Customer Reviews: The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships
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on February 8, 2010
This is a difficult review to write. I have been smitten by the message and the writing. Well done. I've read the criticisms and understand them. The subject is important - the Law of Attraction and how the Universe functions. It is about Creation, so right from the start a majority (great) of people will dismiss it as WRONG and motivated by profit. And then there is this: If you suffer, no matter it politically, physically, socially, whatever - you brought it to yourself, even children. That is hard to take. I have friends who suffer from MS, Cancer, War, Child abuse, Abandonment, Crime, Bad relationships, PTSD ... any and everything (I am sixty years old.) Some critics say this is "Blaming the victim" at its worst. I offer this:

If you know what happens to a human being after they die - tell us. If you know what causes cancer - tell us. If you know why you do what you do - tell us. If you know how to make the world free of war, abuse, poverty, murder, theft, lying ... tell us. A lot of people do ... trouble is, there is someone on the "other side" who KNOWS that is not true and that they - KNOW THE TRUTH. So this book, in fact, the entire series of books, cds, seminars, etc. say one thing: There is only one thing that you can control and that is how you feel. At any given moment, no matter the circumstance, you can choose a better or worse feeling than where and what you are feeling. And if, IF, you choose the better feeling--you are moving in the direction of improvement. And if you continue in that direction (choosing the better thought) you will eventually reach your destination:

I have found that to be true.

The authors purport there are no exceptions to the Law of Attraction (like attracts like). It is gravity--a LAW. What it is - is misunderstood. If you focus on what is, what IS the matter, you will get more of that. On the other hand, if you focus on what it is you want (to feel better) you will get that. NO Exceptions! I have found this to be true. It is not easy to get, to understand. We were not raised this way. I have found no inconsistencies with the psychology of human development and behavior (Think Maslow's hierarchy of human needs - peak experiences and self-actualization) and the philosophy of "The Vortex." There are ideas and theories, of course, to the contrary. Such as, your thoughts don't matter. If you think ill of another person, that that does not matter - it is only action that counts. Here, with what "they" are saying is that it DOES matter; but what matters most is your dominant thought patterns. If you believe, at your core, that you are unworthy, then that is what you will be - worthless; and you will ATTRACT confirming events. You will be proven right!

Where did your core beliefs come from? (Parents/society/powerful others.) Are you even aware of them?
(Psychotherapy can help here - to make conscious the unconscious.) But the message here is: THAT DOES NOT MATTER. What matters is accurately discerning what it is you are feeling, and then choosing to feel better ... just a smidge - one small baby step in the direction of feeling better. The catch is, what are you truly feeling? Pretending everything is alright when it is not will not work. (i.e. putting on a happy face.) Not knowing what it is you want can be a barrier, also. The reason diversity exists is to engender contrast, expansion - and thus improvement (Sweet & Sour? both?). You cannot know what you want if you don't know what you don't want. How do you know what you don't want? By exposure to unpleasant feelings ... That feels bad, don't want that. That tastes bitter, don't want that. That hurts my ears, don't want that. That looks awful, don't want that ... I'll try something different (courage.) Where does courage come from? Is it innate? Some are born with it, others not? Why? Contrast. If all had courage it would not exist. Tricky, I know.

What is the point? Expansion. The Universe is creative, and thought is the energy that propels AND creates creation. Get enough people thinking ALIKE and you have large scale creation. Doubt that? Think Hitler and Nazism ... no don't. Think The Rapture, no don't - because on the other side there are Jihadists who are thinking thoughts of Mohammed, the last TRUE prophet, and that nothing but the annihilation of non-believers will bring peace on earth. And so we have perpetual war until one side has the dominant, strongest, thought (belief) and that will come to be ... because right makes might (Right, Abe?).

In the end, and in the beginning, we are all nothing and everything - energy, a vibration. And that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. Your choice as to how you experience it.

I know, I know ... I am writing a second book "Attraction." I'm not sure yet what is its genre ... Fiction, or not?

I know it sounds crazy.
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on April 21, 2010
One of the great things about the principles expounded by Abraham are in my view that they exist at all. What I mean is, isn't it fantastic that it turns out that the Universe has been constructed in this way, that we ourselves can control everything in our lives, that nothing happens by chance, and that we cannot be victims except by the power of our own negativity? I think it's wonderful, like a fairy tale, or a dream come true. Pity we weren't taught all this in school or on our mother's knee.

My favourite Abraham book is "Ask and it is given". I found it slightly difficult to get into this one - for some reason I didn't find it particulary readable at first.

In this book Abraham for the first time, I think, talks about "the Vortex", "Vortex of attraction" or "Vortex of becoming". This apparently contains all the requests you have ever made, and when you finally get into the Vortex by continually reaching for better and better thoughts, all your wishes will be granted - you will become "You", as Abraham puts it.

The book is highly inspiring. I think perhaps no one Abraham book is necessarily better than any other, but the more you read the books and try to practice the precepts, the more you integrate the teachings, i.e. the more you really "get it", and the more you understand and appreciate the next book. So when I got to the end of the book, I felt it was the best of their books, not necessarily because it actually is (and anyway there is no objective truth), but because I've got slightly further in the process.

Abraham says that the fastest way to improve matters in your life is to make peace with your current situation and make lists of all the positive aspects you can find about it i.e. make the best of where you are.

A few years ago I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor because I couldn't afford a bed, although my physical problems were such that I had difficulty getting up from it. But every night I thanked the Universe for my comfortable mattress, and after a few months an acquaintance informed me she wanted to give me a bed + mattress she no longer had use for, and couldn't be bothered to sell. She and her partner drove it out to my flat, installed it and carted away the old mattress to the dump.

Before that I had lived in a tiny one-room flat, but again thanked the Universe every night for it. After a few months, I was offered a bigger and better flat, and a friend's husband and family helped me with the removal, transporting all my stuff to the new place at no cost to me.

In both cases I had got into the Vortex by the act of gratitude.

Back to the book, There are useful chapters about "mating", sexuality, parenting and self-appreciation. And finally, prior to the transcript of the enjoyable and amusing CD, we are offered a few simple processes to help release resistance and find a path into the Vortex. I will be doing these processes when I've bought an exercise book.

I strongly recommend this book to EVERYONE. Five stars.
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This 2009, 238-page book is more of the Teachings of Abraham and part of the Law of Attraction series by the authors. Although it is quite repetitive, it really does provide very good information. As one might suspect, it is about the Law of Attraction, which basically states that what you put out there is what you get back. The book explains that by providing many Q & As, in which Jerry asks questions of Abraham (a certain collective consciousness group of entities that he and Esther channel information from). Abraham channels the answers. This book is actually about relationships. Beyond the concepts of couples, the term relationships is directed toward any one you may have a relationship with, such as a spouse, significant other, friend, boss, relative, hairdresser, etc.

The first section of the book delves into some flaws in beliefs that many people experience, such as "If I push hard enough against unwanted things, they will go away." The book then explains why this is faulted thinking and how to properly align your thinking to achieve the results you truly want. The book then attempts to answer the normal questions that most people would have where they experience discord with a relationship, or have not found an agreeable relationship, or are looking for something better. Some of the many questions addressed ask about attracting a mate, a soul-mate, why people may choose a mate that is not in alignment with them, relationships between parents and children, relationships between employees and the boss, etc.

I think it is probably a no-brainer that you have to fix yourself first, before you can be happy with someone else, but there are people who find it hard to admit there may be something wrong with their attitude. One of the major concepts this book will try to explain to you is that you must be happy from the inside out and that you cannot be dependent on someone or something else to make you happy. That is short-lived (temporary) happiness and not lasting happiness. The Law of Attraction is used to explain the concept.

In case anyone reading this review is unfamiliar with the Universal Law of Attraction, again, it is that you attract the vibrations you put out. Foe example, if you are insecure and believe you are unworthy of love, you will attract people to you who are the same as you. So, if you are looking for someone who can fill the void within you, it ain't gonna happen. If somehow it does, it ain't gonna last. That's the bottom line. If your glass has a hole in the bottom, it is gonna leak, no matter how much juice you put into it. Eventually, the glass will weaken from the stress and crack, and then shatter. It might even cut you pretty badly in the process.

Honestly, I don't think there is anything in this book that I read that I didn't agree with. It's all true and we probably all need to be reminded periodically, so we don't slip backwards. It is so easy to lose our footing and forget who we really are amidst the anger and tension around us. It is so important to be secure within ourselves, to realize we are a piece of the Divine, when others try to force us into negativity, so that we may stand strong in our own convictions and stay in the Light. This is the way forward, out of the fog and into the Light.

Although the book is repetitive, for some it must be so. The bottom line is that the information within it is invaluable.

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on August 31, 2009
While I have received enormous benefit from Abraham's teachings, I have to say I was disappointed by this book which basically takes earlier, and in my opinion, better ideas and messages and reworks them with new `buzzwords.' Instead of the "upstream/downstream, just find the best feeling thought" messages, now everything is about the whirling swirling Vortex and all its cooperative components that will spit you out should you falter. And suddenly, we all need to be doing focus wheels everyday! Esther says she makes lists and constantly does numerous focus wheels on nearly every subject in order to stay in the Vortex. (And this a woman with a direct channel to Source!) The book recommending all these focus wheels is in direct contrast to the central, `be easy, you make too much of it, it's NOT about action' message. Esther gives flailing explanations of why the new take on things is better, but I would think a group of ascended beings would have gotten it right the first time (and I believe they did, in the Hicks' book, "Ask and It is Given"...which is a true classic). "Do a focus wheel! Get in the Vortex!" seems to be the answer for everything, whereas in earlier works, Abe gave fascinating and original insights.

It seems with this latest material, Jerry and Esther are trying to move us into the mindset that if we are really in the Vortex, we will never question why something has not manifested (even after decades of trying). Nor will we even really care if it does, because, if we are in the Vortex, we are already feeling the essence of our desire, so we don't really need to have it. Hmmm. Convenient! And a great way to assuage people who have been practicing for a long time and still haven't gotten their stuff. This new "essence is enough" tack seems to be contradictory to the message that it is perfectly natural to continue wanting, creating and actually attaining more and more desires, including material things.

I don't think this book has come so much from true inspiration, but rather a need to keep putting out new material. The message is distorted, diluted and convoluted from what I consider core Abraham teachings. My impression is that Abraham may have left the building some time ago, and Esther is just giving it her spin now.
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on September 14, 2009
I ordered this book on a pre-sale and it came a week earlier than I expected, so I was really happy to have it and started reading right away. Being a "student" of Abraham for several years, subscribing to monthly downloads, having many CD's of workshops, attending workshops when possible, I can say that this book once again sheds a new and different light on the Laws of the Universe. Nothing really changes in what Abraham has to share but the message is delivered here in a new language and context that makes it all the more relavent and comprehensible. Knowing it and being able to live it are two different things. The processes in this book are clear and easy to do and have given me a way to practice and focus everyday on appreciating things in my life. The workshop CD that comes with it is excellent. Hearing Abraham give answers to people just like me, helps me to think through my own emotions and clarify my thoughts. I have found so much happiness in living my manifestations. I am a true believer that this works and the universe has this amazing power that we can access. Love, love, love it! Life is good!
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on August 26, 2009
This book is so good you just want to savor it. Read a page, put it down, let it soak in, then pick it back up later. It's THAT good. The first 25 pages will hold you spellbound...and then it gets better from there!

I have bought all of Abraham's books and given plenty out as gifts. I've attended their live seminars, and even gone on an Alaskan cruise with them. So I feel qualified to state that this is their best printed effort to date.

If you want to bring change into your life, if you want to literally turn your life around and speed towards every thing you want, this book will be an important first step.

Esther and Jerry Hicks (Esther channels the non-physical entities known as "Abraham" and Jerry records the sessions, among other things) are the hardest working couple I've ever seen...they travel almost all of the time, bringing Abraham's message to the masses. I know they have fun doing it but, still, it must feel like "real" work at times. I'm just totally grateful they do it, so millions can learn to live a better life. A MUCH better life.

Thank you Abraham, Thank you Esther, Thank you Jerry.

Purchasing Public: buy this book and you might as well buy an extra copy, too, as a gift for someone you love. It is amazing, full of brilliant insights, and you will not (repeat, NOT) be disappointed!
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on August 26, 2009
I am 3/4 of the way through The Vortex. Unlike Ask and It Shall Be Given, where the focus was on exercises, this book embeds many such gems throughout the book. (One of which was truly life-changing for me and helped me solve an issue I have had for 5 years.) But the focus is not on exercises, however. The Vortex reveals the many false premises that hinder or prevent harmonious human relationships - and in the revealing provides direct relief for many an unsolvable relationship issue. This is an extraordinary piece of practicable knowledge. It perfectly complements and extends all the previous knowledge provided by Abraham. I am in deep appreciation to have a teacher who teaches so thoroughly, and so persistantly, and with so many real-life examples. Go Abraham, go Ester, go Jerry! Keep on riding that monster bus and adding to this wonderful knowledge base for deliberate creation through the art of allowing.
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on September 5, 2009
I love and appreciate everything I have learned from the Abraham Hicks material, and as far as this book goes, I agree with statements in both the positive and the negative reviews.

In my experience of this book, it has helped solidify my understanding of concepts that were introduced in Esther and Jerry's other books.

I absolutely would not recommend this book for someone who is new to LOA or Abraham-Hicks. For that, I would recommend Ask and it is Given (also a bestseller and a true classic). I really got a lot out of their book The Astonishing Power of Emotions. Not because it is a better book than the Vortex, but maybe because it simply happened to have stories that are more relevant to my life.

Our job as consumers is to select the product that is in alignment with our desire. Esther's job is to answer the questions that are asked of her so she can write books that will sell well. She does a fine job of that, and has provided us with many books to choose from. Each one of those books answers a different set of questions, but builds upon material written in previous books.
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on September 29, 2009
Okay I get it. Keep your thoughts positive. Focus on what you want. Pay little attention to what you don't want. Better almost any relationship by focusing more on the positive aspects of it. Happiness lies within. Another person is not there to make you happy. That's your job. All well and good! (If said many times before.)

BUT: When they get to the parenting stuff, they are plumb crazy. Suggesting parents should let their kids pretty much do whatever they like so as not to interfere with their 'freedom.' Telling parents that 'ignoring' a child's destructive, reckless or apathetic behavior is the best way to change it. Uh huh. Personally, I became an alcoholic at 15 and am still a bit dismayed that no one intervened. But I was free dammit! (And an alcoholic for the next 20 years!) They say children are competent from birth and should be totally self directed and parents should just 'get out of their way.' I'm sorry, but even animals who have totally pure energy and instinct STILL need guidance, training and protection from their parents. And young animals are not influenced by media, other kids or culture.

And to imply that kids in abusive situations CHOOSE that because it gives them greater "contrast" early on from which then to create a fabulous life....hmmm, I guess that's why so many abused kids go on to be totally well adjusted and successful --oh wait, no they don't, most of them become abusers themselves, have lifelong psychological problems or get eating disorders or addictions. Oh, and they suggest to the little ones that if they are being abused they should just focus on the positive aspects of their lives, say, their toys or their room. Yes, a slinky always distracts me when I'm being beaten or raped! They suggest that taking the child away from an abusive parent doesn't really solve anything, and that if kids can focus on the positive aspects of the abuser, the abuse will stop. It is law! I'm sorry, but are you KIDDING me?!

Anyway, I've gotten a lot from Abraham's words, but lately, and with this book, I feel the material is more Hicks and less Abraham.
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on September 18, 2009
First off, I'm a biased fan of Esther, Jerry and Abraham. I prefer their live audio recordings, but the written word is always powerful. What someone else has said before me is so true, that "The Vortex makes it very clear that we need to put our attention on our most important relationship: the one with our Inner Being. It also tells us exactly how to do that. When that relationship is good all our others will be also." The Vortex is a fine addition to the Abraham legacy. My personal favorite Hick's book is The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing, but for The Vortex fans, I'd also recommend Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life by Judith Orloff... one of the most empowering books I've ever read.
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