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on March 18, 2012
I should start by saying that I'm just an average guy with little to no experience when it comes to the world of nutrition and exercise who, for all intents and purposes, has a crappy diet. In fact, if you were to fully take the advice of anyone on this product based solely on their background in the aforementioned industries or anyone else that's an alleged "health professional" that knows better than you do, I'd probably be the last person you'd want to hear the opinion of. I don't sell this product myself, and am in no way getting any kind of incentive to say what I'm about to say here. In fact, I actually came back to this link today (17MAR12) to place a second order based on the results I had with it and felt compelled to at least offer another opinion to contrast the learned statements of "the professionals" in this industry.

When I bought this a couple of months ago, I too did a lot of research into it to see if there were any overtly negative comments concerning the product and, ultimately, I found that the reviews were mixed across all users. Some said it worked wonders, while just as many others claimed it was all "marketing hype" promoted by sellers of the product and other clandestine agencies. So, I looked at it pragmatically like anything else in this type of "body shaping" industry: is the cost too prohibitive to allow the risk financially? For me, at the time I purchased, the answer was "no, I can afford to lose 20 bucks or so if this doesn't work out." Additionally, I went into this sale knowing and fully expecting the worst results, if any, prepared to at least walk away having spent 20 dollars for knowledge on what not to do next time if it came to that. Of course, this approach to life isn't for everyone, but it's what works for me.

I followed the directions to the letter once the item arrived. In fact, I even took the additional initiative to add extra compression through the use of the MANX compression Tee to try and facilitate the process. And, for the sake of testing, I changed nothing else in my life leading up to the use of the product nor after for the sake of the evaluation (eg. no change to diet, exercise, etc.). With the help of my wife, I measured my waist and was at a portly 42 inches before using the product. After it's use, we re-measured and I came out at about 40 inches. Was it a dramatic improvement? For most easy-fix types, this was probably an abject failure. But, for me, this worked out great. I not only fit better in my pants, but my confidence went up just a bit. Could the results have been better or worse given a second or third application with modified diet and exercise? Well, I'd like to believe anything could be improved with a modified diet and exercise, but that of course takes effort. For a trial run of this product based on changing absolutely nothing in my life, I think it worked out just fine for me.

Will you get the same results I did if you do exactly the same thing that I did, or any other reviewer here that's given it an above marginal review, has done? I really don't know. In fact, I'm not even sure if I can faithfully replicate my results from before when I try this again. I have nothing but my own anecdotal experience to back this up, but I'm a firm believer that there are far too many genetic and lifestyle variables in humanity to say that any one thing whether it be a pill, a cookie, or a wrap can act as a magic bullet to long term weight/body fat loss. That's part of the reason that I gave it 4 stars instead of 5; to say 5 seems to suggest it's a sure fire guarantee to work for "everyone". That being said though, the better question I would have for you is this: since you're here reading this and all of the other reviews, do you think it's at least worth trying out even though it might not work for you for any reason? If the answer is "yes, it's worth trying out", I'd say the worst case scenario would be that you walk away with a 20 dollar lesson of knowing it's not for you. Judge for yourself after you've listened to both sides no matter what it is, and then look at it pragmatically as it relates to your wallet; that's what works for me.
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on June 4, 2013
I order the product from the It Works Global website, not Amazon, and received my body wraps yesterday. It took about 4 days to arrive from date of purchase. So shipping was not an issue. The 4-pack of body wraps cost me $99 but I figured if it worked then maybe I'll become a loyal customer to get the reduced price. With that said, the package did not have an expiration date stamped on the box. When I called customer service several times yesterday, there was no live person only a recorded message that no one is available due to the "high volume of calls". For these 2 issues I rate It Works one star. As far as the product is concerned, today is the first day I applied the wrap to my abdomen and saran-wrapped my abdomen to keep the wrap in place. The lotion on the wrap has a slight menthol smell and after 45 minutes, my skin had a pinkish tone. Plus I drank a lot of water during that time, and still am drinking lots of water. I will provide another review of this product after 72 hours just to give this product a chance.

June 8, 2013
Here's my 2nd review 72 hours after the 1st wrap application. The skin on my abs was noticeably smoother & softer, & my clothes fit me more comfortably. Pants were a bit loose around the waist. I did lose an inch from my waist but there was no weight loss. I figured with all the water I drank that I would have lost 1 or 2 lbs after 3 days (since water filled my stomach & curbed my appetite). I have 3 more wraps left to go. I will write another review once I complete the entire package. I did not use any It Works supplements or defining gel. So I cannot comment if that would have caused or could cause significant inch or even weight loss. One It Works wraps did work for me. Just remember, everyone's body reacts differently to any weight loss product. I will change my rating once I complete all 4 wraps.

June 17, 2013
I have used all four wraps and give the product 3 STARS. I have lost a total of 2.5 inches (1 inch after 1st wrap; 0.5 inch for each of the remaining wraps). I went from a size 16/18 to fitting comfortably in a size 14. I'm hoping to get back down to my original size 8/10... keeping fingers crossed. I may purchase the product again for legs. Good luck to all.
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on March 8, 2015
Don't waste your money, you have to keep buying for it to work and only gets rid of water weight. I used to distribute these. It's a scam .
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on October 26, 2013
These wraps are hard to put on, and the directions are not very clear in how to do it. I suppose the next time I should to go an actual person selling these for help or wrap with someone else before hand to learn how to do it correctly. I have used the entire four wraps without noticing a difference.
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on October 11, 2014
I decided to try the it works wrap bc all of the hype about it. It's just a wet paper Towel the most expensive paper Towel I've ever bought. The worst part though is I paid extra for faster shipping and it didn't even show up till a day after the promised day so I wouldn't use this seller again if I buy them again.
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on May 4, 2015
Honestly the wrap did nothing "inches" wise, but for some reason this weird thing made my tiger stripe dark stretch marks become like my normal skin color! COOL! I tried everything, but twins tore my skin apart.... This stuff was a miracle for it!
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on January 21, 2015
BE CAREFUL!!! I tried the wrap and sus lose a few inches, but, it left a huge red mark on my stomach that is still there 2 years later! I don't know if it burned me, or if I had some sort of allergic reaction but I highly prefer not to have a huge red mark on my stomach FOR LIFE then to lose a few inches for a week!
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on July 2, 2013
My local tanning salon offers It Work! Body wraps along with detailed instructions. I have not purchased one off of amazon but I have from the salon and I came on here to read reviews. I was shocked to see people giving this product 1 star until I started to read their reviews... Most have described in their review that they are not following the directions. You are supposed to leave the wrap on for a min of 45 min but a max of 8 hours, and then you are not supposed to shower or was the area for about a day after removing the wrap. Plus results are progressive over 72 hours. One of the 1 star reviews I read said that she left it on for about 45 min showered measured herself saw nothing and then came on here to give a false rating of an amazing product... Well here is a review from someone who followed the instructions.

I used the wrap on my stomach on a Wednesday night. When measuring myself around the waist I was 33 inches. I went home and did a few things around the house and went to bed... To be honest the wrap was on a little longer than an 8 hours. The next day when removing the wrap I massaged in the extra product as directed and did not shower that morning. I went back to the salon and was measured at 32 inches... So technically I lost an inch in my sleep! That night I did take a shower... During the 72 hours I did drink a lot of water and eat healthy, that Saturday I returned to the salon to get measured and I was a just a little under 31 inches!! That is about 2 1/2 in 3 days! Unreal,

With that being said I do realize that all products work differently for different people, but please do not write a review if you didn't follow the proper instructions.
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on September 19, 2015
I just finished doing 4 wraps. 1 wrap every 78h. I wore each wrap 5-6h, drank lots of water while wearing. After I took the wrap off I rubbed in all the left over lotion left from the wrap on my belly. I showered 24h after wrap was applied to allow longer time for the lotion to work. Sad to say that after 4 wraps there was absolutely NO change!!!! Don't waste your money people!!!!!!!!!
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on April 12, 2015
Very disappointed. Followed the directions, I even got the gel, didn't see a difference whatsoever. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.
I wouldn't give this product any stars but this review requires I give one.
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