Customer Reviews: The Walking Dead, Book 3
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on December 30, 2007
WOW! I continue to be amazed by how great this series is. I imagined going slow reading this latest HC book 3. A chapter here, a chapter there... usually reserved for the duration of my train rides only (to and from work). After I got off the train and arrived home, I couldn't stay away. I had to finish this story. So, I didn't move from my couch until I was finished. All I can say is, whoever is debating reading this series, do yourself a favor and start now. My only reservation about reading the Hardcover editions is that it takes so long for the next ones to come out.
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The third hardcover collection of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead finds former cop Rick Grimes and his crew of survivors having made their prison home zombie-free and completely settling in to their surroundings. Things are pretty much okay until they notice a helicoptor in the sky crashing in the distance. Soon enough, Rick, Michonne, and Glen are lead to a small, hidden community run by a sadistic madman calling himself the Governor. He has plans for Rick, Glen, and especially Michonne, as we witness what is perhaps the best to come from Kirkman on the series so far. What is contained here is by far the most violent and disturbing sequences to be seen in The Walking Dead so far, and only furthers the tried and true notion that in a zombie outbreak, the most terrifying aspects aren't the zombies, but the survivors and what they have become in a new world. If you've been following the series, the third hardcover collection of The Walking Dead will not disappoint, and as usual, you'll be salivating for more once you reach the last page of the book. All in all, Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead only gets better and better, and the proof of that can be seen right here.
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VINE VOICEon December 29, 2007
The story in this volume picks up with Rick Grimes and the rest of the survivors established in a prison and living reasonably well. As they continue working to improve their living situation, they see a helicopter in the air and then it crashes a few miles away. Rick, Michonne, and Glenn take a car to see if there are survivors in the crash. They find that someone else has beaten them to the crash site so they set off in search of whoever has been there. Thrilled to learn of more survivors, their hopes are soon dashed as they learn that the "Governor" of the walled community is a sadistic, psychotic who enjoys using torture and murder to get what he wants. Rick and the others are put through hell and face certain death if they can't escape.

Book 3 reprints issues 25-36 of the ongoing comic book series. The same material can also be found reprinted in the paperback compilations The Walking Dead Vol. 5: The Best Defense and The Walking Dead, Vol. 6: This Sorrowful Life. The trend of focusing more on conflict between humans that began with the last book is even more prevalent here. The Governor is truly demented and is at least as big a threat as the zombie hordes shuffling around. The scenes between he and Michonne are especially brutal, and some of it is pretty gory. Fortunately, the very worst of the physical damage is not depicted graphically although enough is that this is not for the squeamish. There aren't many opportunities for laughter and smiles in this story, it's a pretty intense portrayal of what can happen when people face extreme dangers.

The Walking Dead remains a great read. I'd highly recommend it not just to fans of the zombie genre but anyone looking for a superior story. This is by far the most intense book of the three hardback volumes to date. For those who haven't tried the series, by all means begin by reading The Walking Dead Book 1 (Walking Dead) first. Those who enjoy the first two books will not be disappointed by this one.
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on January 18, 2015
First, don't let yourself be misled: the art here is not good, despite other reviews you may have read. But this series is not really about the art, but about the story. It's multi-dimensional characters being explored via a post-apocalyptic arena -- and beyond that, it tries to raise important philosophical arguments about human nature, such as, are we men, or just more intelligent animals? Is it perhaps only a government, laws and order, that prevent us from cannibalizing one another?

Second, for true fans, book 3 is the book that introduces "The governor," who serves to finally bring the point home to Rick that the dead are the least of his worries. It is other survivors that the group really has to fear, because once civilization has fallen, all bets are off, and the strongest will live at the weaker's expense.

The dead are slow-moving and stupid, if thinking at all. They are easily outwitted, especially by a group. But the governor and his men are both clever and merciless, and there is nothing stopping them from destroying Rick, his family, and the rest of the group, except perhaps Rick himself. There are no police. There is no army. This is survival of the fittest, and the reader of this book asks himself here, is it Rick or the governor who is fit to survive in this new world?

After all, the governor has managed to assemble an an entire community to support him, while Rick has just barely managed to keep his people alive.

Note that this book is violent, really violent, perhaps the bloodiest of the series to date. The core of the story is a vicious mutilation/rape/torture scenario. Bland for moviergoers, I think, but pretty shocking for readers of comic books, and even fans of this series. Even I was surprised by the explictness of the rape scenes.

People interested in the mythology of the series should note that this is the book in which Michonne really leaps to the forefront of the action. I think the book is, in many ways, about her relationship with the governor. What she does (and finally, what she doesn't do) here will have far-reaching implications.

Back to the art; I have come to appreciate that this series is not about being well-drawn, but about being well-written. A grainyness is strived for here, or a kind of departure from realism. So you see horror-filled scenes drawn as though they were sketches, or like they could have been done for a Sunday comic strip. And the more lack of color you see, the more it will begin to seep into your impression of the overall plot line.

No, things don't look good (except for cover art). But then again, why should they? The world portrayed here is an ugly world; complex, but ugly. Maybe we should not see pretty trees or sunsets or pretty anythings but just the monochrome violence?
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VINE VOICEon December 21, 2007
Most of the folks here already know that The Walking Dead saga is a compilation of stories by Robert Kirkman that expand on the story that is well know to any zombie movie fan. The main story. The one started in earnest by George Romero in 1968 with Night of the Living Dead [and was later remade in 1990 (the version that I prefer) by Tom Savini (with Romero oversight)].

Book 3 is the combination of The Walking Dead volumes 5 & 6 and it continues the story of Police Officer Rick Grimes and his band of normal-world-refugees across a world suddenly infected by a Walking Dead sickness..

In The Walking Dead Book 2, the group finds a new home after a perilous Georgia countryside journey in The Walking Dead Book 1. The home that they find in Book 2 was used to keep the bad locked in when the world was normal, but now in Book 3 this new home will hopefully keep the bad out. Because venturing out into The New World is dangerous. Outside the gates of the new home awaits unfathomable chaos and horror; hordes of the undead, along with other survivors in desperate situations that do the unthinkable to stay alive (or entertained).

Book 3 (mainly the second half) is much less about zombies and more about what happens to society, its morals, laws and standards when government is lost and the planet becomes mostly uninhabitable. There's real, heartfelt emotion in The Walking Dead series combined with believable scenarios.

I'm not a regular comic book reader, but I was drawn to The Walking Dead by the Book releases that bring the convenience of being able to get many chapters of the story without the month to month or volume to volume waiting. And I am now hooked.

Each chapter of The Walking Dead is like reading a screenplay with storyboards of a version of Night of the Living Dead that began simultaneously, but in a different part of the country (much like George Romero's planned 2008 US release of Diary of the Dead). Yes, The Walking Dead is kind of a rip-off of a story (stories) already told, but the key is that it's done very very well. The zombies are true to the original Romero creation: slow and stupid as opposed to the Rage-infected people in 28 Weeks Later / 28 Days Later) or the fast zombies in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.

Volumes 1 - 7 of The Walking Dead are also all available individually. Volume 8 is listed on Amazon for an early 2008 release as of this writing.

So anyone in need of a very well done zombie fix that you don't put into your DVD player should absolutely get down with The Walking Dead sickness. Add `em to your cart, but be sure to start with Book 1 and read the stories chronologically.
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on May 10, 2015
There are spoilers below so if you don't want to know please stop reading now.

I was first introduced to the Walking Dead by the TV show and fell in love with it immediately. It was well after I'd gotten pretty far in to the show I learned it was based off comic books. After seeking out the comics and starting to read them I discovered they are similar but yet very different from the TV show. In this 3rd book our group of survivors are safe and snug in the prison. But then on a routine zombie clean up they see a helicopter and see it crash. So they go after it. Now Woodbury is discovered and Michonne, Glenn and Rick are taken captive. Rick's had gets cut off, this was a real shock to me, in the TV show it was Darrel's brother who loses his hand. Also the Governor does horrible things to Michonne. Rape and torture are his main goals. In the TV show it was Maggie who was almost raped by him and Glenn who broke down in front of them. I also notice that the time is flying by in the books but it doesn't seem like it should. I'm just missing where each comic stops and then the next starts. I did enjoy Michonne's payback to the Governor and the things she did to him. When she pulled his nails off I flinched. The thought of that just turns my stomach. And how he loses his eye is very different from the TV show. Still there is no Darrel in the comics and I do miss him. He is my favorite survivor. Also Michonne is different from the TV show. The comic version she talks to herself, like she has split personality and she just seems very off. The TV version of her was much more together, she didn't strike me as being crazy. I still don't like Lori, which hasn't changed from the TV show. Her constant being ticked off because Rick is being leader and leaving is driving me crazy. I'm wondering if she's going to die in the comic like she did in the TV show. Also Carl is much younger in the comic. He doesn't behave grown up and responsible like he does on TV.

As I've said in my reviews of the other books, if you are a Walking Dead fan, than you need to read these. At the end of this comic I'm leaning towards liking the TV show better. But the comic was excellent and I look forward to the next one in the series.
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on February 27, 2014
My only complaint is that is it too short for the cost. So... I bought the compendium for 25$ when it was marked down. That's the way to go rather than buy one at a time. As for the series, I absolutely love it! :)
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on January 12, 2016
For anyone not wanting possible spoilers for the TV series, this won't have them if you've already seen Season 3. HOWEVER, take a note at the title of this review. It only roughly corresponds with Season Three of the TV series.

There are certainly plenty of spoilers to those that have transitioned from the TV series to this amazing series of hardcover collections. Certain scenes in this collection are actually more intense than their television counterparts. That intensity alone makes this volume a must-read, but at the cost of likely needing the previous two volumes for the character development.
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on June 16, 2014
As a fan of The Walking Dead, I actually discovered the series, like many others, through the TV show. At first I didn't want to spoil the show for myself by reading ahead in the comics, and I still basically am trying to uphold that idea. However, I did decide to read the comics at least up to where the show is currently at.

I saw the numerous ways to purchase the comics, either in big books, individual issues, digitally (yuck) or in book form. The reason the book form grabbed my attention was for two reasons. I really enjoy the hardcover aspect of the books, and more importantly, the book contain full size, color covers for each of the issues contained in the book. Rather than collection issue by issue, I felt this was the more economical and easiest way to not only get all the issues, but also the big draw of individual comics...the cover.

That being said, the comic will draw you in, just as the TV show does, and I will say there are plenty of reasons to read the comic, even if you're caught up with the show. There are many moments that differ between the two mediums, many of which will shock you when you first read them in the comic.

If you are a fan of the Walking Dead, comic books, zombies, or the horror genre, I highly recommended checking out Book Three, much like all the other books in the series!
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on July 14, 2014
Everybody loves watching the show, especially me but I never read the comics and would always hear comparison after each episode so I just had to read/see it for myself. I read it on my kindle and it seems good for the price. Would recommend.
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