Customer Reviews: The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor: Part One (The Walking Dead Series)
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on October 9, 2013
I read the first two books in this series and bought this one yesterday. I feel like the quality of the writing has gone down--too much description that was kind of irrelevant and almost felt like padding. Now I know why--this really does feel like the first half of a series, and it wasn't advertised as such. I feel very ripped off and may very well demand Part Two for free. Save your cash until Amazon fixes this. The sucky thing is that I'd been waiting for months to see how the trilogy would end, now I have to wait more.

Come on, with so many stories in the Walking Dead universe, I'd buy these books until they stopped writing them. But this? Just a bait and switch.
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on October 14, 2013
I really liked the writing in this book. It fulfills the promise of the other books and adds a lot for fans of the comic series. It is not George R R Martin or Orson Scott Card, but the writing is decent. I would've given it more stars but for the trick played on customers. It stinks that they stuck it to fans by splitting up the book and waiting until a week (after a large number of pre-orders) before its release before adding this "Part One" nonsense. Shame on you, Thomas Dunne Books, St Martin's Press, Kirkman and Bonsinga. You punished your fans for being devoted to you.
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on October 13, 2013
To rate it less than it's OK is not fair. I did enjoy reading what was "the other side" of what the comics show readers. I actually wanted to see what Lily was up to and everyone else. She was clearly one of the two larger characters in Road to Woodbury. The book finishes right after Michonne is done with the Governor and I knew that couldn't be all of it. Clearly the Governor hadn't falling yet, if you have read the comics. So I was left hanging.

This is where I rant a bit.

NOW I FIND OUT THERE IS A PART TWO!!! Really? That's not cool.

I had read the comics for years, bought all of the novels. When the TV series came out I bought the comics digitally to share with my family, got them all really pumped up. I bought the Michonne special, the Governor special, A Day at the Office, and I am just continually let down and paying for things I already paid for. Of course I'll buy Part 2, but why should I have to?
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on October 8, 2013
Okay Kirkman... You got me. Again. After months of waiting for this final piece of the trilogy to be released what happens? It turns out to not be the final piece. It's Book 1 of 2. Wahh wahhh waaahhh. Did I still buy it because I'm a huge Walking Dead fan? Yes. Am I happy that you toyed with my emotions? No! Would I have done the same thing if I was in your shoes? Irrelevant! My 2 star rating is not referring to the quality of the literature itself. I'm sure I'll enjoy it just as I've enjoyed 'The Road To Woodbury' and 'The Rise of The Governor'... The rating is my humble opinion of the deceptive, money-grabbing strategy of putting this out as a 2 part series at the last minute.

Phew. Okay.. I'll get off my soap box now.
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on October 10, 2013
Have to agree wit all the other reviews. I was very excited about getting the final book in the trilogy today and what happens when I open the package? 'Part One' added in the title. This was NEVER reviewed as an four part series, so obviously this was all to make money off of us. Also seems odd that part one is just before the season premier and the Part Two comes out just at the end of the next season...Sad...starting to feel like were being taken advantage of now...
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on October 12, 2013
Ok, so I'd been kinda of enjoying the story from the point of view of the Governor and Lil Caul - same universe, mirror image of Rick et al. But this book doesn't add anything to the story that we don't already know from the comics or TV series. Plus, it doesn't even conclude the major promise of the title "The Fall ...". Spoiler - he doesn't fall. He barely begins to fall, and the book ends. Kinda like Kirkman noticed he'd written 200 pages, checked his contract, and yep, it stipulated 200 pages, so he's done.

I really expected more.
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on October 11, 2013
Like everyone else, I was deceived into thinking that this was the final book. Instead, Kirkman cut it in half so he could sell it twice. Walking Dead is becoming about the money and the merchandising.

The book itself is more poorly written than the first two and less satisfying.
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on October 8, 2013
EDIT 01/12/2014:
Finally. I've read the others and I can finally justify what I thought from the beginning. Let's begin.

It should be no secret by now that The Governor will die. If you followed the now 10 year old comic book series or the television show, you know that it is the inevitable conclusion to this "compelling" saga. Even the book's cover, obviously made before the decision to split the book into two parts, tells a tale that you don't even read in the book. We never even see the prison nor does The Governor adopt his iconic eyepatch in this novel. Had the book ended with the eyepatch scene, I might have bumped this up to a two-star rating. No lie. As dreadful as this book was to read, I at least would've given it a little credit.

Bonansinga litters one of the most exciting chapters of the comic book with his usual zombie prose that grows ever so tiresome. It's almost like there's a kill quota that needs to be met no matter how much that later affects the quality of the narrative. The narrative itself is pointless and to fans of other media, it's nothing new at all. Lilly gets a paper thin relationship added to the mix (and if I'm wrong, I'll admit it, but Austin will PROBABLY die). Both Bonansinga and Kirkman write women so flatly. If you're a woman in the zombie apocalypse, the only thing that concerns you is getting into an empty sexual relationship.

Bonansinga and Kirkman try desperately to make The Governor a sympathetic character, constantly reminding you of his real self, Brian Blake. This is impossible for anyone to believe. This retcon is insulting to anyone who valued the one-sided evil of The Governor from the comic (which the book series is attempting to explain). The whole book series feels like it's trying to create the same Governor that later graced the small screen. A better, more sympathetic Governor. Even though the novel series was developed concurrently to his appearance in the TV show, you can see a lot of the same ideas transferring over. Kirkman is desperately trying to find a method for his character's madness.

It just doesn't work. At all. I don't buy that a man could rape a woman and somehow tell himself how wrong it is and he's doing it solely to keep up his "alter-ego." It's ludicrous. Unbelievable.

This book struggles to find words to fill pages. When an author uses a line like, "quite a lot of verbal information is exchanged during those first five seconds," you know he is lazy, incompetent, and downright bad. I honestly feel like I am dumber for subjecting myself to the novels when the story was perfectly told elsewhere.

Overall, this series is just as soulless and devoid of life as the walkers it inherits. The only redeeming part of the series thus far is book two. If The Road to Woodbury (Walking Dead (Thomas Dunne)) by Kirkman, Robert, Bonansinga, Jay (2012) is the only book of the series you read, you'd be a better person for it. Despite its technical flaws, it is the most concrete and compelling part. Maybe it's because it's the only book to not dwell so deeply on forcing me to love a monster.

When I read the final book of this expansion of the TWD universe, I will be far from "crestfallen." And I hope to never read another book where so many characters lick their lips.

Bring on that "big finale."

EDIT 10/08/2013:
If you pre-ordered this book and felt cheated, I encourage you to call Amazon. I was able to secure a FREE copy of Part Two by voicing my concern. The representative I spoke to was very disappointed and was more than happy to help. For now, this review will stay a one star so that everyone who pre-ordered will hopefully see it. I'll update with a book review later.

Original review:

I've never written an Amazon review, but I needed to share my sheer disappointment of this ... awful, awful thing that occurred.

This book was promoted by Kirkman and Amazon alike to be the final book in the Walking Dead novel trilogy. Lo and behold, it's now a two-part saga. The title on Amazon still reflects that it's a full novel and the image of the book didn't include the Part One suffix until today.

Of course I'm being told that I can pre-order Part Two, but I feel cheated. I paid a price for a full story. Not half. This isn't fair to the fans at all.

If you've yet to order this book, wait until after March 2014 for the inevitable "Super Awesome Mega Apocalypse Edition" that includes the full text.
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on October 10, 2013
What a waste. Disappointed. It is just a rewrite of the last issue of the comics. Congrats on making us buy the same thing twice. Your fans made you successful- we can also be your downfall. Don't take advantage.
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on October 11, 2013
I loved the first 2 books and could not wait for this one to get released. I opened the box and seen it was a part 1. I was not happy. I noticed it was only half as long as the others. I was even more unhappy. After reading it I was massively unhappy. The story was crap. Robert Kirkmen must me letting all his walking dead money go to his head. It's like he thinks he can sell a turd to his fans as long as it says THE WALKING DEAD on not waste your money on this book like I did.....just wait a month and it will be in the dollar bin at Wal-Mart.
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