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on October 5, 2012
I will admit. I didn't get in to the comics until the first season was already over. I quickly started grabbing up any I could get my hands on. Unfortunately with the popularity of the show the prices of the comics sky-rocketed. I saw the first compendium and grabbed it as soon as it was available. The price for what you get is unbelievable. The first 48 comics in one well put together book for 50 dollars!!! When I heard about the second compendium's release, I pre-ordered the first day I could. After MONTHS of waiting it is finally here. The book comes identical to the first. Over 1000 pages of gripping, excellently drawn, drama-filled, excitement! I love the show. I think it is one of the best on tv ever. EVER. The comic blows it out of the water. Since you can draw more than Hollywood can show on tv, you get much more gory, gritty, deaths. They don't have to cater to fans of tv characters or actors and can openly kill anyone(which they do without warning). You don't have the exact same crew you get on tv, and the events are different enough to not spoil the show. If you like the show, if you like the comic, if you want to get in on the greatest thing since sliced human flesh, get BOTH Compendium 1 and 2. They are only up to issue 102, so you can own 1-96 in 2 books. Trust me, you want this!
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on March 20, 2014
Kirkman's frighteningly realized world of the zombie apocalypse hits its stride in the second compendium of this graphic serial. The ground rules have now been firmly established: a mysterious viral infection has turned most of humanity into shambling hordes of ravenous creatures. Society has collapsed, resources are scarce and no where is really safe. Desperate choices have to be made at every turn. Beloved characters can and do die with heart-breaking frequency. And every day, horrible things happen to fundamentally decent people; man, woman and child.

And then there's this chillingly unique spin on the time-worn zombie trope: in Kirkman's universe every living soul is already infected. Regardless of how they die, everyone is doomed to rise as a zombie. The only thing that can spare you that grim fate is a well-placed blow or shot to the brain.

But throughout it all, Kirkman keeps us focused on one central premise: in the time of the apocalypse when the dead roam the earth, it is the living that one must truly fear; not the undead.

Thus the titular conceit refers not to the undead ghouls, but the hapless survivors themselves; constantly on the move, always one step away from death, and steadily losing the last shreds of their humanity. The survivors are already walking corpses save one scant biological distinction. What does it mean to be human when survival often comes only at the expense of others? Who are the real monsters when both the living and undead prey upon the those struggling to survive?

This central theme is the essential genius of this comic series, beautifully illustrated in lavish, gruesome detail, peppered with chilling dialog and some the tightest, most soul-searing plotting outside a Cormac McCarthy novel. This is a very dark, very adult "comic" series; but it has profoundly insightful things to say about the nature of humanity.
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on October 13, 2012
I had never heard of The Walking Dead until the TV show started. After watching the second season, I decided I had to read the comics. I picked up the first compendium and couldn't put it down. As soon as I saw that the second was was available for pre order, I immediately had to have it.

For those that aren't familiar, this is a collection of issues 49-96 of the comic book series. It is the second compendium. The first one has the original 48 issues in it.

This compendium is just as well written as the first and does not disappoint. I love the story that has been developed in this book. It is now one year since the zombie outbreak occurred. Rick and his friends have just been run out of the prison where they had finally started to make a new life. Rick and Carl have been split from what remains of their group. This volume follows them on their journey to find their friends and try to get something that seems like a normal life again. Along the way, they will reconnect with some familiar faces as well as meet some new people. Towards the middle of the book, they find a place they think could actually offer them a normal life. As the story closes, they discover that the world might not be as lost as they thought.

For anyone that has watched The Walking Dead on TV, I would highly recommend this compendium. It is not the same as the show, but I think the story here is better. I also prefer some of the characters as they are portrayed in the book compared to how they are done in the show.
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on October 6, 2012
For anyone who enjoys AMC's TV adaptation of this series and wants to read the comic series that started it all, the compendiums are a must buy. For $30, you get more than your money's worth. The Walking Dead Compendium 2 collects issues 49 - 96, kicking off right where the first compendium ended at #48. I strongly recommend this collection for any fan of the series or anyone wanting to see what everyone is raving about, as well as the first collection if not read.
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on March 24, 2013
I was a big fan of the tv show and after reading the first and second compendium I'm an even bigger fan of the comics.
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on December 6, 2014
Have been looking forward to recieveing this but opened the box and found my book torn usually I never gave problems with my orders so this was a bit disappointing.
review image
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on December 25, 2012
We purchased this as a gift. It was well received. The packaging was just right for a book, not too much excess but the book was secure. Thank you for a good product with a competitive price.
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VINE VOICEon September 2, 2014
Starts off stronger than it ends. Robert Kirkman developed a compelling run away hit with an apocalyptic nightmare of zombies taking over the world and a small group of Georgians trying to survive and find out what's going on. These 8 volumes begin with trouble within the group but extend to other people and groups they meet. It is never explained why people instantly hate and mistrust people from other groups or how they get so much firepower but they do. The scenarios are getting to be repetitious, walker- go for brains, people - fight, someone gets hurt - medicine, discuss problems- sex. The more dialog, the worse it gets. Will check out next compendium but this series is going the way of Lost. Not good.
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So far hundreds have already reviewed this title so I'm not likely to say anything new or particularly interesting but I did want to put in my handful of bullet points.

* The 12 and 14-year-olds in the house love the television show and enjoy graphic novels so when I got this I thought we could all read it. No way in hell. The show is violent and so is the compendium but the sex and language in the book is just too much. Today's teens may be desensitized to violent stuff going down but the amount of sex and innuendo is just too much. Plus the language is far too... realistic. Great for me, great for them when they're 20.

* When I consider the amount of artwork that went into this thing I'm just flabbergasted. Sure some people like to draw but this is 1000+ pages. Wow. You have to respect that.

* I'm a bit of an anal retentive book nerd so when I got this I was in mortal fear of the binding. It's huge. It's heavy. I expected a split spine within 200 pages. Not so. I've come to the end and the binding is as perfect as ever. Color me relieved.

* I've seen the series. I've read the first compendium. On the series the characters do seem somewhat better developed; probably because it's been pretty hard for me to tell people apart. In the compendium the theme seems to be better preserved. We seem to see these people spiraling down into depravity with greater acuteness. Could be my imagination too but that's just my sense.

* In general I don't do a lot of graphic novels and it took me a while to adjust to the reading order for the bubbles and I still don't pay nearly as much attention as I should to the illustrations. I'm just reading bubbles 90% of the time. It may be perhaps useful to the uninitiated to suggest slowing your reading pace to take in the whole thing rather than just racing through the words.

* From a plot standpoint the story for the show seems to stick to the general outline of the original but only vaguely. It's recognizable as derived from the same source but that's about it. Don't expect to find all your favorite characters.

In summary, I can see what all the fuss was about.
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on November 6, 2014
I absolutely love Kirkman's story of this group of survivors. I was instantly hooked on the show, and read the comics in between season. I received the first compendium as a gift and read them all in just a couple days. Had to order the second one. I continue reading individual issues as they release on the Comixology app. Once there are enough issues for a third compendium, I'll buy it so I have a hard copy of the comics.
The compendium's are the easiest and cheapest way to read. They don't come with the cover art, but if that's not a big deal to you, this is the best way to go.
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