Customer Reviews: The Unstuck Man
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on March 5, 2012
OK, so like many who may read this, I too am a huge fan of the series Sliders.

Me and my mother began watching the series on Netflix where they conveniently had all 5 seasons. Season one was great, a new show we thought we could get into. Season 2, just as good if not better than 1. Season 3, horrible writing but still watchable. Season 4, A great season all around and possibly the best writing. Then Season 5.... Oh gosh. Well what good can I say? Nothing.

I mean after watching 4 I thought "OK, here comes the big finale! A final stand against the Gormags? Finding and saving Wade? Re uniting with Quinn and Collins real parents? No. Instead we are introduced to Quinns replacement, Collin is merely "Unstuck" in space and time to be forgotten about. And the in the end the Only original slider is Rembrandt. Which don't get me wrong Rembrandt is one of my favorite characters its just why? What happened to the engrossing story that kept you on the edge of your seat? All thrown away by horrible writers at the SCI-FI network. I mean this was one of my favorite shows that I had to watch get butchered right in front of my eyes. The love between Quinn and Bennet might as well have never happened in season 4 if 5 was right around the corner. Collin? Yeah another thing that was forgotten in 5.

Seriously, What a sad day in TV history. What should have ended in a movie, ended up being killed in a season that is best left forgotten.
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on November 9, 2011
It's about time Sliders season 5 got released as it has been a long time since season 4 came out. Yes like reviews before mine i agree it wasn't the best season and only 1 original cast member remaind but it was an enjoyable season and a shame it had to finish when it did but with the return of Maggie & Rembramt and the arrival of 3 new characters we saw the series go out with a bang. Could they have resolved the abrubt cliffhanger had the series continued probably yes but the show had ran it's course by the end with the departure of Jerry O'Connell who was the heart and soul of the show the year before I think it had to have ended when it did and the only original cast member Cleavant Derricks Character maybe dieing i think it would not have been the same. But all in all not the best of seasons but a good one it definately is worth a look.
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on June 15, 2011
The last time I saw Sliders on t v has been a long time ago (on what is now SyFy).
While I like the first four seasons, I really hated the fifth season but I watched all the eps. I could never warm up to the two newcomers. Their acting did not grab me.

Worse yet, I could never find out why Jerry O'Connell and his brother left. Another whopper was the male actor who came in was also named Quinn Mallory and I found it disgusting. I was a lot younger then. AND! Recently, after all the years, I read Sabrina Lloyd's bio on IDMb and learned why she was "out" of the show. What a crock. I did resent Kari W. at that time because I felt she pushed out Sabrina and did push out the Professor's character though it was not her fault. The suits wanted change. I am not person who needs to see wild sex and all the characters having a romance---it detracts from the real plots!

In fact, for my part, Cleavant Derricks kept season 5 going. It was almost like he told the actors come on let's go. We have to get ep shot.

Cinnamon, S.C.
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on November 8, 2011
Dear Universal and All The Fine Folks At Home,

I realize this comment comes too little, too late. Still, Rembrandt Brown was essentially the Heart and Soul of Sliders for five seasons. For some odd reason, the Art Department put the bed headed, discount composite Quinn in the middle fore ground. While I mean no disrespect to Robert Floyd, Cleavant Derricks deserved to be front and center on this final season box set. Sure, its not the best season of Sliders, but Mister Derricks and his character "The Crying Man" deserve better. Rembrandt Brown's character grew considerably over the five seasons of Sliders, and basically should be rewarded in kind.... at least in my opinion.
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on December 8, 2011
Like most who posted before me, let me start by saying. This season was far from being the best season. I personally liked Season 3 and most of Season 4. But having the first 4 seasons I have to get Season 5 just to complete the collection for the most part. Its been so long since Ive seen Season 5 so it'll be good to watch it again. I loved Kari Wurher and her character Maggie Beckett. Was upset like most fans when I learned Jerry O'Connell and his brother wouldn't be returning. I loved the way the writers left the season on a cliffhanger. I was hoping for a season 6 and possibly the return of Jerry O'Connell at least. lol Like I said in my title. FINALLY Season 5 on DVD.
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on February 15, 2012
I knew going in that this final season of Sliders wouldn't be as good as the previous 4, considering that its main star was no longer in it, but after forcing myself to watch this entire last season, I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed. All of the episodes were boring and ridiculous and left me wishing I hadn't wasted my time. I have to say, though, that Kari looked as hot as ever, and if it wasn't for her, the show would REALLY be terrible.
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on October 23, 2011
Am elated this is finally coming out. Yes, the last season was not exactly the greatest...or even that good...haha...but even so, there was some merit to it at times(briefly) and deserves some kudos. Besides, by not releasing it has left the series hanging, much like the last episode.

I will be getting it "just because" as a completionist and a fan of the "once was" :)
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If you watched the first 4 seasons of this show, you might as well keep going. Thankfully Cleavant Derricks is still around as Rembrandt, tethering us to the lore of the show now that the "real Quinn" is gone. And what a loss that was: we don't realize how central Jerry O'Connell was to the show until he vanishes. The new Mallory, played by Robert Floyd, is about what you can expect from a rebound relationship. They try to make him exciting by casting him as a rebel with a badboy past (although we also find out that he was a bookworm during his years in a wheelchair), but his personality just doesn't gel with the rest of the quartet. The premise of combining Quinn's personality with Mallory's is more or less a failure, which helps to explain why the show became a failure this season.

Tembi Locke, on the other hand, is a wonderful addition to the team, and much needed due to the absence of Quinn's whiz kid brain; without a scientist such as her, the others would be more confused than usual or just plain dead. Cleavant Derricks continues to shine (his character has made enormous strides by this point, both emotionally and intellectually), but even as Rembrandt's wisdom anchors the team for this season, it ultimately wasn't enough to counterbalance the loss of other original Sliders and justify a 6th season. Nonetheless, despite the shortcomings of Robert Floyd's character, I would buy a 6th season if it existed... something about Sliders is habit-forming.

Keep in mind when considering the purchase of this season on DVD that there are less episodes for more $ when compared to season 4.
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on September 2, 2013
Despite the fact that the first four seasons utilized Quinn Mallory as the lead character and a focal point, I have to disagree with those claiming that Jerry O'Connell's departure had a negative impact on the fifth (and final) season. In fact, I would argue that the creative team did a fairly decent job handling Mr. O'Connell's unexpected departure. Let's be honest, folks: Mr. O'Connell gave such a lackluster performance in Seasons 3 and 4 (especially the latter) that I hardly missed his presence in Season 5. Instead, it was awesome to watch an actor as talented as Cleavant Derricks step up as the new series lead to receive top billing in the starring role. Kari Wuhrer's acting also dramatically improves (with the exception of the episode "Please Press One"), and newcomers Robert Floyd and Tembi Locke perform their underwritten and underdeveloped roles well, given what the writers/producers gave them to work with.

The alternate universes are a lot more improved over the cheesy comic book style parallel worlds of Season 3 or the repetitive "supertechnology" parallel worlds of Season 4. A world where sea trade is dominant; a world where contact has been made with an advanced extraterrestrial species (the Reticulans); a world enslaved by a Viking-like race; a world where creativity is considered a mental illness; a world where caffeine (among other vices) is outlawed and funneled through speakeasies and the black market; a world where consumerism is equated with patriotism; a world where tabloid-style stories are considered "hard news" (moreso than in our actual reality)...these are just some of the concepts explored within this limited run of 18 episodes. They also attempt to tie up the Kromagg story arc, although some loose ends are still left dangling. While the alternate histories don't have the same magic and depth of those shown to us in Seasons 1 and 2, they at least tried to put some thought into it while working with Season 5's limited budget.

My biggest gripe about Season 5 is how the character of Dr. Diana Davis was so under-utilized. While I realize the storyline of Mallory dealing with his and Quinn's fused consciousnesses needed to be a storytelling priority, they could have made Diana into a much more proactive member of the team as the season wore on. If there had been a sixth season, I believe they finally would have given Diana's character the dignity and growth she deserved.

The cliffhanger ending is both heartbreaking and frustrating, and we can only hope there might someday be some sort of TV movie, set in the future, to wrap up what was given to us during the show's five seasons. Cleavant and Kari, at the very least, would need to be on-board for it (given what happened in the final episode) -- although any involvement John Rhys-Davies, Sabrina Lloyd, Jerry, Charlie, Robert, or Tembi would certainly be welcome, as well.
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on March 4, 2015
Less than impressive season. The powers that be gave them just enough money to do this season. I've seen this happen to other shows and the quality of the last season turned out much worse than this shows final season. If you like Sliders this season is worth completing the set.
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