The Thirty-Fathom Grave

A man is haunted by the sounds from a submarine that sank 20 years ago. Stars Mike Kellin, Simon Oakland, David Sheiner, John Considine, Bill Bixby.

#3 Valley of the Shadow

A reporter discovers the secret of a small village but can he escape it? Stars Ed Nelson, Natalie Trundy, David Opatoshu, James Doohan.

#4 He's Alive

A young hatemonger is inspired by the ghost of Adolf Hitler. Stars Dennis Hopper, Ludwig Donath, Curt Conway, Paul Mazursky.

#5 Mute

A young couple experiment with telepathy. Stars Ann Jillian, Frank Overton, Barbara Baxley.

#6 Death Ship

An astronaut refuses to admit that he and his crew may be dead. Stars Jack Klugman, Ross Martin, Frederick Beir, Mary Webster.

#7 Jess-Belle

A girl strikes a deadly bargain with a witch to ensure the attention of a young man. Stars Anne Francis, James Best, Laura Devon, Jeanette Nolan, Virginia Gregg.

#8 Miniature

An introverted young man falls in love with a doll in a museum. Stars Robert Duvall, Pert Kelton, Barbara Barrie, Len Weinrib, William Windom.

#9 Printer's Devil

A newspaper editor who is facing bankruptcy hires a man who claims to be the Devil. Stars Robert Sterling, Patricia Crowley, Burgess Meredith.

#10 No Time Like the Past

A time traveler attempts to change history by warning the victims of impending disasters. Stars Dana Andrews, Patricia Breslin, Malcolm Atterbury.

#11 The Parallel

An orbiting astronaut passes into a strange parallel world. Stars Steve Forrest, Jacqueline Scott, Frank Aletter, Philip Abbott.

#12 I Dream of Genie

A store keeper discovers Aladdin's lamp. Stars Howard Morris, Patricia Barry, Mark Miller, Jack Albertson.

#13 The New Exhibit

Famous murderers from history become the star attraction of a wax museum. Stars Martin Balsam, Will Kuluva, Maggie Mahoney.

$14 Of Late I Think of Cliffordville

A remorseless businessman makes a deal with the Devil in order to go back in time. Stars Albert Salmi, Julie Newmar, John Anderson.

#15 The Incredible World of Horace Ford

A toy manufacturer relives his boyhood. Stars Pat Hingle, Nan Martin, Ruth White.

#16 On Thursday We Leave for Home

The leader of an expedition to a remote asteroid cannot bring himself to face the dissipation of his authority that returning to Earth would bring. Stars James Whitmore, Tim O'Connor, James Broderick.

#17 Passage on the Lady Anne

An unhappily married couple take a cruise to save their marriage. Stars Lee Philips, Joyce Van Patten, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Cecil Kellaway, Gladys Cooper.

#18 The Bard

A hack TV writer conjures up William Shakespeare to act as his collaborator. Stars Jack Weston, John Williams, Burt Reynolds, John McGiver.
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on May 3, 2011
edited May 17, 2011

All Season 4 Episodes were 1 HOUR LONG, thus there is 18 total hours of aired episodes. Which is literally the same amount of hours as 36 half hour episodes. That is why price is the same as the other seasons - THE SEASON 4 SET WILL CONTAIN AT MINIMUM THE SAME AMOUNT OF BLU-RAY DISCS AS SEASON 3, IT MAY EVEN HAVE 1 MORE DISC DUE TO IT BEING MORE HOURS THAN SEASON 3!

KUDOS to the folks at Image for NOT using evil DNR which would have destroyed Mr. Serling's original intent. To those that do not know, grain is an literally part of the physical composition of silver nitrate. Director's chose film stock based on how much grain they wanted their artistic vision to have. Grain=Detail not the opposite. To remove grain no matter how carefully always removes fine detail. So much detail is in this Blu-ray set you can even see the ripples and sheen of Rod Serling's herringbone suits in some of the intro's. That and the tiny lines on actors faces is detail to the MAX. Except for it being black and white, it is like they standing right in front of us. You don't get that when DNR is used, what you do get with DNR is a waxy unnatural look.

The folks at Image should also be proud for giving us unaltered, uncompressed sound as an option. For those of us who despise unnatural processed modern digital sound and this is a blessing of blessings. Coupled with the pristine video which totally unmarred thankfully due to no DNR this Blu-ray set is nearly as good as a pristine 35MM print. This set showcases Mr Serling's genius rather than try to conceal it in a shoddy revisionist modern manner. This and all the Zone sets are true reference quality.

To the people at Image please produce all your Blu-Ray using the same level of quality and professional effort as your Zone sets!!!!!

Many company's could learn valuable lessons on proper Blu-Ray mastering from the people at Image who worked on these zone sets.
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on October 26, 2005
I realize the traditional point of view is that the fourth

season of Twilight Zone was the beginning of the decline of

the series. I won't argue with that point of view, but I do

take issue with those who would regard the fourth season as

poor quality or even trashy writing.

Although it was a network gimmick, it is a good thing that

Twilight Zone expanded to one hour. It represented the best

kind of artistic challenge to Serling and his excellent team

of writers. There are episodes here that simply could not be

done in the half-hour format. They require too much character

development and subtle nuances of detail. I'm talking about

"In His Image," "Jess-Belle," "Miniature," and "The Incredible

World of Horace Ford," among others. These episodes belong

with the best Twilight Zone ever produced.

While Season Four certainly indicates a television series past

its prime, it is definitely not chopped liver! Longtime fans

of the series will be able to appreciate the artistic output of

Serling et. al. in the hour format. They will also appreciate

the fact that they can view the hour-long episodes--rarely seen

in syndication--at their leisure.
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on October 19, 2005
As the penultimate Season Four transitioned to the undesired hour long format, most episodes from this season rarely made it to syndication, aside from the SciFi Channel. As I've gone thru "Season 4 (The Definitive Edition)" it's like viewing an entire "lost" string of episodes from the genius of Rod Serling. They are all wonderful but I am drawn particularly to "Mute", "The Parallel", "No Time Like the Past" & "Passage on the Lady Anne" as my personal favorites.

Some intriguing artifacts are the colorized scenes from the syndicated version of "Miniature". While this is an interesting aspect of the storyline and gives a nice "over the rainbow" effect to the story, it also demonstrates why the dreaded colorization process of original Black & White films should NEVER be applied. But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
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on March 5, 2011
Thanks to the wonderful invention of Blue Ray we fans of "The Twilight Zone" can now enjoy the series in beautiful, pristine condition. In this set all 18 episodes of season 4 (BLUE RAY RELEASE ON MAY 17, 2011) have been restored from their original studio prints. I have both the entire series on DVD and have compared them with the Blue Rays that have already been made available and the difference is noticeable: the print is even more vibrant and eye-catching and it's as if the characters come right at you on the screen. Another great asset to buying the Blue Rays are the extra bonuses that are not included on the DVD editions.

Season four of "The Twilight Zone" began in January, 1963 after being cancelled by CBS in the spring of the previous year. It replaced the show that it had been cancelled for called "Fair Exchange". In order to fill the one hout time slot CBS brought "The Twilight Zone" back in one hour installments, so although fewer episodes of season four were filmed they were extended beyond their normal thirty minute running time. Creator Rod Serling hated the new one hour format as he felt the writers had to write stories way beyond their worth in order to fill an hour of primetime programming.

The list of special bonuses for this particular Blue Ray include 13 new audio commentaries by "Twilight Zone Companion" writer Marc Scott Zicree and other followers and critics of the series. All of the DVD bonuses are also included here and include interviews with guest-stars like Anne Francis and Morgan Brittany; 7 radio dramas; isolated scores for select episodes; and much more.

The following is a list of Season 4 "Twilight Zone" episodes along with their airdates;

1. "In His Image", Jan. 3, 1963
2. "The Thirty-Fathom Grave", Jan. 10, 1963
3. "Valley of the Shadow", Jan. 17, 1963
4. "He's Alive", Jan. 24, 1963
5. "Mute", Jan. 31, 1963
6. "Death Ship", Feb. 7, 1963
7. "Jess-Belle", Fe. 14, 1963
8. "Miniature", Feb. 21, 1963
9. "Printer's Devil", Feb. 28, 1963
10. "No Time Like The past", Mar. 7, 1963
11. "The Parallel", Mar. 14, 1963
12. "I Dream of Genie", Mar. 21, 1963
13. "The New Exhibit", April 4, 1963
14. "Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville", April 11, 1963
15. "The Incredible World of Horace Ford", April 18, 1963
16. "On Thursday We Leave For Home", May 2, 1963
17. "Passage on the Lady Anne", May 9, 1963
18. "The Bard", May 23, 1963
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on September 17, 2005
I, for one, love the fourth season of Twilight Zone. Was it as consistent in terms of writing and production as other seasons? The answer is debatable, but keep in mind, even lesser TZ is greater than most TV! Certainly this season did introduce some of my very favorite episodes of the series:

First -- "Jess-belle", which includes an Anne Francis performance that is superior (arguably of course) to any and all I have seen from her on the big or small screen. And Jeanette Nolan gives a 'wicked' performance as Granny Hart. This episode alone is worth the price of the DVD.

Second -- "Mute", which features a young Ann Jillian as the title character. Her acting was brilliant even as a child and her performance makes this one a very memorable episode.

Third -- "The Bard", with a stand-out performance from Burt Reynolds giving a very obvious parody of Marlon Brando. All in all, one of the more humorous Twilight Zone episodes from any season.

Fourth -- "Miniature", with Robert Duvall giving a very sensitive performance, and also starring Barbara Barrie (from the old TV sit com "Double Trouble".) It features some beautiful music from Mozart that adds so much to the emotional atmosphere. A beautiful episode.

Fifth -- "Printer's Devil", which includes another stand-out Burgess Meredith performance as the devil himself! This is very different from the other roles Meredith had played previously on TZ, and this further shows his incredibly dramatic range.

Though these five are my favorites of the season, that's not to discount the others. "In His Image", "The Thirty Fathom Grave", "He's Alive", "The New Exhibit" and "Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville" (featuring the incomparible Julie Newmar of Catwoman fame) are all fantastic episodes. Even the ones I haven't mentioned merit repeated viewings! So get the DVD -- you won't be disappointed!
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on February 22, 2014
With Rod Serling's imagination and the elite but small group of writers he put together, and he or someone
in that group producing or directing he got the product the way he wanted. No interference from a bunch of
network suits thinking they knew what was better The series is timeless and if put in up in prime time against
network garbage today it would win hands down. Intelligent programs to challenge, I don't even know what
to call the stuff- but garbage, No wonder people around the world hold us in such low esteem-they think we are
like what they see from our programs. Too bad Rod shut it down after 5 years and sold the rights to CBS.
Few shows have been so provocative and unforgettable. And its on DVD now. Here's to you, Rod.
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on November 3, 2011
I have loved the Twilight Zone since I was a young child. Due to the fact, that I was born after the series originally aired, I only got to see it in syndication. But, it seemed like it was on forever. The Twilight Zone and Star Trek were two of my all time favorite shows of the time (then I got into Cheers years later, all top quality writing). I found myself entranced by the writing and the cadence of the dialogue, even at a young age I found myself also drawn into the lives of the people and weird goings-on. I was always intrigued by the little morality plays that transpired within the half hour the show was on. And, for a brief time, the full hour shows were shown, these were not as popular in syndication for some reason. But, after viewing the episodes again, and in some cases, for the first time, I can't imagine why not. Perhaps it was more due to budget and time. It seemed in syndication, sitcoms were king, because of the shorter time frame, and the advertising dollars involved. Someone said that the hour episodes didn't pack the same punch as the half hour shows, which is true in some cases, but with these stories, it seemed as if they needed more time. As if Rod Serling and company purposefully held off on all the stories that needed more time and made a season out of them.

The opposite can be said for the half hour shows, as sometimes they seemed a bit rushed and you could tell that the stories would be even more awesome if they could be fleshed out a bit more. That isn't to say that this is a weak season, or that previous seasons suffered from the amount of time allotted. While some episodes are more of a standout than others, overall, the writing was exceptional, the casting was dead-on, and the direction was without flaw. With an a-list cast list, with actors that have went on to great success after this series, it is definitely a treat to have all of these seasons on blu ray. Considering the age of the series, and it being in black and white, it's overwhelming how great they look on blu ray. Usually blu ray brings out the flaws of something this old. but everything looks outstanding and sounds just as outstanding. I am not going to go into too much detail concerning the actual episodes, because I just want everyone to know how great the series is as a whole and how great it is to have this on blu ray. its worth every penny. I can not compare the dvd sets to these, as I held off on buying them until they finally released an "ultimate" version. I wanted it to be season by season and in chronological order.

The extras are definitely a plus as well with radio dramas, audio interviews, sponsor billboards and other interesting extras (such as Rod Serling's appearance on Groucho Marx's old show) You don't get this amount of extras on newer shows. With the exception of Everybody Loves Raymond most tv. shows have very few if any extras. Even my beloved Cheers was kinda shafted by Paramount as far as extras go. But, with the Twilight Zone they didn't leave anything out. All of this in great blu ray cases that fit neatly in your collection. Blu Ray is really the way to go for this series. Even if you have never watched an episode in your life, or if you are revisiting this show from your past. You will not be disappointed. Star Trek (the original series - 3 Seasons) look great on blu ray as well. I'd recommend both series. As with Star Trek they give you the option of watching the shows with improved special effects as well as original effects (but I'm not that much of a purist I love the new scenes/special effects) With Blu Ray these two prestigious shows are shown in the best possible way. I can not recommend these two series enough. They are classic tv in the best modern presentation.
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on March 18, 2006
It's the prevailing opinion of serious Twilight Zone fans that the hour-long format of the show's 4th series diluted the impact of the stories.

While this is sometimes noticeable, it's not by any means a fatal flaw. There is still a lot of enjoyment to be had.

The 4th series doesn't feature any absolute classics, like 'Walking Distance', but the level of writing, acting, and production is still high.

'Mute' is an excellent conceptual episode about a girl alienated by her special abilities.'On Thursday We Leave for Home' features the brilliant James Whitmore as a man whose purpose in life is destroyed by his own salvation. 'The Incredible World of Horace Ford' features a man utterly seduced by nostalgia.
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on July 12, 2012
The Twilight Zone has always been among my all-time favourite tv shows despite the fact then when I first encountered it as a boy it scared me so much that I couldn't sleep! This fourth season is now in Blu-Ray format and while not every episode looks great on 1080p due to the various states of deterioration of the original master tapes they are certainly a whole lot better than the dvds. The sound quality for the most part has been cleaned up and hisses are few and far between. What I like about the Twilight Zone is that I never seem to tire of watching the episodes over and over again as I always seem to find something new that I missed on previous times. Not all the episodes in this fourth season score but the ones I liked the most are: "The Thirty-Fathom Grave", "Death Ship", "Jess-Belle", "Miniature", "The Parallel", "On Thursday We Leave For Home", and "Passage On the Lady Anne". While many may feel the half hour versions are better I personally feel that season four is my favourite and I feel the best season. I liked the way the hour format allows time to develop the story and the characters as well.

Most episodes have excellent picture and sound quality and in fact this has improved a great deal over the previous seasons as well. Overall this is a very good blu-ray set of season four of the series which I personally believe to be the best Twilight Zone season.

Highly recommended!
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