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638 of 690 people found the following review helpful
on October 15, 2013
Not being a fan of the zombie craze (sorry I just don't get it) I was going to pass this show by. But after giving the Walking Dead a chance and watching the first couple episodes, I quickly realized that I was missing out. This show is much more than a zombie story--in fact at points that senario is like a gory backdrop for the real story. Sure there are lots of scenes with half-dead "walkers" chasing the living, but even those are pretty well done. It's suspenseful, dramatic, well writen, and somehow beautiful. In my opinion the Walking Dead might be the best human condition story I have seen on tv. Despite the story revolving around death (or the undead), it has a lot to say about life and how we live.
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56 of 59 people found the following review helpful
on March 8, 2014
Me and my wife never watched the show until about a month ago and we fell in love with the show right away. This season has been great, a little slower as far as action, but it is dwelling into the characters of the show. I have seen some people in my feed on facebook say that it is getting worse, but boy are they wrong this show is not about walkers or zombies it is about the characters and who they were and what they have become, and what put them on that path.
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102 of 118 people found the following review helpful
on December 2, 2013
Unbelievable!! Truly the best drama on any network!! These actors are so talented . How is it that they have not been awarded every accolade available to them? Emmy people - WAKE UP!! Don't let the genre of the series dissuade you from your long denied responsibility. It'll be a long wait till the series returns, that's for sure.
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327 of 405 people found the following review helpful
on October 14, 2013
From original air date to streaming in less than 24hs, with no commercials, for less than $2 an episode? Where do I sign up?! What, I'm already signed up just by being an Amazon customer? All I have to do is click a button? SWEET!!

Yeah! this beats the heck out of $100 a month for cable when I don't watch 99.9% of it. Buying by the show is the way to go! I have maybe 3 shows I keep up with now that Breaking Bad is over. I will save $100's a year! Thank you Amazon!
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64 of 77 people found the following review helpful
on March 17, 2014
The fourth season and still going strong. If you haven't seen it, you need to start from the beginning. Excellent.
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91 of 114 people found the following review helpful
on November 18, 2013
I must admit, this episode was not as action packed as some have come to expect. However, we get to take a dive into the split personality of the Governor. Redemption is beyond his grasp and all we can do is wonder what this man driven insane will attempt next. He is the wild card of the series. To call him a loose canon is an understatement. I enjoyed revisiting the character and can't wait to see how it unfolds.

I should also note that you should take the negative reviews with a grain of salt. Some people want action 24/7 but this series was never about being action oriented all the time. The quieter times in the series help to create a dynamic experience like the calm before the storm. That way, when the action does occur, it is all the more enjoyable.
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28 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on October 28, 2013
Enough said. I never get enough of this only should be longer than an hour. Keep em coming
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121 of 155 people found the following review helpful
on January 27, 2014
I was automatically refunded for the incident where TV Pass subscribers were charged for a promotional trailer.

5 stars for the excellent TV show, I have yet to be disappointing by this show.
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31 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on November 19, 2013
I think those who are not as deeply connected to what the show is trying to accomplish may find this episode a bit lackluster. I found it to be very good. Exploring the depths of the Governor and building on his character was a necessary step to fulfilling the comic story line in the show. For him to just show up still void of his human side would have been a mistake. His ability to connect to others and regain his humanity should be an interesting twist to how he responds to those in the prison, revenge motive or not. My guess is that all of the 1 and 2 star raters are just in it to watch zombie heads explode. Dig a little deeper, people.
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14 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on July 16, 2014
Are you Rick? What about Shane? How about Daryl? Perhaps Maggie? What type of survivor would you be and how would the events that happen in The Walking Dead change you? That is how I have always approached the show. Sure, it has walkers (or geeks per season 1), but they are the supporting cast and not the real threat. People, they are the real threat to each other. I tell everyone that is skeptical of TWD that it is not a zombie show, it is about the people, their relationships, their growth or lack thereof, and their morals. One of my favorite aspects of TWD is this group of unlikely allies, who probably would never be friendly sans apocalypse, would die, kill and fight to save each other (yes Rick, Carol really did do what she thought was best for the group so get over it). What would happen to the group if there was a cure for the infection (since they are all carriers)? Would they continue to be a family or would they go back to being what they once were, a cop, a lawyer, a drunk, etc. This show is, in essence, a character study on the dynamics of people pulled together from all facets of life needing to rely on and trust strangers for survival. Through the eyes of Rick, we see the fear when he spies his first walker, the reality of having to kill one of your own that turned and the sadness and anger of a friend's betrayal. We then see the hard-nose dictator, the vengeful father, husband and friend driven crazy by guilt, the compassionate leader and finally the ruthless, you screwed with the wrong people, taking them all down look. From a man that apologized to a walker for what happened to him to a man that has had to kill the living, how can this show NOT be about the people? Each character has grown in their own way. Maggie, from farmer's daughter to vengeful daughter and desperate wife with a knack for taking out whatever is in her way (finger painting with walker guts anyone). Carol, a character most people wrote off in the first and second seasons, now one of the most complex written characters on the show and very crucial to the story (I hope she makes Terminus look at the flowers). Michonne and her sword, need I say anything else? Perhaps her bonding with the group counts too. LOL. Daryl, growing from outcast to a brother, to a best friend and a leader. Glenn, no longer thinking life is a game of portal, becoming more then walker bait, in fact being a leader. I could go on and on about how these people have changed and became so crucial and important to one another in this new world of theirs that it would take an apocalypse to see this random generated togetherness possible.

Moments that I will never forget:
Rick and Glenn covering themselves with walker guts.
The attack at their mountain camp.
The group's desperation to leave the countdown of destruction at the CDC.
Daryl being haunted by visions of his brother.
Shane's speech at the barn.
Carl taunting the walker that tracked him to the farm and killed Dale.
Shane's decent into madness and his death.
The fire at the farm and the separation of Andrea from the group.
Michonne and her chain gang.
The prison.
The governor.
Merle torturing Maggie and Glenn.
The attack on Woodbury and the prison.
The virus.
The burned bodies and dead animals.
The return of the governor.
The silent scream at the beheading of Herschel (gives me chills every time).
Don't look back.
It's for you.
Beth wants to get drunk.
Finger-painting with walker guts 101.
Just look at the flowers Lizzie.
WWGD (what would Glenn do).
Rick the vampire.
You're my brother.
That makes them our friends too.
They're screwing with the wrong people.

We have convinced two dozen people to shed their preconceived zombie ideas and give the show a chance and they all love it. Other then Eva Green on Penny Dreadful and Tatiana Maslany on Orphan Black, has a performance so haunting and memorable been given then by Melissa McBride this year in The Grove? I gush about this show and the actors. I know it is not perfect by any means and some people think that these characters should "know better then to do the things they do". Aren't they supposed to be reflections of "real" people? And what would I do in their situation? I would probably do some of the same emotionally driven bone-headed moves before I did the right thing. Nothing is ever perfect and yes there was some stagnation in character growth and long-winded side stories (no show is immune). However, TWD, as a series, a movement, a reflection on people, will be one of those "forever" shows that transcends time and will outlive everyone currently involved.
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