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on December 28, 2012
I've been reading comics off and on my entire life. Zombie related media happens to also be one of my passions so reading a zombie based book just makes sense. It is the only comic I have read 100+ issues of and am very glad I did. While it is true like many people complain that it often gets a little slow or lacks a high zombie kill count, I think it is good for the progression of the book. The slow parts bring a false sense of security that makes you forget the dangerous world these individuals are living in. When things seem routine or safe for a few minutes, the world comes crashing down; and yes, it comes crashing down in this volume for sure. It is a haunting reminder as the TV says to "fight the dead, fear the living." After I read this volume I felt numb and uneasy going to sleep for the night. Do yourself a favor and do not read any spoilers. Do not be one of the people who says "I saw that coming". Do not be one of those people who refuses to get lost in the book. Let the book take you on the great adventure thrill ride that it is. If you have not read the series at all, simply pick up The Walking Dead: Compendium One & Two which cover 1 thru 96. This volume is issue 97-102. Overall the best comic reading I've ever done.
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on March 14, 2013
This volume compiles issues #97-102 and as of March 2013, this is the most recent compilation with volume #18 schedule for release in June '13. The story line and character arc takes a major shift from the opening pages of this volume so if you've followed the story up until now there's no reason to pass this one up.
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on December 4, 2012
Early in the evolution of the Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman established the operating principle that no character was safe, that anyone could die at any time. It was a successful formula, granting the series a genuine suspense and grittiness most traditional comics lack. Unfortunately, so many major characters have met their demise over the course of the story that there are very few compelling characters left. Without giving too much away, this particular volume kicks the mortality rate up a notch or two. As the population of characters readers might care about is rapidly decreasing, so too does the degree of originality in the storyline. This volume doesn't introduce anything new. Negan is not terribly different than the Governor; both are predatory sadists with whom it is impossible to negotiate or reason. The internal struggles presented are more of the same (Rick's self-doubt as a leader, survivor's guilt, qualms about killing, emotional numbness at the loss of friend, etc.). The characters are becoming caricatures. The whole formula's getting stale fast and it's time for a major shake up. The series seems to be stagnating creatively and I'd really rather see it go out with a bang soon than putter along for a few more years, running over the same old ground. It might be time to start thinking about putting the Dead to bed.
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on December 10, 2014
THE WALKING DEAD Vol. 17: Something to Fear (issues 97-102 of the monthly series) and all I have to say is WHAT!?!?!!?

I know main characters come and go in this book and we’ve seen the deaths of some beloved characters, and while I was shocked at the first death of a minor/major character, the second death of a MAJOR character in this book floored me.

How could he?


So Rick and company have met up with the folks at the Hilltop community and have worked out a trade agreement. The Hilltop supplies Alexandria with food to get them through the winter and in return Rick and the rest of the Alexandrians will protect the Hilltop from Negan and the Saviors, a band of survivors who’ve come together and are strong-arming the other neighboring communities by offering “protection” (from the Saviors) in return for half of everything.

But when Negan’s goons stop Rick and Co. on the road back home and make the same threat, Rick and Co. don’t bow down so quickly. They do allow one of Negan’s men to escape, though, and relay the message: “I’m told Negan is running some kind of protection racket. Well, clearly--we don’t need any protection. Effective immediately we’re taking over the protection of the Hilltop. You get NOTHING. Understand? Pass that along to Negan. Also, while you’re at it, we’ll offer you the same deal you offered the Hilltop. Half of your supplies…and we’ll protect you.”

It’s one of Rick’s biggest FK YEAH moments of the series, solidifies him as a rock solid badass, and also makes things go very very VERY bad for everyone involved. What he didn’t know was that Negan and the Saviors aren’t some fly-by-night ragtag band of street toughs. The Saviors are 100 strong, at least. And when they mount a two-pronged attack, Rick realizes just how outmatched he is.

You know, I liked this book from the beginning, but these later volumes are just addictive. Kirkman has really made leaps and bounds in the drama and characterization. It’s getting harder and harder, in fact, to stop long enough to review each volume before moving onto the next. I find myself constantly thinking, “Well, I don’t HAVE to review EVERY volume, I could move on to the next and just stop reviewing. Who’s gonna notice?”

I’d notice. And I can’t have that, so I review on. But, yeah, as good as the book has been lately, as tough as Rick has been, as cohesive as the group as a whole has been, I just want to keep reading.

However, if the TV show plays out anything like what happened in this volume, I’m going to be one very unhappy viewer!

Charlie Adlard is also making great strides here, expressing a ton of information with a simple gesture or facial expression. The confrontation with Negan and his men on the road to the Hilltop is one of the best 22-page spreads I’ve seen, probably ever.

If you haven’t been reading THE WALKING DEAD, you’re only doing yourself a disservice, not because the book will change your life or anything, but because you can’t work yourself up to these last few volumes, and they are simply outstanding lately. On to the next one!

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on February 13, 2013
I have been reading this series since its inception, always reading the 6 month compilations as soon as they come out. But I have to say I am a bit disappointed in the last few additions, because not much is happening in terms of moving the story forward (or it moves too slowly). Don't get me wrong, there were some great parts, but it's a lot of the same. In a way, it's becoming a cliche of itself overtime.
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on December 10, 2012
First let me say that this item arrived in perfect condition and was shipped promptly - I got it on the day it was officially released and physically, it's great.

That said, the actual plot is starting to feel like we're treading water. I don't want to spoil anything, but the major events in this collection just don't feel very inspired. At the risk of being overly cynical, the shocking violence and heart-wrenching incident(s) in this issue feel more like setups to sell more books as this year's recycled story arc goes on.

On the other hand, as other reviewers have noted, we were warned from the beginning of the series that anything could happen at any time - it's just that in this case, "anything" equates to things we've seen before.
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VINE VOICEon February 3, 2013
Collecting: The Walking Dead #97-102

Rick's survivors and some allies find themselves up against a force worse than zombies, worse even than the Governor: Negan and what appears to be an army of people bent on exacting tribute from other survivors. The Darwinian logic that has whittled down the cast in this series has increased the pressure to survive or get of the way.

If you're new to the series, this novel will be tour-de-force of post-apocalyptic tension. Relationships are fleeting and death is around every corner. There are only a handful of main characters to keep track of, so I believe it will be very accessible. That said, The Walking Dead feels past its prime. If you have followed the series for some time, there is very little new tension here. Hope is offered to readers one more time at the end of the novel. I find myself pulling for Rick (still), but I also feel that the series is very much in danger of falling into a trap where it becomes a new way to sadistically torture increasingly stereotypical characters.

For this reader, I am still emotionally invested in the series. I held on tight between pages as the action unfolded, and I am counting down days until the next graphic novel comes out (see The Walking Dead, Vol. 18 ) so it was a great value and a great deal of fun to read. But I am beginning to become concerned because I feel a trajectory of hope and punishment becoming established without any direction for the plot.
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15 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on December 23, 2012
Perhaps the most devastating issue of TWD yet -- and that's saying a lot for this series!

This issue haunted me long after I'd finished reading it...
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on December 7, 2012
I wanted to stop reading the books when they made it to the jail and stop watching the series when the jail was in sight. I wanted to just believe they were safe and happily ever after. But I couldn't stop. I've become hopelessly addicted. Volume 17 was, as another review said, more of the same. But the same means edge of your seat sweaty hands til the end of the book reading. Hardly any books have put me through the emotional roller coaster of this series, and this Volume continues in that tradition. Another review also said he just wants it to end because the creativity is drying up. While that may be true, it doesn't mean that another roller coaster ride of a read is not worth it. Also, the creators of this series have said they just want it to be a continuous story. And now, thanks to people like me, it will be. So let's just hope that the story can stay good, and it doesn't implode on itself. It's hard to say anything about this volume without giving key points away, so I won't. It is worth the read though. Also, as per the "M" rating, this Volume continues to have harsh language, extremely graphic violence, and sexual content. I will just say though, that: THE END OF THIS ONE IS AWESOME! I can't wait til summer or whenever for the next one. Curse me for getting into a series that isn't finished!
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
I really so enjoy both versions of THE WALKING DEAD, the tv show and the comics. If you are watching the runaway hit series on tv and have not tried the comics, you really are missing a big part of the pleasure. We are considerably ahead of the tv series by this volume. While the tv series is now unfolding the significant villainy of the Governor and his seemingly mainstream American community, the bands of people the heroes meet in this volume are equally as grabbing. There is yet another community everyone is quite taken by but there is also a group of parasites which exacts, mob like, extortion demands upon communities. Prior heroes continue to die and one quite shockingly so in #100. Carl continues to grow as the logical successor to Rick as leader in this new world. In both the tv show and the comics, Carl seems like he will be the ultimate leader these people can expect. Rick goes through a lot more angst in leading than Carl does but that probably is because Carl has experienced childhood in this world. When Carl says to stop doing something or he'll shoot you, there is not a twinge of ambivalence or guilt about him. Rick's handwringing has not been passed on to his son!

Visit my blog with link given on my profile page here or use this phonetically given URL (livingasseniors dot blogspot dot com). Friday's entry will always be weekend entertainment recs from my 5 star Amazon reviews in film, tv, books and music. These are very heavy on buried treasures and hidden gems. My blogspot is published on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
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