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on October 19, 2011
You know how sometimes when you're reading a book, you get all wrapped up in the emotions and that fluttery feeling starts in your chest? That's how I felt reading The Vincent Boys. Once I started, I couldn't stop. Abbi Glines kept me up way past my bedtime, and not for the first time! (Not that she'll feel any guilt over this whatsoever.)

Beau, Sawyer, and Ashton were inseparable growing up, and Ashton and Beau were best friends. That is, until the boys started to notice that Ashton was changing in ways they didn't really expect. Pretty soon, it wasn't Ashton, her best friend Beau, and his cousin Sawyer; it was Ashton, her boyfriend Sawyer, and his cousin Beau. And Beau just sat back and watched for years, because Sawyer had moved first. But that didn't mean he liked what he saw. He saw Ashton changing again. She was trading in her fun-loving side for a girl who visited the nursing home on a regular basis, who never smarted off at anyone, and who never really spoke her mind. Then, when Sawyer goes on vacation, Ashton seems to remember what it was like to cut loose and begins to miss that part of her life. So she turns to the one person she knows will remember: Beau.

The chemistry between Ashton and Beau was A-ma-zing. Talk about sizzle! I loved their interactions and banter. In hindsight, perhaps Beau was a leeeetle possessive of Ashton, but when I was reading it wasn't something that bothered me. I think that's because Ashton is most definitely the kind of girl who can stick up for herself and isn't afraid to speak her mind to Beau, or anyone else later on. When Ashton lets herself be walked all over, I wanted to shake and her, and yell that I knew she was made of stiffer stuff than the way she was acting. It's always frustrating to see a strong character acting weak. Ashton realizes that's exactly what she's been doing, and Beau helps her break through her "good girl" patterns. She saw it as an internal struggle between being the good girl or the bad girl, but really it was about being the person everyone expected her to be or following her heart and being her true self.

I liked Sawyer, but not nearly as much as Beau. Probably because we get to know a lot more about Beau, being that the story alternates between his point of view and Ashton's. Some of my favorite parts were when we were inside Beau's head. *fans self* I'll just go ahead and point out here that this is definitely a book for older teens and young adults. There are some racier scenes, so keep that in mind if you're looking to recommend to a teen. Another issue that I've considered when I look back at the book is that if Ashton and Beau give in to their hearts, she'll be cheating on Sawyer. Again, oddly, this didn't bother me because she was so clearly with the wrong cousin! The way their relationship evolves is so natural and sweet. And more often than not, things aren't always black and white, just like in their situation.

If you're looking for a good read with fantastic characters, a good plot, and swoon-worthy scenes, The Vincent Boys is right up your ally! Did I mention there are boys with trucks? I really don't know what it is with me and boys who drive trucks. I'm a sucker for them, though. Is this a Southern thing? Sometimes, there's just something sexy 'bout a truck.

Also, love the cover!
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on January 5, 2012
LORD HAVE MERCY....... By the moons I loved this book!

Abbi has crafted an AMAZING story of love, loss, truths, and heart breaks. This story will leave you breathless and wanting more and more after you finish the last page.

The Vincent boys is a story of love between Ashton and Sawyer. They have been dating for a few years and they are the perfect couple. The only thing is that Ashton is hiding something from Sawyer and when Sawyer leaves for the summer to vacation with his family that secret will come out.

While Sawyer is on vacation Ashton is left behind with no one to hang around and nothing to do so she decides to start hanging with Beau who she and Sawyer were best friends growing up. She leans on Beau when something happens to her and in doing that she has opened something she thought was closed for good. Beau is there for Ashton when Sawyer can not be so their relationship starts to turn into something else.

This is when Ashton realizes that no matter who she tries to be she needs to be true to herself and she needs to be true to Sawyer. Someone's heart will be broken and someone will gain a new love. Secrets will be revealed and relationships will be tested and lot's of peoples hearts will be broken and then mended back together.

What will Ashton do? Will she follow her heart or will she follow everyone else?

What is a girl supposed to do when she is in love with someone and in like with another? Does she tell the one she loves that he is the one or does she just sit back and watch someone else have the one she loves? Plus family secrets will rock the relationships of three families and lord knows every town loves a GOOD scandal.

In the end will love trump every card? Who will you love in the end Sawyer or Beau?????????

I am totally Team Beau for lot's of reasons!

Favorite quote: "I love Sawyer, Ash," Beau said quietly into the night. He sounded as if he was trying to convince me of this. "My whole life I've never envied him anything. Not his father. Not his mother. Not his money. Not his athletic abilities," he stopped and took a ragged breath. My heart ached for him. I squeezed the hand resting on his stomach into a fist to keep from reaching up and soothing him like a child. "Until the day I watched from across the football field as he picked you up and kissed you on the mouth. It wasn't your first kiss. I might have just been fourteen years old but I could tell I'd somehow been left out of a secret. I wanted to plant my fist in his face and rip you out of his arms. As I took a step toward him your eyes met mine and I saw the silent pleading for forgiveness or acceptance. I wasn't sure which. All I knew was you were Sawyer's now. My best friend was gone. I envied him and hated him for the first time that day. He'd finally won the one prize I thought was mine."

Glines, Abbi (2011-10-12). The Vincent Boys (Kindle Locations 1171-1178). Unknown. Kindle Edition.
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on January 1, 2012
First off, Abbi Glines is amazing.

Secondly, ok, let's be real.

About half way through this book, I contemplated putting it down. Not that the story wasn't good, but because I was so emotional about it and I didn't see a way for anyone, not anyone, to have a happy ending. I was saying to myself, "Abbi, how dare you! You hook me and then break my heart!!"
But of course, Abbi knows how to finagle a story. The way she brings all things in, all people, all walks of life makes for a beautiful story. Though it may hurt me to read it all, it was beautiful nonetheless.

Anybody who knows me at this point knows I'm not a fan of love triangles. And this was the worst kind for me to read, where she just flat went and cheated behind his back. For some reason it doesn't sit well with me when I read about it. I'm not terribly fond of Ash because anyone who has the mentality of "I'm gonna do what I want to do because I've got to follow my heart and I don't care who's hurt in the process" grates me.

BUT! :)

She's real. She's human, she's just like thirty girls I knew in high school. She's just spent so long trying to please everyone but herself, trying to figure out how to make everything work in harmony, trying to be who everyone wants her to be, and for the love of all please her parents, that in the end she had no other choice but to rebel and blow up. It's one of those lessons learned.

I'm so glad that I finished it and got to see how Abbi finished things up in a way that satisfied everyone as much as they could be. Sawyer was SOOO sweet in the end for someone who'd been betrayed that way. And Beau, gosh, you can't help but feel for him no matter the things he did before Ash. But I loved his protectiveness, even when she wasn't his. I love it when a guy is possessive in a sweet way. It was so real to me, it was like watching a movie.

So thank you, Abbi. We all make mistakes, some extremely costly and stupid, some that hurt everyone involved and some that only hurt ourselves, but in the end the point is to learn from them and don't judge a book or person by its cover (no pun intended b\c the cover is gorgeous) and above all, you can't live your life with regret and hate. You just can't.

5 solid, cry my eyes out, gripping my kindle with frustration, awesome stars from me.
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on December 26, 2011
There's a certain amount of creative license to which all writers have a right. Sometimes manipulating punctuation and grammar can add to the effect of the story. However, you have to draw the line somewhere.
Though the story was compelling, I was consistently put off by the numerous errors. Spelling, grammar, punctuation - the whole nine yards. It seemed as though every few pages I found myself wondering if the book was edited at all. For example:
"If it was Sawyer who had down this, I'd kill him."
"I decided it was to late..."
These mistakes may seem trivial, and they are. But when they are as frequent as they were in "The Vincent Boys" it really detracts from the quality of the book.
When it came to the quality of the story, as aforementioned, it was compelling albeit cliché. There were many scenes that I really liked, and a couple that I loved. If you are looking for a sweet, comfortable book that's a fast read where the ending wraps up nicely and no one gets hurt, this is not a bad book, especially given its low price. Just know that you are getting what you paid for, and don't expect to be blown away by the writing.
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on March 3, 2013
I supposed my extreme dislike of this book is my own fault. I absolutely LOVE Abbi Glines, and have read every other book she's written. When I saw what this book was about, I originally decided not to read it. However, after seeing the reviews, I felt that maybe I really would enjoy it. Boy was I wrong!

It's rare that I feel such utter disgust and loathing for two of the lead characters. I'm not completely opposed to some cheating in a romance, but in this book, it just sat wrong with me.

1) Beau and Ash had absolutely no sense of guilt. There was no real apology from either of them to Sawyer. They both thought that the fact that Sawyer "never loved the real Ash" was reason enough to betray him. But, who were they to decide that Sawyer didn't know the real her?

2) He never once got an apology from either of them, but was expected to defend Ash when she faced the backlash in school. Really? I know if my cousin stole MY boyfriend, I absolutely would not be defending either one of them. I certainly wasn't about to feel bad for Ash. In the end, Sawyer ended up apologizing to her AND getting beat up by Beau. WTF?

3) Ash was dumb. She was your typical "damsel in distress," yet she was supposed to be this spunky fireball that we never really got to see. She also made every excuse in the book for dragging both Beau and Sawyer along, making them all miserable in the process.

Although I found Beau and Ash to be despicable halfway through the book, I kept waiting for them to become redeemable characters. They didn't, and I found myself 100% on Sawyer's side. I will only read the sequel because Sawyer gets his HEA. Hopefully, Beau and Ash will have died in an accident or something and I get to read as little as possible about them.
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on October 16, 2011
The Vincent Boys is another awesome novel from author Abbi Glines. I first came to love Abbi Glines' writing in her debut novel BREATHE when she sent my heart racing with the romance in her debut novel. But in The Vincent Boys, my heart was pounding. I knew Glines had a gift for writing romance, but after reading Ash, Sawyer and Beau's romance, I now know Glines has a gift for writing the steamy, too .Abbi Glines just took me back to those teenage years of feeling that swoony romance again. Oh, how I love her for that. This is why I love to read. To remember that feeling of that hot boy in school that sent chills all over you. And bad boy Beau Vincent definitely sent chills all over. I went back and read over and over a few of the scenes I fell in love with in The Vincent Boys. I just couldn't get enough of hot, bad boy Beau. The romance with Ash and Beau is soooo hot!.

Ashton is the preacher's daughter and ever since they met in preschool her best friends have been the Vincent boys, so it makes since that as they got older, that one would become Ash's boyfriend. Sawyer is the prince charming who is prefect. Beau is the bad boy who's definitely not. Ashton being the daughter of a preacher has to pretend to be prefect. So how can Ash be in love with the bad boy Beau? Ashton has tried to please everyone and in doing that has lost herself of who she really is. Beau has always loved the true Ashton and she never had to pretend with Beau. Beau love's the fire ball Ashton and he wants her to find her true self again, but for Ashton to be who she really is, will mean she will have to destroy the guy she loves and the guy she's in love with.

The storyline in The Vincent Boys is awesome, the romance is steamy hot. Ash and Beau's love is one that's going to take you to swoon heaven. I highly recommend The Vincent Boys as a must read. You will not want to miss Ash, Sawyer, and Beau's heart-breaking love story.
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on December 10, 2011
Love love LOVE this story. The chemistry between Beau and Ashton is amazing, and their relationship has been a long time coming. Although this story is technically about Beau and Ashton turning their backs on the one person they both love, Sawyer, the attraction between the two is undeniable and you can't help but want them to be together anyway. Ashton has a constant struggle in herself and the person she's tried so hard to become to be "worthy" of being Sawyer's girlfriend, and you can really see her trying to break free and find that old spirit of hers whenever she's with Beau.

The character development in this story is great, and I think is what makes the story so strong. I love the Southern charm to all of Glines' stories. It makes me wish I could live there and experience it all too. I love that Ashton is able to find her true self with Beau, I love the love-that-will-cross-oceans kind of love described in this story and it takes my breath away.

I'm completely obsessed with Gline's stories and I can't wait for her newest one to come out. This one is a must read! I went off to read Gline's first story after reading this one, but I still like this one better. The attraction is raw and you can't help but find yourself wanting the kind of love that Ash is so desperately seeking in the beginning of the story too.
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on August 11, 2012
This book kind of surprised me with how easy it is to get sucked into it. It's plot is quick paced and I was done before I knew it. This isn't something I normally read because I normally don't enjoy the whole "girl falls for guy she `can't' have" thing, there is usually some story to go with it and make it bearable for me. My curiosity won though and I ended up loading this on my Kindle to try out, I certainly don't regret it. It's a pretty good read and I enjoyed it quite a bit, though it does have some issues here and there.

The overall story isn't exactly original but I do enjoy how invested I became in Ash's choices, and even though I kind of have some problems with him I enjoyed Beau's character. The writing is fairly clean cut, a tad informal and super easy to read. It's the ease of it that makes it addicting and hard to put down once you get going.

Ash is a good girl with a `bad' streak and tries desperately to hide it so she can live up to everyone's expectations. I can understand that, but there are some conversations that come up involving this that are just awkwardly worded or over stressed...and in the end every time Ash would state that's she a bad person I just wanted someone to reach over poke her in the eye. Luckily it isn't harped on the entire time. I also didn't get why her mind still traveled to her boy drama during a rather sad situation, if something so heartbreaking had happened to me boys (no matter how hot) would be the last thing on my mind. Beau is...well he's hot, there I said it...The guy is definitely swoon worthy, well for the most part. He's also a bit over protective in what I think is meant to be endearing and sweet, but it comes off as a prelude to scary. I can understand a guy getting protective over his girl, but Beau likes to take that protectiveness to the level of yelling or punching the other person in the face. Some girls like that, I do not. He also uses his girlfriend, Nicole, which I think is pretty trashy no matter how you spin it. I still enjoy his character despite his few blow ups and screw ups, and I prefer him over Sawyer who was just a stick in the mud for me. I assume he has a personality but he pales in comparison to Beau, he's not that fun and he seems way too good...well except toward the end. I know the next book focuses more on him so I'll be interested to see if he's fleshed out some more. This one has me on the fence really. I don't like cheating even when it's fictional, but I enjoyed Beau and Ash's relationship which I think has a lot to do with the absence of Sawyer through most of the book. There are also a few odd conveniences that pop up that made me kind of frown. I don't like when things are conveniently placed in a book so that it wraps up nicely, it's not all that realistic and it takes a bit away from the story.

I love the small town charm that comes with this and it actually feels like the perfect cozy read partly because of that I think. It's comfortable, simple and easy to read, so it's also easy to enjoy and let yourself sink into.
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on August 10, 2012
The Vincent Boys was my first experience with Abbi Glines. Only a few pages in, I knew it wouldn't be the last. I was hooked almost immediately to Ms. Glines' refreshing writing and smokin' hot portrayal of bad boy, Beau Vincent.

The story begins with Ashton Gray, preacher's daughter/town good girl/Sawyer Vincent's girlfriend, giving Beau and his incredibly drunk girlfriend a ride home one night. Sawyer is out of town for the summer, and she knows that's what he'd want her to do. And she's always trying to do right by Sawyer. As kids, Ashton and Beau were thick as thieves. They got into all sorts of trouble together, and Sawyer was always there to bail them summer that changed. Ashton became Sawyer's girlfriend, and instantly the dynamic was different between all of them. Ashton wanted to be the good girl that Sawyer thought she was - no matter how bad she wanted to let her bad side show sometimes - the side Beau understood and loved.

After giving Beau a ride home that night, he and Ashton see no reason they can't try to be friends again. Well, that reason becomes very apparent when they both realize there's more to their relationship. They both know it's wrong - Sawyer is like a brother to Beau, and Ashton does love him, but she doesn't get that same feeling with him that she does with Beau - the feeling of being wanted.

There are so many great things about this book - the biggest - Beau Vincent and his sexiness. The way he describes his interactions and internal monologue with Ashton is so hot. Ms. Glines sure does know how to write sex. Also great is the aspect of the love triangle. I love a love triangle, especially when there's no clear villain. While Sawyer may not have the passion for Ashton, he's still a good guy. In fact, he and Beau are polar opposites - he's the respectful, good boy that comes from money, and Beau's the trailer park living, mouthy, bad boy. Their common denominator: they both love Ashton Gray.

The story is written from alternating POV between Ashton and Beau and that makes for a great read. You get to see both sides of the story - her struggles with doing what's right when her head is telling her one thing and her heart and BODY are telling her another...and his just all around sexiness. I give this book 4.5 stars and recommend it to anyone looking for a great YA read. There's plenty of steam to keep ya interested, and there's also the added aspect of a little plot twist in there between Sawyer and Beau, which is definitely a game-changer and makes the story that much more interesting! If you haven't read this yet, get on it! You won't be disappointed! I mean, look at the cover; it's great before you even crack that baby open!

Stand out quotes:

Ashton to Beau:
"I'm not always good. I try really hard to be good. I want to be worthy of Sawyer, I really do, but it's like there is this other me inside that is trying to get out. I fight it, but I'm not good at it all the time. Sawyer has to keep me in line."

Ashton to Beau:
"But just once I'd like to know what it feels like to do more than just kiss. To be touched...maybe to know what the thrill of sneaking out of my house feels like or how it feels to be wanted by someone so desperately they can't help themselves when they kiss me. Maybe, to just feel desirable."

Beau to Ashton:
"Ash, I'm trying real hard to be good. Good isn't my thing, but Sawyer's important to me. Please remember I've got my limits and you studying my mouth like you want a taste is pushing me dangerously close to the edge of those limits."
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on April 3, 2012
This book was so not what I'd expected! It was so bad.

Ashton's PERFECT boyfriend, the fact that he's so perfect is mentioned a gazillion times in the book, leaves her alone for the summer to go to the mountains somewhere. Now Ashton's all lonely so she feels the smartest thing to do is to hook up with Sawyer's cousin Beau, the town's bad boy. Beau and Ashton were once best friends, when they were EIGHT, and they both can't believe how much the other one's changed over the past ten years. In fact half the book is just them thinking about how it was when they were EIGHT and how close they were and how they could share their feelings with each other .. and how much they both understood each other. Oh did i mention that they were EIGHT back then?? Now they're seventeen or eighteen and can't keep their hands off each other. They sneak out at nights to fool around and have sex, by the way Ashton the PREACHER'S daughter lost her virginity to this guy in the back of his TRUCK!!!
So all this cheating goes on behind poor Sawyer's back, who really isn't poor Sawyer because the biggest shocker in this book is that "perfect Sawyer" isn't all that perfect! *gasp*

This book was a pain to read. The relationships were just weird. Ashton and Sawyer exchanged emails all the while he gone on his vacation, and they were so robotic! No 17 year old writes like they did. Not believable at all.
I did not like any of the characters. Their personalities were just bad! I wanted to shake Ashton real bad, this girl was so annoying! Everything she did was just wrong!!! And this Beau guy, nothing about him was attractive. I'm sorry I just don't find a 17 year old boy who drinks beer and beats up and threatens people hot. Beau and Ashton shared ZERO chemistry. All they could think about was how hot the other one was. No talk about feelings, no talk about personality. All Beau ever thought about was how hot Ash looked in cutoffs or her cleavage. And all Ash ever thought about was him, shirtless!

The whole thing was just awkward. I should have learned my lesson after reading that other horrible book, Existence, by this author. *Facedesk*!!! This book makes me angry. Cheating is NOT cool!
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