Customer Reviews: The UltraMetabolism Cookbook: 200 Delicious Recipes that Will Turn on Your Fat-Burning DNA
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on May 10, 2009
If you are looking for a diet book, this book isn't for you. If, however, you want to change the way you eat, feel better, and keep the weight off that you lose then buy this book.

The first section of the book explains why preservatives and artificial food additives are bad and why eating freshly made foods can increase the metabolism. The second section is divided into two phases of recipes; the first being a month-long detoxification phase to clear out preservatives and artificial substances out of the body, and the second phase is a more broad set of recipes that is less restrictive on what you can eat.

If you do plan to try this book, you need to be prepared to:

1) Be able to follow recipes and cook for yourself or have some one to do so for you. No fast food or frozen dinners.
2) Have time to cook. While some of the recipes are quick, others take quite a bit of time. I can make grilled chicken in about 15 minutes, but making soup can take nearly an hour. (I double or triple recipes and keep left-overs for time-consuming recipes.)
3) Buy kitchen utensils and appliances. The book lists useful ones. I haven't bought the full list, but the ones I have do really help make things easier.

Now you must be asking yourself, "If I get this book, will it really work?" In my case, I have been seriously overweight for most of my life. I have tried other diets, but none seemed to work. At my last weigh-in at my doctor's office before getting this book I was 344 lbs and wearing a size 50 jeans. After 5 months using these recipes I returned and weighed in at 279 lbs wearing a size 44 jeans (That is 65 lbs in 5 months).

Try it, stick with it, and it will work for you. The food tastes great due to the spices, so I never have a problem wanting something I shouldn't have. I really recommend this book to anyone who needs to take off the weight and keep it off naturally.


I thought I should update this since it has been one year now since I bought this book. I am currently down to 234 pounds and a size 40 (meaning I have lost 110 pounds and 10 inches in the past year since I bought this book). Over the course of the year I have branched off from using the recipes alone, but I have always following the guidelines found in the first section. I still recommend this book and have done so for many of my friends and coworkers when they ask me what I did to lose weight.
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on March 26, 2008
I have to say that this is the best cookbook as far as using whole foods and grains. I started on this eating program 3 weeks ago and have already lost 11 lbs. It can get time consuming cooking all your food from scratch but I have to say that I feel like I am eating like a queen. Fast food joints and quick food can not compare to the receipes in this book. It's like eating at a gourmet restaurant all the time. I feel so much better, less pain from fibromyalgia and much more energy. Truly amazing.
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on March 10, 2008
I tried the Ultrametabolism detox diet and had great success, so it was natural for me to want the cookbook. I love it! It includes a list of allergens for each recipe and includes nutritional information. Most of the recipes are fairly basic and not too time consuming. We have like just about everything we have tried. I definitely recommend this book!
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on January 23, 2009
I am a relatively healthy and active 28 year old female who takes a Beta-Blocker (Inderal LA, 60mg 1x daily) and a Benzodiazepine (Klonopin, 1mg 1x daily) for anxiety.

I have followed the enhanced UltraSimple Diet FAITHFULLY for the last six days with NO weight loss and NO inches lost.

Discouraged by my results, I decided to google my drugs to see if they were the cause of my problems. I did this with the foreknowledge that some drugs will inhibit weight loss, because I spent a YEAR on Phase I of the Ultrametabolism Diet not losing weight and not understanding that it was caused by the SSRI that I was on at the time, Effexor. Once I came off of the Effexor, and after a few months, I was shedding weight at the impressive rate of 0.5 lbs per day.

Dr. Hyman is correct in the fact that we are constantly poisioning our bodies with toxic chemicals daily. What he doesn't point out is, that sometimes toxins come disguised as pharmaceuticals.

Lesson for all those reading: Check your medications! Read the pharmacy label, read about it on the internet. Find out if it, or the family it is in, has a history of causeing weight gain and/or weight loss. If it does, talk to your doctor about discontinuing the drug BEFORE you waste your time, energy, and money investing in the Ultra-diets.

Below is a link, and then the article found on that link about beta blockers worsening insulin resistance as well as causing metabolic resistance to weight loss.



Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

Recent research shows that beta blockers and diuretics, the drugs prescribed most often for high blood pressure, cause high blood sugar levels, weight gain, tiredness and impotence.

Most people with high blood pressure have high blood insulin levels that increase their chances of suffering heart attacks, constant hunger and weight gain. Beta blockers, such as atenolol and propranolol (Inderal LA), and diuretics such as hydrochlorothiazide, reduce the body's ability to respond to insulin, causing high blood insulin levels that increase risk for heart attacks, diabetes and weight gain. Because of this, drug companies have developed newer beta blockers such as dilevalol, carvedilol and celiprolol that do not raise insulin levels and therefore do not increase a person's chances of suffering heart attacks, diabetes and weight gain.

Most other drugs used to treat high blood pressure, such as angiotensin converting enzyme or ACE inhibitors, have no impact on or even improve insulin resistance and help to prevent heart attacks and control diabetes. In the near future, most cases of high blood pressure will be treated with the newer beta blockers or other drugs in place of the older beta blockers and diuretics.
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on May 1, 2009
I got this book about a year and a half ago and it is still my go to cookbook. I haven't made a single recipe that I haven't loved and gotten rave reviews for. The quinoa and garbanzo bean salad is to die for and the green bean, tomato and pumpkin seed salad is phenomonal (I've had multiple people ask for the recipe). I've been a bit slacking lately, but when I was fully committed to the book I dropped from a size 6 to a size 4 which is smaller than I was in high school when I was extremely active. Fully committing is pretty costly, but definitely worth it. I'm hoping he comes out with a second book soon cause I've made each of these quite a few times already! On a seperate note, Clean Eating Magazine also has a ton of amazing recipes if you are looking for delicious and clean options and runs a close second to this book!
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on September 19, 2009
This book probably works quite well for some folks, but I returned it. It did not work for me. I live in the midwest, about 60 miles from the nearest Trader Joe's or Wild Oats stores. Besides, I don't like most fish and am highly allergic to other sea foods. So many, many of the recipes just wouldn't work for me.

If you are person who can eat a lot of fish or seafood and have easy access to a whole foods store, then this may be the very cookbook for you. I will continue to look for a whole foods cookbook that includes "normal" recipes using foods I can get from my own garden, the local farmer's market or the local supermarket.
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on April 8, 2011
The first seventy pages or so of this book are Mark Hyman's suggestions for how to do this diet, but really all you need to know is in his regular book, "Ultrametabolism." It seems that this cookbook came first which is why it is brief and has only tidbits of what's in his other book. So if you read Ultrametabolism, you probably don't need the first seventy pages here.

The rest of the book is basically vegetarian recipes in Phase I pages and vegetarian plus some meat in Phase II. While I took time to flip through the recipes one by one and found some nice ones, I am not sure that thst the book would trump a really good vegetarian (Phase I) or whole food (Phase II) cookbook. I have a feeling that cookbooks just dedicated to those subjects would be better. Do 3 weeks from the one and 5 weeks from the other, and you'd have the 8 week diet Hyman recommends to start.

It's not that I didn't enjoy the book or find it valuable at all. I give it four stars because it is good and I really enjoy Mark Hyman's approach in comparison to most of the other approaches out there. But it wasn't really a helpful addition once you've read his main book.
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on April 21, 2008
I am so thankful that Dr. Hyman was interviewed by Woman's Day last year! I read the article, bought The UltraSimple Diet. Several of my coworkers tried it at the same time and we all had amazing results. 10-15 lbs of weight loss within a few weeks, and more importantly, feeling better than we ever had. I am at the next stage, The UltraMetabolism and am loving all of these great recipes. They are all so easy! I do not have to take reflux or cholesterol meds any longer!
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on March 2, 2009
I can't say enough about this cookbook! I read and followed Ultra-metabolism and had great results, so I bought the cookbook for more recipes. Honestly, I feel like I'm eating at a spa most days. Not only that, but by eating whole foods, you can eat A LOT more calorie-wise. I agree with the reviewer that said to always use fresh herbs when called for. We just planted an herb garden, so I won't have to spend money on them anymore. This book stays on my counter and I plan all my meals with it. It's not that hard....if you want to eat healthy, you have to put the time into it to PLAN PLAN PLAN. This isn't a fad diet, it's a lifestyle and I'm so happy to have found Mark Hyman's books!
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on July 29, 2008
While this seemed radical, it also seemed so logical. I put myself and husband on this program and we both lost 30 pounds. Since getting off the "whites", I am no longer constantly hungry; my health has improved and I feel better. It is worth the changes to enhance and extend your life.
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