Customer Reviews: The Unwanted Wife
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon October 27, 2012
When I read the synopsis of this novel and some of its reviews, I hesitated to download it. It sounded too angsty with somewhat unbelievable cruelty on the part of the husband. But then the book kept on getting more and more favorable reviews and I figured it was worth trying out.

I'm glad I did. This is angsty and I still felt the hero had been unbelievably cruel at the beginning of the marriage, but the growth of their relationship was romantic, sweet and hot and sometimes tense, and had some really heart-wrenching moments. See if you can read without being moved the big scene at the beginning of the story when the wife has finally had enough and explodes, verbally and physically, at her husband. There are some powerfully emotional moments in this story.

There were some frustrating moments also. Yes, the husband does start to see the error of his ways and try to improve the relationship, but I think more in-depth conversations about everything troubling the wife would have been in order earlier on. It takes until the last pages of the book (and that's maybe 10 or 11 months of relationship mending) for everything to be clarified.

There are some repetitive scenes when the husband and wife are trying to communicate better with each other where they seem to be just going in circles and some editing issues with the book itself, but, in general, this romance is worth the read and I would not hesitate to read another novel by this author in the future.
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on October 1, 2012
If you used to read Harlequins and sometimes wondered how the doucheb*g alpha hero could be redeemed into someone that you could see the heroine forgive and put up with, then you should read this book.

In this book the Hero hurts the heroine who adores him because he's put in a position not of his choice. The best part is she doesn't put up with it forever, she has enough and she wants out, by which time the hero's eyes are opened and he does spare no effort into convincing her that he is sorry and showing her that he loves her.

I like that his actions do reflect his words.

A consistent sweet read and plus points to the heroine while being vulnerable and staying non-bitter still stood up for herself!!

I will be checking out other works of this author.
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on October 1, 2012
This is one of the better books I have read recently. Coming from an unknown, self-published author, I was not expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised, however.

The Hero treats the heroine horribly and she decides to leave him. What follows are 10 months of the Hero trying to convince the h he changed and the h just not buying it. He realizes what a horrible person he has been and shows the heroine a new, better man.

The only real improvement would have been if we had a bit of the Hero's perspective.

For .99 this book is a steal. I highly recommend it.
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VINE VOICEon October 2, 2012
Heroine wants out of her 18-month marriage to Hero. Aside from sex, he ignores her & demands things from her including bearing him a son. She's given up on their r/s ever changing. She becomes more resolute about getting a divorce when she overhears him on the phone with her father who revealed why Hero married her in the 1st place. Hero, on the other hand, finds out the truth of heroine's part in her father's schemes and now wants to fix their marriage. But are his efforts a little too late?

----------------------------------------------SPOILERS: Don't read below if you don't want to know the book's details------------------------------------------------------------

This was a speedy read for me. Anders wrote in a straightforward manner and zoomed in on the main characters' romance. There weren't the distractions of location descriptions or mini-stories about other characters. This book was strictly about what went wrong with Hero & heroine's marriage and how they resolved it plus some crackling sexual tension & sex scenes in between. Or, more specifically, how Hero tried to make amends for his numerous dastardly actions towards heroine. And it worked. Hero made a complete turn-around and was genuine in his efforts to change their r/s. And he had A LOT of amends to make...

H's misdeeds against heroine? In the span of 18 months he was married to her...
1. he was cold towards her & mocked her love for him while making insinuations that she sold himself in marriage to him.
2. he wouldn't kiss her on the lips but would have sex with her in a controlled fashion & made sure she orgasmed. After sex, he'd roll over & unfailingly tell her "Give me a son, Therese."
3. he wanted others to see their marriage as perfect so he'd make her eat meals with him yet ignore her.
4. he avoided eye contact with her in & out of bed.
5. he only took her out on a date once that wasn't work-related (that was before they got married) during which he kept checking his watch & didn't engage with her during their meal.
6. he never 1x introduced her to his close-knit family in Italy whom he regularly visited every other month. Nor did he introduce her to his 2 best friends who he met with on a weekly basis.
7. he didn't bother to get to know her, including what she did with her day or when her birthday was.
8. he was photographed with a variety of women, including the woman he was dating in Italy.
9. Heroine finally finds out the truth re: why Hero married her when she overhears his phone call with her father. Her father cruelly exposed the business reasons for Hero marrying her & fooling her to believe that Hero returned her affections. Her father also demanded that Hero change her mind about divorcing him until she bears him a son per their agreement, after which Hero can go back to the other woman he was dating in Italy.

H's saving grace? He thought heroine was in on her father's scheme.

H's grovel? He made sincere amends for misdeeds #1 - #7 and then some.
The romance was solid not only b/c of Hero's grovel but also b/c of heroine's character change. She was a confessed doormat who tried to so hard to please her father & Hero. She was naïve & hopelessly hopeful that Hero would soften up to her if she just pleased him that she made herself go through 18 months of being neglected, used, & manipulated before she snaps out of it. Once she did, her persistence in pleasing others got turned around to her persistence in valuing herself more & stop being devalued by others. She was frank with Hero about how his actions hurt her. She didn't confront him on his misdeeds out of spite or revenge. She did it as a matter of fact & to give evidence as to why she doesn't trust his sudden change towards her. She stood her ground until she was finally convinced that she could trust him. 10 months of standing her ground with Hero constantly showing her he's into her now shows how strong & self-respecting she's become.

This was an angtsy & satisfying read.

Definitely recommended.
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on February 8, 2014
It is rare for me to abandon a book but about a quarter of the way through I couldn't stand it any more, absolute rubbish. This is the story of a woman married to a cold and heartless man who seems to derive pleasure from humiliating her, basically a monster. Yet she knew all this before she married him and remained married to him unhappily for 18 months before she decides she's had enough. Yet despite all this she only has to look at him and she is weak with desire! If he was a paedophile or a serial killer presumably she would have had the same problem. It seems she married him for lust as there was nothing to fall in love with as he treated her with contempt from the beginning. Anyone who is stupid enough to allow themselves to be used for sex by a hateful person deserves everything they get, in my opinion. This book is full of sentences like 'He looked so much like a Roman gladiator, that her throat went dry with desire', 'Her mouth went dry at the sight of that dark flesh', 'She groaned aching for his lips on hers' blah, blah, blah and all this while he is being abusive towards her. What a dope. And now all of a sudden he wants to be a nice guy. I've read how she behaves when he's not nice so I don't need to read the other three quarters of the book to see how she'll react now. A load of trash, don't waste your time on it.
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on October 10, 2012
A melodramatic tale that reminds me of the Harlequin novels that I used to read... for some reason there was always a passionate Italian in those books too.. However melodramatic, the book was actually a pretty good read. The jest of it is this: Alessandro needs something from Theresa's emotional void father and he has to marry her and have a male child with her to get it. BUT... Theresa is actually in love. Alessandro, not so much and he's not shy about letting her know how much he doesn't feel for her. Several times while reading, I wanted to throw the book (not a good idea on Kindle).
Needless to say, Alessandro realizes the error of his ways right around the same time that Theresa gets pregnant. Oh, I forgot to mention that these two have no issues regarding consummation of their vows. Not at all. More melodrama, kissing and reconciliation and there is an HEA.
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on May 10, 2014
Why oh why do you think we women find it romantic to read about a weak women with no pride or self respect. And men who use them.

This really gives women a bad name, it's a shame that women allow men to treat them this way and you call it romantic. I call it pathetic. Who wants a man after how he treated her for a year and a half. She continues to have sex with him after hearing the phone call, sad weak door mat.

Now let's get to her and the baby. She had a miscarriage already, now doctor told her to stay in bed for a week, after she blacks out and started bleeding. First, she goes to her work ace because she is bored and second she is all straddling and trying to get off using her husband. She clearly cares about the baby. Not to mention, later she's on a ladder painting the baby room. This is just stupid, she clearly has no care for the baby and these people are rich, they would of hired someone.

She didn't know how to burp her baby? Her best friend/cousin had a baby months ago, you mean to tell me all the time she spent over there, she never watched or helped feed the baby. Of course you put this stupid and very unbelievable part in the book so you can show he is a good man because he knows how to burp the baby.

I'm so sorry, it's just so stupid. You husband doesn't kiss you, doesn't touch you unless having sex, afterwards you can't touch him and he has to go shower, but he tells you ever time after you have sex" give me a son" for a year and a half, this is forgivable? He never took you to meet his family or friends but he is seen with other women and kisses them for over a year in half. Because he didn't have sex with them, he didn't cheat? B.s. if you are out with other women and not taking you wife, that is cheating.

But because he does things for her after she tells him, she forgives him. She loves him. My question is why? What did he do to earn forgiveness or showed his love? Oh that right, he gave her a birthday party, after she confronted him about not even knowing her birthday and then he said I love you. All is forgiven and she has sex with him.

Do not waste your money.
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VINE VOICEon October 17, 2012
I first heard about this book through my twitter feed from another reviewer that I trust. I was loving her comments and status updates throughout her reading experience and just knew I had to try this book out. When I purchased the book, it was a Kindle freebie on Amazon and in all honesty, I wasn't expecting much from it. Usually if it is a freebie, and from an author I have never heard of, I get a hard time thinking it will be pleasurable to read. With "The Unwanted Wife", I was actually surprised to find a rare gem in the vast pool of Amazon freebies!

Within the first few chapters of this book I was hooked. Alessandro was such a rude and cold husband. I didn't understand why anyone would find this man attractive and swoon worthy for a main character. After the book gets moving and the story starts to unravel, I found myself completely turned around and cheering him on! I was rooting for the supposed bad guy. Theresa wasn't my favorite character, but she didn't lack in backbone. This girl could hold her own against quite a bit. She was strong, willful and stubborn to the point of reader frustration at times.

I will admit that there is some editing problems, but not enough to deter me from finishing it. The story did seem to draw out longer than it probably should have, but it wasn't boring enough that I wanted it to hurry up and end. A fluffy bit of over-the-top romance, but one that left me satisfied in the end.
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on November 10, 2012
I enjoyed this story but I kept feeling that is was a bit unbalanced throughout, the author put you right into the plot in chapter 1, Alessandro implores Theresa to have a son each time they make love, this has been going on for more than a year. Theresa has finally had enough and asks for a divorce. Up until then she is quiet and uncertain. I kept feeling that she should have figured it out earlier than than. I also felt that Alessandro should have figured out that she wasn't involved in her father's plans within a month of being married.

Then she flips and doesn't want anything to do with him but she wants his body. After all the anguish and mis-understanding they go almost all the way through the pregnancy before they reach an understanding. Yes, I know that's the storyline but, I felt there could have been a lot more information about both of them both before and after marriage.

Again, it was a good story, just not a complete story, I didn't connect with the characters.
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I loved it, absolutely loved 'The Unwanted Wife'! Natasha Anders is a new author for me. I am so glad I was encouraged by my friends to give her and this book a try!

In 'The Unwanted Wife', Anders delivers a tale of betrayal and love, guilt and forgiveness, devastation and elation.

When entering into an arranged marriage, you don't know what you will get. You never know who you will be marrying, how they will treat or love you. But when you enter a marriage full of love and devotion, only to discover your partner was forced into the marriage, that is a soul-searing, and heart-wrenching devastation.

Alessandro was forced into marrying Theresa to get what he wanted from her father. Theresa didn't know he didn't love her when he married her. She was fully and totally in love with him. Blinded to the reality. Even though his words and actions were cruel, she tried each day to make him love her. Finally after 18 months, she had enough. She asked for a divorce. She began standing up for herself and her heart. Alessandro's eyes were opened to Theresa for the first time. Seeing her in a different light. When he realized she had nothing to do with the arrangement, he discovered she was as much or more of a victim than he. At first, he refused to give her a divorce until she gave him what he wanted, what he needed to move on with his life, a son. But as the days grew, so did his admiration for her and his guilt over his past sins.

He soon realized he was in love with her. He didn't want their marriage to end. But the problem was that she had closed her heart to him. Encased it in a steel fortress. He was determined to break through those walls and make her love him again.

A beautiful love story, The Unwanted Wife sucked me in. If you love angst and second-chance romances, I definitely recommend this one!
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