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on July 12, 2009
My review is on the Unrated version. The Unborn kept me on the edge of my seat thru out and the movie runs at a brisk pace. There was very little gore in this movie but I think you find it wasn't necessary. It maintains a level of creepiness from the very first minute. Odette Yustman plays the young woman who is the target of a demonic spirit and Gary Oldman is the Rabbi who leads the failed Exorcism (does anyone think Gary looks remarkably like a young Peter O'Toole in this film?). I definitely don't think the film deserves all the negative critcism it received. Negative reviews tend to lower one's expectations - for me it was a pleasant surprise. I think you will find the 90 minutes viewing scary time well spent.
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on July 9, 2009
This was an okay horror flick. I love a good scary movie and I did leap from my seat in a couple of scenes, but I also like a really good scary story, and this one just kept confusing me!

First, our main character is haunted by demonic visions... then she babysits a demonic child! Then we learn she had a twin that died in utero. So...ok... her twin brother is haunting her. NO! We find out it's a demon spirit haunting her and since her brother died in the womb, it's now after her. OK, so what's with the demonic child our heroine was babysitting? We find out that the spirit is trying to possess her because a twin is the easiest way for it to enter our world... but no! It's already possessed the neighbor boy. And continues to possess almost every other character in the movie except for the one that is suppose to be the "easiest". I didn't understand this plot hole or why Nazi experimentation caused demonic possession or why this girl's mother killed herself instead of staying to save her daughter from the evil she knew about. There were too many strings left dangling in this movie for me to really get into it although the visual effects were definitely scary -- it's story telling that really gives me the goosebumps, not crazy cgi effects and latex creatures!
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on September 13, 2015
Not a great movie, but always kept me interested. Covers some old ground, like the "The Exorcist." Good acting overall from a good cast and nicely photographed. You won't be disappointed, but you won't be blown away, either.
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This movie began with a scary scene and was relentlessly scary throughout. The story unfolded a little too slowly (really the only complaint we could think of), but the story was really, really interesting and based on true facts from World War II! The makeup and effects were topnotch and the settings were appropropriately dark and creepy. There are some heavy-hitting actors, too…Gary Oldman, Idris Elba (who is being considered to play the next James Bond), Jane Alexander and Carla Gugino). Parts of this movie were as scary as The Exorcist! It is SO DIFFICULT to find a really good scary movie, and this is one of them (I'd love to give it 4.5 Stars).

UPDATE: My daughter watched it with a couple of friends one night, and they asked her to turn it off so they could watch it during the daytime…they said it was too scary to watch at night!!!
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on March 31, 2015
This movie is alright,in summary their is a girl who is seeing visions of a little boy and she is being haunted. She sees some crazy stuff taking her friends. She finds out that she is being haunted by the ghost of her dead twin,she never knew she had a twin but it died at birth. So he is trying to posess his sister and use the evil power to overthrow the world and take conteol and bring h*ll on earth. This is pretty corny like the Grudge or the Ring but not as good as the Ring. The gore is very little,even the unrated version does not show much gore it is mostly offscreen. If you want a film that isn't that gory or scary you might enjoy this. I was not impressed but there is not much to keep your attention,i saw it last week but i barely remember it. Shows how memorable it is.
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on July 13, 2009
This had the potential of being a good horror film, but as is the story with so many movies... the good bits are shown in the trailer! I really was disappointed not to have watched it in the theater b/c my brother was too scared to go! I waited with much anticipation for the dvd, only to settle down and be thoroughly disappointed. It isn't scary at all. Sure, some of the effects are good, but the story is lacking and leaves you wondering why you bagan watching it in the first place. Anyone want to buy my dvd copy? I'll give you a great price!
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on July 16, 2009
There is nothing original about this Exorcist wannabe - same old story of young female being harassed by ghostly demon kid (well, kid with black hair and white makeup) who wants to possess cockroaches or humans - whichever is creepiest for the moment.
Same old story of people in abandoned church in a circle reading some religious text in non-English to scare the demon out of the female and into something that isn't quite clearly explained.
Demon as usual is a bit feisty and doesn't stay still so expresses his displeasure by tossing people and things.
Most everybody lives, things are fine except as usual female star is pregnant and guess what's coming out. Well, we don't know but Unborn II will tell us.
Conclusion: Acting was OK, script was tedious; story was redundant; effects were copycat impoverished.
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**NO SPOILERS** This is one of the relatively few Hollywood horror movies of the past several years that I actually found interesting and entertaining. It's got a few scares, but it's primarily a psyschological-supernatural tale - definitely not the usual fare. I thought the story was clever and the film very well acted. There's an interesting twist in the middle of the film, and the lead character's deterioration and changes lent themselves well to slowly building suspense and the overall "terror" of the story. If nothing else, it's almost worth renting for the creepy dog scene...
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on August 17, 2012
Poor Casey (Odette Yustman Annable; And Soon the Darkness, "October Road") is having a rough week. Not only is she having strange dreams about her crazy, suicide mom but her nightmares are being invaded by visions of a demonic, long dead little boy. The creepy little boy she babysits is adding an extra dose of the creepy as well as knocking her upside the head with little mirrors while spouting off bad horror movie dialogue. And what's with all the strange knockings emanating from her bathroom mirror? And who owns that feroucious dog with the upside down head? And can someone call the exterminator to get rid of all the bugs that keep falling out of her eggs and crawling across her term papers? And who is Jumby?

Her friends are no help. Her dimwitted boyfriend Mark (Cam Gigandet; Twilight, Priest) would rather lay around in his tightie whities and express deep philosophical insights about how vast the universe is (hey, he may be pretty but he's no Himbo!) than offer any support to her. Her BFF Romy (Meagan Good; Saw 5, Eve's Bayou), who is suppose to be some sort of supernatural expert, is ready to have her commited. And her father is conviently out of town an no one has bothered to call him to let him know that his princess is in a desperate battle for her life and soul against a very powerful dybic (or a Hebrew demon).

But luckily for Casey she has her Grandma Sophia (Jane Alexander) on her side. Oh, wait, Grandma Sophia has been disposed of permanently by some double and triple jointed old guy in the home who can contort his body at wild angles and walk like a spider. So that leaves Rabi Sendak (Gary Oldman; Bram Stoker's Dracula, Romeo Is Bleeding) to connect with his inner Merrin and wage war against the dybic before it achieves it's ultimate goal of destroying Casey and being born into our world.

While it does sport so very impressive and, at times, very frightening visuals, it just can't erase the simple truth that this movie is boring. It's just one cliche scene after the other. So much do that it took me three sittings just to get through it. Yes I admit the upside down headed dog was impressive...the first one or two times. By the sixth and seventh sighting, I was ready to throw Cerberus a rawhide bone just to give it something more interesting to do besides snarl. The cast (aside from Gigandet who couldn't act his way convincingly through a Christmas play) does their best to lead us through this mess but even they appear to not fully know where the story is going. In one scene, after witnessing the death and reanimated possession of one of their friends, Casey, Mark, and Rabi Sendak appear in the very next scene at an all night diner acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. I, for one, would be freaking out and high tailing it to the first synagogue I found. Scenes like this play out all through the movie. The little boy tells Casey that "Jumby wants to be born now.". A few minutes later, Mr. Casey's Dad tells her that she had a twin who died in utero and that his nickname was, wait for it, Jumby (dun dun DUNNN! Quite a twist, huh? Betcha you didn't see this little tidbit of info coming!).

While they had a chance to pull off a fairly good idea, the execution of it is poor. The whole Jewish folklore surrounding the dybic demon sounds incredibly interesting and scary, in the end the producers opt for cheap thrills and jump scares. If Jumby really wants to born now, surely he would've picked a better script to be born through instead of this one. I'm giving it two stars for a few reasons: One for the visuals and for introducing us to the Dybic and a Jewish exorcism and Two just for the fact that Odette Annable looks really hot in her underwear that she models a lot through this movie.
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on June 4, 2015
I watched this movie for the first time recently. I liked it enough to order it from amazon. I dont think its the best scary movie out there, but definitely cool enough to add to my horror collection. Itll be fun to watch around halloween.
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