Customer Reviews: The Undead: Zombie Anthology
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on January 11, 2006
The Undead certainly spans a wide gamut of zombie fiction, with tales ranging from the sick and twisted to the intriguing and humorous, from well known authors and those just planting their feet inside the door. This anthology takes it's reader into space, back in time to the high seas of the late 1700's, out to deserted islands, and back to the streets of present day, showing just how versatile this genre of horror fiction can be. Some of my favorites include:

"Pale Moonlight" by D.L. Snell - Nathan seems stuck in a house quickly being overrun by the undead, but he has a surprise of his own for them once the full moon comes into view.

"Home" by David Moody - Anyone who has read any of David Moody's Autumn books can easily see how this stand-alone short story could fit into that same vision. However, this tale contains an intriguing twist.

"Only Begotten" by Rebecca Lloyd - A child with a bite only a mother could love.

"Hell and Back" by Vince Churchill - A very ill father tries to protect his children in the wake of the Romero flu that has swept the globe.

"The Dead Life" by Mike Watt - Bernice Dobbs has a zombie infestation in the basement that needs to be cleared up before the women's auxiliary shows up. An odd pair of exterminators show up to handle the problem.

"Cold as He Wishes" by C.M. Shevlin - A boy uses a trick taught to him by his grandfather to obtain any girl he desires, as long as she's among the recently deceased.

"Graveyard Slot" by Cavan Scott - A gruesome reality show goes horribly awry when an unwitting and unwilling participant gets thrown into the mix.

Most anthologies contain several "hits" as well as several "misses." However, each and every tale within The Undead is as interesting as the one before it. This anthology should not be passed up by anyone who is a fan of zombie fiction, or good horror fiction in general. A sequel to this amazing anthology has already been announced, and I intend to snatch it up as soon as it is released!
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on August 4, 2006
I've been a zombie fan for years and I saw almost every zombie movie out there since Romero's NOTLD. But I'm a newcomer to zombie fiction. This book is my first purchase and I was very much pleased with all 23 short stories collected in this volume.

The scope of these stories is quite wide... from the basic "zombie-keep-a-coming" premise to other less usual. Some of them quite horrifying... others very much disturbing... and some quite funny.

My favorites are:

"Pale Moonlight" - as another reviewer said, this protagonist will teach the dead a lesson as soon as the full moon shows up.

"Hotline" - a hotline (run by you know what) peeps into people's conversations.

"Dead World" - a recent dead narrates to us a kind of diary, where all he wants is to find the living (quite funny).

"Ann at Twilight" - a blind black girl is sold as a slave to a group of white supremacists. As they drive, she decides to escape the fate that awaits her... THIS STORY REALLY LEFT ME BITING MY NAILS!!! - laughs!

"The Last Living Man" - A three-page story. Simply brilliant!!!!! I wish I had written that one. A lesson in "less is more"

"Only Begotten" - A mother loves her baby. Even whe it's dead. Disturbing.

"The Dead Life" - There are zombies in her basement, her soufflé is falling, it is her turn to host the women's auxiliary's luncheon... and Bernice Dobbs decides she'll have none of that! Nothing will ruin her day!!!

Very funny.

Anyway, all the stories are violent, gory... and full of dead people.

Just like we love it!
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on February 20, 2006
To me zombie stories, at least the good ones, are very few and far in between. This is especially true in formally published work of a zombie nature. The most famous of all published zombie stories are the short story collections by James Lowder (Book of All Flesh trilogy) and Philip Nutman's Wetwork. Since those books' publishing things were quite dry in the zombie novels and collections department. Only in the past couple of years has zombie stories has suddenly returned with a vengeance. We now have the Autumn novels by David Moody and the excellent duology by Brian Keene (The Rising and City of the Dead).

Now the time has come again for the zombie genre to be in vogue. With zombie films ranging from the action-popcorn kind (Resident Evil series) and to the critically-acclaimed (28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead and Land of the Dead), it was only a matter of time before the publishing world took a hint and started doing the same. They've not done such a great job of it, but I must say that D.L. Snell's and Elijah Hall's collection of zombie short stories titled The Undead is a great find. The book is a collection of 23 tales ranging from a hilarious to the horrific and all of them have one thing in common. They're all written by writers who have a genuine love for the zombie subgenre first started by Goerge A. Romero with his seminal classic film: Night of the Living Dead.

Not all the stories come off as being good, but they're just a few misfires. Most of the tales in the collection I put in the good to excellent range. We have zombie stories set in space and in the future. We have smart zombies like in Nutman's Wet Work and in Dan O'Bannon's Return of the Living Dead films. We have a reality show that takes the next level in the Survivor game with the addition of zombies. We also have a tale taking one of the best Gothic-era characters ever written and put into a world where he's become more alive and human than both the zombies ruling the planet and the humans trying to survive in it. It is that particular story written by Rob Morganbesser which I consider my favorite. I've long since followed and read Rob Morganbesser's zobie fiction in the website and I say now that I hope he writes up a full-lenght zombie novel because he really shows alot of talent and imagination.

The Undead in not a perfect collection, but it does have alot of great stories despite a few misfires. Permuted Press has already sent out a call for more writers to try a hand in adding their stories to a sequel collection. I hope Mr. Morganbesser, David Moody and Brian Keene take abit of their busy time into weaving up a tale of the undead to be put in this follow-up book. The Undead by Snell and Hall is a must have for zombie fans everywhere.
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on March 4, 2014
I was not overly impressed with this set of stories about zombies. I found that they had only marginal value as "science fiction," but they would prbably be great for someone that is interested in the zombie craze that just won't seem to go away. My review is somewhat subjective, and I know that these stories were a real bargain (free). Anyway, just my thoughts. A few of the stories did stand out as superior to theothers, but the sum of reading needed to find them was morethan I would otherwise have liked to invest.
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on September 6, 2012
As noted, I was "surprised" that this collection was able to "surprise" me...

I read A LOT and know the Zombie genre better than most, yet many of the stories in this collection still had the ability to surpise me with the way that they took such an over-worked theme and were STILL able to find great ways to present it that I have never seen before.... (A Zombie Giant-Squid? That is fantastic!)

Kudos to the editor for finding such an amazingly diverse group of stories that bent the genre in such unique ways!

I won't say that everyone will like every story, but the writing was (at worst), high-average for a couple of them, ramping up to really outstanding for a couple of others... in other words, at it's worst, you still won't be disappointed and I think you'll be very pleasantly "surprised"...
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VINE VOICEon February 13, 2012
I would have read this collection a lot earlier than I did except that I kept getting turned off by the cover as it seemed to convey a collection of toon stories to my jaded brain. Well being hard up for a quick read one day I bit the bullet and bought The Undead: Zombie Anthology and loved it. Usually in a cheap horror anthology I am lucky to really like one or two stories but in this one I ended up loving 95%, discovering two (previously unknown to me)authors whose tales blew me away and so I purchased other kindle offerings by both. WIN WIN WIN! It's a no brainer (see what I did there?) spend the dollar, you won't regret it.
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on April 1, 2013
I liked this book quite a bit. As always , this type of book is raw and makes you wonder what humanity would really be capable of if a situation did arise. Some stories are kind of a satirical way. Overall...well written and worth reading.
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on January 3, 2007
Short stories are great because no matter how much (or how little) free time you have you can usually always pick a short story book up and find something to read in your alloted time frame. A good mix of zombie stories, with different styles of writing, and different styles of zombies. Including shorts by David Wellington (Monster Island/Monster Nation), David Moody (the Autumn series), and several other great authors.
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on January 30, 2012
I have never really been into the zombie stories but this book changed that! There are so many different stories in this book and not one of them follows your typical zombie tale. Some of them actually made me reread the endings to make sure I had read it right. Not many stories can do that as they seem to get so predictable but some of these managed! I think there was one story in the whole book that I wasn't overly thrilled with, but all in all this was one of the better books I have read in a long time. I would love to see more of these in the future!
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on June 24, 2012
This anthology had interesting stories with several unique scenarios and situations. The writing was well done, the reader should enjoy the volume and variety of stories. This anthology will be saved in my Kindle collection for another reading. I would recommend this to my friends.
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